Craig Robinson, John Oliver

John Oliver Enlists Leslie Jones, Uzo Aduba, Craig Robinson for Black Hair PSA

John Oliver Enlists Leslie Jones, Uzo Aduba, Craig Robinson for Black Hair PSA

5/10/2021 9:16:00 PM
Craig Robinson, John Oliver, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, Leslie Jones, Uzo Aduba

John Oliver Enlists Leslie Jones , Uzo Aduba , Craig Robinson for Black Hair PSA

John Oliver had a message for his fellow white people about Black hair discrimination on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, but as the HBO host himself acknowledged, the message wasn’t exactly…

Their answer to all of these questions was a simple one: “Google it.”“Fucking Google it!” Robinson and Jones emphasized, with the latter noting, “It can be fucking Bing, YouTube, Wikipedia, I don’t give a shit. And once you get the information, you can appreciate all the beauty and hard work it takes to keeping my hair laid and looking good.”

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“Look, white people, don’t tell me you can’t figure this out on your own, you figured outSettlers of Catan,” Robinson joked.Added Aduba, “You figured out sourdough bread last year, I think you can Google the word ‘weave.'”According to Jones, “fucking off is always an option,” too.

Prior to the star-studded segment, Oliver gave viewers a history lesson on the decades of hair discrimination Black people have faced and advocated for the CROWN (Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) Act, which would ensure protection against discrimination.

“The point is, Black hair shouldn’t be viewed, corralled or judged by white people’s comfort because it doesn’t belong to white people, it doesn’t affect white people, and white people really shouldn’t have an opinion on it,” Oliver explained. “And our laws should reflect that.”

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‘Last Week Tonight’: John Oliver Slams White People Over Ignorance Of Black HairstylesLast Week Tonight’s John Oliver offered no breaks for his white viewers at home tonight – a recurrent theme for the nation’s political late-night television host. Oliver started his sho… thanks John. Reparations over everything Whats a black hairstyle? I never knew certain hairstyles were exclusively black. Tell me more!

John Oliver Tells Fellow White People What to Know About Black Hair Leslie Jones , Uzo Aduba , and Craig Robinson even helped put together a short PSA. Don’t touch! BlackHair

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John Oliver, Leslie Jones, and More Have a Message for White People“Google it.” I don’t care Not listening. Don’t care THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TRUMP.

Leslie Jones wraps up John Oliver's Black hair discrimination explainer with a very blunt PSA'Google it.' It's not about hair, it's about style, you need a hairbrush, ma'am!