Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: The Way They Were

Remember when?

12/9/2021 3:05:00 AM

Remember when?

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux shared some truly adorable moments before they split in 2018 — take a look back at their relationship

alum told PopSugar in 2012, recalling the first time she met her future husband. “But I remember thinking he was very dark. At first, you think he could be like a serial killer, but he’s actually the nicest person in the world.”TheMulholland Drivestar, for his part, had to quickly learn how to cope with Aniston’s level of fame. Though he was a well-known actor and screenwriter when they started dating, he wasn’t quite as recognizable as

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for 10 years. “It’s a bit like going to a slightly different altitude,” he toldGQof their relationship in 2013.

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Justin Theroux reunites with ex Jennifer Aniston after 'Facts of Life' specialA friendly reunion! I thought I've lost it all with the little cash of $1,000 invest with Hendricksnino77 turn that into $146,601.43 in 7days duration. you may not know him but he really save my life Hendricksnino77

Jennifer Aniston Reunites With Ex Justin Theroux in Sweet ShotOne lucky actress got to be in the middle of a sweet hug between exes Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux last night!

Jennifer Aniston Has No RegretsThe actress on tuning out the media madness ('Am I still having twins?'), the gut punch of the 'Friends' reunion and her journey to 'own who I am, where I am and just how long I’ve f***ing been here.' ragrets* “no regrets in life, just lessons” - JA JenniferAOnline Well yes… so many regrets for Jen, can’t make a shake taste just right, uh… I like her smile.

Jennifer Aniston on speculation about not having kids: 'You have no clue what's going on'The actor doesn't pay attention to tabloids these days, but they certainly affected her in the past. She's switched and switches cannot carry babies, she probably doesn't have a womb. God Totally no one’s business but hers. Maybe she can’t have kids, maybe she doesn’t want them, but I wish this conversation would just end. Is it really her duty to procreate? Just imagining how your dad, as Victor on “Days” would answer - - - guess I can’t print it!

Jennifer Aniston Is Done Taking 'Really Hurtful' Pregnancy Rumors Personally'Am I still having twins? Am I going to be the miracle mother at 52?' Aniston said of the obsessive speculation about her personal life. Help! Women in academia at risk for discrimination ! Demand an investigation, sign the petition! Who cares? SuperficialSociety

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