John Kerry says Trump defense of Soleimani assassination ‘beginning to look like a cover-up’

WATCH: Fmr. Sec. of State John Kerry says Pres. Trump's reasoning for authorizing a strike on Gen. Soleimani is 'beginning to look like a cover-up.'


WATCH: Fmr. Sec. of State John Kerry says Pres. Trump's reasoning for authorizing a strike on Gen. Soleimani is 'beginning to look like a cover-up.'

After a week of shifting rationales from the White House for the attack on Soleimani, the contradictions continued over the weekend. Former Secretary of State John Kerry says, “It’s beginning to look like a cover-up over their original choices.”

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Get it yet... JoyAnnReid It always was, wake up! MSNBCisfakeassnews,you deepstatef.left dem a liar, a citizen is not to speak to the foreign leaders & then try to undermine the president Donald J Trump you already gave Iran billions as I see it you are a traitor and should be treated as such Shame Trying to destroy the USA

This was trying to divert attention away from the reality of his impeachment and the Senate trial ahead, when backed into a corner, the Trump narcissist will stop at nothing, including starting a war. A cover up for what. Is Kerry confused about whose side he’s supposed to be on? Like when you sent those pallets of cash to Iran in the middle of the night....Hypocrite!!

In other news, water is wet. MoveOn 3yrs of this administration and it’s the beginning to look like ? What should you ? The snow on a 60 degree day ? It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. ahhh 😱 no kidding?

John Kerry says Trump 'wouldn't qualify for security clearance' if he wasn't presidentFormer Secretary of State John Kerry told an Iowa crowd Monday that Donald Trump 'wouldn't qualify for security clearance' had he not become president. JohnKerry .....only a gossip rag like 'newsweak', would give kerry (who lives off his wife's money), any credibility...They're both history. he’s not wrong

Duh! MalcolmNance Beginning? It’s using the political Mechanisms of the WH & SD to frame & populate the 2020 campaign. War with Iran 🇮🇷 plays into this narrative & informs it. Perhaps it’s actually the overarching narrative from which all other campaign narratives will emanate from. Beginning? John Kerry is just trying to run cover for his state department's activities in illegally spying on Americans and its involvement with the Russian Collusion HOAX. Ooh, also, his son was making millions like Hunter was.

A cover-up and yet another misdirection. Says the guy that was illegally meeting with Iranians. He should just be happy he's not locked up in Gitmo. Horse Face seems to forget the Obama regime delivering pallets of cash to the Iranian Tyrants in the night. IT IS A COVER-UP! TRUMP IS A LIAR & COWARD FIRST & ALWAYS!! HE'S A 1-DIMENSIONAL SPECIMEN & SO EASY TO UNDERSTAND ONCE YOU ACCEPT THIS INGRAINED, CORE DEFECT.

And that's a lie brought to you by the valor stealing Democrat and the low ratings tabloid entertainment network MSNBC.

How Chief Justice John Roberts would preside over the politically charged Trump impeachment trialLongstanding Senate rules say Roberts, as the presiding officer, may rule on key issues about evidence, including 'questions of relevancy, materiality, and redundancy.' But whatever he concludes can immediately be overturned by a simple majority vote. So Roberts Rules of Order don’t necessarily apply in the Senate? Whoever made these rules up needs to be fired. Bill Clinton is impeached for life, and is a serial rapist to boot.

Slimimani was not a general but a capo for international terrorism They go from Russian puppets and their useful idiots, in Russian collusion delirium, now Iranian terrorist ones too MoveOn Just one more charge that HouseDemocrats need to investigate This guy is corrupt to the core look into his kids dealings in foreign board appointments CORRUPT!

So embarrassing for the left. MalcolmNance What next, JohnKerry? Trump is beginning to look like a dishonest person? Trump's assassination of Sol was reckless, no thought or planning whatsoever! Oh, it was planned for 7 months? Well then this is obviously a cover-up! The jokes write themselves, people.

JaxDeeDee not 'beginning to' - it always did. LoganAct

‘Disaster’: Trump may face his nightmare impeachment trial with John Roberts in chargePres. Trump is headed for an impeachment trial in the Senate overseen by a judge he once called an “absolute disaster,” Chief Justice John Roberts. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on Roberts’ work as a lawyer, his testimony as a judicial nominee stating “no one is above the law” including “the President,” and the outlook for key rulings at the Senate trial. AriMelber It's so nice that Trump has antagonized, insulted, & alienated SO many powerful people. AriMelber 45's sole truth! TrumpsWarOfMassDistraction TrumpsWar AriMelber Spoilet alert: Trump will be exonerated by the Senate regardless of how hard your narrative driven fake news wishes.

We only cover up is the cash on the tarmac Are you considering VP with Biden- what a line up! Everything Trump does is wrong, illegal, treasonous, corrupt, deceitful ? Hmmmm.... All roads lead to Putin Trump is PutinsPuppet Our country is at stake The only cover up in this story is the massive amounts of it slathered on JohnKerry’s face 👇🏻

Why else would their story keep changing? Beginning? It’s been how long now! It’s a cover up!!!!! There is no “starting” about it! Enough of this BS deciding. What are the consequences for his actions! Of course it’s a cover up. He’s spent his whole life covering things up just look at his hair.

Watch 9-Year-Old Use His ''Superpower'' to Create John Cena PortraitYou have to watch this nine-year-old use his superpower to create a Rubik's Cube portrait of John Cena. Get ready to feel good this Monday! Wow that is absolutely amazing his right dyslexia is his superpower👏 Wow, just wow

Impeach Trump again. shocking Ok Frankenstein , just maybe you’re trying your own cover up by diverting attention from the fact that you and Obama funded terrorists, and knew it at the time and still made that deal ! fact The guy was a terrorist. He killed thousands. Too bad republicans are too stupid to accept that.

Haha JohnKerry stop deflecting the only coverup is the one you are so afraid of being exposed. As we all know where the corruption was originated... puzzlepeaces Yep. Botox face stands with the Ayatollah.....again....Why does he want Iran to have nuclear weapons and for their generals to continue killing Americans?

After all he loves IRAN. How many trips has he made again? what is particularly revealing is every new rationalization from the Trump mouthpieces directly responds to the most recent valid criticism - i.e., 'why now' we get 'he did this 7 months ago' which they would have said on day one were it true.

John Legend Has Written The World's Sweetest Vows On 'Conversations In The Dark'.johnlegend's ThisIsUs track 'Conversations in the Dark' is a tear-jerker waiting to happen 😭

Beginning? That's because it is a cover-up. Iran owns him. Sunday on ABC Nancy Pelosi REFUSED to support the Iranian freedom protesters. She even questioned the reason why they were on the street. With each passing year Democrats make clear they stand with dictators and tyrants. Republicans stand with the suffering people.

Only cover up in our government dates back to 2009 Uranium deal, the billions sent to a terrorist nation & your attempts to undermine our government today. And how would and 'ex' Sec. of State have access to any intelligence information? Oh that's right they wouldn't. Stop the hate, Stop the lies, Stop this political bullshit.

Have you ever seen John Kerry and an Easter island statue in the same room at the same time? Just say'n haha beginning John Kerry Bidens what you covering up in Ukraine I swear there are some slow people in Washington.

John Roberts may be leading the Senate impeachment trial, but this woman is shaping itWhile Chief Justice John Roberts will oversee the president's Senate impeachment trial, it's the Senate parliamentarian will be advising him through the entire process

And people from the Obama administration know about cover ups. No one cares what JK thinks John Kerry would never have supported targeting Soleimani. *another cover-up DNC Talking Points Well he's an idiot so there's that.

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