Judge Temporarily Halts New York City Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate for Public Workers

A New York state judge temporarily suspended the enforcement of New York City’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers

Wsjspeeddesk, State Legal

12/8/2021 7:02:00 PM

A New York state judge temporarily suspended the enforcement of New York City’s Covid -19 vaccine mandate for municipal workers

New York Supreme Court Justice Frank Nervo on Tuesday set a hearing on the requirement for Dec. 14, and said the city couldn’t enforce the rules in the meantime.

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But the one on private sector workers will probably be fine. Yeah. Sure. the world community needs to unite efforts to combat Russian separatism spreading across the European continent Russia separatism Great News! I hate vaccines.

New York Makes the Movies and the Movies Make New YorkFor our annual Reasons to Love New York issue this year, we're celebrating how New York makes the movies — and how the movies make New York Disappointed to see Maria, Full of Grace, not on the list. Waiting for mine to arrive

17 Covid-19 cases identified on New Orleans-bound cruise shipThe Covid -19 positive case count among crew and passengers aboard the Norwegian Cruise Line ship Breakaway has risen to 17, according to the Louisiana Department of Health. What do you expect. People are so selfish to do what they WANT to do rather than what they SHOULD do. Please, for the sake of the WORLD, stay away from congregating with strangers who may/may not be practicing safe health practices! Evacuate by helicopter.

Colbert Shreds Marjorie Taylor Greene’s New COVID Argument With A Basic TruthThe 'Late Show' comedian also had some choice words for GOP Sen. Ron Johnson following his attack on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Pakistan will play an important role in the future for Islam. Pakistan was made for a dua from Prophet Muhammad SAW, 1400 years ago. True Islam, of Prophet Muhammad SAW will rise again under Imam Al-Mahdi. Is Qasim Imam Al-Mahdi? This Greene 🐝itch makes Sarah Palin look and sound like a genius by comparison.🇺🇸

President Biden to make at-home rapid tests free in new COVID planAs cases rise in the colder months and amid concerns of a new COVID-19 variant, President Joe Biden announced a plan Thursday for a winter coronavirus strategy that includes making at-home rapid tests free, extending the mask requirement on public transit and requiring more stringent testing protocols for all international travelers. The latest plan does not include more aggressive measures like requiring testing for domestic flights or mandating testing for passengers after their arrival in the U.S. To allow for free rapid tests, senior administration officials say the more than 150 million Americans with private insurance will be able to submit for reimbursement to their insurance companies through the same rule that allows tests on site to be covered by insurance.

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