Kamala Harris İntroduced A Bill To Keep Schools Open Three More Hours - Cnnpolitics

Kamala Harris İntroduced A Bill To Keep Schools Open Three More Hours - Cnnpolitics

Kamala Harris introduced a bill to keep schools open three more hours

US Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris introduced legislation this week intended to align the school day with the traditional workday to reduce the burden of childcare on working families.


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris introduced legislation intended to align the school day with the traditional workday — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. — to reduce the burden of childcare, and to authorize $1.3B annually for summer programming access

US Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris introduced legislation this week intended to align the school day with the traditional workday to reduce the burden of childcare on working families.

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No no no !!! And her chances didn’t just circle the drain they were sucked into the sewer. That is only a solution to a problem a Band-Aid unlike so many Americans mothers and fathers both have to work so much. I am a teacher so my question is with these hours, will my pay increase because I don’t get paid anything now?

I hope it includes nap time plus breakfast, lunch and dinner!! People with children should pay more in taxes.. That’s 11 hours of school a day, 5 days a week. Kids are already tired and burned out after 7 1/2 hours a day, 5 days a week. Any idea to improve a problem is a good idea even if it doesn’t work. At least it gives us a talking point to start with. Who knows we maybe able to build on this idea. I wish that I heard more comments that was based on parents views on this.

Wow, the nerve of 🤔🤔🤔 government already refuses to put into the education system 🤒🤒now you want the underpaid teachers to work more?for....vote lost if you keep this up. I think year round school with breaks in between would be more beneficial than a longer day. Kids need a break and time to study

Stupid idea to place the wants of the adults over the needs of our children! The children need to spend time with their parents and family not in the care of more government schools. They provide terrible education!

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That is the dumbest idea ever. She has lost her mind. Is she serious? Or just plain Dumb! No Shit like this is why the Democratic Party lost in 16’; y’all really think the students or even the teachers want to deal with eachother that long? Plus last time I checked a full day of work is 8 hours, and say you stay after school until four that is already 8. Mandatory 10? No

So will kids be up until 10 pm doing homework? Dinner at 7 pm. Yikes. Then shower and homework. When is playtime? And if you have more than one kid, what a nightmare. By the time you pick them up and get home it will be fast food for dinner. 😂😂😂😂 Understand the rational, but the idea on how to implement the program is simply stupid.

If CNN likes it there has to be a better solution Maybe we should all work in the coal mines 14 hours a day with our kids again. Problem solved! What? So parents won’t be interacting/raising their kids anymore? Things are bad as they are now.

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I don’t disagree with this for some areas, but why on earth would anyone think school hours is something the federal government should be dictating? Let local school boards decide what the best schedule for their community is Yea like kids aren’t already cut short on their lives. School then hours of home work and want to add more to their scheadike? Look at our college grads now- big majority worthless . Untrained lazy expecting everything free. Kids need to have a life

Our kids don’t need to be raised by the schools or big govt!!!! Horrible idea. So turn the education system into a daycare, she wants kids in school for 10hrs a day?!?!? LMAO!!!!! And how much do you plan on raising teacher pay for this?🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣 The worst thing to ever happen to the education system in the US is gov’ got involved.

If you have children and vote for Kamala Harris it’s because you hate your kids. Too expensive Schools are not responsible for caring for our children. Stop trying to put onus of parental responsibility onto others I love how managing child care has become a burden. Simple answer is don’t have kids if you can’t afford to raise them

Because teachers don’t work long enough hours

Kamala Harris Admits Evil Neoliberal Scheme to Educate Low-Income KidsKamala Harris's bill is perhaps less interesting than the unhinged reaction it immediately provoked from the left. jonathanchait writes jonathanchait In reality public schools in wealthy neighborhoods are just as good as private schools. Charter schools are just a band-aid on an unhealthy system jonathanchait That reaction was nowhere near confined to the left. jonathanchait Is their lazier journalism existing today than reporting twitter threads as if they characterize most people's thoughts on a topic? Come on!

How ‘bout shorten work days and keep pay the same, just a thought! Great. kids will be doing homework until 2am now. Misleading headline. She’s advocating after school programs. Not more school Is she kidding How stupid is that! Teachers are already over worked and now they have to babysit these brats! And this person is a senator?!

This is truly a great idea . Thanks for thinking like I do ... Teachers would need more money and childcare workers would lose their jobs plus who in the heck wants to be in school for 10 hours!! I hate being at work for 8!😂 I understand why she feels the need to make this suggestion, but parents already treat school like it’s a drop off day care. Unless this comes with a mandated 100% buy in of parent support who take active roles, then all you’re going to do is burn teachers out even more.

NO, NO, NO!!!!

Video: Sen. Kamala Harris’ childhood friend talks about being bussed together'Had she not been bussed, her life could have taken a totally different course.' Sen. Kamala Harris’ childhood friends talk to Nightline about being bused together in the 1970s to Thousand Oaks Elementary School in Berkeley, CA. Nightline EpsteinCoverup Nightline Nothing but a bunch of BS. Harris has a middle class upbringing that she parlayed into a successful political career in California. She never overcame any disadvantages that poverty or racism brought to so many whose votes she seeks. Nightline

My 6 year old is qualified to work as her senior advisor. Programming? You do mean indoctrination, right? Disconnected from reality! RT. Why not shorten the work day instead? RT. Democrats Republicans Americans More school days would be a better solution. Did she just miss the new law GavinNewsom signed in making the school day start at 8:30? I wonder how this is going to play out.

Kamala's depressing view of childhood: It’s insane how many people didn’t read the article but feel the need to comment. Next we as people the power to the dumbocrats we will have a stamp on our forhead controled by the U.S. we are there pawns on the chess board too be used by Congress for there games I'm tired of the lies from Congress and the political games they play just for greed and power .

She did not think that the teachers with children and homework at home when they will do it. Remember something senator teachers take work for their homes because they don't have time to do it in their homes. If you extend the schedule you have to increase your salary.

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How about cutting back the hours of the traditional workday!? Other countries do it and found they actually have better productivity. Just lock em in a school till they’re 18 then transfer em to prison Agree Not sure kids need MORE time in school, though. Bull shit PeteButtigieg has my vote! Once again, people who have never been in education making decisions for us. Schools would not pay their teachers what it would take to add more time to the day.

“reduce the burden” if i could do italics to ask “what the f***” i would but twitter isn’t at that level. this is ridiculous, the burden is the incredulous amount of school work, not the short amount of time we’re in this hell. leave the school times alone. don’t make it longer. please no Only you understood the trouble of moms who work 9-5, or stop working as they cant find reasonable childcare from 3-6. M sooo grateful to you Kamala Harris.

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my daughter was in the after school program in both elementary and middle school... at the schools she attended. we had til 6p to pick them up, she got her hmwk done and it helped me tremendously. You rock Kamala Harris. Thought she dropped out SenKamalaHarris Great idea, especially for middle class and poor people who cannot afford child care. Also, after school programs are needed teenagers. Meals for kids b4 they are sent home would help.

Terrible idea. They should go to year round school instead so they retain information at a higher rate. They can have 2-3 week breaks throughout the year which will benefit the kids. We should focus on what is best for the kids, the parents, teachers & administrators will adjust. The stupidest idea! So school ends at 6pm parents get off at 6pm. Then have to drive the rush hour traffic to pickup the child? Who has been waiting 45 minutes while the parent is stuck in traffic. So stupid!!

You are nuts. So rush hours evolve from nightmare to hell

My question is, will it be tied to 21st-century funding as 45 said after school programs are not needed. Which he is wrong, but!!! Crazy much. 9 hr school day is insane Ya, teachers are going to love this. Partly what is wrong with this country is people think their school systems and teachers should raise their children. This woman is crazy

Seriously? Children are not adults and should not have to work adult hours. What about families that sacrifice so that a parent can stay home? Can these families opt out of the extended hours? Insanity! This is good. Kids will drop out, and the ones that don’t can be educated about social justice. This is fucking insane. There's also no way kids that young should be committed to school for that many hours in a day. I hate her solely after reading the headline summary.

That bitch! 🙄 What about sports? What about after school jobs? Bad idea, Kamala.

Ugghhhhh Yuck And who's paying for this? This☝🏼 should really get the young Americans out to vote. When you are polling at 1% or less, you try to make headlines. Duh!!! This already exists!!! It's called the Boys and Girls Clubs or YMCA-established after-school enrichment programs for a very reasonable or subsidized price! WASTE OF TAXPAYER FUNDS --GIVE OUR MONEY TO EXISTING PROVEN ORGANIZATIONS if so keen on throwing money around!

Hideous and selfish ! This is more about childcare than education. Are Teachers going to get raises for this 15 hour increase in their work week? I’m sure that won’t cause issues for states already struggling to get more money for teachers. That’s the problem w/ pols; all their ideas are 1/2 baked. Great!!! Now Stay in your current office where you can ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE

There goes the Teachers Union Kamala! Euthanasia is running rampant in the Socialist Party! 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. it's not that simple, Mom has to leave house at 7:00 AM to drop off kids 1/2 hour before schools starts and then get to work at 8:00 AM. that's IF everyone starts work at 8:00 AM. Not that simple Dumbass.

Neat, that gives kids one to socialize about the lesson they've taken. Not to mention, it could give parents time to come about. Imagine that, a politician who thinks the answer to ANY problem, large or small, is growing government. Well...... she just lost every teacher in America’s vote!!!! Lots of the teachers stay til 5-6 NOW!! They would never see their own families! If kids there til 6 teachers will be there til 7-8pm.

to the ones complaining, did you read the article? She would merely shift the cost to the taxpayer, especially those who don't have kids or whose kids are old enough to not need childcare. Schools will IMMEDIATELY be screaming that they need MORE employees, BIGGER schools, MORE programs, etc. Which means MORE tax money

Nah! This is not a good idea. Maybe if the educational part ended as per usually and there after part was more recreational and involved a different set of teachers... 'The new policies would not require teachers and staff to work longer hours and would ensure they are compensated fairly for any additional hours they do choose to work.' Quoted from the article for those who refuse to read it. At least know this much.

Staying in school longer we will have a dropout that we've never seen before. Kids don't want to be in school the time they are in it now so making it a longer school day will be irreparable damage to the school system I don’t want my taxes being used to fund free babysitting for irresponsible people who don’t know how to raise kids. Next they will want to feed them dinner because you know, low income and working families can’t make dinner.

Thats a ridiculous amount of time for a kid or a teacher to be in school! The result will be kids getting worn out & quitting school much faster! This woman is frickn crazy!! Apparently she’s forgotten they all have families they’d like & need to spend time with! 😠

This is a horrible fucking idea. What........the..........fuck............KAMALA Taxpayers paying billions for babysitters. They're really squeezing the middle class Never Just lost the NEA No let’s make it affordable to parents to raise their children not the schools! I read critics to this in the article, but I didn’t read much options proposed in addition to be of help. Probably communities may be able to organize better by themselves according to their needs than what a limited bill may approach... KamalaHarris get in touch to them

unclelukereal1 Great idea, but she’s not a candidate. When u bring kids to this world you are responsible for them to raise them , you raise them , Not a teacher, nor a babysitter, nor a nanny, nor grandparents! If you cannot do it yourself, don’t have kids!

Thank you! As a mother to soon to be two small children, I’m very concerned about what to do in a few years when elementary school starts. Daycare has working parent hours, schools should too. I’ll allow for more playtime and arts programs etc. Great idea! How about the other way around Kamala. Kids don't want to be in school now and parents don't want to be at work that long either. Shorten the work day and you got my vote.

She just lost the youth vote and I oop I’ve never understood why this is not the case already but there are lots of issues. Dinner. Teacher pay and other staff....traffic....etc etc. What about food? Will kids be offered more than lunch for 10 hours of school? Let’s get things straight also, this is school not a daycare.

Add to that the attention span of a kid and you have terrible situation. Schools Are for learning not babysitting. If you want to fund after school programs based on volunteerism, it will keep Grandmas and children occupied. Teachers will just love it that this do nothing politician will make their days even longer. This one doesn’t realize, or care, that getting to school & going home will make their day at least 12 hours or more. It’s obvious she’s never driven herself as she’s been chauffeured.

So on the east coast in the winter months your kids will be coming home in the dark. So you give up having to pay child care and risk your kids getting hurt either on the bus or by somebody with nefarious intentions. Sen Karmala no surprise coming from some who never had children. A long day away from your young children

It’s amazing the amount of ppl who enjoy commenting about shit they didn’t read. I like to scroll before I read to get an idea of how mob mentality works. Higher better education just like private Schools it take all the time wasting trash you fill the kids minds with out of schools saving our society-like Gun issue that has never been an issue! Until you raised kids wrong filling their minds waybeforetheirtimewithtrash no teaching

Very unreasonable! The only thing Kamala can align is willie Browns “willie” and zucker is a scumbag She needs to 🛑 So now our school teachers get to be the daycare? I’ve taught before, so maybe Kamala Harris should take over a class full of fifth-graders and see how it feels to be with them for nearly 8 hours.

I really think that to long whole kids in school, they need times to be kids, it’s different for high school kids to prepare them for adulthood. Can you please pay off my credit card and I want a new car too. And who is going to pay for the extra hours the school is open. You of course, the taxpayer. Dems just love to play with and spend your money.

Her state is literally on fire so maybe she should introduce legislation that would prevent this from happening. Then tackle the enormous homeless problem in her state. Reduce those burdens first.

She’s so out of touch with reality. Kids attention spans wouldn’t last that long. Schools are for educating. They are not glorified child care centers. Fortine bout to Hillary her Teaching is truly the only profession where we get guilted in not being enough regularly. Snow Days Child care costs Attacking gun men in schools Buying school supplies with our own money. What else can we do for everyone else today? 10 hour teaching? Ok.

Or... and hear me out on this, we create programs for free certified childcare. Not everyone works those hours, especially lower income families. School is not your babysitter. No wonder teachers receive low pay and no respect. I’m sorry, teachers are NOT child care. Raise your own children Child abuse Then you will have to raise the pay of the teachers, give the kids an hour rest after lunch which means supplying beds and a rest area in school. It means you won't save much money.

And like universal health care and higher taxes on the wealthy this proposal will be overwhelmingly rejected by those it would benefit most.

Great idea but I think 8 hours with a additional 30 minutes for lunch works. So let's go with 8AM-4:30PM. How much brain damage has the weed's fumes over casting Cali, done in this DemonCrat brain? Ridiculous So KamalaHarris wants all our school taxes to sky rocket? KamalaHarris who gonna pay for this babysitting legislation?

Oh great! Now let’s just have the government raising your children. Does this mean teachers will get a raise? Am I also correct to think teachers show up 30 min prior, stay 30 min later? So their work day is 7:30-6:30? Long days!! Kids are tired after a shorter learning day, not sure tired kids is a good idea? Just saying

That’ll be much for children. Less parenting is not a goal, it's the cause of children dropping out of school. With our money, more taxes for her idea, go to hell☠️ So every kid gets to stay at school because some parents can’t make ends meet?

Wow I would actually get behind this She’s crazy. Never had a child nor been a working mother either. All she has done is Steal Homes and lock up parents😂. Bye girl! 8-6 is too many hours for teachers and for students. How about funding for after school programs in CODING or TUTORING Teachers are done at 3.

Running out of steam SenKamalaHarris just lost the votes of all the kids in America with this move of hers 😜😜😜(if only they could vote now) She's still running? I figured it was just Bernie, two others trying to cling onto relevancy, and the guy calling black people homophobes because they're not doing what the DNC tells them.

Good luck teachers ! Kamala has no children and has no clue. Good, but teachers have to seek PD on weekends? There are substitute shortages in MI. Who is actually going to cover this extra time? Probably teachers, who want want better wages, but not more optional hours. Oh you poor thing an 8 hour day for a 6 year old is already to much .... she s lost her marbles

Or maybe people should hand over their kids to the govt to raise Studies about sleep schedules beg to differ. If I couldn’t have my three pm nap in high school I would have suffered from severe sleep deprivation. High schools should be starting later, not earlier. Why don’t we actually use the studies we did on education?

She’s not even close to bein a Democratic front runner nominee, telling us this makes no sense. Did that say 8am to 6pm!! Good luck on that🤔😆 Do you mean that the teachers would work longer hours? Or they all kids would go to after school day care? I don't know any teachers that would want to work more hours.

Well this is backs wards, no way What about the at home parents. I will tell you what is the problem with weacker women, phony in eastern europe and communism.First of all, there are no real political women( delivering a speech or not). All the 'political','business' women are married with husbands having a political consultance company....

Kamala who? Weak . And the Scumbag said Dems do nothing In fact the Scumbag did 'nothing good' I will tell you what I am not, wheter dressed in jeans or not, hired or not hired! I am not the mass, Brooklyn ( and I think I understand Brooklyn level), 'fata de cartier',blind, act, fraude, a 20 or 12 year OLD....imature...

Kamala do you know any teachers that feel they can teach til 6pm? This is an insult to educators, as teaching this long of a day would be excruciating, and beside when would we grade papers, or create lessons? We are already not paid enough, abused with an overload of paperwork The childcare cost gets slammed onto taxpayers. Idiot

Idea will be shut down cause people don’t read, instead they believe everyone who’s against it. Meanwhile, kids are out of school roaming around aimlessly after school instead of going to after school funded activities. It’s the American way 🤷🏻‍♀️.. prove me wrong, read it! 😒 Why should I pay a babysitter to watch other people’s children? Get your own babysitter!

Bad idea 8-6? Too long! For workers and kids. Gee..that is what kids are. Just a burden. What about the impact on children. Japan has longer hours and they grow up with long working hours and pressure and there is a high suicide rate amongst working men. valuementalhealth Or you just bring back after school programs such as sports, academic clubs, and music.

Since when is the “traditional workday” from 8-6? Can someone let her know that the traditional workday is 9-5 so we don’t have a bunch of underpayed teachers working ten hour days at school when they already work eight and then lesson plan at home?

10 hour day is a bad idea . I guess that’s one way of spinning “I’m going to put your kids into school for waaaaaaaaaay longer than a child’s brain can handle.” The teachers really appreciate you extending their already hectic workday. Guess you will grade their papers for them and create lesson plans?

I could see it if they use that extra time to bring the kids together to show them that they have much more in common with each other than they think. Group projects to better their communities 👍🏽❤️🇺🇸 What a stupid idea! Don’t make it too easy for the orange man. My 11 year old barely has time to eat and shower after sports practices and homework. Her bus picks her up at 6:45 am. Kids are stressed enough these days

RandyResist When I had kids in school in the 80s and 90s I needed this plan. I have seen programs tried, but no consistent funding or no professional staff. It cannot just be babysitting. Kamala Harris for President! The teachers already work 7-whenever at least they could get paid for it now. That is just stupid

If only we could get congress to work that many hours a day For those who need it? Sure. Great. Not for everyone though. Best place for kids is in the home. They don’t need more school they need more time with their parent(s)/guardian(s). How about you align the WORK week to fit the 8-3 school schedule! KamalaHarris

Words are so easy to say when they don’t have to pertain to reality... She’s off the rails Beto style... What a dumb idea 🤦‍♂️ CNN you made that headline sound terrible No way unless teacher's salaries are raised! Omg who is willing to study this long? Even adults don’t want it, and how much are you going to pay teachers with this long hour work? ☹️

Slavery... Shes an idiot🤣🤣🤣🤣 The states should be in charge of education... This might be the dumbest thing she has said yet. Just lost a lot of teacher votes. Kids don't need to feel they are behind bars. You'll have stressed out kids and teachers and parents paying higher taxes to pay for maintaining the schools and paying the teachers. That includes, stay at home moms, women without children or grown children and seniors.

Bahaha KamalaHarris has reduced American public teachers to babysitters... incredible It’s an optional after school program people ! it is not going to be the standard for every child to stay until 6PM get the facts straight Pretty sure that would mean kids and teens would have less than 3 hours to do their homework, depending on if they have supper when they get home. And given the 10 hour period, it'd be hard for teachers to extend their lectures each class period by a extra 30 to 60 min.

I think that is, a way to long 'school day'. lets think a little kid is not punching in on a clock. Nor a 12 year old. Gee this is really cool, I’m to work 10hrs a day and my kids school for that long... wow! Who’s buying dinner...don’t worry I’m not hungry it’s too late and I lost my appetite so.. no homework? lol

The poorest families DON’T work 8-6 jobs. They work nights and weekends. Also, it means TEACHERS will have to work WAY more, pay for more child care for their own kids, and not have time for their second jobs. We don’t have enough teachers already—I can’t see this helping. Terrible Another reason why women should have nothing to do with politics...

This one will say anything to get elected🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 KamalaHarris know this shiggity 💩 will never happen kids in school 10 hrs a day 5 days a week 🤬🙅🏾‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

I'd like to see some study results by educators and child development experts on the advisibility of this. The CorruptMedia and corruptDNC what a pair. She can go fuck all the way off. Also, this is the type of shit that should be a prop measure. Not blanket state legislation. “The new policies would not require teachers and staff to work longer hours and would ensure they are compensated fairly for any additional hours they do choose to work” I call bs. What teacher would want to give more time away from their family for very little extra money?

I agree with the underlying point of of optional after school programs. It’s just off throwing at first how it’s race driven which I feel is going to be a detractor when proposed. Poverty and hardships know no specific color. That’s a great idea! Yea, put after school care OUT OF BUSINESS and torture our kids for 3 more hours, break the budgets to pay them teachers 3 more hours, or do you expect them to work for free? SUAD

No way . I think out of the box - but this is not good for children. Period. Oh dear KamalaHarris. Have you ever stepped foot in a classroom? Do you understand the demands put on teachers? How exhausting that would be? Did you even think about the children and how exhausted they would be? You can’t learn like that. Wow! I hope this is fake.

Children need to do a homework too, are they allowed to breath ? 8-6 is too much, how about we just drop kids off and pick them up 12 years later when they graduate. I'm on board if we combine it with Senator Sander's proposal of paying teachers 60k a year, but that's just me The whole educational system is so backwards and outdated. From having summers off, early start when children need sleep the most, subjects being taught, teacher pay, and on and on and on. It’s completely nonsensical and counterintuitive.

The bill actually makes sense, Whoopi Goldberg’s take on it was pretty astute, but the Matt Walsh’s was a reach, these ideasShine light on the holes in our system and the disconnect between working parents and school. She still doing anything for California wake up this one has done nothing for California and has nothing to offer wake up change the agenda vote you were born here or came here to get away from socialist vote change the agenda vote there are other parties out there vote

How those school days are gonna feel for those poor kids if this happens. I'm so glad I'm done with school 🤣 Kamala, Your campaign is all but over. You just don't see it. You're better off trying to accomplish something in the Senate and biding your time. Run again in 5 years, stay in the Senate if you get re-elected or vie for a cabinet post down the road. Harris campaign is done.

Spend spend spend spend spend spend spend spend I do believe that she is going crazy. Having kids go to school for 12 hours a day is wrong on so many levels. Too much time for kids to be in school

You think you have a teacher shortage now? Great proposal. Government is escaping the responsibility. Shorter school time means higher daycare cost and less working hours for the parents. One brain damaged person after another. Thank GOD these democRATS will never be allowed anywhere near the White House

Meanwhile back in the land of milk and honey- New Zealand kids go to school 9-3pm five days per week and get 12 weeks holiday a year. We also provide childcare subsidies and working for families subsidies for low income earners. Oh hell naw So silly. Didn't think that through now did you? Uh no Oh Man, I am sure the NEA lost their shit when the read this!

Kamala Harris has done nothing good. And it shows when they call her out on it, she has no reply. The kids already get free breakfast and lunch, I guess this is how you get them free dinner also! Smdh

No ma’am be considered of the family’s of the educators!!! For real, that would help. A lot. And if we ever get rid of the teachers union, we might start educating students, instead of indoctrinating them into socialism 👹👹👹👹 More 'programming' is just what our kids need. Too long a day for school ! If you think teachers will work that long, let them work as after school for parents that really need those programs but not force it across the board; majority of kids can go home after regular school hours, but yes try to even out starting time 8:00

Shes at least trying to address a problem for many. This isn’t ideal, but if kids are safe and can get help with homework ok. Our kids ( many) can’t read at grade level. Drastic change is needed...... Then the school budget will need more money to pay the teachers for the extra hours... These dems really love to insult the american peoples INTELLIGENCE...

Yeah, no. Year round school, with four linger breaks would make more sense. Throw in some decent daycare vouchers/assistance based on income level. Kids don’t have that attention span. Maybe high school ..., maybe. Her ideas are typically desperate, and dumb. Wow. What an amazing idea! So great for families and employers

So with sports and extra curricular activities kids would get home at midnight. Kids who ride busses would be getting off the bus at 8 pm.

Oh, and the hand over the heart is just the right touch to show America what a gracious and kind person she is- with other people’s money. She’s a veritable fountain of bad ideas Because teachers aren’t real people with families of their own 🤦🏽‍♀️ May not be as good as it seems- the government raising our kids-- yeah, too 1984 big brother

If you can reduce the problems created for, and by, latch key kids why wouldn't you? Clearly KamalaHarris hasn’t parented. BoysandGirlsClub et al does a better job of community building than the Getty day care.. For God’s sake! The issue here isn’t even how terrible of an idea this is — it’s the very thought that we want the Federal Government determining how long our kids are in school each day. Stay in your lane with your heels up, K hair

What a dummy who's going to pay the school staff?you ? That is the stupidest idea I have ever heard. I taught for 15 years after 24 years in the Army and I felt more stressed dealing with the kids and their problems than training my solders to survive. Even if I considered voting for you, you just lost my vote.

Well I know who no teacher in America will be voting for! How stupid! Is this not separating families.... What an dumb idea. No. Nope. Nein. Non. She can go in the direction of off with this crap Farming children to ensure we have the most tax producing citizens we can manage. Unfortunately, non working parents will benefit, and children will lose.

My kids dont get off until I do. Then they drive home to their families. When they were in school we worked until 5 and the kids survived. Going until 6 is ridiculous. Keep in mind this woman never has had to worry about her children and rarely does. The nanny does. She loves to lock people up Kill the child care industry good one

I’ve been saying this for years!!! And, this would allow schools to bring back play! Just need to find a solution for teachers because a workday of being responsible for all those kids for that long would cause a saint to lose her mind. Increase the government spending and destroy the childcare business ? Really ? Crazy people !!!

Finally! The current system is DESIGNED to keep the Woman at home. Think about it. Here’s an idea. Stop allowing greedy Pharma to charge for insulin, when it’s 90% cheaper in Canada, and we can use the savings on babysitters. “We’d like to raise your children for you because we know better.” -Harris Nah

Yes. Two more hours a day to indoctrinate the children. Teacher’s Union..... Anybody?Anybody? And what happens to the kids that are in sports and now their there till 8 or so? Or kids that work after school now won’t be able too. Idiot idea. I am concerned that somebody this stupid is running for office.

And who is going to watch these children? Teaching is like three times the regular professional job. Ask a dentist to work on 20+ children at one time or a lawyer. Throw in some behavioral issues, learning differences, hungry children, sleep deprived students, etc..KamalaHarris She starting to turn radical like radical Bernie. Is she trying to make children hate school? I certainly do not want to be in school from 8 AM to 6 PM which is about 10 hours if you add coming and going which is about an hour to an hour and a half that’s about 12 hours a day.

Wouldnt it make more sense to extend the school year a extra month?.. school is out for 3 months, instead of adding 3 hours a day, why not add a month longer.. Pandering much? Sure why not? Kids are burning out quicker and quicker these days so let’s tack on a couple extra hours of school and literally give them no free time till the weekends, what could go wrong?

When I went to school in the Philippines it was from 730am to 5pm No plz don't take kids childhoods away!!!!! I wouldn’t want to work a 10 hour day, 5 days a week. Why would you subject children & school staff to that type of horrendous schedule? Why not advocate for quality before & after school programs where children can be safe & engaged?

Well that is just stupid! I would actually vote for her if she introduced legislation to shorten the work day. Would work better for everyone.

8 - 6? Yeah ok... She had very little or no chance now she for sure has ZERO Schools not a substitute to raise children ... this bill will devastate family's relationship within itself. Advise: spent time with your children .. they are God's gift ,, Swing and miss. Fine if there is absolutely no home work.

She is one crazy horse Yeah so teachers and staff can work as babysitters too? Get real! Much like Common Core, this is just another attempt to further cut parents out of the indoctrination, I mean education, of their children. Say goodbye to your childhood. Very sad ...😡

Why doesn't Kamala propose fewer work hours for the parents so they can spend more family time with their children? Where forgetting one thing this will never pass considering the Democrats are owned by the teachers union. I might be wrong but isn’t it called putting lipstick on a pig there's no childcare burden in the impoverished ghetto. it's more like you ride the school bus to yo grandma house. 😂

Wow, CNN are working hard carrying water for this corrupt, lying corporate neolib. TulsiGabbard knee capped her and she hasn’t been the same since. I heard the crack on stage. She’s done! Her campaign is now like the mother that tied a pork chop around her child's neck to get the dog to play with the kid. Give it up.

So it would truly turn into daycare She has the best ideas...tongue firmly planted in cheek JFC!!! Kids can barely stand the amount of time they are already in classes, and not all parents work a traditional 8 hours.. PLEASE EXPLAIN... Working 8-6 What a way to make a living

I'd like to take this time to point out how insane it is to have everybody use the same streets at the same time every day. Fuck that! Crazy!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣DEMOCRATS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Finally, something worth fighting for. She also spent her adult life working very hard to throw people of color into prisons.

Just when I thought it wasn't possible for her to be anymore stupid. No wonder willie liked her so much; he could have his way with her. And hope she”ll pay the teachers overtime ! That’s way too long of a school day for kids ! I like you Kamala, but wtf is this? More overscheduling kids? Why not talk about the importance of flexible schedules in the workplace instead?

Why not just have 24/7 indoctrination camps? Wow, I feel sorry for kids if they have to spend that long in school. Wait, she wants 10 hour school days? I'm sure parents will be thrilled to know that they have to be to work at the SAME TIME as their kids have to be at school. This should work out so well...

And how would she propose after-school activities would work when you're in school until 6pm? School Choice Now!

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