Kate Middleton, Prince William, Love Actually Director, Kate Middleton Mental Health Project, Prince William Mental Health Project, Heads Together, Richard Curtis, Notting Hill Director, New Royal Mental Health Project

Kate Middleton, Prince William

Kate Middleton Met With 'Love Actually' Director for a New Project

Kate Middleton: movie star


Kate Middleton : movie star

Kate Middleton and Prince William are working with Richard Curtis on a new special project about mental health. Richard Curtis has worked on films like Love Actually and Notting Hill.

. So the end product is going to look and sound gorgeous, whatever it is.

I'd love for this to be Kate's big acting debut (something else for her and Meghan to bond over!), but that seems...unlikely. If I had to guess, this is probably something more along the lines of a short film or documentary—but more details are likely coming, so we'll know for sure soon.

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