Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren In 1st Round Obliteration

Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren In 1st Round Obliteration

4/18/2021 7:52:00 AM

Jake Paul Knocks Out Ben Askren In 1st Round Obliteration

Jake Paul just made good on his promise ... DESTROYING BEN ASKREN in a ferocious 1st round knockout!!!!

Askren -- a decorated MMA fighter -- threw some shots that landed in the opening moments of the fight. But things changed quickly.24-year-old Paul made it clear he was headhunting -- and connected with a DESTRUCTIVE right hand that sent the UFC fighter crashing to the floor with 1:18 left in the opening round.

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Snoop was so pumped - he was shouting,"FINISH HIM! FINISH HIM!"36-year-old Askren got up and wanted to continue -- but the ref waived it off, saying Askren was stumbling and was just too discombobulated to continue.Jake WAS EMOTIONAL after the win -- crying in the ring and falling to his knees in disbelief, At one point, he got back up and started doing push ups to show he could keep going.

.has stopped Ben Askren in the FIRST ROUND! Read more: TMZ »

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That’s so fake he got paid by the Smurfs in the Smurf village if you ever see someone get knock down the first round that means it’s ramparts fault he uses his magician tricks to take you off Bring on McGregor Now he's going to be more obnoxious than ever. tommytntfury fight him stop fighting bums Ben laughed to the bank.....and Jake got a bigger head. Picking lay ups for his fights.

SIGN ACT 2 PETITION Set up When is he gonna box a boxer? Thats not even a fight that was wack Who's Ben Askren? That match was a circus show.

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Minus points na ako sa langit neto🤣🥺 The guy who got knocked out looks like someone’s fat, drunk uncle. Prolly was fake Y’all pumping this clowns head up With these weak ass fighters Big pay off for him to throw the fight to make that YouTube who rapes women look good. Yah thats how these fights go. They get paid to take the L from this clown

Very cool Your a fool if you paid money to watch this trash.... Considering the shape Jake is in....its no wonder. wow

Snoop Dogg explodes as Jake Paul knocks out Ben Askren—'Get my money'Justin Bieber and Doja Cat were among those who attended the event at which the YouTuber floored the former MMA fighter.

All these people in here saying he's fighting someone that don't box before the fight was saying Jake was going to get his ass whooped 🤣🤣🤣🤣 haters these Days As he should 💅🏻 I find it mind boggling that this is considered a sport in modern times. People can’t believe some of the things people would watch as sport ages ago, as being barbaric. Curious in 2-3 hundred years will people view boxing and ultimate fighting that way? Just a thought.

Did he tho Another mediocre performer being elevated for no good reason. Who cares about a boxer fighting non boxers. This is stupid. Boxing Askren is a grappler. What a bullshit match. Please support That’s an embarrassing act by Ben Askren. There’s no way he can be beaten in 1st round by this armature YouTuber!!!

There'a gotta be a fix somewhere. Noway that punch was knockout worthy. That looked like a tap. I call bullshit.

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WWE fake Wow!! So the brother of an ass clown knocked out a old ex cage fighter in what is supposed to be classed as a boxing match? Cue the 'I'm an elite athlete' shite again until he gets his big pay day!!! stateofboxing Is it rigged? gorilladiamond hands!!!💎💎💎 Rigged!! If someone gets 'Knocked out' they don't get straight back up after being hit... ref called it far too early.

Damn Jake and Ben made Thriller the WWE of the wrestling world 🤣. They’re staged AF Maybe Jake is really heavyhanded y’all.. definitely no finesse to him, but the kid can punch (it seems). Guys this is so easy. I can also KO a toddler in just a couple secs. No crazy shit. No he did

Jake Paul Resurfaces Dana White 'Million Dollar Bet' Clip, Says He OwesJake Paul resurfacing the Dana White 'bet' clip doesn't do him any favors in collecting. White is not a man of his word. Donate the money to charity Dana. He never bet anyone!!! He only said he would bet while talking in conversation. You ppl arw nuts!

Barely a TKO, don't sensationalize this sideshow. Bare in mind Ben nobhead took shots in ufc but he couldn’t last one round in boxing it’s madd how they played everyone Rigged as fuck the referee: “are you okay” Ben: “yeah” *ben stands with gloves up* Referee: “I just realised I’m retarded end the fight”

Leaked rigged They got the worst striker in UFC history and still had to rig it. Askren's trolling. lol good for boxing ben had more in him. i hope jake wins at least 2 more before he fights someone legit. Good luck Jake. Remember, this guy Jake is not influenced by the Boxing BS. Lol people paid money for that clown show

Rigged Caption this Ben took a dive lmaooo he got hit 10X worst against robbie lawler and won it

Pete Davidson Puts Jake Paul on Blast During Triller Fight Club: ‘He’s Not a Good Person’Pete Davidson Puts Jake Paul on Blast During Triller Fight Club: 'He's Not a Good Person' (via JustJared) JustJared JustJared Why should anyone carrrrre JustJared Says the one using the death of his 9/11 father to be famous. Oh plus insulting other people for “comedy”. Lol

This was so scripted. They paid that man a lot of money to take a dive in the 1st rd.