Justice Department says Democrats are entitled to Trump's tax returns

7/30/2021 10:30:00 PM

The Justice Department says that Donald Trump’s tax returns may be released to congressional Democrats

Link CopiedThe Justice Department said Friday that former President Donald Trump’s tax returns should be released to congressional Democrats, though it may be unlikely that will happen soon.Reversing a legal opinion by the Trump administration, the department said lawmakers are entitled to the information under an arcane law allowing the heads of Congress’s tax committees to examine anyone’s private tax information.

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“The Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee has invoked sufficient reasons for requesting the former President’s tax information,” the agency’s office of legal counselsaid in a 39-page opinion. “Treasury must furnish the information to the Committee.”

Rep. Richard Neal (D-Mass.) has said the committee needs the documents to examine how thoroughly the IRS audits presidential tax returns, which the agency routinely does. Republicans argue that Democrats want to comb the returns for things that would embarrass Trump. headtopics.com

Democrats have been suing for the long-hidden documents for more than two years, after the Trump administration said they did not have a legitimate reason for seeking the information.The opinion comes the same day that Democrats and lawyers for Trump, who’ve been privately conferring for months over the matter, are to brief District Court Judge Trevor McFadden on how they want to proceed with the case.

McFadden, a Trump appointee, has issued a standing order requiring Treasury to give the former president 72-hours notice if they intend to hand over the documents to Congress, which could give Trump opportunity for additional legal action to try to prevent their release.

McFadden has been urging the two sides to work out a compromise.Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance already has Trump’s tax records as part of a separate investigation into the former president.In a statement, Neal said: “As I have maintained for years, the committee’s case is very strong and the law is on our side.”

“I am glad that the Department of Justice agrees and that we can move forward.” Read more: POLITICO »

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Give them to Katie Porter That's fair. Be it Trump , Biden or any citizen. …. EVERY CANDIDATE … TO PRESIDENCY …. SHOULD BY LAW .. PRESENT.. THEIR INCOME TAXES RETURN … I’d rather see stretch polosis taxes Remember when it was illegal to use the DOJ as your own personal political advocacy group? I'm trying to pretend the last 4 yrs we just a bad dream. Can we just move on and stop giving trump oxygen. He's started enough fires with his hot air.

Feeding into the culture war, regardless of subtlety, is gross exploitation. And you wonder why people hate corporate media? I wouldn't have cost anything extra to say 'released to Congress' but somebody wanted to stir it up. We don't need things stirred, we just want reporting. Not may Fucking...SHALL

Common Americans r not interested in his tax return today. V need accountability for his actions n DOJ shud do that on priority basis o/wise his unhinged actions r already dismantling our democracy

Justice Department Says Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Must Be Released To Congressional CommitteeThe Justice Department said that the Treasury Department must release former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to a congressional committee, concluding that the committee’s chairman … It’s over for him The faster we get him in prison the better he is a criminal at large. comes a pale rider

I hope this ruined his weekend! … +++ … I believe it's called 'Congress,' not 'congressional Democrats.' Republicans can look at it too! Interesting. The DOJ, should they want to look at tax returns, needs an ex parte court order. So how do they have the authority to grant another government body the right to access when they have no access themselves?

this story has gone from ordered to release to 'may' release pretty quick, hey Then release them. Today...now. What’s the hold up now They are to be released to Congress, not Democrats. It's interesting the different reporting. Some say 'must release'. Some say 'may release'. I’m starting to get really fucking concerned about all the shit Trump got away with that we don’t know about.

Justice Department says IRS must give Trump tax returns to CongressJustice Department says the IRS must provide the House Ways and Means Committee Donald Trump’s tax returns, apparently ending a long legal showdown.

Trump's tax returns must be released to Congress, Justice Department saysThe opinion said the Office of Legal Counsel “went astray” in 2019 when it concluded that the executive branch should closely scrutinize Congress’ stated justifications for the tax records. The witch hunt continues. And the merry go round goes round and round. Ummmmm this seems like a big deal

U.S. Justice Dept says IRS must provide former President Donald Trump's tax returns to CongressThe U.S. Justice Department on Friday ordered the Internal Revenue Service to hand over former President Donald Trump's tax returns to a House of Representatives committee, saying the panel has offered 'sufficient reasons' for requesting the material. The department's Office of Legal Counsel reversed course and declared that the department erred in 2019 when Trump was still in office when it found that the request for his taxes by the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee was based on a 'disingenuous' objective aimed at exposing them to the public. 'We cannot know where receipt of the requested tax information will take the committee, any more than the committee itself can predict what it will find or determine,' wrote Acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen for the Office of Legal Counsel. Lock him up The only time I've seen Trump since the election is when media/social media bring him into my sphere. I don't believe people aggrieved by his firey rhetoric even care to be kept abreast of his comings and goings. Thought the media felt the same way. Why won't the press move on? A lot of SH!T is about to the fan for you and your CRIMINAL kids! Donny Boy! You may want to start wearing darker colored shirts! ... I LOVE Witch Hunts!

Justice Department Says Treasury Must Release Trump Tax ReturnsThe Justice Department told the Treasury Department to turn over former President Donald Trump’s tax returns to the House panel that has sought them since 2019, saying the panel had “invoked sufficient reasons.” All other presidents have done it, what’s big deal 👺 GOTCHA 😁! thanks

Congress Can Get Donald Trump's Tax Returns, Justice Department RulesBREAKING: Following years of stalling and obstruction, the Justice Department has ruled that Trump’s tax returns must be released to Congress. This has been a very bad week for tRump. And I, for one, am glad I was here for it. $5 says there is literally nothing of concern and Trump was stalling and delaying as a tactic.