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Japan PM Abe seeks citizens' help in coronavirus fight as Olympics to go ahead

Japan PM Abe seeks citizens' help in coronavirus fight as Olympics to go ahead


Japan PM Abe seeks citizens' help in coronavirus fight as Olympics to go ahead

Japan ese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday called on the public to cooperate...

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe attends a news conference on coronavirus at his official residence in Tokyo, Japan February 29, 2020. REUTERS/Issei Kato“I have decided we must make all efforts in the next one or two weeks to prevent the spread” of the virus, he said, while expressing confidence this was possible.

Japan has seen more than 940 cases of infection of the virus, including 705 from the British-registered Diamond Princess cruise liner, which was quarantined near Tokyo this month, according to the public broadcaster, NHK. There have been 11 fatalities, including six from the cruise ship, Japan’s handling of which drew harsh criticism overseas and at home.

The government was also closely watching the global economy and would take fiscal steps as necessary to counter the economic impact of the spreading virus.Hokkaido, a popular destination for foreign tourists, on Friday declared a state of emergency and urged its population of about 5 million people, including the capital Sapporo - the venue for the Olympics marathon - to stay home this weekend.

Reporting by Junko Fujita, Chang-Ran Kim, Elaine Lies; Writing by William Mallard and Linda Sieg; Editing by Ed Davies and Louise Heavens

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson transferred to intensive care

Over 51,000 people in the United Kingdom have tested positive for COVID-19, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.

Many Japanese is injured by Abe Shinzo . He is liar ‼︎ Abeyamero Abe, quit! abeyamero [“To be frank, we cannot win this battle through the efforts of the government alone,” Abe told a news conference two days after calling for all schools nationwide to be closed for more than a month.] Should he quit, who else can do better than him? Leftists are so irresponsible. Actually, there’s no one in the opposite parties to be a good PM candidate. Most of them are manipulated by PRC or RoK. Abeyameruna - “Abe, don’t quit” was also tending on twitter across Japan.

sushi tenpura abeyamero Abe is a criminal that who’s crimes against humanity! 日本の国難の源。日本の恥。 danger japan 安倍辞めろ #Abe Falsifier of official documents 安部やめろ Abe,quit! Abe,fascist! Abe,liar! Abe,shame on you! Thank you,Reuters. このバカは安倍昭恵と共に早く逮捕するべきだと思う。安倍辞めろ abeyamero We need a leader who gives a damn about the people. Oh, and give back the olympic rights to Turkey. It ain't cool stealing from another country. abexit

PM Abe vows Japan's utmost efforts to coronavirus; Xi visit, Olympics on track Japan ese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Saturday promised his government's ut... The government doesn’t want to do the test for coronavirus. Japan is very dangerous now. Please be careful! japandemic Olympics on track, really? Let's see.. If only someone didn't eat a fucking bat soup...

I know Japan PM Shinzo Abe’s dream is transforming Japan to A Dictatorship Nation. The Japanese government cannot protect Japanese citizens. Stop Abe, only a noisy minority is in turmoil, its identity is communist. Most Japanese calmly follow the instructions of Prime Minister Abe. 安倍やめろ、は騒々しい少数派が騒いでいるだけで、その正体は共産主義者です。日本人のほとんどは冷静に安倍総理の指示に従っています。

This government is full of lies. CORRUPT His speech is just reading the manuscript without his own comment. He rejects to receive any question from floors, but questions that have been decided before. He has no ability to be PM. Following this interview, it was removed from Twitter by hashtag ♯abeyamero. With speech suppression?

Abeyamero AbeQuit Abeyamero オリンピックさえ出来れば景気回復すると思ってるのか?アベは。日本は滅びるんだよ、アベのせいで。 Abe should leave immediately. The Japanese SDF is attacking the Japanese people :( 陰の部分にばかり 目をむけていては 何も決断ができない 政府の決断も あなたの決断も同じく。 決めて断つこと 断つ勇気がなければ 英断はできない

PM Abe asks all of Japan schools to close over coronavirus Japan 's entire school system, from elementary to high schools, will be asked to close from March 2 until spring break late in March to help contain the coronavirus outbreak, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said 'school's out for...' oh wait it never began. Good 安倍晋三是个没有民主价值观的笨蛋!

Help us to take him down... global citizens, we have a wrong guy in a leading position... all bluff. He is just not a right person to be there. But he controls media... time to have an external movement to get him out!!! byeShinzoAbe 安倍晋三は今すぐ辞めろ 安倍晋三やめろ A little too late dude. It's true this Olympic is very important for Japan, but I think safety of people should be the priority.

Thoroughly blame Shinzo Abe's folly. Most of the media in Japan cannot be blamed for being acquired by him. Abeyamero this guy’s never played plague inc Abe is destroyer! 安部やめろ 安倍は辞めろ 安倍はやめろ 安倍晋三は今すぐ辞めろ 安倍辞めろ #安倍晋三辞职 #Abequit #QuitteAbe #БросьАбэ #아베를그만두라 #BeendenSieAbe 逃げ続ける安倍総理に、国民は怒っています。 The people are angry at Prime Minister Abe, who continues to flee. 安倍やめろ

You're Fired!! I want Abe to resign prime minister. He is the worst PM ever. 安倍やめろ Abeyamero

Japan to close schools nationwide to control spread of virus, AP reportsDEVELOPING: Japan will close all elementary, junior and high schools in effort to control spread of coronavirus, government officials say. When this happens in the USA what will people do? Public school is day care for millions of hard working people MURDERER' OF ARAB LEADERS, 'JAIL CHILDREN' EMIGRANT LATINOS, 'BLOCK' COUNTRIES, 'POWER ABUSER' A 'PIG' THAT IS BELIEVED TO BE 'UP THE LAW' 'WHO IS THE CRAZY? Online hentai consumption is about to go through the roof.

In Japan, information processing by the government has been performed as usual. “Retire Abe” was the most recent trend on Twitter the other day. The next day, it was rewritten as 'don't quit.' Let the government stop manipulating information Postpone olympics to next year Quit Abe!! He has many reasons to leave, but he will not quit😡

FRcRuXGD9S4N2Dt 国民にPCR検査さえさせない。 助けて。 安倍やめろ 日本を破壊する人 安倍やめろ 🙄 Many Japanese people support Prime Minister Abe Abe is trying to disguise the number of the infected by limiting the number of RT-PCR under 900 per day. Japan is already a hot bed with no effective quarantine. Please shut down flights to Japan from your country to stop the Olympic and save the people in Japan.

Cancel Olympics!

Japan Shocks Parents by Moving to Close All Schools Over CoronavirusThe country, unlike others, has not experienced a sharp increase in reported cases, but it is under pressure to act decisively to preserve the Tokyo Olympics . It’s not drastic. It’s prudent, smart and it will help. We have to get beyond the mindset that sitting in physical place=learning. A ton of what everyone does and gets in a traditional educational setting can be done online and during this crisis, a lot more safely. coronavirus Exclusive: Japan’s Deputy Attorney General, Kurokawa is reported to have taken a huge amount of bribes from a fixer in Japanese politics for the coverups of PM Abe-related scandals. PM Abe also must cancel the ceremony held on Apr. 19 anouncing that the second son of the ex-emperor will ascend the imperial throne. The most of the nation hope Emperor's only daughter, Toshi-no-miya, to be the next emperor, following Emperor Showa's words. 立皇嗣の礼反対

Check with Us/Israeli something. Maybe there’s something there; then come in to help... 安倍姑息 安倍辞めろ Reuters reports silly news. The Japanese Prime Minister has been successful in combating Wuhan pneumonia spread from China. The Abe administration and ruling party have rejected the opposition party's budget for corona control. The national budget for corona measures in Japan is zero.

Shinzo, YOU ARE FIRED !! モダンチョキチョキズ 「THE絶望行進曲」 YouTubeより Japan PM Abe seeks citizens' SACRIFICE as Olympics to go ahead お国のために・・ How old are you?😆Anti-Abe アスリートや観客の安全を考えるなら、必ずしも開催が正しい選択だとは言えないのではないか?と最近思うようになりました。 開催時期の延期若しくは中止も視野に入れて考えなければならない場面…。 【けいたいでのかつどう】 2月29日の首相会見 謎を呼んでいる「けいたいでのかつどう」とは何か? みなさん推理してみてください。 ちなみに速記録からこの部分は削除されています。 安倍やめろ (引用) 会見内容の意味を取材して、何を伝え説明責任をしようとしたのカネ?

Coronavirus Fears Prompt Japan To Close All Its Schools For A MonthPrime Minister Shinzo Abe said he is 'putting health and safety of children first above all.' He asked employers to help workers cope with the temporary shutdown. And so did Iraq But All Trump Rallies are still On All MAGA should attend, hang out, mix and mingle for hours An experiment gone completely wrong . . .

I just want to encourage the Japanese to stay safe and stay strong. God be with you and God bless all of you. 日本語がそのまま外国語になってるもの、たくさんありますが、 ついに「Abeyamero」がそうなる日が来そう。 「Abeyamero, meaning “Abe, quit!”, was still trending on Twitter. 」 We citizens are deeply disappointed and now just want him to resign and seek a better one, not a reader of prompter, but a normal capable leader.

They keep going just for the money. こういうことも世界に伝えてね↓ ① ② ③ Anti-Abe protestors shouted at Japan’s PM as his motorcade sped away after Saturday’s abysmal press conference. Resign Abe! 安倍やめろ 安倍首相記者会見 You care about Olympic money but never Japanese people! Abe should consider the Japanese people than the Olympic Games and Xi Jinping.

Japan should provide information to control coronavirus and share information with other countries. Bet it doesn't, no one will be there. To have that many people, from all over the world, in one relatively small area at the same time is ludicrous. I think the world should sit this one out.

'We do a lot of crying': American couple in quarantine for coronavirus separated in Japan, USIt seemed like a dream vacation: Six months around Asia and Australia, including a stint on Princess Cruises' Diamond Princess. Then came coronavirus. Guess what!? Theres a lot of America to see without leaving the country, stay home, spend your money here 🙂 This makes me sad for them! I hope they can get home soon and reunite!

😳 Really and just who is booking ahead? Cancellations perhaps by the 1000's. Let's hope the olympics do not change into paralympics, sporters with lung disease Good man. Uhhhhh dude I don’t think the olympics should go ahead The Democrats have truly fooled the world with this hoax thing. :-) Stupidest idea ever

RuthLaCavaEvans What theF is wrong with this people. The f greed is more important than the human life. Something evil is going on here. The people must protect your life’s yourselves. Всё очень просто. Керосин лечит любой вирус. Доза: чайная ложка в день.

Hahaha OMG! They’re asking for it. And everyone knows they are under reporting their cases so they can keep the Olympics and tourism going.

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