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‘John Wick 5’ Confirmed By Lionsgate; Sequel Will Be Shot Back To Back With Fourth Installment

➡️ #JohnWick5 confirmed by @Lionsgate ➡️ Sequel will be shot back to back with fourth installment

8/7/2020 12:18:00 AM

➡️ JohnWick5 confirmed by Lionsgate ➡️ Sequel will be shot back to back with fourth installment

Keanu Reeves is back in the back-to-back sequels game with John Wick 4 and 5 aiming to film consecutively next year. On today’s Lionsgate earnings call, the studio’s CEO John Feltheimer…

Currently, Reeves is shooting Matrix 4 for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow in Berlin, Germany. Reeves shot Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions(parts 2 and 3 of that franchise) back to back from March 2001 to August 2002.

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Lionsgate Whoa! Lionsgate MadassiMusic AmroBennehar Lionsgate I just hope they don't end up making us hate this movie Lionsgate And I’ll watch it back to back. Lionsgate Good news Lionsgate You’ll be needing a separate John Wick podcast at this rate CageClubPod Lionsgate Wick ed 🤘🤘 Lionsgate ➡️ JohnWick5 confirmed by Lionsgate ➡️ Sequel will be shot back to back with fourth installment

Lionsgate Shot back to back is pretty much John Wicks style Lionsgate Edenbray meets John Wick just before we went into Lockdown ... Lionsgate Cc Toluspinnn Lionsgate 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 Lionsgate Milk that cow y'all. It's yours for the taking! Lionsgate Kicking the arse out of it 😂 Lionsgate andyrogers_ Lionsgate SteveMc83

Lionsgate Best news I’ve had today 😂 happyfriday morejohnwick Lionsgate Yesssirrrr.. Let's go.!!!! Lionsgate MegganRoberts98 Lionsgate stlcty03 !!!! Lionsgate Are they after his goldfish now? Lionsgate The best news 😍🤍🤍 pandji Lionsgate jangan lupa subscribe ya youtube aku... kalau ada yang mau mabar bareng aku , DM ya..saranghae

Lionsgate Frickin Sweet!!! Love those movies... Lionsgate Lionsgate Lionsgate Lovericka25 👀 Lionsgate We won _gunsnmoses Lionsgate That's going to be a lot of body bags on set pandji Lionsgate Let him rest please Lionsgate Brooooooo let's get this going forever!!!! I'm already pumped for 6 through 10! MVRS_AHche

Lionsgate nullableField os filmes são foda, mas to com um leve receio de começarem a saturar Lionsgate Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Lionsgate Lionsgate 🤣 savages Lionsgate T0MonPC Lionsgate I have a theory on the supposed 5 John Wick movies. Each film deals with a stage of grief. There are five stages of grief. Denial (his wife) anger (killing the guy at the end) bargaining (his finger) we still have depression and acceptance.

VanesssssaD Lionsgate As long as his dog doesn’t die!!👍🏻🐕 Lionsgate That pitty better live in both!’m Lionsgate alcazvill Lionsgate I feel Keanu on this. He's probably like look, I don't know how many more of these I've got in me so let's get it all done at once. Lionsgate Lionsgate 1 & 2 big fun, 3rd one stunk I thought.

Lionsgate Sweet an 'expletive deleted' John Wick box set seems to be on the horizon. Lionsgate Sound good Lionsgate Just hoping let the franchise end on a good note instead of running it into the ground like many other franchises. Lionsgate Lionsgate Guess I need to watch 1-3 Lionsgate If you need any hacking in UnitedKingdom; Website hacking Reputation refinement Credit enhancement School grades hack Smart phone monitoring Etc I have access to the “.uk &”which is the top-level domain for UK so meaning i can get into any website/database

Lionsgate Please let 5 or 6 be the last This ain't Like MCU, DCEU , harry Potter , lord of the Rings etc Soon JW will run out of ideas and just have bad stories like fast and furious. How on earth did fast and furious 8 get a 60% on RT and make a billion with that poor storyline. Lionsgate schatzipage hackettology HELL YES!!!!!

Lionsgate PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF! IF U AGREE RETWEET! Curtis from moreno valley Lionsgate Red_Hood1389382 Lionsgate Wait what about 4... did I fucking miss something Lionsgate Lionsgate Mark_Dacascos has to return as the brillant Zero for this. I think this time he should team up with John Wick... retweet if you agree!

Lionsgate thefilmcarson Lionsgate Lionsgate Corona_9000 Lionsgate Yes more please! 😮GraceRandolph Lionsgate sadrosinante Lionsgate One and/or both of these better have TheScottAdkins, Jason Statham, and DonnieYenCT. Lionsgate JohnWickMovie Lionsgate 😍 Lionsgate KeanuPodcast Lionsgate I’m betting John Wick will pass Fast N Furious in sequels

Lionsgate Time to find a way to loop in Atomic Blonde! Lionsgate 👀😋 GraceRandolph Lionsgate John Wick! Lionsgate What about JohnWick6? When do we hear Lionsgate? Lionsgate Lionsgate Lionsgate He is fighting against covid? IMDBorg Lionsgate Lionsgate vmichela olha só se não é o Keanu Reeves fazendo a gente feliz novamente...

Lionsgate Lionsgate GraceRandolph MsLizzieHill Lionsgate Oh whoa GraceRandolph gcb9222 Lionsgate Hopefully Halle Berry comes back Lionsgate Lionsgate Makes sense.

Chad Stahelski To Produce ‘Man From Nowhere’ Remake At New Line, Reuniting With ‘John Wick’ Scribe Derek KolstadEXCLUSIVE: The partnership between the team behind the John Wick franchise continues as we are hearing Chad Stahelski is coming on to produce New Line’s remake of the 2010 South Korean Pic Th…

New ‘Dirty Dancing’ Movie With Jennifer Grey Confirmed By Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer; Jonathan Levine Directing Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer confirmed what we first told you back in mid-July, in what he billed as “one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood”: Jennifer Grey is starring and executiv… JenniferGrey Lionsgate This is not a good idea. Without Patrick Swayze, it will just be sad. JenniferGrey Lionsgate Why they keep pushing this when the whole universe knows that it won't be the same thing without Patrick? He was the soul of the movie. He's the reason everyone watches the movie until this day JenniferGrey Lionsgate

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Trump-Backed Congressman Charged With Voter Fraud Loses Primary In KansasKansas State Treasurer Jake LaTurner soundly defeated Rep. Steve Watkins on Tuesday, making Watkins the fourth Trump-backed candidate to lose a GOP primary this year. THE DEMS ARE PRACTICING THEIR SPEECH FOR AFTER THE ELECTION WHEN THEY THINK THEY CAN CHEAT THEIR WAY TO THE TOP. So I guess is run by those afflicted with TDS as well? SteveForbesCEO please don’t let your magazine become Fortune... tRump is toxic.

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How White Parents Can Talk About Race With Their Children Of ColorHere's some expert-backed advice to guide conversations about racism in multiracial families. *facepalm Or stop talking about their differences and give them support and love. That child will grow up confident and successful, the other will feel othered and angry.