Kanye West Living in Atlanta Stadium Ahead of New 'Donda' Release Date

Kanye West has been living inside an Atlanta stadium while working on his new album.

7/27/2021 4:06:00 AM

Kanye West has been living inside an Atlanta stadium while working toward the new August release date for DONDA

Kanye West has been living inside an Atlanta stadium while working on his new album.

West unveiledDondain front of a sold-out crowd at the venue after he announced two days before that the first public listen of his highly-anticipated album would take place. He barely said a word while introducing his new music during the event, which brought out several big names including Rick Ross, Khloe Kardashian and his estranged wife Kim Kardashian West, who showed up in a red jumpsuit with their kids.

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West’s new project is a follow-up to his 2019 gospel-themed albumJesus Is King, which won a Grammy for best contemporary Christian album.Last year, West announced on Twitter -- with colorful cover art and a track list -- that he would release his latest album. At the time, his tweets indicated that his project would release on the same day as Taylor Swift’s project

Folklore, but his album was postponed. Read more: billboard »

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Kanye West Living in Atlanta Stadium to Complete Work on New AlbumKanye West has been living inside an Atlanta stadium while working on his new album. A representative for the performer said Monday that West planned to remain inside Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz … lmao What? Sounds like a very sane thing to do.

If You Saw Kanye Wandering Through the Atlanta United Game No You Didn'tThe artist has reportedly been living at the Atlanta stadium where he hosted his Donda listening party. Did knye get zits breakout or face surgery is that why the mask or is it just 'art commentary on race' I honestly think he just wants to wear pantyhose & 2 cowardly 2 do it. He probly like 'haha kimbtch' im skimm'n my face out yo life

Inside the Arena at Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Listening Event in AtlantaIt was nearly 90 degrees in Atlanta, the sun stubbornly beating down on Mercedes Benz stadium as tens of thousands of people streamed into the venue for what was probably the biggest event the aren… So these prices weren’t in some foreign currency? Shit show. Down and red q tip of crazy talent and ridiculous privilege.

Kanye Reportedly Living in Stadium Until 'Donda' DropsFans took pics of a man in his listening party outfit in the stadium on Saturday. Lose the weight Kanye

Kanye West premiered 'Donda' at an Atlanta stadium. And now he's living thereRapper Kanye West apparently hasn't left Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium since he held a listening party there Thursday for his delayed new album, ' Donda .' Really WTF?

Kanye West Rep ‘Confirms’ August 6 Release Date for ‘Donda’ Album, For What That’s WorthAfter days of unconfirmed reports that Kanye West’s new album “ Donda ” — which was first announced in 2019, then shelved, then suddenly revived last week, then bumped again — will be released on Aug… Don't care.