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John Legend and Jimmy Fallon Remind Us Quarantine Has Lasted a Year

Yes, it's really been a year since quarantine started.

3/2/2021 8:26:00 PM

John Legend and Jimmy Fallon managed to capture how we're all feeling a year into quarantining.

Yes, it's really been a year since quarantine started.

Beauty and the Beast.The pair debuted the video onThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonon Monday, which begins with Fallon waking up, noting,"March again, it's another morning / Every day, like the one before / March again, and it's been a full year, of waking up to say -- I'm bored. Indoors. I'm bored. I'm bored, indoors."

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Fallon goes on to note the endless Zoom meetings, TikToks and more that have become synonymous with quarantine. Legend then makes a spectacular appearance."Oh, isn't this amazing? / Wasn't it just March 2020?," he sings."I've forgotten what time means / And I haven't waxed my chest since quarantine week three."

Later, the two bring it home, singing together,"No I can't believe it's been a year/ It really has been quite a year / I can't believe it's really March again."At the start of quarantine, Fallon and his fellow late-night hosts had to learn how to run their shows from home. Here's a look at how they pulled it off!

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So funny! But John your chest was slipping❤️😂