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Katy Perry Opens Up About Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

'It's an emotional rollercoaster.'

8/5/2020 6:19:00 PM

Katy Perry Opens Up About Being Pregnant During a Pandemic

'It's an emotional rollercoaster.'

The singer opened up toPeopleabout what that’s been like for her and let fans in, yet again, on her vulnerable side. “Every day your options change, and you don’t know what’s what. Especially being pregnant in a pandemic, it’s an emotional roller coaster,” she said.

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Still, she’s been able to stay grounded. “Having a great partner, having a sound mind, continuing to do the work, I’m not as flinchable,” Perrysaid, explaining how she’s been getting through. “I’m not untouchable or invincible, but it’s a little bit more like water off a duck’s back.” While she praises Bloom as a partner, she’s previously talked about how she’s

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Katy Perry Sides With Ellen DeGeneres Amid Misconduct AllegationsThe singer tweeted in solidarity with Ellen DeGeneres amidst misconduct allegations. The rich & ruling class always stick together against the oppressed 😒😒😒 katy perry is jon benet ramsey lol 🤣

Katy Perry, Kevin Hart stand up for embattled Ellen DeGeneres, sending their loveKevin Hart and Katy Perry are defending their friend and TV host Ellen DeGeneres, whose daytime talk show has been under fire in recent months. But Katy - you must cancel anyone who does not follow liberal groupthink! Ellen is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, personally. During the lockdown Ellen hired scabs to film her show from her house, while at the same time cut the pay and benefits of her loyal production crew. Turns out, Ellen, and her toady Andy, aren't all that cool. Katy Berry is well known for being rude herself... Birds of a feather