Kathy Griffin says she can't get tested for coronavirus despite 'painful symptoms'

Kathy Griffin called out President Trump after saying she's been sent to a 'COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER' with 'painful symptoms.'

3/26/2020 11:10:00 AM

The comedian, 59, revealed on Twitter Wednesday that she's been sent to a 'COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER' after visiting an urgent care facility. But she said her attempts to get tested have been unsuccessful.

Kathy Griffin called out President Trump after saying she's been sent to a 'COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER' with 'painful symptoms.'

Wednesday that she's been sent to a"COVID-19 isolation ward in a major hospital ER" after visiting an urgent care facility. She shared a picture of herself laying in a hospital bed wearing a mask, although it's unclear when the photo was taken.

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Despite experiencing symptoms consistent with the coronavirus, Griffin said her attempts to get tested have been unsuccessful."The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions," Griffin added, citing the vice president.

USA TODAY has reached out to Griffin's rep for comment.Coronavirus:Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Jackson Browne, 71, tests positiveGriffin shared her health update in response to a tweet from President Donald Trump, who boasted about the large number of Americans being tested for COVID-19.

"Just reported that the United States has done far more 'testing' than any other nation, by far," TrumpWednesday. "In fact, over an eight day span, the United States now does more testing than what South Korea (which has been a very successful tester) does over an eight week span. Great job!"

Griffin fired back, tweeting,"He's lying."The comedian's struggle to get a clear diagnosis appears to highlight the lack of accessibility to testing kits as thescrambles to expand coronavirus testing across the country.Nearly 433,545 Americans have been tested for COVID-19 as of Wednesday, according to the

website, which collects data from state health authorities. Read more: USA TODAY »

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hannahBrenda3 I just don’t believe she can’t get tested unless she is just faking her symptoms to get a test to make a big deal of it She had Mexican diarrhea! Took up an isolation bed in the hospital and would have taken up a test if the hospital had succumbed to her desire to be tested! hannahBrenda3 typical Hollywood type. big bawlbaby!

Another sad attempt to stay 'relevant'. 1 Guess you should nicer to people! Some people will do anything to get their name in the news and of the news media will print anything. 😃 Utah tests us all. We need to know to stop the spread I pray you get well soon. kathygriffin It's a clear cut case of stage 4 TDS Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Shit, I thought this was RealCarrotTop for a sec and got worried..... *Yawn* Does anyone even care about her anymore? Karma bites you when u least expect it. She’s probably just crashing from a lack of adrenochrome. Don't screw with Donnie! Hope you get tested soon. Stay well. I want to see you back with Anderson for New Year's Eve 2020/2021.

Elepitts1997 Anyone who wants a test can get a ....oh wait. how do we know that this is not bull shit like some of the other shit she has pulled She's blatantly lying lol. She lied. Why don’t you do a story about that? OR do a story on CedarsSinai lying about CDCgov guidelines? Sound like NYT should be on this. Find out if Trump is interfering in the Health Care of a Private Citizen. In fact all Newspapers and TV programs should be on this right away. That’s what they do when a life is at stake. Come on People. Just do it

I hope you are tested soon & are ok.❤️ I wish her speedy recovery. She was right from the start. Trump is probably personally making sure that she doesn't get a test. Pettiness is his name. I'm in NY and I couldn't get tested however I was treated via telehealth and my daughter was testing for the flu. But due to limited test in the area I'm in my family was denied a Covid-19 test and I'm high risk case. I also have recovered and had to be put on antibiotics.

I’m guessing there is one person telling them not to give her a test? Whom might that be? bust 'Mick' Mulvaney has been tested twice She is a fraud AuntLulie If she didn't know before, she knows she's no longer a celebrity now. Hope she gets better! AuntLulie She is not one of Trump's favorite ppl. If she were, she could get tested. NBA players have no problem.

Is she really? Or just faking it to stir the pot to talk shit about President Trump. She needs attention. LiberalismIsAMentalDisease 😥💔🙏💓 Sorry she's sick. But being in a COVID-19 ward in a major ER, and they 'can't' test her? Not buying that for a second. And she just lost her mom. 💔 Texas has this problem. Test site ran out of test. Something afoot. I think test are being made Unavailable to lessenthe actual number of infections. Very few test site.Your personal physician will not see you if you have symptoms. By the time you get the test you are too sick

I bet if she said she turned into a dog you'd report it as fact. Because that's MSM Journalism..... She's in a COV19 ward but hasn't been tested. Uh huh. Bitch you have the flu. Cov19 or not, it doesn't matter It’s not Covid that is making her sick. PuestoLoco So they put her in prison, basically. I'd rather stay home no matter how intense it's get.

If you ever believed in the saying, “What goes around, comes around!” There is not one more deserving by popular vote! FOX40 Trump is trying to kill her If someone believed this then they could either rush to the hospital so they can get tested because they believe they will run out or not go to the hospital because they assume they'll be out of tests. Pretty irresponsible of Kathy Griffin to lie like this.

Isn't this inciting panic if she is lying about the capabilities of the hospitals for free publicity? I got tested and I'm poor Anyone who is sick and exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus should be tested. This is a national disgrace! Where are the tests? Healing prayers to Kathy Griffin and everyone who is ill. The rest of us need to stay safe.

pppatticake That’s what happens when you’re a D list celebrity, you have to be important to get access to those tests, only VIP. Not feeling sorry for her at all. Why didn't Kathy use skype like everyone else? 👁️ 👁️Look's like kathygriffin infected herself.😤 350m people many people r dying, not enough test. if u think u can wait, sacrifice for the country, don't complain

watchdog1978 She must not be rich enough to be that privileged. Finally she is funny! Self promoting and still blaming Trump from a hospital bed. She tapped into humor tree at last!! wingsformarie2 She's in the high-risk group! I hope she's able to get the help & care she needs! This is ridiculous that the test aren't being given out! Trump said everyone that needed a test would get one! Instead, they wasted the test on Ivanka Trump who wasn't even sick!

PuestoLoco kathygriffin is rich, but not get a COVID-19 test rich. 😑 Because shes on the d list. God please protect her and help her back to health! PuestoLoco Cause trump She lied!!!! Calling bullshit on her. No medical staff would not have her tested especially if she has symptoms. Such a liar looking for attention

Why would she be sent to isolation ward if she hasn't been tested yet? Trump is probably willing to sacrifice Kathy. He's like that. Why are you reporting on her? There are thousands of other people in her same position that need equal attention. Quit making her exceptional. She is always looking for publicity & you always oblige!

i.e. she has no symptoms. Prayers ascend 🙏🏽💟🙏🏽 They won't test you And you are in a ward with others? What if you dont have it? Prez still mad at you... mojojaxville Hope all is well with her. She just lost her mother and now coping with this. Shes in a hospital getting treatment, I'm sorry I dont see an issue

Who? She’s tweeting in isolation in the hospital? I don’t know who this is but this sounds fake although I agree there’s a ridiculous shortage of tests. Please give everyone a test ASAP She would be tested prior to being sent to an inpatient area with COVID 19 patients. pppatticake Welp apparently that's the line folks, 'D list' celebrities don't get special care above and beyond any other ...rich, well insured, white woman

I guess they don't provide tests to C- and below celebrities. They get treated like us regular smegulars. Maybe her symptoms didn’t warrant one. Smh It sounds more like adrenochrome withdrawal to me 🤷🏻‍♀️ Surprise, surprise... She’s a disgusting human being. 'painful symptoms' doesn't necessarily describe covid 19. Did she have a fever ? If not then I have to question why she is at a hospital and her motives.. she isn't known for her honestly. That and she started bashing Trump immediately ! Apparently not to sick. keepingitreal

Perhaps she should visit the Covid site or daily updates. How did all the other celebrities get tested so quickly? Pretty sure if you are well enough to Tweet, you aren't dying coronavirus kathygriffin How did she get sick if she was practicing social distancing? My wife is a nurse and HAS to go to work. Kathy seems like she could have stayed home these past 10 days or so as we’ve been told.

Of course the Rich is mad when they don’t get their way. The reason you can’t get a test is because we don’t have enough. Get this the reason we don’t have enough isn’t President Trump’s fault, the maker can’t produce enough. Liar He knows, and that's enough. TrustThePlan Karma is a bitch and so are you!

If she doesn’t meet the test criteria why isn’t she self-quarantining at home? Is isolation ward a new term for nut house? what a nut case. Lock her up She’s lying 100% Neither can I. Or the majority of our nation. I have been sick, my doctor said she is assuming I have it and is treating me as such. To kathygriffin I wish a speedy recovery & send ❤❤+👍👍To all who keep whining that only celebs & the rich get COVID 19 tests, I say read up. This is more proof thats inaccurate.

Call seanpayton he probably has more cash. Not everyone can get tested. Life isnt fair. She is used to getting special treatment and is upset Post the update that she is lying She really is on the D list. Calling bullshit. Kathys mother passed away several days ago, her painful symptoms are from grief. We all have experienced sadness with the loss of a loved one. Sad that she’s using her mother’s death against the Trump administration for her painful symptoms. (grief counselor)? kathygriffin

Why would they put her in covid isolation if she hasn't been diagnosed? Yeah she's a liar, a nurse in ICU called her out and said shes lying and everyone in ICU with symptoms got tested. But if I was a Dr and I knew it was Kathy's test, I'd give her a false negative GretaThunberg also can’t get a test on Sweden. If you’re not showing major symptoms of Covid-19, you should not get tested and that’s how it is in most countries. She’s obviously looking for attention because she’s irrelevant.

Good night Jim kite! WajahatAli Can the Lakers or Clippers sign her to a contract so she can get tested? Give her some wormwood. 😡🥵 If you lose your job and can’t pay your bills, take comfort in knowing that at least the Kennedy Center is well-funded. Thoughts and prayers So this is how a d list celebrity gets attention

The difference between a D lister and an A lister. And I’m sorry you got this, I hope you get well soon Sure but TrumpCrimeFamily was tested... What's wrong with this picture? Prayers for Kathy Welcome to our world on the z list I smell bull....if she had the symptoms she would be tested. kathygriffin is a vile woman who uses every opportunity to get her name in the news, I don’t believe anything she says, she’s probably sitting at home with her publicist discussing how she can take advantage of this crisis.

yoakumgirl923 She’s saying this to be relevant again. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Dont worry everyone. Her days are numbered anyway. Crimes against children under trumps administration equals death. It's shameful that in the US anyone and everyone with symptoms can't be tested. It's only going to get worse. kathygriffin Nobody’s crying for you.

🙏🏻🙏🏻 Why would you be sent to a COVID-19 isolation ward if you had not been tested? Answer: you wouldn’t. This is really beyond the pale. Shortage of adrenochrome they getting scared MiaFarrow Bullshit. And she's lying MiaFarrow kathygriffin CDCgov Bethenny BetteMidler cher Rosie Madonna Kathy Griffin needs out help. CedarsSinai

no. one. cares. ... guess NO NEWS today and this is a story Sending warm wishes to you Kathy❤️ MiaFarrow Due to insufficient tests, hospitals are testing only if patients show symptoms so contagious people are still walking around with the virus exposing themselves to others and spreading the virus exponentially. We need to test everyone.

I guess she doesn’t have the symptoms. Discharge her some someone woth a medical need, not an attention need, get treated Why would they put her in COVIDー19 isolation ward if they don't know if she has it 🤔 Who cares? She doesn’t get to choose if she’s tested or not. The doctors do! Just another publicity stunt! Another KG look at me, look at me, look at me...moment!

MiaFarrow Really, CNN? She’s not that famous. There isn't an approved treatment for it anyway...what would giving her the test accomplish? she is a disgusting person...not sure why anyone gives a crap what she is saying anyway. Hopefully her “unbearably painful”chest pains were heart related. Now that would be good news

Because doctors know she is faking for publicity and they wont waist a test for attention seeking behavior The viciousness,bile,hatred & downright glee directed at Ms. Griffin’s illness is horrifying & tragic. I dont care what your personal feelings are about her,what transgressions you think she’s committed or if you find her objectionable. It’s just so mean and sad. She’s a person.

Not getting tested to own orange man. BS. Why would they put you into an isolation ward without being tested? And how are you still wearing your street clothes and not a hospital gown? RIP 😂🇺🇸❤️ Doubt it Another attempt for her to get back into the film industry and publicity!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤡 So let me get that- she couldn’t test but Hanks and the other elites could? Ok, right...

Complete crazy fraud Seriously why do you need testing? You’re already there! Some people are at home with same issues With her $. Doubtful. Maybe next time don’t hold up the bloody head of the president if you want to be first in line. Maybe the hospital is full of Trump supporters? Join the club Does the test make a difference at that point? She has the symptoms and is in the hospital being treated. Why do you need a test?

Her Momjust died on St Patricks Day too *Something* grisly is going on there! Is she broke? My little town on an N.C. island could send her some esporoe1 There are kathygriffin’s all over the world who are famous only with the ones who love them. Honor them by isolating, washing hands & not hoarding vital supplies.

You don’t even bother to real journalism anymore, do you? She claims she’s in Virus 🦠 isolation but didn’t test her! ABOUT 100000000 nurses here say that’s NOT how they do it. Morons For the love of humanity, give someone sick who needs the bed. UnionsWe MarilynLavala ItsOnlyDawn Stevewhee111 FaleroJr PennyleIFB WhimsicalMeToo who agrees? kathygriffin is an attentionwhore

Call all your NBA FRIENDS or Andy Cohen at BRAVO somebody has a test for her. Agreed! We’ve been begging for tests in KansasCity Kansas is only given 500 at a time for the WHOLE STATE! Our cases are ⬇️down cuz we CAN’T test! A man in Intl Magic Club died waiting! All ppl at there will have to wait till critical til they can get tested cuz of Trump 🤬

I am not sure I believe her. But if she is ill, I will pray for her recovery. There is a Doctor Jay Gordon in Santa Monica that sold 100 tests for $250 cash only & ordering more to sell to anyone with/without symptoms? So now only rich can buy coronavirus tests when it’s scarce? Ppl are out of work! How is this ethical:legal medboardodca kathygriffin

tjklubek kattthhhhyyyyyyy if she is showing no symptoms than shes be selfish for those that need the test, just being exposed to it won't make you sick Don’t believe nothing from this hating liberals piece mouth anymore LiberalHoax She has become so annoying They put her in COVID-19 isolation with no COVID-19 test done. 🤔

With a face like that I can understand why!!!! Where’s the donations you make millions and people put up with your ignorant humor No one deserves to get sick. Coronavirus is not a great personal failure when you get it. I have it, and a nebulizer to keep my lungs clear as possible. I was tested cause I'm high risk. Start acting like the best human you can be, cause I've seen the worst of humanity. BeWell

She says it and you believe her? I have a bridge to sell you. 🙄 So they sent her to an isolation ward without testing? Why would they send a potentially healthy person into an area with Covid-19? She’s a liar. If she hasn’t received a test it’s probably bc she has no cough/fever. This woman is a mental case. Can’t be trusted.

why not tell us what hospital? 😢💔🤬 We love you Kathy!!!! Karma Follow directions Crock Of Sh*t Another attempt at publicity for a failed “actress”. Leg me guess its Trumps fault somehow Boom shakalaka Real shame that, NOT‼️ And it’s an insult to ALL working comedians to call This Foul Mouthed, non-working, tasteless 🗑 a comedian‼️

i wish her well but her hate is what will be her end! What hospital? I want proof. And yes she needs to provide proof. Not just random hospital pictures. I didn’t see her symptoms listed, maybe she doesn’t have any of the covid-19 symptoms. I’m sure if the doctors thought she had it, she would be tested.

Kathy Griffin has already used up her 15 minutes of fame Karma she is lying...how does she know she has it if she hasn't been tested? If you have symptoms they test you...she is lying like always This is nonsense. Lock her up 😂😂😂😂😂😂🗣🍆 BS. No positive test = no isolation. Obviously she is lying If she’s sick what difference does it make. She’s sick.

SpeakerShinjini After trashing Bernie supporters for years when all we want if a fair and just society, she suddenly knows what it feels like to be one of us. I'm not exactly feeling much sympathy for her right now. Karma.... maybe she shouldn't have wish death on others.... BS Get your attention fix KINGTRUMPUSLIAR You know tRump will make sure SHE in particular doesn't get the test...

Well only celebrities get tested quickly duh!!!!! KathyGriffinLiar Hey you all heartlessbastards- when the reckoning comes- you gonna have a problem- she’s a person. You all prob go to church and praise Jesus and you’re wishing someone dead? Really think about this. I think if there is a god corona is a lesson on humanity. Guess what? Most

Maybe you wait until you are fully and officially diagnosed. It could a million things. Easier to blame Trump for gastroenteritis I guess. She's right. I was told by two NYC hospitals that I wasn't a priority patient even though I have a cough, runny nose, fever and chest discomfort. I was told self quarentine for 14 days.

Being mentally ill and having AdrenochromeWithdrawal does not qualify you, Kathy, to get a Corona test. I think they just put you in Psych ward. She might need some more Adrenochrome for her fix. Keep her far away from the Labor & Delivery area. ThesePeopleAreSick Of course Kathy Griffin can't get tested. But Pence, (I think trump lied, he didn't get tested so not adding his name) so Pence, Pence's wife, Romney, Rand Paul... So it's a GOP thing. 🤔 ahhh of course it is.

This is the first time I've heard a celebrity *not* being tested when they showed symptoms Yet she was able to tweet. Sure she has. Irrelevant FakeNews Kathy Griffin is a known liar and looking for attention. NO ONE CARES about her! She’s looking for a grief counselor too. Help her Cali, She lying, This is a D list performance by a, hold on (actress with severe TDS) (TDS=Trump Derangement Syndrome)

That’s not WuhanVirus she has ...it’s the CNNVirus otherwise known as TrumpDerangementSyndrome Wish you a speedy recovery kathygriffin ...just take the red pill and all will be cured RealCandaceO TheOfficerTatum DavidJHarrisJr can administer it for you 😂😂 If I said I don’t care would you be offended?

Did they test her for TDS? She’s a hack looking for attention Kathy Smollett She’s a liar. If she were as sick as she says, her doctors would order a test. She’s obviously full of crap. Why get tested if you are certain that you have it and you have all the symptoms? i call bull$h*t No one gets admitted to a COVID isolation ward without testing positive. She’s either lying or confused. I wish her well but something isn’t right here.

Name the hospital. Do some actual reporting instead of just regurgitating what a woman who hates Trump is alleging. Attention seeking- wish she would just shut up and go away. It’s not always about”you” Kathy Who cares? Although I wish her a speedy, healthy recovery. Her attempt to blame Trump, &not place blame anywhere else is reckless. I don't here her or anyone else calling out the rest of the world? What about US manufacturers? Oh, wait, we source most of our medical supplies elsewhere.

StanShady8 Wow, just like the rest of America...get to the end of the line, and shut up Hate will kill her, not Coronavirus. Do house elves even get sick? That’s crazy. How the eff did Kris Jenner and a contestant for the Bachelorette get one side easily?! SecAzar WTF are you doing? ResignNow Why’s are you still picking on her? She had a opinion. She was making a joke. I hope she gets better. I think she is funny and I do not want to see anyone get ill cause of this virus. Hang in there Kathy there are people who love you.

She tested positive for being trash. She's only in the news when it involve Trump. Other celebrities and athletes have no problem getting tested. Wear a sports jersey maybe. That's odd, Trump said if you need a test you'll get one. That there are plenty of tests. Trumps lying again to the people? Can't he ever tell the truth? It's time for him to go away like the wind.

She’s lying You don't just get denied to be tested. 103+ degree fever is mandatory to get tested.. You cannot waist tests on people who are hypochondriacs She's lying. Doesn’t she kinda looks like carrot top? Come on USA Today. This story is complete nonsense... embarrassing Only real celebrities get the tests

She is lying ... like the president ... lies lies and more lies It's TRUE! In Ga they are refusing to test a lot of people too even with severe symptoms. Poor Kathy not getting preferential treatment over health care workers. If you stay home and keep quiet kathygriffin that will help all of us No one should be wishing I'll on her. However, this boiled down is nothing more than a piece of HUMBLE PIE. Just because you are Hollywood actor doesnt mean that throwing a fit in Twitter will get you a COVID19 test. The DOCTOR determines your eligibility NOT POTUS.

WuhanKathy NewsNetNews She doesn’t need to be tested. Stay Home! Hope she gets it. It is painful just to look at her Her only way to gain fame. Test her and let’s see if it’s for marketing to get her name in lights or if she’s actually got something. Being treated by Dr. Munchausen. Are we sure she's not at a psych ward? They're testing everyone with symptoms

She loves being in the news, even when nobody cares. Except for She thinks she’s special. Welcome to the real world. The sun doesn’t rise and set on you and there are many too sick to tweet that are ahead of you in line for the test. Get over yourself! Good Scoreboard ...mic drop Comedian Well that’s a stretch.

RealCarrotTop So we have no idea whether she has Coronavirus, or if she just overdosed on airplane glue or cleaning products. But be certain she will milk this for a quick burst of celebrity fame. How pathetic! her and THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS too, so she is NO BETTER She is a liar' Kathy griffin does anything for attention even get infected by the corona virus..... 👀 But no one cares for her

She's lying. But people and pets need to stay away from her anyway and always It’s very unfortunate and sad but Trump’s hateful rhetoric has obviously penetrated the minds of small people and left them morally bankrupt of any compassion for the human race. Trashing the doctors who are trying to help her. Kathy Griffin should be tested for TDS too

Liar liar pants on fire. Hope you feel better soon. 😥 Isolation ward or looney ward? I live in a small town in Mississippi. People are getting tested here quite easily. I think she's full of it. RKJ65 And now she’s with others at a “COVID19 isolation ward”? Does this guarantee she will soon test positive?

She is having another feel bad for me moment It’s probably the bloody severed head she tried carrying in that stopped testing. How can a normal person not rich, not a star and not a sports player get a test 3 weeks ago and she cant? lets test this here. 1) Me with insurance. Yes! 2) her with insurance. No! I think she needs new insurance! I think shes lying! Next? more hatred against him, more lies!

RKJ65 sounds like His Orange Highness has activated his enemies list. Veganforlife111 ? who is she , that she has a right to complain?. she is no more important than any other person in this country. These wealthy people need to learn that. Eyelashes all products on special discount of 15% i wish her good health but really don’t care much for her

Is she sure it’s a COVID-19 isolation ward or is that what they told her as they escorted her back to the “booby hatch”? Just trying to get in the news. Probably licked a toilet seat. Freedom She no better then any of us that are waiting VeronicaSam13 kathygriffin i love you Kathy stay strong. That's because she's on the D-list

Got to keep those numbers down for Donald Trump. A lot of these shitty comments will result in none of y’all MFs getting tests whether u meet the criteria or not. Whether u believe the story or not, you do see the difficulty of many things happening around the country. You’re asking for Karma. Oh sure,Trump personally had her refused to be tested.

I hope they save those WORTH SAVING! Not Her!!! Oh waaaa 😭 waaaa! You aren’t getting special or preferred treatment! Get at the back of the line . . . no one cares who you are . . . this is a pandemic- everyone matters! How does Karma feel! What is the obsession with getting tested because you have painful symptoms. The test isn't going to magically make you better. If your sick isolate yourself and treat the symptoms. If your really bad go to the hospital.

If you are already in isolation in ICU and have severe symptoms you may be unaware that they have already tested you Wishing you the best How am I able to get tested in a drive through, but she’s in the hospital and can’t 🧐 If she can’t get tested, where does that leave the rest of us who aren’t rich celebrities?

They were probably tired of listening to her. I’d send her to isolation too if she opened her mouth She is lying. She’s uses Adrenochome and it was spiked with covid19. They don’t confine you without being tested and you have it. Oh yea you cant have the virus without using adrenochrome. For you people who don’t know shit. She has screwed over all her peers in the biz. FCK-Her!

obviously she overestimated herself, she is not a celebrity... Talk about aging - wow Nobody listens to her anymore!! Praying your strength! “She shared a picture of herself laying in a hospital bed wearing a mask, although it's unclear when the photo was taken. “ A mask, not a ventilator. FWIW. kathygriffin is lying. She’s hoaxed you. is hoaxing America FakeNewsMedia EnemyOfThePeople

Celebrity means nothing this virus is taking down everybody! You only get tested if you're at deaths door and it shouldn't be that way. Congratulations America!!! If ya ain't got symptoms you're stealing that test from someone else. Stop it Personally feel that every person who has symptoms, should be tested. We knew about this virus early January. It is disgrace that there aren’t enough tests.

Couldn’t happen to a bigger piece of trash Karma.... just saying. I thought she died a few months ago. 🤒 I’m puzzled. What will a positive test get her that she’s not already getting? I sincerely want to know. maybe her skin is too tight to get a blood sample. IBelieveTaraReade Who cares Does she expect special treatment because she’s a celebrity?

Don’t believe her. She’s nuts! She just wants to get back at someone or craves attention. And are you sure that’s not Carot Top? “Anyone that wants a test can get one.” Lies. Lies. Lies. Praying for kathygriffin 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✌🏾✊🏾💪🏾 Nope Our hospital doesn't have a COVID ward..... you sure that isn't just a really sterile battle ship where they put military combatants?

Then why is she even in the ward if she hasn’t been tested ? Maybe celebrities finally get a taste of what us normal people deal with... Trump will make sure she never gets a test Wonderful news. What makes people think they can demand testing? Trump has nothing to do with it. It's up to the CDC , you have to meet their criteria. The plan of care is the same whether you're tested or not.

Does she think she’s special? Put her last on the list to get tested. So sad after just losing your beloved mother..Hang in Kathy, you got a lot of people that care...🙏 Is she showing symptoms? She’s in isolation, tweeting away. I’m sure her publicist is with her. She needs tested by a psychotherapist...

see 1st thing this idiot does is calls out the president SMART real smart SERIOUSLY ILL PEOPLE CAN'T GET TESTED, BECAUSE THIS CARROT TOP LOOKING, PHONY BALONEY, PIECE OF HUMAN EXCREMENT IS WASTING TIME AND RESOURCES maybe she should think before she runs her nasty Trap next time She’s a liar She's lying.

BS! Good KARMA Tick tock 🍿🐇🐇 Damn she ugly🤢I've don't even remember ever seeing her on TV. She's a liar. I'm a nurse in this state and we test everyone with a fever and or symptoms. Free publicity because she's broke. Self reflection is her cure. Peter the superior sibling wbk Who give a 💩. Not me. garymoore1985 'Praying for her recovery through faith'

Nobody wears a wig and takes a selfie in ICU. Explain to me how any hospital would put a person in isolation if they hadn't tested positive. She is lying about being in isolation or she's lying about not being tested. Sorry that’s not the policy for people who haven’t tested positive. That she says she hasn’t even been tested is a big flag for me. Also, ICU would not have her in there without oxygen. If she’s lying there needs to be consequences VP realDonaldTrump for her continued actions.

Welcome to reality, Kathy. Typical attention seeker Probably the least relevant celebrity of All Time. Imagine using coronavirus gain exposure to your dying career, because that's what she's doing. USA Today is a useless pile of 💩 All the celebrities are faking COVID9 infection to scare the hell out of everyone. They're actors.

Is that carrot top? He’s been lifting again. She actually injured herself jumping on the bandwagon. This world really has become chaotic, so many people out there are so cruel that it is heartbreaking to read. I have seen so many loving people who do cares and do think of others without hesitation. Kathy doesn't deserve all this hate against her.

Does she have a fever? a cough? Chest pains could be from acid reflux, come on. She’s lying. They wouldn’t put her in isolation and not test her. 🙄 Why is Andy Dick wearing a dress? I call bs, the person in the picture looks like Carrot Top She reminds me of Anderson Cooper. I don’t know why. Congratulations America

Are they testing by list? Isn't she...D-List? Just test her so she'll shut up Order an on line government test kit. Sorry . Doesn't exist but you can order DNA Please God, please God, I know this is a bunch of bullsh*t. But please let karma catch up to her.... now. Getting COVID2019 must new the new IN thing to do. All these narcissistic famous people claiming they have it.

Sad and pathetic that she stoops to levels that even Satan himself wouldn't. Wants to blame Trump again😂😅🤣. Well Miss Griffin, we have homeless people in Houston seen at Our ER that got tested without delay. I guess you just want to be on a headline. But the Donald said testing is by far the best and greatest in the USA and growing exponentially. Does he knows the difference between exponential and linear?

This is going to backfire on her. It’s so easily debunked. Whatever 🙄😏 ●●●●● These dummies don't know that staying home is a good a idea. They just want to defy good advice just to be bad. THEY'LL say no to anything! Pathetic !!! coronavirus stayinside This is both good and bad news. Bad that she has the symptoms and good that the doctors aren't giving anyone special treatment

I wouldn't believe anything she says! Why is she blaming Trump? GOOD! Another loser playing the poor me card Horse crap This sucks. No Trumpers please.

Kathy Griffin Blasts Trump for 'Lying' About Abundance of Coronavirus TestsWhile in a hospital isolation ward room receiving treatment for 'unbearably painful symptoms,' comedian Kathy Griffin responded to President Trump's tweet where he alleged that the United States has performed 'more testing than any other nation' Boy, is she gonna be mad when he wins again!! But she's in an isolation room. What treatment is she being denied? A doctor in Huntington Beach is testing. Google it yourself. He is also getting results within 24 hrs.

Kathy Griffin Says She's in a Coronavirus Isolation Ward After Showing 'Unbearably Painful' SymptomsThe comedian said that she was unable to get tested, but is in a 'major hospital ER' TommyG itscoronatime Isolation from her will do us all some good Good spot for her

Kathy Griffin slams Trump's coronavirus response while in hospital with 'unbearably painful' symptomsAfter checking into a hospital with 'unbearably painful' symptoms, comedian Kathy Griffin has spoken out against Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus outbreak. In a… Adrenochrome junkie having withdrawal symptoms Unbearably painful is a description of listening to Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin Hospitalized in Coronavirus Ward, But Can't Get TestedKathy Griffin says that she can not get tested for coronavirus despite being hospitalized and placed in an isolation ward. Guess she doesn’t have enough ⭐️ power. Not to be mean, more realistic... Here's a guess. The reason she is hospitalized and isolated has nothing to do with the virus. Fake news.

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Kathy Griffin Says She's in a Coronavirus Isolation Ward After Showing 'Unbearably Painful' SymptomsThe comedian said that she was unable to get tested, but is in a 'major hospital ER' TommyG itscoronatime Isolation from her will do us all some good Good spot for her