Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin's Lunar Lander; Announces Launch Of Next-Gen Rocket In 2021

5/12/2019 7:04:00 PM

On Thursday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled his space company's lunar lander and hinted it could be ready to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

Blue OriginAmazon founder Jeff Bezos confirmed that his space company, Blue Origin, will launch its next-generation rocket, New Glenn, for the first time in 2021, and also hinted that his company might be capable of helping NASA put humans on the Moon within the Trump administration's stated five-year time frame.

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“We can help meet that time line,” he said. “But only because we started three years ago. It’s time to go back to the Moon—this time to stay.”Leading up to this dramatic announcement on Thursday at the Washington Convention Center, Bezos couched his vision for his space company in the context of the problems of the world as he sees them. Within the next couple of hundred years, Earth will run out of resources necessary for people to live comfortably, Bezos predicted. Which is why, he says, humanity needs to move into space.

To that end, Bezos revealed Blue Origin’s next-generation rocket,New Glenn, which will begin operations in 2021. New Glenn would be a “heavy lift” rocket, competitive with SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket, as well as United Launch Alliance’s Delta IV and in-development Vulcan rocket. According to Bezos, New Glenn will reduce costs by having a first stage that can be reused 25 times and use liquid natural gas as a propellant. Though he did not reveal any pricing information about the rocket, he did mention that the fuel costs per launch would be less than $1 million.

And one of the things that rocket may launch? One of the answers came immediately as Bezos—to great fanfare—showed off a large mock-up of the company’s proposed Blue Moon lunar lander. According to Bezos, the lander will use liquid hydrogen as fuel—just as the company’s New Shepard rocket does today. It will be capable of landing autonomously and be equipped with cameras, lidar and other sensors to map terrain. It will also be configurable in order to handle a variety of missions such as carrying a rover—or humans—to the surface.

Jeff Bezos speaks in front of a model of Blue Origin's Blue Moon lunar lander, Thursday, May 9, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)ASSOCIATED PRESSThe lander will be powered with hydrogen fuel cells rather than solar cells because, according to Bezos, it will need to be able to survive the two-week-long night on the Moon. It will also be equipped with a launcher that could put small satellites into the Moon’s orbit as it descends.

Again, there wasn’t any information provided about how much it will cost for a company to buy a mission on the Blue Moon. However, Bezos did reveal that Blue Origin already has customers.“We already have a bunch of customers for Blue Moon, some of whom are in the audience,” he said. “They’re going to be deploying science missions to the Moon as well.”

Bezos couched these product announcements in the context of his vision for the future, which for him means humanity migrating out to O’Neill habitats--gigantic, miles-long space stations envisioned by physicist Gerard O’Neill in the 1970s, are where humans will live and work comfortably, and conduct heavy industry, Bezos said.  This will leave Earth “zoned for residential and light industry,” he said.

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Building grandiose habitats—or even more relatively modest goals like any kind of permanent settlement in space or on the Moon—is not the job of this generation, but the next, according to Bezos. He sees his goal as building the infrastructure necessary for it to happen. “It’s this generation’s job to build that road to space so future generations can release their creativity," he said.

The company also released a promo video for its lander, which you can view below. Read more: Forbes »

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Jeff Bezos unveils 'Blue Moon' lunar lander, plans to go to the moon by 2024The moon race is heating

Jeff Bezos unveils new plans for Blue Origin spaceflight: Live updates'It's time to go back to the moon, this time to stay,' says Jeff Bezos. The Blue Origin founder unveiled Blue Moon, a lunar lander that's designed to land on and bounce back off of the moon's surface I'm all for sending him. can we just take all his money already.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Moon: Here's what we know so far about Blue Origin's new lunar landerThe billionaire entrepreneur said the newly unveiled spacecraft could return humanity to the moon by 2024. MACH But only once... MACH A billionaire space race...I like it...go Musk. 👍 MACH

Jeff Bezos Unveils Blue Origin's Lunar Lander; Announces Launch Of Next-Gen Rocket In 2021Amazon founder Jeff Bezos confirmed that his space company, Blue Origin, will launch its next generation rocket, New Glenn, for the 1st time in 2021 by TheAlexKnapp TheAlexKnapp neonettic here it is. Modi can give some valuable tips. TheAlexKnapp Great!!!!

Watch Jeff Bezos reveal Blue Origin's detailed plan for colonizing spaceJeff Bezos wants to colonize space. But he knows there's a lot of work to be done before that happens. Here are his detailed plans to succeed. blueorigin kmck7 blueorigin Dream on. It'll never happen. You can't land on the moon.

Jeff Bezos unveils lunar lander to take astronauts to the moon by 2024'It's time to go back to the moon and this time stay,' billionaire Jeff Bezos said yesterday as he unveiled Blue Origin's lunar lander for the first time. Jeff Bezos wants to live on the moon and AOC is worried about a 1 degree temperature rise on earth in the next century. JeffBezos ready to go back to the moon

'Alexa, take me to the moon.' Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin wants to take astronauts to the moon by 2024Blue Origin, Amazon CEO and Founder Jeff Bezos' rocket venture, is planning a manned mission to the moon, he announced Thursday. Fuck Jeff Bezos. Billionaires can’t be satiated. Greed

Jeff Bezos introduces ‘Blue Moon’ lander in anticipation of a lunar trip within 5 yearsBlue Origin founder Jeff Bezos unveiled his company's lunar lander, which he said would be ready in time for NASA's return to the moon in the next five years. So we can start ruining the moon... Maybe we could fix this planet before expanding into space 🤷‍♂️

Jeff Bezos is about to speak publicly about Blue Origin, his secretive rocket companyBlue Origin is hosting a rare event with media in Washington on Thursday. Jeff Bezos is scheduled to speak, but it's not entirely clear what will be discussed. Spacetime - Jan Theuninck, 2014 He probably will announce he has already constructed a secret moon base or something. A Company that made billions off of America and paid ZERO TAXES...Democrat and not a story. BIASED AND...

Billionaire Bezos unveils moon lander mockup, embraces Trump's lunar timetableBillionaire entrepreneur Jeff Bezos unveiled on Thursday a mockup of a lunar lan... Space travel is important. Dead people on the Moon. 😋 He's no Musk.