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Judge throws out Trump bid to stop PA vote certification

Pennsylvania officials can certify election results that currently show Democrat Joe Biden winning the state by more than 80,000 votes, a federal judge ruled Saturday, dealing President Donald...

11/22/2020 2:48:00 AM

BREAKING: A federal judge rules that Pennsylvania officials can certify election results currently showing Democrat Joe Biden winning the state by over 80,000 votes, dealing President Trump’s campaign another blow in its effort to invalidate the election.

Pennsylvania officials can certify election results that currently show Democrat Joe Biden winning the state by more than 80,000 votes, a federal judge ruled Saturday, dealing President Donald...

November 22, 2020 GMTPennsylvania officials can certify election results that currently show Democrat Joe Biden winning the state by more than 80,000 votes, a federal judge ruled Saturday, dealing President Donald Trump’s campaign another blow in its effort to invalidate the election.

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U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, turned down the request for an injunction by President Donald Trump’s campaign, spoiling the incumbent’s hopes of somehow overturning the results of the presidential contest.In his ruling, Brann said the Trump campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations ... unsupported by evidence.”

“In the United States of America, this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state,” the opinion said. “Our people, laws, and institutions demand more.”Trump had argued that the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection under the law was violated when Pennsylvania counties took different approaches to notifying voters before the election about technical problems with their submitted mail-in ballots.

ADVERTISEMENTPennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and the seven Biden-majority counties that the campaign sued had argued Trump had previously raised similar claims and lost.They told Brann the remedy the Trump campaign sought, to throw out millions of votes over alleged isolated issues, was far too extreme, particularly after most of them have been tallied.

“There is no justification on any level for the radical disenfranchisement they seek,” Boockvar’s lawyers wrote in a brief filed Thursday.Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, tweeted shortly after Brann’s ruling, saying “Another one bites the dust.”

The state’s 20 electoral votes would not have been enough on their own to hand Trump a second term. Counties must certify their results to Boockvar by Monday, after which she will make her own certification.Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will notify the winning candidate’s electors they should appear to vote in the Capitol on Dec. 14.

____Scolforo reported from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Read more: The Associated Press »

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* The Associated Press: Now Taxpayers Taxes can start paying Biden's Salary. 'ATTENTION : President Trump Showed His Love For The People/He accepted No Pay For His Service.'!!! Buh-Bye Donny boy Morning_Joe Thumbs up!! If only we could go back in time and reset the Trump Time Clock on our Fast Road on the inevitable road of human devolution to extinction which is a runaway train to certain death of this planet

It’s A Total Outrage. Waste of time, money, patience and frankly, I ‘m tired of the theatrics. If Al Gore had been given this much attention, he might have been Proven President and Global Warming Might be under control and we may not be facing early extinction of the human race This farce just drags on and on, makes the public lose faith in the election system, allows criminals like Trump exploit the system, wastes, time, money that could be spent on COVID-19 victims, validates Trump’s fraud giving no justice to Biden who has been exceptionally patient.

— as [Fox News host] Tucker Carlson even concluded the other night — that if you're unwilling to come forward and present the evidence, it must mean the evidence doesn't exist.' Noting that he voted for Trump, Christie said: 'Elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that did not happen. 'You have an obligation to present the evidence,' he said. 'The evidence has not been presented. And you must conclude

and lay out the evidence that she supposedly has.' 'This is outrageous conduct by any lawyer,' Christie said, adding that Trump's team often discusses election fraud 'outside the courtroom, but when they go inside the courtroom they don't plead fraud and they don't argue fraud.' 'Quite frankly, the conduct of the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment,' Christie said in an interview on ABC News' 'This Week.' He pointed to lawyer Sidney Powell's various claims about voter fraud, for which she has been 'unwilling to go on TV and defend

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a longtime ally of President Donald Trump, said Sunday that Trump's legal battle over the election results has reached the point of 'national embarrassment' and that it is time for him to move on. a ballot in the 2020 elections — nearly 7 million in all. Trump continues to refuse to concede the 2020 presidential election to rival president-elect Joe Biden. A small but growing minority of congressional Republicans and elected le

fraudulent election system and improper ballot counting. In a scathing ruling, U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann criticized the lack of evidence the Trump campaign presented to support its argument to potentially disenfranchise every voter in the commonwealth who cast Judge boots Trump lawsuit seeking to overturn Pennsylvania election results A Pennsylvania federal court on Saturday denied Trump's request to block certification of the state's 2020 election results in order to give his lawyers time to find evidence to support their claims of a

End this nightmare. He is just stalling. Baseless allegations.why bother! CALLA SIGHLBAHHHJ CALLALA HAMOOD There's one state that reeks of Bad Governance Sorry Trump Trump is appealing it now. Yes!! It seems Donald has had the full 2020 experience - he caught the covid virus, losing his job and going to face eviction - poor chap 😁

Once again: Morning_Joe Donald trump a beacon of light in the world Good morning America! I am urgently and officially requesting that a moment of silence be held throughout our international media on December 1st, for every life lost and every life altered by the Covid-19 2020 epidemic. -JTMHarding 🌻

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👀👀👀👀🦟🦟🦟 MooseMan1956 it will be appealed and overturned by the SCOTUS. lie qinglongzui They should stress, Joe is there already, let's allow him work and see what he has for us Trump is grasping at straws as Biden has such a great lead! Republicans need to have an intervention!

This has to stop somewhere...I have never seen this in my 51 years of life...... AnandWrites I don't know why you're calling it an 'effort to invalidate the election' He knows he can't overturn the election and that's not what he's trying to do. Is the Judge one of those Activist Democrat Judges? Ha ha ha...🤡


You do realize President Trump can appeal that decision to a federal appeals court if necessary the Supreme Court . EVERYONE KNOWS THERE IS NO WAY BIDEN WON THIS ELECTION FAIR AND SQUARE. GET REAL. THE CORRUPT DEEP STATE STRIKES AGAIN. BUT THEY WILL LOSE. Is it true that taxpayers are paying for a fourth recount in GA at Trump's request? Shouldn't his campaign be paying for that?

💐💐👍💐💐 Woohooo biden LOST THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION. Time to lock people up Thank you! That serve him right Too much corruption exposed and more on the way. This train ain't stopping. Pennsylvania judge should.........seek truth and allow every legal vote to be counted. cuquemar ? Embarrassing shit man

Incorrect news lmao Trump is on a fishing expedition so far, he has found nothing tangible 😂 TrumpIsACriminal TrumpIsPathetic trump Has NO SHAME. He actually Skipped The G7 Virtual COVID SUMMIT to go PLAY GOLF. He is Responsible for 250,000+ DEATHS Dhjeeb Searching for a bleeding heart. Such a sad, sad sight. The good ship Lollipop sinks.

In layman's terms, for TeaParty members and the President of the United States: Hit the road Jack and don't you come back No more, no more, no more, no more/ Hit the road Jack and don't you come back No more/ What'd you say?/  This is a crock of shit mixed together by the hungry Dems..I think President Trumps Legal Team can prove the cheating so WE (meaning all of us here in Pa.) get to admire our President Trump for another 4 years, AND ALL the other states the Dems made crocks of shit...jmo

New hit movie - “Waiting For Doxing” Trump is still going to win. Besides fraud, we are thinking if people were dumb enough to vote for Sleepy Joe Biden, they probably screwed up their voting ballots also. It’s the will of the people! 🇺🇸 They CAN certify fraud. It only makes them complicit if they do.

joncoopertweets News be real, game over. No comeback to Supreme Court, no re-do. Get ready to have your assets seized AP! You have had every opportunity to serve Citizens over Overlords. Complicit in Election fraud is your 'thing'! The AP will fall for wrongful call in 2020 Presidential Election. Get ready to hit the dust.

AP...so reputable. Can we move forward NOW!? President Biden and VP Harris WE THE PEOPLE ARE SO PROUD TO BE APART OF THIS GREAT MOMENT! THANK GOD! JoeBiden SenKamalaHarris realDonaldTrump senatemajldr SenateDems TheDemocrats SenateGOP HouseGOP TammySahargun And a win for democracy and the rule of law

JennaEllisEsq is gonna be mad! Lmao Jr is used to being dealt blow joncoopertweets The Donald was never accepted as the Presid nominee, never accepted for his outlandish pressers, and never accepted for his childish, love-me rallies. However, he cannot accept the fact that he wasn’t chosen again for re-election n can’t change that. Chapt 11 isn’t available😷

Small time judge, they'll just go over your head to the supreme court joncoopertweets So much winning 🤣 ConcedeTrumpGameOver joncoopertweets Obviously Damn. Trump was up by 800,000 before 4am then lost? 🤪 Books will be written about this! Beat the odds Cant they go ro SCOTUS? So not really opening the door for final certification. Do you not want to actually report the truth and facts? And would you not want to mention the facts about how our electors actually finally cast their votes on Dec 14th. Shame on your JV journalism.

They CAN and they BETTER!! POTUS realDonaldTrump MAGA (2016-2021) 🤣 Where's the court documents? Including the ruling. We'd like to read the ourselves. Trump is moot. TrumpMediaDeathSpiral He’s pissing his pants now and will do ANYTHING to broker a deal to save him and his family from prosecution after he leaves office. They know it’s all coming down. No deals or safe exits!

JustOverItAll_ Sad...... :{ RyanCMaurer should not have liked this post. Fine him $10,000 or 90 days in jail. Love it. Racism will not be tolerated! GSAEmily SignThePaperEmily SignThePapersNOW The only solace in this shameful assault on democracy is getting to watch Trump lose, over and over and over again.

They should do a reality show when he goes to prison, instead of the apprentice the can call it bubba's new toy... On to the next red herring! Giuliani & Ellis said they're going to appeal 🙄 a path to SCOTUS Obama-nominated judge Matthew Brann... Its almost over you guy6 jpaceDC Of course, to be accurate, wasn’t this a Democrat judge Obama appointed?

Hey Donaldo, checkmate!!! WHINE OVER!!!! Hand the keys to Sleepy Joe and go get a mansion on the back 9... MysticMysts SafeHarbor cometh............... Fake associated news. Did the late Pierre Trudeau and son Justin use Serco/Huawei agents, compromised nodes and keys stolen from the SIGINT networks of the Five Eyes countries—UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand—to prepare a 'Dominion Coup d'etat' against President Trump? i.e. British MI-6 & CIA

Bravo!! Weird. I guess every judge in America is in on the left-wing conspiracy. JennaEllisEsq FYI Duh. Dem appointed lefty org owned judges stepping right into it, necessary steps, and I am glad these lefty judges are so biased so quick, that's good news, the quicker they rule the quicker it gets to nonpartisan judges.

That's why the Supreme Court is taking over Voters in most battle ground states are now suing trump campaign. This is becoming very interesting. I'm so disgusted with the biased insulting comments from AP Another one bites the dust, another bites the dust, hey, hey! What is it 18 days of rejection & loss Trumpidiot? Another state certified to Biden as our CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT! You did notice not all Republicans lost their seats, right? If rigged, you all would magically disappear!

I’m sure an Obama appointee would have no bias whatsoever LOTUS That should be dealing Trump another blow in his effort to steal the election. Yes!!!! United States Supreme Court time! What fools. Absentee ballots counts!!! Biden 2020. NAACP will be suing. Trying to suppress blacks votes. It’s a shame!!!

Bet dump trump is pissed 😝 Yippee PA! Cue 🦇💩 crazy RudyGiuliani 🤡 clowns joke stupid PropagandaBarbie It’s good news for American democracy LoserInChief 😆😆😆😆 So much losing! I'm starting to believe in American Justice again. LMFAO how many L’s does trump need to take before he admits he was crushed 😂

This was widely expected in all due honesty. DonaldTrump needs to concede. Because there was never voter fraud. Just more americans that voted his butt out. Amanda_Bril Alito is waiting! Boy I can’t wait to the Supreme Court. This is going to be awesome. The federal judge is literally breaking the constitution

JedediahBila How much further in the mud can Trump go? 😂😂 Morning_Joe 👏🏻💞NBCSNL🇺🇸📺 🎭 for “L”🤣SER LOSER🖕🏻tRUMP🤡 Who cares. If Pres. Trump has not been re-elected, at least he can get some rest and safety from his enemies. And hahahahaha he has more money than they do. catalishus2 Good lord. Can we end this nightmare?

Bad things keep happening in Penn Lol SUPREME COURT NEXT STOP ! Yeah, right. Bend over, Democrats. Here is comes. We win again! Yay! Now get him out of the white house. POTUS winning bigly huh 🤡🤣 Nail meet coffin Stop saying this is giving Trump administration a blow unless it's Junior of course cuz we all know he blows up his nose Trump was trying to steal a fair election f*** with our democracy

Can they start awarding costs/fines against Trump’s campaign on these frivolous lawsuits they are suing nonstop? And as he continues to not do his job, skip G20 meeting in pandemic, golf while people are dying in taxpayer dime, cry about the results and overall basic incompetence do we really have to wait till 1/20?

Breaking News someone tell that to President crazy There is an appeal process. Everyone knows that the lower federal courts are filled with Obama political hacks. Let's wait and see. I wanna dance! There’s no nuance to it, Trump, sitting potus, is literally trying to disenfranchise voters and subvert democracy. Only the courts have held this would-be dictator at bay. Shame on the silent, cowardly, antiAmerican GOP leadership

👏🇱🇷👏🇱🇷👏🇱🇷👏🇱🇷 So when will Pennsylvania certify the vote, does anyone know? Dear Liberal TV trusters, Buckle up. Truth is incoming. You aren't gonna like it. It's all over realDonaldTrump The law will not tolerate molesters of democracy. BerksGasTruth Man, Trump must like losing... he’s getting really good at it.

* No surprise....no fraud......Jan 20th 😀😀😀 Republicans: let me shorten that for you. Game over. Joe won. This is how democracy dies, Not through violence, But a president’s lies. In his ruling, U.S. District Judge Matthew Brann said the Trump campaign presented “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations ... unsupported by evidence.'

The kraken is coming.. are you ready 🐉 Morning_Joe Turn off the lights, the ball game is over. PA legislators are next to visit the White House....probably tomorrow Morning_Joe Makes no difference. Trump will not concede while the GOP serve as an anti-democracy tool to prop-up his failed presidency. MsTaraDowdell WOW!!! realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr jaredkushner FLOTUS IvankaTrump RudyGiuliani LouDobbs BillOReilly HillaryClinton BarackObama TheRevAl BernieSanders BillClinton GeorgeWBush JebBush NYGovCuomo usmayors FoxNews kilmeade SteveDoocy FoxNewsSunday TeamCavuto

Yup, the Russian oligarchs are preparing the $400million bill. And those people don’t accept excuses. Trump i s so screwed is not even funny. Trump losing over and over again makes me happy.