Business, Jeff Bezos' Superyacht İs So Big İt Needs İts Own Yacht - Cnn

Business, Jeff Bezos' Superyacht İs So Big İt Needs İts Own Yacht - Cnn

Jeff Bezos' superyacht is so big it needs its own yacht

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5/11/2021 7:46:00 AM

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is buying a 417-foot superyacht that's so massive it has its own 'support yacht' with a helipad, Bloomberg reports. The estimated cost, not including the boat's support boat, is $500 million.

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Won't be able to enjoy it for long lol... You must give back to the collective that supported your growth in material abundance in a manner that they grow to then continue to process... Which helps all of our children ultimately... You were not created to fake serve yourself only I hate his face so much

Why do you keep posting this? , how many times do you have to re-post the same story? We got it, you love Bezos snd he's ultra-duper-super-freaking-rich. Some of you apologist Republicans are missing the point. Nobody saying his wealth and yacht aren’t great things from many of his ideas. But he paid zero in corporate Taxes how is that fair? Compared to what everyone else pays. Applauding trickledown when not one economist does?

I’d love to see the size of the Amazon cardboard box this will come in Nice. Can I be a guest on that yacht? 😁 Share with your employees, asshole!! Some people have it rough, gees. He reminds me those ugly men you see driving empty Ferrari I need to stop buying shit from this dude.

Jeff Bezos buys superyacht as Americans sink into poverty“Things are still really bad for a lot of people in this country, which makes it especially jarring when you remember that the wealthiest people in America have not just weathered the crisis—they have really thrived,” chrislhayes says. chrislhayes 🤮 chrislhayes It’s Jeff’s money, but it has a “Let them eat cake”, vibe. That didn’t go over so well in the 18th century — nor is it now during the 21st. chrislhayes Curtesy of the former guy.

Hope he has many sleepless nights on board thinking,of of the next preposterous ridiculous vulgar thing he might want to buy ! The ultra rich are a disease. Stop hoarding all that wealth, you're not going to take it with you when you die. It’s criminal to be that rich. We must raise our words where we are being tried to keep our voices ! HopeToGaza

Wow some people just never want to get off unemployment! Israeli attacks on the Palestinians are against international law and basic morality and must come to an immediate end.We urge the world to take action now to stop the new waves of Israeli aggression. Turkey will continue to stand by the Palestinian people. HopeToGaza

And I can’t still buy a house with a regular 40h job 🤦‍♂️ That is awesome, love ya JeffBezos! Who cares? Gross

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Scumbag, and everyone who defends it are almost as bad. Nate_Crabbe It also comes with a white Persian cat and a 7ft tall butler with metal teeth. If there is persecution somewhere, it is always our most important duty to rebel against it. HopeToGaza If every child has right to live why Palestinian children are Under Attack every single day? HopeToGaza

$$$ figures life on land will be hell so ...... I just don't understand why we let people like this walk the earth. You got people starving out there and you buy a fucking 500 million dollar yacht? He's lucky there's a justice system thats all i gotta say. I'm tired of rich fucks like this. so what? why is it news what the man does with his own money?

Who cares! 👎🏽 Calculating the length of a football field

Secrets Leak About Jeff Bezos’ New 417-Foot-Long Sailing SuperyachtThe richest man in the world is reportedly building a superyacht that's longer than a football field. Here are the details. واو I hope he has an attentive crew 1/8 Solar & Wind are 0 emissions? Each 1 MW of solar farm power requires between 35 to 45 tons of steel, + you need to dig for cadmium, gallium, germanium, etc Make silicon Silicon metal is made from the reaction of silica (SiO2) -

Why is this news. Sounds like he paid you guys to promote his bachelor ass promo. is he not a supporter of the New Green Deal? CNN really !!!! And his employees get hurt daily and the Hartford LTD cuts them off after two years and say you can work else where with back injuries with MRI”s that clearly show the injury! And multiple doctors back it up except the quack they send you to for his 15 min exam and opinion!

Yet will be a talking head for global warming, sustainability, equality... blah, blah, blah. I wonder why people begrudge Jeff Bezos success, but they value the success of wall street brokers and bankers who have cheated us and buried us in debt over and over again? It sure pays to be a Liberal King Pin!

So what it's his money. What else can you steal from me Yep, billionaires need to pay their fair share of taxes.

Jeff Bezos's $500 Million Yacht Comes With Its Own YachtIncoming: Another extremely compelling reason to tax the rich. Ass He’s so gross. Why do men become like this when they can help humanity so many times over instead?

Half a billion, must be made out of wood Heartwarming stuff. (You don't need to ask) Biden/Harris get these laws passed now on white supremacy, legalized all these white groups as terrorists! Fire and Ban all racist and crooked cops, judges, politicians, lawyers etc, etc!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Let us live a life without these obsessed hating people harassing us!

He must have a tiny pee-pee. Why does this shit headline pop up every damn day from CNN? No one cares! They have a job opening on the yacht for a pace setting drummer for the rowers below deck...... It’s his money !!!! We have all made this gentleman rich and now you want to complain on how he spends HIS money?

I want to go on thr Yacht!! I like that they can’t afford to do 15 dollar an hour minimum wage ..... yea

Jeff Bezos’s New Yacht Comes With Its Own Yacht?Jeff Bezos's $500 million superyacht comes with its own support yacht eat the rich JeffBezos annoying.

It Like You have $130 thousand, and you decided to spent $500 , pocket of change to Him So he can afford to raise wages and improve benefits? And turn down those sweetheart ten year tax breaks when he builds distribution centers in coal country? Maybe even pay some corporate taxes Pay for the infrastructure he uses to generate those profits?

Hey JeffBezos, holler at me if you are looking for an intelligent, patient (somewhat), ambitious, kind (until she/I am not) round, and brown yacht guest. FR, if I had 500 kajillion dollars I would build my own island continent as well. We land folk are cray. bowei_kay What does a person do with an object like that? Lol. Well, maybe rent it out for high class parties

I’m working for a DSP. This makes me a bit ill. Uau... This is AFFLUENZA... How about with all the money he has made- supply free Covid masks with every Amazon delivery JB🌟 Seems like a very “green” thing to do 😂 always nice to hear the left lecture everyone on carbon footprint and then do whatever the hell they want.

little man with a giant ego. such a role model. Come on CNN this was last weeks news Um. Quitting Amazon is insanely easy. ❤️ Good thing he only has to 'work' half a day to pay for it. DEMOCRATS = party of wealth And that’s why we need to stop using Amazon! Tìm ng đủ yêu thương mình lớn tuổi hơn cũng đc ạ Sick! And no in a good way!

But 👏 is 👏 he 👏 happy 👏 (yes.) Anybody here can go and make their own fucking money and stop trying to get in the pockets of the successful. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE Amazon because I don’t have to step into a grossly understaffed Walmart ever again....

JeffBezos owns an asocial Monopoly Trust & Icon of Western miserycapitalism. Finally, it belongs to the missions of militant Christianity to charge those owning this Organized crime down to Zero for socioeconomic & environmental damages: foodstamps & projects instead warship Stop complaining about when you work hard to afford that car and house you always wanted then it's all good but because he is billionaire and worked hard to achieve that level its his money you didn't work for it so you have no right to decide how it's spent GTFOH

He deserves it We are literally destroying the planet to give this morron whatever he can imahine and people doesn't realize capitalism is a failure of a sistem. Calm down there Lex. Loser. tipping_pitches showing the A’s ownership how to spend their $12 billion after they move to Vegas Payment for saving 7 Billion lives.

He may as well, he can afford it.

Wait. I was told that Bezo's wealth is really just 'on paper' and that he's not particularly liquid. This would seem to conflict with that theory. AddamsLtd Why I stopped using Amazon. He won’t pay his workers fairly but has all this extra money for himself. Good for him, he deserves it. Work hard, play hard. Because of him and his company 1.3 million have good jobs all which start at $15 per hour…details:

Capitalist stans are so sad and pathetic. He got that money thanks to Trump who taxed the middle class not the filthy rich 😡 When does this kind of wealth become gross? 500 million to make sure he can survive after he destroys the planet. Wow, the comments! Who do you hate more...Bezos, Trump or yourself?

Yet he can’t pay his workers a livable wage and won’t let them unionize. F this guy.

Even if you could afford it, do you REALLY need a 417-foot super yacht Gross!!! And Amazon won’t pay taxes? That’s pretty dumb. Good for him. With his wealth it is better to spend than save. Just pay your share in taxes. How he uses his tax refund is his business. Oh wait... Jeff Bezos will be the poorest man in heaven..........................assuming that's where he goes.

Yeah well MY yacht’s support yacht has its OWN support yacht! Suck it Bezos. Maybe Bezos will buy his own ocean in which to sail his new boat. Nothing like an abuse to prove out radical economics that says there shows that there should be no super rich. Hope it sinks with him on it. If you're an Amazon customer & you think this is abhorrent... Stop giving him money.

Your welcome Jeff! Signed the American tax payers!

He buys a boat but won’t pay his employees a living wage. thought he got a regular salary like all his employees!? GTFOH! the most greedy slave owner of them ALL!!!! and how did he get to steal PPV from cable t.v and get away with it!!! Damn I guess I’ll look for another one. HasBezosDecided 👀👀👀 mendlowicz

Boat guy here. It’s going to be a lot more then 500 mil. Has it P bottles.. Meanwhile staff in his work farms piss in bottles. He's evil.

While his warehouse employees can't afford a pair of Water Wings never mind a bloody great big yacht. What a total ......... I am sure it is a “corporate” yacht and is subsidized by tax dollars Well, that's a necessary purchase Am I pissed that Amazon paid hardly nothing in taxes, damn straight, but who’s fault is that? He didn’t create the tax code and the loopholes that allowed him to pay near nothing.

Wow , that’s literally a very essential things to live in this pandemic 😷. Great job JeffBezos How are anyone going to mad at a guy who started his business is his garage? You’re just pissed because it’s not you. What I’m pissed about is how Amazon workers have been treated...he took advantage of people that needed to work to provide for their family!

He bought the super yacht with the stolen money from his employees. The super-luxurious life of one alone costs the suffering of many. neoliberalism ideology greed Thanks for letting me know. I wasn’t feeling bad enough about my life as it was already. Lol

Aww, his massive ego needs a *support yacht*. Clown. 🤡 Man’s entitled to do what he wants with HIS money. We have no idea what he gives to charitable causes. Jealousy is what’s wrong with so many people nowadays. Lazy good for nothing’s who want life handed to them on a plate. Bezos’s riches are an obscene amount I agree, but HIS.

It genuinely is getting like James Bond with these super rich evil geniuses taking over the world. Sharks fitted with frickin lasers next. It’s his money. This is yellow press. Really CNN? Tomorrow we talk about trendy shoes and a mole in some famous face? Really CNN? Is this NEws? There are people dying in world

The first day you own a super yacht is the happiest day of your life, and the second happiest day of your life is when you sell your super yacht! Song of choice..... Bruce Cockburn - if I had a rocket launcher Most people just buy Porsches for their middle-age crisis. Everyone complaining about this....create a company as popular as Amazon and you can donate all of your money to whatever cause you want.

A nice little personal ark for when the shit hits the fan. Safety first, right? Almost half the size of a cruise ship yet his workers still only get paid minimum wage. Hm 500 Million is to 100 Billion what 500 is to 100 Thousand. So this extravagant mega yacht is, in terms of percentage of wealth spent, the equivalent of a middle class family spending $500

Prepping for the end of days? At what point, or footage rather, does a yacht become a ship? Just curious. I'm sure a few millions would change the lives of those who work for him.