Jesy Nelson, Nicki Minaj, Little Mix

Jesy Nelson, Nicki Minaj

Jesy Nelson wants Little Mix feud to end and feels it's 'getting a bit much'

Jesy Nelson wants Little Mix feud to end and feels it's 'getting a bit much'

10/26/2021 7:38:00 PM

Jesy Nelson wants Little Mix feud to end and feels it's 'getting a bit much'

A source close to Jesy Nelson has told The Mirror that she a feud between herself and her former bandmates is the 'last thing she wanted' and believes that the 'fans deserve better'

The Boyz singer, 30, quit the band in December last year after saying that being in the group had taken a toll on her mental health.However, the split appeared to turn acrimonious following the release of Jesy's debut single - featuring Nicki Minaj - as Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall all unfollowed her on Instagram.

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It came after Jesy herself had a clear out of her page and now only follows 21 people on the social media site, including sister Jade, P Diddy and Nicki Minaj.Later, Leigh-Anne's messages to a fan were allegedly leaked online, which involved screenshotted messages from a user claiming to be the Little Mix singer dubbing Jesy a "horrible person".

Yet a source close to Jesy has said that she a feud between herself and her former bandmates is the "last thing she wanted" and believes that the "fans deserve better".They told The Mirror: "The last thing she wanted was to be embroiled in a Little Mix vs Jesy feud.

"The Girls have been through a lot together and she truly believes everyone can co-exist in the industry without the war of words. The fans deserve better. It’s all getting a bit much."Yesterday, Jesy's reps denied claims that her debut album has been delayed following the controversy surrounding the release of her music video for debut single Boyz.

She came under fire earlier this month after fans accused her of blackfishing - a term that refers to someone who is pretending to be black or mixed-race.Jesy later apologised for any offence caused by the blackfishing claims.It had been suggested that her debut album will be released in 2022 instead of 2021, but a source told the Mirror that the album was never due to be released this year.

They said: "To claim that an album would be released after one single release is literally laughable and obviously was never part of the plan."Jesy is still in the studio recording new music and a second single is in the works. Anybody working in the music industry knows that an album would never follow one single release. Jesy has been subject to severe trolling over the past couple of weeks and has kept a dignified silence despite the vindictive swipes against her.”

While an official spokesperson for Polydor said: “An album was never planned for Jesy Nelson in 2021 and therefore these claims are untrue.”It comes after an insider told The Sun : "There was lots of excitement that the album would be ready in time for Christmas. Jesy spent months in the studio at the top of the year after leaving Little Mix and had loads of songs ready to go.

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"But the rollout for Boyz took a long time and the team and Jesy don’t want to release an album after only putting out one single. The hope now is that a full collection will follow next year." They added that Jesy was still working on new music and that she is keen for it to be as best as it could be.

Last week, Jesy's sister slammed the singer's "bullies" on Instagram.She wrote: "When bullies deliberately, and under-handedly set out to hurt someone they never expect to get caught."That's why they try to get other people to do it for them.

"However, when they are exposed for and the victim simply stands up for themselves the bully quickly tries to turn the tables to make the victim take the blame."That's what bullies do." Read More Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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