Kate Winslet Reflected on 'Straight-Up Cruel' Media Criticism of Her Weight

Kate Winslet Reflected on 'Cruel' Media Criticism of Her Weight

2/23/2021 2:37:00 PM

Kate Winslet Reflected on 'Cruel' Media Criticism of Her Weight

Kate Winslet reflected on the 'straight-up cruel' media coverage of her weight, after Titanic launched her into superstardom in the '90s, in a new interview.

Ammonite, in which she stars alongside Saoirse Ronan."I have been asked so, so many times about the intimate scenes inAmmonite, way more than I have ever been asked about any heterosexual love scene before. When I have, it’s been comparisons—how was Leo compared with Jude? So embarrassing, so naff. But what happens with the discussion of LGBTQ love scenes is that people actually use different words to describe them."

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"'Searingly erotic,'" she continued,"'Titillating,' things that describe the impact that the scene might have on an audience, rather than the content of the scene itself. It really pisses me off, actually.""What I love about how Francis [Lee, who wrote and directed

Ammonite]chose to tell the story of Mary Anning [Winslet's role], and her connection with Charlotte [Murchison, played by Ronan], is that he did it without hesitation," Winslet said."The relationship is a part of the story. It’s nothing to do with fear, or secrecy. It’s about two people who fall in love." headtopics.com

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Kate Winslet is stunning. That’s all. Her performances are award winning. Link is broken.