Cw, Juan Riedinger, Riverdale

Cw, Juan Riedinger

Juan Riedinger Heads To ‘Riverdale’ As Archie’s Nemesis

Juan Riedinger Heads To ‘Riverdale’ As Archie’s Nemesis

8/19/2019 10:36:00 PM

Juan Riedinger Heads To ‘ Riverdale ’ As Archie’s Nemesis

EXCLUSIVE: Canadian actor Juan Riedinger has landed the recurring role of Dodger, Archie’s nemesis, in season 4 of the CW’s Riverdale . Riedinger recently finished a season-long turn on …

Claws as Joe Dupree, and also had a recurring role as Teo on TNT’s edgy Michelle Dockery crime noir seriesGood Behavior. The award-winning actor and director’s credits also include Netflix’s Narcos (as Carlos Lehder) and CBC’s 

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The Romeo Section. He has also starred in such movies as Black Christmas and the Diablo Cody’s scripted horror comedy Jennifer’s Body.Riedinger is repped by Buchwald, Principals Talent Management and Wright Entertainment.The season 3 finale of 

Riverdale,“Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night” (written by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Michael Grassi, directed by Rachel Talalay) centered around the climatic reveal of this season’s mystery antagonist, the Gargoyle King.At Comic-Con,that “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam” will be a tribute to the late Luke Perry and his character Fred Andrews, Archie’s father. Perry’s former 

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It’s not like they’d used this plot line before 🙄 The entire show is written like one long ass fanfic aw man if archie leaves riverdale again because of another adult I WILL CRY. please just let arch be a normal teenager and not go through so much like last season. Are u fucking kidding me I’m so tired of this shit

Can't he just stay out of trouble give archie a break he doesn't deserve this torture from grown men I like it when people I am acquainted with and have even worked with in the past (I co-produced a short film of his in Vancouver a decade ago) become bigger in the industry. I especially liked Juan’s part in Narcos.

Why is Archie’s nemesis a man in his late 30s? I Read nemesis and think high school senior Another ridiculous storyline, can't they just have seventeen? RiverdaleWriter Another Hiram I see Can the writers put themselves in OUR shoes for once The viewers Imagine how tired we are of seeing the same shit over and over again. This is basically just another version of Hiram; Just like warden Norton was. WE DONT WANT IT. Let him be a normal fucking teenager for once.

Ffs We just got rid of Hiram, we don’t need another one. We don’t want him Take him back NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN. I REFUSE TO BELIEVE SOMEONE IS FUCKING WITH ARCHIE AGAIN. NO!!! We don’t want any new characters!!!! We want them to focus on the ones we already have ffs Is that his mean step dad/nemesis?

HOW MANY NEMESIS DOES A FUCKING 17 YEAR OLD BOY NEED Omg does Roberto ever listen to us Noooooo Is that you anthonyjeselnik Another 'nemesis'?! Perhaps give Archie a storyline with actual growth and development? ah shit here we go again who RiverdaleWriter ok look also if this is just another hiram idc how many scenes important to the plot i miss, im skipping through to cheryl scenes if we even get any smh

RiverdaleWriter We don’t want new characters. We want Toni’s backstory, Cheryl NOT being depressed and crying every episode, oh and also *the deleted scenes* Archie doesn't need more adult nemeses. Dude needs a grown-up therapist at this point. another grown as adult? being a nemesis to a 17 yr old boy? can y’all make it make sense please i’m so tired.

Who? RiverdaleWriter im kinda getting tired of this archie storyline. I bet hiram sent him aswell🙄 Damn how many nemesis are you going to give Archie he’s been through enough how about you start casting someone from Toni’s family RiverdaleWriter Look I love riverdale so much but fuck can't they just be a normal teenagers for 1 episode?

RiverdaleWriter Yayyy another nemesis.... RiverdaleWriter More adults after Archie, who’s shocked cause I’m not🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😔. Same storyline different season. RiverdaleWriter Isn't Hiram and the rest of the griffins and gargoyles players out to get the Red Paladin enough. Poor kid. RiverdaleWriter AHHHHHH

why- tell these middle age men to leave him alone he looks like a garden gnome wtf This man is like 35 ... Hiram lodge 2.0 omg stop delete this before bakerlimo sees it i haven’t got my receipt but i’d like to return him. thanks xx Great Put him back we don’t want him ArchieComics ArchieComics does Dodger exist in the comics or is a new character?

38 yrs old we don’t want it ArchieComics How many nemeses does a 17 year old boy need?! I rlly need their to be less grown up storylines, it’s getting old ArchieComics This guy looks like he’s 40!! Whyyy!!!!! send him back.. nothing new, nothing difference, same old shit imagine how tired we are why can't it be another teenager? i'm just tired

aw shit here we go again Oh my goodness

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Meghan Markle and Archie Were Just Pictured in Nice, and OMG Archie's SweaterMeghan Markle, Prince Harry, and baby Archie were photographed arriving in Nice, France on a private jet—check out the pics here.

Meghan Markle and Archie Were Just Pictured in Nice, and OMG Archie's SweaterMeghan Markle, Prince Harry, and baby Archie were photographed arriving in Nice, France on a private jet—check out the pics here.

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