Jesse Watters highlights problems Biden 'is not doing a damn thing about'

Jesse Watters highlights problems Biden 'is not doing a damn thing about'

12/5/2021 7:00:00 AM

Jesse Watters highlights problems Biden 'is not doing a damn thing about'

Jesse Watters discusses issues at the border, the coronavirus pandemic, crime and more in Saturday's opening monologue.

JESSE WATTERS:The new COVID-19 variant omicron now spreading throughout the United States. I'm not worried about the new variant. I'm worried about how the government is going to overreact to the new variant. Biden's got a new plan. More masks. More testing. But on vax, the illegals can just pour across the southern border without testing, without quarantining. And then Joe packs them onto planes and busses and sends them to your neighborhood. Does that make sense to anybody?

… Another major problem Joe is not doing a damn thing about, bail reform. The WaukeshaChristmas Parade attack left six people dead after Darrell Brooks Jr. purposely plowed his car into a crowd. A Black nationalist and convicted sex offender with a felony rap sheet posted low bail twice this year after punching his girlfriend in the face and running her over with his car. Joe Biden dead silent on the Waukesha massacre, but wouldn't shut up about Kyle Rittenhouse last year. Disgraceful. Police officers that have been shot and killed in 2021 are at an all-time high. In almost every major city, murder rates are the highest they've been in three decades. Now Americans are loading up on guns at historic rates since Democrats aren't doing anything to protect them. They have to protect themselves. Not only is America violent, it's too expensive. Family is getting rocked by inflation and high gas prices a vicious cycle the Biden team can't get us out of.

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A list of the thing the KKK wants done to stay relevant. Who is Watters and why should I care what he thinks?

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