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Julia Bradbury says bodyshaming posts don't affect her but she worries for kids

Julia Bradbury admits bodyshaming posts don't affect her - but she worries for her kids' future

6/17/2021 1:11:00 AM

Julia Bradbury admits bodyshaming posts don't affect her - but she worries for her kids' future

EXCLUSIVE: TV's Julia Bradbury has revealed she is not affected by bodyshaming trolls, but she does fear for her children and their future with social media

So when she posted a selfie of herself working outside in a bikini with a cardboard box shielding her laptop from the sun, it was just a bit of fun.But what superfit Julia, 50, got instead was a barrage of comments accusing her of being too skinny.The mum of three – who we have seen walk miles in her shows, including Britain’s Best Walks – says: “I wasn’t personally mortified by it.

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“I just think it is sad people go down that route. On social media you have to be very careful with your words because people do get hurt, do get mortified and there are some serious eating disorders out there.“I have friends whose daughters have anorexia and it is awful, and I have friends who were bulimic and these are horrible diseases.

“I think if I wasn’t of a sturdy mindset those kind of comments could be deeply upsetting.“My posts are very tongue in cheek. I’m very confident about my health. I go out of my way to stay healthy, I exercise, I eat very well.“There is nothing you can say to people who comment, ‘Oh, you should get some chips down you love’. I think bodyshaming can go both ways. I am hoping things will have changed by the time my kids are older and there might be more restrictions. headtopics.com

“I think it is criminal that people can put anything on social media without restrictions.”Despite the dark side of social media, Julia is all too aware it can be used as a force for good to promote causes she is passionate about, such as nature and the environment.

And as an ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy, Julia is hoping to encourage families to get out and take part in the Power Hour litter pick as part of National Thank You Day on Sunday, July 4.The ex-Countryfile star explains: “It is massively important that people take home their rubbish. My heart sinks when you go to a beautiful place and you see people have left the remains of their picnic behind.

“I have been on some gorgeous mountains in the Lake District and you get to the summit and there is a plastic drinks bottle there.“I don’t understand how somebody can go to a beautiful place and leave something so ugly and damaging behind. That doesn’t make sense.That is why I think National Thank You Day is so important. The Power Hour litter pick is for people to go to their local green spaces and show their gratitude and pick up litter together.”

And Julia believes one of the positives to come out of the pandemic is people learning to appreciate their neighbours and wanting to be an active part of their local community.So on July 4, Julia will be in her local park picking litter with son Zephyrus, nine, and six-year-old twin girls Xanthe and Zena. More than 16 million Brits are planning to take part in the UK’s first National Thank You Day. headtopics.com

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People are being urged to mark the event in different ways from picnics to barbecues, outdoor parties and drinks to say cheers to the nation’s volunteers, while sticking to Covid guidelines.The Power Hour litter pick, organised by Keep Britain Tidy, the RSPB, Rotary and the National Trust, will

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Countryfile star Julia Bradbury, 50, divides fans with intimate bikini photo Julia Bradbury divides fans as she shares an intimate bikini photo on Instagram She's bloody gorgeous what the hell is wrong with people? 🥰

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