James Dyson designed a new ventilator in 10 days. He's making 15,000 for the pandemic fight

Tech, Dyson To Make 15, 000 Ventilators - Cnn

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Tech, Dyson To Make 15


Dyson has received an order from the UK government for 10,000 new ventilators to support efforts by the UK's National Health Service to treat the growing number of patients who have contracted coronavirus, company founder James Dyson confirmed to employees

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London (CNN Business)Dyson has received an order from the UK government for 10,000 ventilators to support efforts by the country's National Health Service to treat coronavirus patients. James Dyson, the company's billionaire founder, confirmed the order in a letter to employees shared with CNN on Wednesday.'Desperate' shortage of ventilators for coronavirus patients puts manufacturers on wartime footing"A ventilator supports a patient who is no longer able to maintain their own airways, but sadly there is currently a significant shortage, both in the UK and other countries around the world," Dyson wrote.Dyson said the company had designed and built an entirely new ventilator, called the"CoVent," since he received a call 10 days ago from UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson."This new device can be manufactured quickly, efficiently and at volume," Dyson added, saying that the new ventilator has been designed to"address the specific needs" of coronavirus patients.Read MoreA spokesperson for the company, which is best known for its vacuum cleaners and hand dryers, said the ventilators would be ready by early April. Dyson, who has wealth worth $10 billion according to Bloomberg, wrote in his letter that he would also donate 5,000 units to the international effort to tackle the pandemic. "The core challenge was how to design and deliver a new, sophisticated medical product in volume and in an extremely short space of time," he added."The race is now on to get it into production." James Dyson unveils a new product in Germany.Healthcare workers in many parts of the world are having trouble enough critical supplies, such as masks, gloves and ventilators, to deal with the influx of patients suffering from the highly contagious virus.A second UK firm, Gtech, is also working to produce ventilators and has submitted two examples to the government for assessment. The company specializes in cordless vacuum cleaners and garden power tools.In the United States, Ford (F) has announced that it's working with 3M and GE Healthcare to produce medical equipment including ventilators and protective gear. GM (GM) and Tesla (TSLA) have also pledged to make ventilators. Read more: CNN

bisping It is all fine to create a new machine but... it is a new machine and my respiratory therapist mother has told me these machines must be learned and operate. Wow. Designed and produced in 10 days. Let’s get them out there - after all there are sbrulliant people out there. +++++ LadyLakeMusic cnn - while Dyson is being hailed, it is worth noting that a British company called Gtech were told that their ventilators were not required then, oddly, Dyson is in the news (this time, not for being a Tory donor based in Singapore avoiding taxes) Spooky, eh? moneyfortheboys

10 days ago?!!!! Is the country he makes these going to allow him to sell to UK if they also have a great need? 通过卫星我们发现纽约空气中的硫化物在最近严重超标,很可能是在大规模焚烧尸体造成的,希望纽约时报应该恪守自己的媒体职责。勇敢揭露美国政府的黑暗统治,你们要做那黑暗中的一束光。 Dyson.. what to say.. 👏🏻👏🏻 bisping „In 10 days” fawadchaudhry To

UK orders 10,000 ventilators from Dyson for coronavirus patientsBritain has ordered 10,000 medical ventilators designed at breakneck speed by va...

If you need it to suck or blow. Dyson's the best way to go. Thank you DYSON... 666 The maker of the best vacuums, blowdryers and fans is now making (probably also the best) ventilators. Hopefully we can also get some in the US If only all countries in the world put aside their current and old grudges aside and cooperated with each other instead of trying to reinvent the wheel on their own they would find the cure much much faster and save much more people.

$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is CNN do you really believe this bulllshit? Its like office. Americans will steal it. Hoping they aren’t as expensive as his vacuums. jaketapper If we had competent people in OUR government we should have had hundreds of thousands of these ventilators in warehouses READY to be deployed MONTHS ago.

The slim, cordless Dyson Animal vacuum has some seriously savage suction—and it’s $100 off todayThis lightweight stick vacuum is 25 percent off at QVC for one day only.

Please send some mass produced to the most hit states to help save some lives Do It! realDonaldTrump NYGovCuomo GovAbbott procure Tyson under the Emergency Procurement Policy & send them the $. Why is it that Ford & GM are 'ordered' to produce them when I don't think they produce them now? Can existing ventilators b modified so the output can b attached 2a Y shaped hose so the 2patients can get the air from 1 machine? Both outputs have a psi guage & valve adj & the main output pressure would b increased bc of course now you’ve got 2 people taking air & not just 1.

jaketapper Bypass the government and provide them directly to hospitals. thomaspower Is Dyson revenue about to drop so switching to ventilators ? And since It’s a Dyson it will cost you three times as much! jaketapper 1- donate 90% of CoVents produced 2- sell the other 10% to billionaires for half a Billion $ each 3- jeff bezos’ costs 5 Billion but includes next-day delivery 4- congratulations you have now created a short-term, self-collecting wealth tax out of raw, uncut capitalism

Dyson didn't design it. He's claimed he's going to be involved in building it but the government says nothing has been decided. SethAbramson And it will ventilate you 10 times harder. MikeGiardi Is it affordable for every household

Billionaire James Dyson Confirms His Company Will Make An Initial Order Of 10,000 Ventilators In The U.K.A spokesman for Dyson confirmed to Forbes that an initial order of 10,000 units from the UK Government has been placed, and work will begin immediately at the historic airforce base, RAF Hullavington. I understand he moved Dyson HQ to Singapore during Brexit but isn’t he still also a non domicile with offshore account in the Channel Islands ? Just asking. Might be wrong. Asking for a friend. I’d feel more relaxed about it if you’d referred to him as, “Philanthropist Industrialist” rather than “Billionaire”. At least you didn’t call him “Singapore-Based Brexit Supporter”. Apparently it sucks...

jaketapper Great. Where are they? Amazing — almost to good to be true. I hope it is. SethAbramson Was this the design actually invented by a university team and kindly donated to aid in the current crisis, which is frankly quite shamefully only being manufactured by one company with close financial ties to the government? Because if so, shame on them for not sharing in turn.

Dyson did not design it. TTP (the Technology Partnership) designed, Dyson is building it. jaketapper Stop giving Trump a election rally platform CNN if so give Biden equal time it’s not fair. SethAbramson That's great news. This seems intuitive... asking Tesla seems intuitive. Asking ford and GM? I imagine a hose connected to the exhaust of a gasoline generator

jaketapper Balls in your court .elonmusk. Well what are you waiting for. BUILD TimberGhost7 The design should be licensed to US companies!

'NBA 2K' Publisher Beats Copyright Suit Over LeBron James' TattoosIn a landmark decision on the tattoo front, a federal judge rules that Take-Two's depiction was de minimus and that an implied license was granted.

Now we’re talking. Private industry rising to the call without forcing them to through old wartime acts? Go figure. Who could have seen this coming? Besides everyone who isn't a partisan loon, I mean. Ordinary ventilators cost thousands. Dyson ventilators tens of thousands. And cost 500% more than any other ventilator.

Yes, Dyson work w & open source too 4 d 3D printing private community: make elonmusk 3M makerfaire make adafruit Tesla 10DowningStreet ItalyinUS PMOIndia DickGordonDG IskoMoreno VicoSotto Cynthia_Villar _camillevillar MannyPacquiao GM Ford realDonaldTrump Like if all of these companies like GM and 3M and the other would work together this could be done much faster.

Is he making the plans public so other companies can use the design and save lives as well? Mr.Dyson, you are a genius. Thank you. Nice story: bravo Dyson but I read it two days ago on Popular Mechanics So it hasn't been tested? Govts need to take care that charlatans won't use the pandemic to push untested 'new' devices, for a profit.

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So why can't US companies do this? Seems that the so called greatest country in the world isn't. But their factories are in China right? Of course you people give approval and advertising ways to them and him. You would only give that more then less to whomever hates Trump. deym. V10s FTW Us Brits putting the US to shame again it seems.

Why did it take a phone call ? Nice, hope it's also TRUE Everyone is coming onboard to help=James Dyson We all thank them. Hey realDonaldTrump where’s our ventilators, you incompetent ghoul. Hopefully it doesn’t suck your lungs out. Dyson makes some very powerful vacuum cleaners.

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and James Bond Cast Clap for Health Care Workers Amid CoronavirusDaniel Craig and Rachel Weisz gave a round of applause to health care workers amid the coronavirus pandemic

Dyson - please 'open source' the design and let the army of closed manufacturing plants make it. Build in a 'max profit is X% above cost' to avoid ambulance chasers. CONTRIBUTE the device to the world of makers who are ready with 3d printers. See the Community make 100,000 a day. And were still waiting on Trump to order companies to start mass producing them , let me rephrase that , waiting on Trump to see what companies that will put money in his pockets and help with his re-election and get those no bid contracts .

Kayla_cooley KarSugrue MelanieMoore Which look amazing, but will work half as well, for twice the cost, and won’t be available for months. Thought I read yesterday, the order was cancelled? And just like that Andrew Cuomo is an expert on medical inventory and logistics Awesome

No country except China can provide so much Why do you refuse the cover the Tara Reade story? Sounds like the govt's thanks to Dyson for supporting their Brexit campaign. So Dyson is smarter than elonmusk huh? I think Dyson is the real genius here, not Elon Musk Trump:cnn,fake news How many guesses do I get at which Chinese province's factories will be tasked with the OEM assembly?

Now you think it’s an emergency, to upgrade the Kennedy Center is a more of an emergency to the Democratic Party, well I think of the Kennedy Center I will always think of the Virus of 2020,Racist CNN Trying to make the virus more Hispanic than Chinese calling it Corona🍺 And when the pandemic is over they can use them to vacuum the carpet.

Stylish?!?!?! CNN you are obviously not needed anymore...

There are companies in the UK that actually manufacture ventilators. Why not give them the contract? Because they’re not Tory donors. This is Trump-level corruption that will cost lives. Well Scottish football fans, at least we know what James Traynor is working on now. This bullshit story is as real as Morelos transfer or a Sevco investment tale.

If you reverse the polarity of house hold vacuum cleaners they also work as ventilators. Since there seems to be a shortage of $ or ventilators... or will to help, perhaps or governors can reach out to Dyson! Oops...you just reported something positive. Why only 15000 Wow, that's awesome And who is friends with who that this deal happened? How much money traded hands? They should have asked Elon Musk to do it. I hear he offered. And Musk at least has a track record of delivering functional products. Unlike Dyson. Worst, most overprices, POS vacuums ever.

Attack all local employees of USA emabassy and consulate. If they have powerful backing then attack it aswell.

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