Kanye Allegedly Spreading Rumor Pete Has AIDS by The TMZ Podcast

1/29/2022 2:30:00 AM

Do you think Kanye meant it as a 'double target?' Listen to the full podcast here:

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I dontknow whypeople don’t mess w/Kanye by whispering hey what’s up Kevin?as they pass by him. He slowlymaps out when”they’ll”call him Kevin,&has a breakdown. Whatyou call me?!Kevin?No I was on the phone to, Calvin. Kevin starts wearing earplugs, I can’thearKevin so it’s not real Kevin has the mentality of an early 20 year old. I think he’s mentally challenged. Not a genius at all.

TMZ we know you're helping the Kardashians divert attention with this aids bs. regarding the 2nd tape.. Jason already watched it. B4 Kanye spoke about it..

Kanye Allegedly Spreading Rumor Pete Has AIDS by The TMZ PodcastTMZ get out of Kim’s ass Now it’s no longer just AIDS rumours , its now turned into homophobia , all this from Akademics and his mysterious 8 sources. This seems to be a well orchestrated smear. I hope that Ye sues One of the girls will say ‘LIKE’ around 12 times per sentence. Please teach her how to speak English! Irritating as hell! Otherwise, talking over each other is tolerable. Kind of

Kanye West allegedly spreading unfounded rumors Pete Davidson is gay, has AIDSOur sources echo DJ Akademiks’ comments on Twitch earlier this week in which he claimed West is “going crazy with himself.” What Not that’s anything wrong with that Ele claramente precisa de ajuda ye

Kanye West 'spreading rumour Pete Davidson has AIDS' as Kim Kardashian moves onKim Kardashian's estranged husband Kanye West is allegedly 'spreading rumours that her new boyfriend Pete Davidson has AIDS' as she moves on with him And funnily enough, so are you by publishing the so called lies. Pathology

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Kanye West Announces Release Date For 'Donda 2' And It's Right Around The CornerThe rapper revealed that the new record was produced by Future. Why is this a story? Is it going to be as unlistenable as his most recent one? Dang. The Kardashian’s must’ve been starving him to death.

Kanye West Loops Balenciaga Into His Gap CollaborationIt's a collaboration-palooza!

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