Kelly Preston, Actress in 'Jerry Maguire,' 'For Love of the Game' and More Films, Dies at 57

The actress, who most recently appeared opposite husband John Travolta in 'Gotti,' had been battling breast cancer for two years.

7/13/2020 8:44:00 AM

'She fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many,' John Travolta wrote of wife Kelly Preston's two-year battle with breast cancer

The actress, who most recently appeared opposite husband John Travolta in 'Gotti,' had been battling breast cancer for two years.

Jerry Maguireand, most recently, opposite husband John Travolta inGotti, has died. She was 57.Preston died Sunday after a two-year battle with breast cancer, Travolta wrote on Instagram."It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my beautiful wife Kelly has lost her two-year battle with breast cancer," he wrote. "She fought a courageous fight with the love and support of so many.  My family and I will forever be grateful to her doctors and nurses at MD Anderson Cancer Center, all the medical centers that have helped, as well as her many friends and loved ones who have been by her side. Kelly’s love and life will always be remembered. I will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lost their mother, so forgive me in advance if you don’t hear from us for a while. But please know that I will feel your outpouring of love in the weeks and months ahead as we heal."

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The news of her breast cancer battle came as a surprise to many. Her rep  in a statement to People that she had chosen to keep her diagnosis private."Choosing to keep her fight private, she had been undergoing medical treatment for some time, supported by her closest family and friends," the rep added. "She was a bright, beautiful and loving soul who cared deeply about others and who brought life to everything she touched. Her family asks for your understanding of their need for privacy at this time."

In addition to 1996's Jerry Maguire, Preston's credits also included 1986's Read more: Hollywood Reporter »

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X fdďxxffff Rip karynh123 RIP Rip I am totally Heartbroken 💔 Beautiful Brave Kelly, Condolences to John and Family and Friends! Great Actress Beautiful and Loving Wife and Morher! We Loved her Drearly! She will be missed! R.I.P. God bless her, Angel in Heaven! 🙏🙏🙏👼👼👼🌷🌷🌷🌷 super Good night 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Muy triste This just breaks my heart. My prayers to her family. CNN colbertlateshow TheDailyShow another sad n tragic passing! A beautiful and Lovely actress! My heart goes out to John Travolta n the kids! RIPKellyPreston Condolences 💞💖💖💋 “I like to spend my time with my children.” -- Kelly Preston

Sad! Such a beautiful wife,mother, and genuine hero! You helped me have a baby at an older age! Love and sending prayers! Praying for the family loved her movies so sorry mr. travolta she will be missed Wow really sad to here this I’m so sorry , she’s so proud of you , rest in peace💔✨🥺xxx So sad So sorry, John. No words.

Nice So sorry for your loss 😿 Wow 😭 My condolences notifications 🙏 via Twitter. Wishing her friends and family all the best ✨ during this time and in the future. Scientologist... Very Sad 🤦🏻‍♀️ Something ain’t right here! 😇 Another Scientology death? Her and Elvis Presley's grandson Benjamin Keogh He was Jett Travolta and Benjamin Keough both first sons. 🤔🙏

My thoughts are withJohn and his family. The loss of a spouse is very difficult to endure. The loos of a Mother is difficult as well. Prayers for all. RIP 💔😪 Que triste. O Senhor conforte a todos. 🙏 RIP 😢May her husband and family heal from their loss. Condolences to the family. 😔🙏🏻 RIP 😔 Not really dead right? Scientologist 'death not a significant worry as her spirit acquires another body necessary for growth and survival.'

Absolutely gutted to hear this. My heartfelt condolences to John and the rest of the family, so sorry for your loss :( Why are you not mentioning she was the wife of John Travolta? Totally weird One by one They fall like dominoes So sad. 😢 Sad. Condolences to her family. Holidill WOW! All this time,and I just realized that was her in Jerry McGuire. Smh. Hope the family is ok..

So sad. RaylaRimpson 😭😭 BeautifulPeople RIPKellyPreston AND MARRIED TO JOHN TRAVOLTA AND MOTHER OF 3 AND A LIFE LONG SCIENTOLOGIST That is a shame! Naya Rivera Rest in Peace❤️ I’m going to keep repeating that I believe Kelly Preston used fertility drugs to have her last child. This fertility drugs cause cancer. I know so many people who have gotten cancer after they were on fertility drugs. Please retweet this message. We must start warning people.

You mean Jhon travoltas wife Heartbreaking thoughts and condolences to johntravolta, their daughter & family Did you forget that she's married to John Travolta and is a scientologist? She also lost her son a few years ago..... RIPKellyPreston may she be at peace ♥ So sad, heart goes out to JT and their family. 😥

So sad 💔 RIP Kelly Preston 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 omg i wanna throw up Spacecamp! RIP So sad, beautiful woman. RIP May god comfort your family! So sad This is so sad! mydeepestsympathy That’s so sad. So much tragedy in the family. Sad to hear this. RIPKellyPreston Always sad when someone dies before their time. Gunna be especially hard for their 9-year-old son.

Very sad. I remember her from Twins and The Experts when I was a kid, then watched her in The Cat in the Hat with my daughter on holiday in Spain. Awe, this is very sad. My heart goes to her family and John Travolta. I lost my beloved grammy to breast cancer. May she RIP. RIP :( my first screen kiss was Kelly, 1983 'The Renegades', I was a lucky one. Sweet girl. RIP honey.

...noted Scientologist Kelly Preston. *fixed Very sad ... way too young ... Did she seek treatment? Allegedly in Scientology’s don’t seek medical help Wow sad The timing stinks here. RIP Investigate Travolta I’ve always loved her since I was a kid and my fave movie was Space Camp! Also Twins and Jack Frost are faves. So sad. Shine on Kelly ✨

Young Kelly Preston was one of my all time crushes. She was so beautiful. Rest In Peace. Very sad,a beautiful women, actress, she will be sadly missed by her family and Friends. Sad. Now talk about all the children that die from sex trafficking. Can you give them coverage? Terrible. Rip beautiful Peaceful Rest, Kelly Preston As she reunites with her beloved son Jett, may the fond memories her family and loved 1s share bring comfort Prayers to the Travolta Family, & so sorry for your loss

DistortBot JuliaFello RIP Why didn't you also mention she was the wife of John Travolta and also a scientologist? Sad news. RIP So said. I loved her Rest in peace. She was one hot milf 😭 RIP Beautiful ❤️ For the Love of the Game- she was outstanding! Love and prayers to her and those whom she left behind.

Tragic and unbelievably heartbreaking. RIP beautiful Kelly. Prayers for John and children. That’s very insensitive & ugly to say at a time like this. I’m no fan of this so called faith but someone is dead have some compassion guys ur very ugly & rude. We’re u raised by wolves ? Such a beautiful woman. One of my favorite actresses. Hugs and prayers to the family

😓 I’ll always remember her from twins, she was a stunning looking woman! R.I.P Rest In Peace Pretty Lady🙏🏽for your family RIP. You'll be hearing a lot more sudden cancer or C0vid deaths from celebrities. There's only one reason why and it's not natural causes it's from treason. So very sorry. Twins was a great film!

Why was this a secret RIP to this beautiful soul BreastCancerAwareness BreastCancerSupport 🙏🏽 Ritual sacrifice. Omg 😢 My sincere condolences to the family for their loss. Rest among the angels Mrs. Kelley Preston Ow7m old women 😓😓😓 Prayers RIP 🙏🏾 Trailer_Swift69 Does anyone know what a Scientology funeral’s like?

Heartbreaking news to wake up to. May she rest in eternal peace. Prayers for her family. kellyptravolta So sad. She was one of my favorite actresses. Ann I am live in india. So sorry to hear this That is very sad May she RIP Rest In Peace Kelly Preston istg she look familiar asf So sorry Oh wow. Sad. Yes married to John Travolta, who is notorious for sexual misconduct. It always gets swept away. They both flew to Haiti with relief. I don’t trust that one bit! Flying in private in a 747 when all those children disappeared.

So sad you hear the news . My thoughts and prayers go to her family at this very sad time . RIP. Cruel cancer. 😔 😔 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 IM SO SAD TO HEAR ABOUT THE DEATH OF KELLY PRESTON.. SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AND I HOPE THE YOU MR TRAVOLTA ARE DOING WELL. PRAY TO GOD THAT KELLY WILL BE IN HIS EVERLASTING GLORY

Loved her in Jerry Maguire! Prayers of love and strength sent. Thoughts and prayers to John and both her children. Kelly was a beautiful talented woman with an amazing smile. She will be missed. RIPKellyPreston Sooo, I'm guessing that Kelly's HUSBAND - John Travolta, isn't popular (in main stream eyes)or important enough to mention in this tweet. But mention a movie Kelly was in, with a 3 minute appearance. Way to go thr. 😂

Coo Ugh, can 2020 be over yet? RIP Kelly Preston... SravanGNews And Julius married her after one hook-up in Twins. Tough loss for Hollywood. She was an underrated actress who made some good movies. RIP Kelly Preston! So sad. May she rest in peace 💔 Stfu. RIP ✌🏻 Wasn’t she married to John Travolta? Hmmmm?

Obviously didn’t know her but she seemed like a peaceful soul. May God bless and hold her. What a shame. She was a beautiful person. Loved watching her on film ever since I saw her in TWINS back in the 80's. She will be missed. Rest easy Kelly Preston. So sad. *2020 has been such a year full of so much sorrow.

Sorry to read the sad news 😥 Praying for the family's comfort and peace. She went home to be with the Lord...heaven's gain Is this John Travolta’s wife ? Oh geez another one 👀 The timing is one hell of a coincidence. Ghislaine Maxwell gets arrested, we find out wayfair is selling children & babies. I'm sure she's not the last celebrity we see with secret diseases, die all of a sudden.

Poor John Travolta, first his son & now his wife! 😥 Still one of the most stunning women I’ve seen in the film Twins with Arnie and DeVito. Scary and sad Wow! Such a sad news. May she Rest In Peace! . 😔💜🙏🏼 I met her years ago. A sweet funny lady. Rest in the light. Renee Zellweger had lead female role in Jerry McGuire. Kelly is known for so many more things.

I am so profoundly shocked that Kelly had breast cancer let alone died from it.Please let John know that Kelly is with God & is being well taken care of. Our heartfelt prayers & thoughts are with John & family. From my family, & all Australians.🙏😇😢❤️💐 maysoonzayid I hope her daughter is okay. Horrible.

Umm John Travolta's wife🤷 that's a pretty big tidbit. RIP😢♥️ 😓😓😓🙏🙏🙏 Ah nãoooo, como assim? Muito triste 😥😥😥 _Vixxenx_ 😞😞😞 So sorry to hear this news. RIP. 🇺🇸🌹🙏❤️😢❤️🙏🌹🇺🇸 WheelOfFortune Gone too soon. Far too soon. 😢😢😥 RIP Kelly- she was one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood with many memorable movie appearances.. She had a fun, sexy and vibrant Vibe. My condolences and sympathies to the Travolta family.

Very sad,may she rest in peace, prayers for her+her family. Is there any advancements in treating breast cancer yet? It seems a lot lose the fight with this deadly cancer,its common breast cancer sadly there isnt much treatment options,she was too young to go,how heartbreaking.😞 TFCFan So sad! RIP! 😢🙏

Another pedo gone. Good riddance. Beautiful woman and good actress. R.I.P. I wish the family comfort and peace. My momma died from breast cancer. It was so painful for her to live over a year as it grew and nothing could be done except to medicate her. My momma had a strong heart and lungs. She suffered as I am sure Kelly Preston did. Ladies & men get mammograms please. RIPKellyPreston 😷

I did not either. Very sad. RIP and my condolences to the Travolta family. Incredibly tragic son now this RIPKellyPreston 🙏 💜 Sending prayers and thoughts to John and his family ❤ That blows! Chef Saias Very sorry to hear this sad news. Peace and love to Kelly’s family and friends.💐 RIPKellyPreston 😢😢😢😢😢

very sad day. thank you for providing the correct title for her For Love of the Game Initially believed this was another hoax. I know how hard this is for the family. You pray that they’ll get better, as you watch as they get weaker but show strength. You want their pain to end but you want to keep them near. Condolences 🙏🏽 KellyPreston BreastCancer Sucks

Stunned .... saddened and in disbelief . Sincere condolences. So sad So, so sad. Stunned. Another tradegy for Travolta Family. ‘for the love of the game’ is a role she excelled at. Great film. Prayers .. 💔 so so sad. Too young for this. So great in Jerry Maguire, RIP Kellt Preston Sad that she died so young. Prayers for the Travolta family, who must be suffering greatly at this difficult time!

Wow. That’s too bad. What a beautiful woman. Fantastic in Jerry Maquire. May your soul rest in peace🌹🌹🥀🥀🌸🌸 RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Wow, so sad. RIP. R. I. P. 🙏❤️ May her soul Rest in peace 🙏🙏 Rest in Peace Kelly. This is really sad 😔 My heart is broken! My thoughts and prayers are with Mr Travolta, their children and family and friends! I am so very sorry for your loss!! She will be greatly missed!

DebfromPA So sad. My heart goes out to that poor family. 😢 May she rest in peace. Condolences to her loved ones. Who cares Awe! So sad Sad sad sad day Fuck cancer That’s AWFUL! Rip Sad. She was a most enjoyable presence in film. Condolences to John Travolta & their family. 😭😭😭 😭😭🖤🖤🙏🏽🙏🏽 💔😔 😢😢 RIP 💙

R.I.P ♥️ Noooo! I always loved her movies! How sad. She suffered from breast cancer. Very sad. RIP Miss Kelly, your were such a strong and beautiful woman. I hope you have finally found peace. All love and prayers going to John and the kids❤️❤️❤️ L Translation: She started to grow up and talk about stuff so they killed her. Breast cancer is easily curable.

R.I.P Prayers for the Family so Sad. Condolences to the Travolta family from a part time as well Marion County florida resident for the physical loss of Kelly Preston. Her spirit is with you still. Prayers.Sent.😇💗 Rip so sorry 💔🙏🏼🌹 😢😢😢😢 What?!!?!?! I didn’t even know she was sick!!!!!! RaylaRimpson 😳😳😔

Rip God be with her. Her family friends and fans. tomcforever Deus conforta os familiares 🌹🦋 tão linda e jovem ❤️a paz Nos corações de todos bringmeaschlitz 😭 Ugh. So sorry John. You and your family have already faced so much heartbreak. Lisa Marie Presleys son suicided today 😢 One of the most beautiful women of all time. RIP.

Incredibly depressing. RIP 💔 Rest In Peace we will miss you forever Very sad 😢 Just awful. 😢 So sad - lovely lady and great actress. Thoughts with the family right now. For Love of the Game is one of my favorites. RIP Rest in peace 🙏🏾 Rest in peace RIP Such had news, rip x So sad to learn of the death of Kelly Preston! Have seen several of her films, Sky High, Jerry Maguire, The Cat In The Hat etc; She was super amazing! May she rest in peace.😢😢😢

First the son and now Kelly TRAVOLTA is DIRTY !!!!! 💔 She also appeared in ROAD HOUSE with Swayze Secret Admirers first movie I've seen her of my favorites still rip Prayers for John Travolta and their children This is devastating. My heart goes out to John & Kelly's family. Cancer is evil & affects so many of us. 😢💔

So sad. May she RIP in God’s embrace. RIP 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 Very unfortunate! Tragic, do sad 😥 RIP ,xWzwz b This is such sad news. Condolences to John and family. May she RIP🌹 SbWbajZez n WHAT?!?! 😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏 WTF is going on!! So sad. She was one of my favorite actresses. More important, she seemed like a beautiful, loving compassionate human being. RIP.

My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones 💔🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 So sorry to hear the news about KellyPreston. To anyone fighting cancer, please consider, Hemp, CBD and Black Seed Oil supplements as part of your treatment strategy. BeatCancer Dreadful news. What a brave lady - desperately sad 😔❤️😔

🙏🏽 So sad for her family 😢Love ❤️John Travolta, God Be With You All🙏🏻 🙏🙏🙏🙏 So sad I remember her mostly from Twins, she was stunningly attractive in that movie. Best wishes to all her family W TF 2020 is really shitty year .. RIP kp. JT stay strong bro.. RIP So sad 😔 🙏🏽 ❤️ R.I.P RaylaRimpson RIP

Wow this is shocking. She was so young. 💔 Poor John. I think they have a fairly young child too. 😥 Such sad news.💔 Mto triste . Such sad news! 😢 Thoughts are with all her friends and family. ❤️ Very sad I’m shocked two years of medical treatments was it chemo and radiation 😢 RIP Prayers for all 🙏🏻🌹

🙏🏻❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️🙏🏻 look me sending my prayer to john and the rest of the family 😭😭 God Bless you. Rest easy in the loving arms of mLord Oh no! 2020 is worse than 2016. How awful💔 😳 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 My condolences ❤❤❤ billieski 😢😢😢😢Kelly Preston. R. I. P. Prayers for her family... heartbreaking... Sincerest condolences. Rest in peace 🌈🕊️💐❤️

Great actress in 'For Love of the Game.' The best movie re baseball. Condolences to her family & friends. Brave woman to fight so hard. She's with her son now. BrunoAmato_1 OMG. 🙏🏼 R.I.P Kelly. Sincerest condolences to John & her family & friends. Ahuajĺ\\ll'lqllglpj at. ,mmpowwpXbbnb, So Sad,He must be devastated!

So sad to hear may her soul rest in peace Met her in SC years ago while she was filming a movie- in minutes felt like I had known her forever- so sad to hear😢 ☹️ The hell is wrong with 2020?! 😥 Joe_From_Essex , x see Swaziland tzzwww I’m crushed. What a terrible loss. She was a wonderful woman. Travolta's'pretend wife'.. no coincidence 😏

wow that one sure is unexpected Rip😭 God bless you friends DiL she Definitely the devils work. DRAIN THE SWAMP. I’m honestly saddened by this, her and Costner’s chemistry made ‘For the love of the game’ my favourite baseball movie, my emotions are mixed over someone whom I’ve never interacted with and am worlds apart from... 😢

Breast cancer sucks! There are no guarantees. As a fighter/survivor this hurts! Such sad news. Such an incredible woman. Fuck I can’t believe this 😔 Rest In Peace 🙏🏽❤️ 💔😇💔 My sister and I JUST watched Cat in the Hat😭RIP Wow that’s sad she was a good actress . Vfbjjjrjj8. N CC8jpm 9m9 So aad RIP kellie x ❤️🙏😇

This was shocking. RIP.😞🌹 My heart it’s broken right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.i.P 🙏🌈Kelly Preston is an American actress and singer born October 13, 1962 in Honolulu. Died July 13, 2020. God bless you ❤️ RIP Sincerely condolences to the her family and friends!! 🌹🙏😍😷 Rip🙏🏻🙏🏻 RIP🙏 Remember first seeing her in a movie called mischief. I mean I thought she was beautiful. And she took her shirt off. They were really nice. She has some great tits! She was a great actress I’m gonna miss her I’m truly sad

🙏✨💗✨🙏 R.I.P &God Bless So sad, loved her in Twins. MrsNickyClark R.I.P. So sad So very sad. May she rest in peace. Reunited with their son, Jett. FuckCancer Ah geez....John....I am so sorry. It’s overwhelming, prayers and thoughts to you and the family. I woke up to a text and saw it. I was sad. Love to all.

OMG! I loved her! Poor John Travolta. He's been through so much. Especially losing his oldest child years ago. And now his wife. 😔😔😔 RIP.. 🌾🌾😞💜 Always Twins for me. Condolences sent to her family. Wow! I’m shocked. God rest her soul 😭 BradEYoung I cant believe this Time for them to pay, it is karma. Hollywood people stand with BLM destroying this country. No sympathy. No mercy.

Rest is Peace 💖 🙏💔💔🙏 Condolences to both the Preston & Travolta families 😢 Rip R.I.P 🌹 What the hell? I’m shocked, such a lovely soul..💔💔💔💔 Travolta has his BF's to console him, and I'm sure it won't take John very long to find a new and younger trophy wife/beard if he wants one. In Hollywood there is no shortage of beautiful young women who would sell their souls for fame and fortune.

💔💔 She's at peace, with Xenu now RIP 💐💐🙏🙏🙏 OMG!!! And I also heard Lisa Marie Presley's son just died too (he looked just like Elvis!!!) Our condolences go out to the Travolta family... Sad She’s now with her son. Very sad to hear this, had no idea she had cancer RIP Rest in peace sweetheart we will miss you 😘

God-ddd....she was BEAUTIFUL. Sorry for your loss, JT. . .RIP KELLYPRESTON (*Auto-correct keeps trying to adjust my capital letters on Kelly's name)...Well, *%)(^!! Kelly gets ALL CAPS 'cause she was a CAPITOLACTRESS . . .with a ChristmasTreeSmile Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!!! Sad news :( Im sorry Kelly Noooo I was just watching g what a girl wants 😔

Condolences to her family. 😥 RIP RIP 😔 Thank you for being one of the few articles that don’t refer to her as “John Travolta’s wife” in the headline It just seems the coastal areas have high levels of cancerous exposure. May her soul found peace Rip She was a beautiful woman, I remember her on Sky High. Rest In Peace. 😢❤️

natsxwidow I am shocked. This 2020 is a nightmare!! May she rest in peace 💔 In peace 🕊 Rest In Peace Wow so sorry girls going to miss you baby So beautiful inside&out. RIP sweetheart What sad news. I didn’t know she was in the movie “Jerry Maguire.” May she RIP. ❣️✝️👼 RIP 🙏 😟😕🙁☹️😢🙏🙏 Fd Sss Omg! This one just seems so shocking to me! Awful. 🥺

DxcdcFrxcr Damn, Twins was a childhood favorite Go easy Kelly Preston Cancel2020 This year is a total garbage. 😭😭😭💔💔💔 JK Rowling Marcia Cross Bree? RIP 😓😢😭😭 rip Very sad..beautiful lady This is really sad. I loved her💔 Oh bad news .. 💔😭 🙏💕 Love and heartfelt Condolences to John and her children and family may she rest in peace 🙏🏽❤️

So young RIP Awww may she rest in peace 💕 Wow, 2020 is just sucking big time. So sad. Waaaay too young. RIP. Rip. RIP RIP 😞 4eyedRaven What?! 😔 🥺😢😢 OMGOSH a frekkin shock! Prayers for the family. 😞😞😞 🙏🏻💕RIP KELLY Rip Mam. I pray for you. So sad, RIP Kelly 🙏🏻 She’s a fricken pe do just like the rest of Hollywood! She took the lethal injection so she would not have to face her fans! Wake up from your innocent slumber and face what is happening in America! Today! Not tomorrow not next week! TODAY!

U WILL BE MISSED💔❤️❤️ ♥️🌷 No. This is incredibly sad!😢 rip 💔 Beautiful, talented Kelly Preston💔 Love and comfort to your family💔 wow.. wasn't that Travolta's spouse🤔 She boarded the Scientology space ship May her soul live in peace, I pray🙏 Wow! That is so sad. Well she was pretty irrelevant so nobody cares about her

Sad. RIP RIP 🙏🏼 Rest In Love DeborahClay Rip Kelly 😭😭😭😭💔💔💗 I had such a crush on her in “Space Camp”. God bless her and her family!! RIP This is all too too sad. 🙏🏽🙏🏽😭 Prayers to the family❤️🙏🏽 Cancer sucks! Man, that is really sad. RIP Kelly, and prayers for her family and friends. Rest easy Kelly. Thank you for the memories!

So sad 🙏🙄 Beautiful Kelly Rest in Peace. 🌻 This is tragic - Kelly was still young and had many years of joy and parenthood ahead. I will remember her as an actress that exuded 'Old Hollywood'. Sending warm thoughts out to the the Travolta family. This is so sad And btw - f%$ cancer! Awful news RIP x So sad ☹️

😢 May your soul soar of disease ...with the 👼🏻 angels ❤️ RIP beautiful 😢🙏🏾❤️ He's a widow for the 2nd time nooooooooooooooooo R.I.P John has experienced so much loss 💔 RIP Such a beautiful woman. RIP. RIP. The world will miss you. Sad to hear this :( Sad 😞 GODSPEED. Is John going to come out of the closet now?

JulianBAbbott 😲😲😲😲😲😔 Ciaress Rip Kelly, But Where is Shelly? Scientology 😔 may she rip!💔 Death of a child=breast cancer, very common. So sad, our condolences to all. 😳😭 Shocking. Wow. That's crazy. What a shame. So sad. Never seen Jerry McGuire or For Love Of The Game, but I remember her best as Arnie's wife in Twins.

Oh, this is so sad! She was so young. God Bless John Travolta & their son Benjamin. Prayers. 🙏 Rip damn 💔 MonsterGooder Wow RIP 😞 Deepest Sympathy for John 🙏 Very hard loss 💔 💔 Sad day. RIP RIP and my condolences to her family and loved ones. 🙏 Very sad. SO sad :( So sad.prayers to John and family.another shock..

💔💔😭😭 Fucking awful, her role in 'Mischief' helped me get through puberty. RIP. So sad 💔 🙏🏼💔🙏🏼💔🙏🏼 May she Rest In Peace 🙏🏾 RIP and my condolonces to her family and loved ones. 🙏 I had just seen Jerry Maguire again a few days back, this is so sad. She would be missed Xenu is not happy... eh? I'm so sad to hear this. She was so lovely! RIP 💔

crushcancer Well that's heartbreaking. Rip 🖕🏻 cancer RIP Kelly Preston... Weird I just watched Jerry Maguire yesterday. Travolta has had it rough. :( Damn. 😔 Oh this is so ridiculously sad. She was a wonderful actress. My heart goes out to her kids and husband. That's two deaths in Hollywood today. She always seemed so nice..

This really ... I mean... 💔 I remember seeing her in the movie 'What A Girl Wants' and I had thought to myself; what a Gorgeous Lady... Rest In Peace. I will miss you seeing on screen.. Wow, tragic. Did anyone even know about this? My heart goes out to John Travolta and their daughter. 💔💔💔😢 Sad news to start the week

💔 Wow 57 is so young 😭 for the love of the game is what I will remember her most This breaks my heart 💔💔 legallybae Heartbreaking. Damn. R.I.P. Fuck cancer Rip Wow... rip ADmomof3 So sad. 🙏🏻 A beautiful light. What What is 2020 trying to prove huh? john travoltas wife also. so much tragedy in that family. 16yo son died also.

Damn So sad So sad 2020 you’re drunk, go home!!!! Rest In Peace. Ya termínate 2020 WTFFFF RIP....2020 is actually Satan itself Awe, that's so sad. RIP Kelly Preston. So Sad !Such a Sweet Soul ! Prayers to John and the Preston Family !

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Atlanta Dream Players Defy Co-Owner Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Post Support For Black Lives MatterLoeffler told the WNBA last week she didn’t want players wearing warm-up jerseys saying “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.” 🖤 Hooray for humanity.

Lorraine Kelly was desperate to hug Kate Garraway as she returned to studioDerek Draper, 52, remains in intensive care but Kate's return to Good Morning Britain last week was big news for all her ITV colleagues as she spoke about her husband's fight for life

Tahj Mowry Says He Never Stopped Loving Naya Rivera in Emotional PostTahj Mowry shared an emotional post dedicated to Naya Rivera, who went missing during a boating trip with her son earlier this week. Bad timing Someone is 'clout' chasing / seeking attention at a very inappropriate time. Geez.......still chasing the attention his sisters have received over the years. But this is a baddddd way to chase it......