Just a List of Ways to Actually Enjoy Car Sex

It’s time to corrupt your Honda Civic.

10/24/2021 10:29:00 AM

It’s time to corrupt your Honda Civic.

If you're ready to take your sexing adventures to your car, below are 25 tips for sex moves, sex positions, road head tips, and so much more.

is also pretty simple too: While in the front, move the seat back as far as it goes and sit face-forward on your partner’s lap so you’re both looking out the front window. Grab on to the steering wheel and use it to help rock your body back and forth.

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If you want to try adoggy-style sex position, depending on your heights, you may be able to both fit in the back seat. If not, you could recline the front seat all the way back, lay your stomach on it while facing the back of your car, and let your partner enter you from behind as they crouch on top of you.

More of aspooning sex person? Get into the back seat and move the front seats forward as far as they’ll go. Tell your partner to lie on their side across the back seat with you in front of them so your back is pressed against their chest. If the seat is narrow, keep yourself from falling off by bracing your hands against the seat in front of you. headtopics.com

Related Story18 Sex Positions That Help You Orgasm3. Park somewhere you can see the stars.For obvious reasons, this is your best move legally because if the stars are out=it’s dark outside=you have less of a chance of getting caught. But also, the stars can be your $free.99 way of setting the mood. “Let the stars shine through the sunroof and provide that sexy moonlit glow on your bodies,” says Jones.

4. Use a blanket to cover yourselves.Most sexual acts can be concealed easily with a blanket on top of you, says certified sex therapist Donna Oriowo, owner of. Touch each other all over while it “appears” you’re cuddling in your back seat if you’re nervous about getting caught.

You also don’t want tolooklike you’re doing anything sexual though, regardless of whether you have a blanket or not. If you’re going down on your partner, try to keep the head-bobbing to a minimum because, well, it’s pretty obvious you’re not bobbing for apples in your car.

Basically, if you are careful about your movements and use a blanket, “it’s going to appear pretty innocent from the outside looking in,” says Jones.5. Masturbate.Not all car sex has to involve a partner. “Take your favorite sex toy, put on your favorite music and/or pornography, and take the time to enjoy yourself,” suggests sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, author at headtopics.com

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. Especially if you just need some alone time away from the parents or roommates.Related StoryHere's How to Orgasm Every Time You Masturbate6. Have lots of lube ready to go.Chances are you’re going to be trying some interesting positions here, so make sure to have plenty of lube on hand. Avoid spilling it literally everywhere by getting a bottle with a pump top, and think about laying a blanket on the seat to avoid awkward stains.

7. Wear a skirt or dress.Yes, being naked is hot—but so isnot getting arrested. If you’re worried about privacy where you’re parked, a flowy skirt or dress works as a sort of tent to hide your business from curious passersby. Easy access is key, says Yelverton.

8. Play with temperature.Have some fun with your partner by blasting the A/C for a couple of minutes, then switching to heat. You could also turn on the seat warmer while the air conditioner is running. Not only doesadd to the surprise factor because they don’t know what’s coming next, but transitioning from hot to cold is extremely erotic too.

Related Story8 Ways to Heat Up Your Sex Life (Like, Literally)9. Get your money’s worth from the sunroof.Open the sunroof and have your partner sit in the passenger seat. Climb on top facing them, and stand with your feet on either side of their hips. (Thanks to the sunroof, your upper body will be outside.) Let them headtopics.com

—and if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, just ditch your underwear and let the material cascade over their head.10. Listen to an amazing sex playlist.Music amps up any sort of sexbut especially car sex. Because you’re in such a small space, if you crank the volume enough, the whole car will start to thump and vibrate, which can supercharge sensations. It also masks noise, giving you the freedom to get loud if you feel like it. Try listening to music that has beats that match the sex tempo you’re looking for. If you want it hard and fast, any alternative rock should do the trick. If you want something slow and romantic, put on anything by The Weeknd.

Related StoryAdd These Songs to Your Sex Playlist Immediately11. Take advantage of your vehicle’s sexcessories.All cars come equipped with the perfect bondage accessory: seat belts. Have your partner sit in the passenger seat and then click the belt into place. Order them to lift their hands over their head and use whatever’s around (a scarf, your bikini top, a dog leash, etc.) to bind them to the headrest. Finally, slip sunglasses over their eyes to restrict their vision.

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The owner’s manual stashed in your glove compartment can also double as a handy, and you’ll definitely want to take full advantage of those rearview mirrors. Strategically angle them so they’re directed at the action.12. Awake your inner exhibitionist.

If you’re feeling daring, lie down on the hood of the car, cover your bodies with a big blanket or towel, and get into scissor sex position. That way, if anyone passes by, it’ll look like you’re just. But again, be mindful of your surroundings, please—and refer back to the safety suggestions outlined in the intro.

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