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Kat Von D Is Closing Her L.A. Tattoo Parlor and Moving to Indiana

.@thekatvond is closing the doors of her Los Angeles tattoo parlor, High Voltage.

10/26/2021 11:52:00 PM

.thekatvond is closing the doors of her Los Angeles tattoo parlor, High Voltage.

The tattoo artist is shutting down her famous tattoo parlor, High Voltage, and moving to rural Indiana with her husband.

L.A. Ink."As some of you know, we recently purchased a beautiful home on a bit of land in rural Indiana, and the more time we spend out there we realize we feel more at home there than we do here in LA," the 39-year-old reality TV star wrote."After much thought, we have decided we will permanently be moving to Indiana at the end of this year. We plan on selling our beautiful home here, and I will most likely open a private studio in Indiana once we are done with the house remodel there."

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She continued,"This means that, sadly, I will be closing my beloved tattoo shop @highvoltagetat here in West Hollywood on Dec 1. I didn’t think it would make sense to keep it open if I wasn’t present, and aside from coming back to work on music with my band, we don’t plan on returning to LA very often."

In her heartfelt goodbye to the West Hollywood tattoo shop, Von D announced that over the next month and a half, the parlor would be regularly offering appointments before closing for good on Dec. 1.A post shared by 𝐊𝐀𝐓 𝐕𝐎𝐍 𝐃 (@thekatvond)

"With that being said, we will be celebrating the HvT legacy this next month and a half by tattooing regularly at the shop, and welcome all of you to come and get tattooed by one of my talented fellow artists in the month of November! Appointments are booking up quickly, so I suggest either coming by the shop and setting up time, or going to and making your appointment!," Von D shared."I also strongly suggest following my talented fellow artists to see where they end up going in their journey!"

Von D went on to thank her"tattoo family" and those who have supported her and her shop over the last 14 years, as she prepares to permanently bid California farewell. Read more: Entertainment Tonight »

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thekatvond Indiana? thekatvond Bless her heart she's getting the kid out of LA! Right on KVD

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