Just Mandate the Vaccine for Indoor Dining Nationwide

Every city needs to mandate the vaccine for indoor dining

8/3/2021 10:20:00 PM

Every city needs to mandate the vaccine for indoor dining

New York City is the first to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining. It’s time for other cities to do the same.

. In many parts of the country, one can walk into a local pharmacy or vaccination site and get the shot within minutes. That’s not to say vaccine distribution is perfect: There are still communities where vaccination is lagging because ofstructural access issues

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, and hesitancy due to medical racism, among other reasons. In making vaccination for certain activities a widespread requirement, government bodies would also have to own the responsibility of ensuring underserved and overlooked communities are adequately reached and served.

Requiring proof of vaccination for indoor dining would certainly highlight some of the unfairness that has colored this year. My mother, for instance, is among those who are immunocompromised, and though she was able to receive both doses of her vaccine, it is possible that her health condition will not allow her to receive future booster shots. These kinds of challenges for those who are ill, or otherwise legitimately unable to receive the vaccine, could prohibit them from dining indoors, depending on the scope of the mandate. But for those with weakened immune systems, or other severe illnesses, dining in close confines with unvaccinated individuals — particularly as accounts of breakthrough cases and more contagious variants ramp up — already makes indoor dining unrealistic and potentially life threatening. All indoor activities are higher risk for unvaccinated individuals, but this is particularly true in restaurants, where masks come off to eat. It will require truly curbing the pandemic, and bringing case counts down to single and low double digits again in communities across the country for people like my mother to safely dine indoors. This is unlikely to happen soon, without serious intervention. headtopics.com

It’s unrealistic to imagine a suggestion such as this would be accepted in every city or state, considering how hard some leaders have fought against COVID-related public health precautions thus far. But to act as if such a measure is not necessary, as we enter yet another spike of what is now, in large part, a preventable catastrophe, would be delusional. Some

Republican leaders, and other officials who claim to be so deeply concerned with the freedoms of their constituents, must acknowledge that true freedom lies in being able to engage in public life without a high risk of COVID exposure. Though this truth may not be politically expedient, it can’t be ignored.

For those who can not currently be vaccinated, safety will only ever arrive when enough people who can be, are. This will serve both to flatten the curve and take pressure off of our health system, and to mitigate the risk of this virus continuing to mutate, plunging us into a never-ending cycle. And for those who have made the conscious and voluntary decision not to be vaccinated, indoor dining remains an incredibly high-risk activity. Though they may perceive a vaccine mandate for indoor dining as an infringement on their personal freedom, preventing these people from eating indoors while a pandemic rages on is the most life-affirming and fair measure we could take. The sooner we do, the sooner each and every one of us can safely return to our favorite corner table.

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Why? It has been confirmed the vaccine does not stop spread of the virus nor does it stop one from contracting the virus. 😑 No mask=No service! No Vaxx= No entry! Great summary for cities outlining for and against proof of vaccine for restaurants. Only feasible if government mandates it and/or vast majority of restaurants band together.

“Vare are zee papers”?!? If we can just get Chilis, Arbys and CrackerBarrel on board we’ll be like 60% of the way there This seems pretty racist to me. Maybe you and you readers should learn about pathogens getting lots of engagement on this one So wait, you now have to have proof of vaccination to eat at a restaurant in NY and LA but you don’t need proof of citizenship to vote in an election? How does that work?


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The COVID culture war: At what point should personal freedom yield to the common good?America's debate over pandemic mask and vaccine mandates hinges on an age-old dilemma: When does personal liberty yield to the public interest? personal liberty does not take a back seat to any other issue Its bad enough they forced us to wear seatbelts and don't even get me started on motorcycle helmets!! I wore a mask for 18 months I stayed home for 18 months I protected my kids for 18 months I got my Vaccine My kids got their Vaccine We will not wear a mask again...we are protected and so is anyone with a Vaccine. Dont like it...get your Vax or STFU.