Its two hospitals overrun, Imperial County halts in-store retail and indoor religious services

Its two hospitals overrun, Imperial County halts in-store retail and indoor religious services

7/3/2020 8:03:00 AM

Its two hospitals overrun, Imperial County halts in-store retail and indoor religious services

The Imperial County health order also closes all county parks, bars gatherings and directs residents to stay at home when possible. Over 20% of coronavirus tests in the county come back positive.

AdvertisementThe Imperial County coronavirus tally is a bit of an enigma.A rural, 181,000-person county along the state’s borders with Arizona and Mexico doesn’t seem to be the prime location for virus spread. And Newsom said the county had “never moved forward [with reopening] as far as other parts of the state,” though the Board of Supervisors and a business association had

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in June.Still, poor economic and health factors put Imperial County at a steep disadvantage for contagion and healthcare.According to census data, about a quarter of its residents live in poverty, among the worst percentages of all California counties. And while California averages one primary care physician per 1,260 residents, Imperial County only has

.AdvertisementThe only two hospitals in Imperial County — El Centro Regional Medical Center and Pioneers Health Center — have been overrun since the coronavirus outbreak. In just the last five weeks, Imperial County transferred over 500 coronavirus patients to other counties for treatment — an average of 15 to 17 people a day, Newsom said.

Some of the overflow has been attributed to an unusually high number of hospital admissions linked to cross-border traffic from Mexicali. In the Friday news briefing, Newsom said the state is “working with Customs and Border [Protection] because of issues” relating to the border in Mexicali and Calexico.

Hospitals do not disclose where their patients come from, but they do routinely treat cross-border travelers, said Karina Lopez, public affairs liaison at Pioneers Health 85% Latino, and many residents are migrant farmers or recent immigrants.

When determining which patients to care for, Pioneers Health Center does not consider a patient’s residence.Advertisement“Right now, the border technically is closed. The only people technically allowed to pass are legal resident card holders or U.S. citizens,” Lopez said. But “anyone coming to our hospital that needs care will receive it.”

Though the hospital has filled only 68 of its 107 acute care beds, it has turned some patients away.“The main concern for us was that we do not have enough acute care nurses to care for the patients coming in. While we do have beds for them, and we do have space for them, we don’t have enough staff,” Lopez said.

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For six weeks, the hospital received some additional support from the National Guard, but that program ended Tuesday. Lopez said the hospital will soon acquire more traveling nurses to support its permanent staff.AdvertisementAs the hospitals remain overrun and the Fourth of July weekend approaches, Imperial County officials urge residents to stay inside.

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Good to know the barn doors are closed. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... About time, too! Oh stop it already. Look at us vs Argentina. In a rational, intelligent world, how can this be? Covid19isGettingCloser to max overkill. Indoor religious services never should have been opened in the first place. Why are we being so damned foolish about covid19?


Do people not have clothes they can wash or just keeping the partners happy with new China merchandise.

Orange County closing all county-operated beaches for July 4 weekendAll county-operated beaches in Orange County will be closed for the entire holiday weekend of July 4 and 5, the county's executive officer said, joining other Southern California counties in the closing of their shores to prevent spread of coronavirus. But LOOTING AND RIOTING IS OK🤔oh and protesters protesting🖕 New law: Until Trump loses the 2020 election, there will be no having fun, especially on holidays. Totally not going to backfire. Great business move..not. You're willing to lose all that holiday revenue for the state? Gavin Newsom's gotta go!

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I Ate At A Restaurant In What Was Once COVID-19’s Deadliest CountyThe idea of dining out again is exciting yet nerve-wracking. It’s a calculated risk for both customers and workers. Get a grip! You have a warped idea of exciting. Hmm let’s see, tens of thousands marching and rioting throughout the streets for over a month now. But restaurants. Go eff yourself.

At least 176 test positive for coronavirus at Ventura County farmworker housing complexOf the 216 tests administered to residents and staff at the facility, more than 80% have come back positive for COVID-19. God Bless our farmworkers. 176 tested positive and none of them are in danger of dying. Shut down the plant. There safe reopen when everyone tests negative Don't worry. If they die, we can always just import more from Mexico.

Times sues L.A. County sheriff over withholding records on deputy misconductThe Los Angeles Times has filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles County, alleging that the Sheriff’s Department has repeatedly refused to turn over public records about deputies involved in misconduct or shootings. The people should sue the Times for withholding records on misconduct by elected officials. Ooohhhhh yes always a coverup on misconduct i can’t believe they are withholding that information. that should be publicly available.

10 p.m. curfew imposed for all San Diego County restaurants and barsPublic health officials say the move is designed to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. 😑 so we’re still not gonna take this seriously. Apparently the virus only comes out after 10pm. So you can’t get coronavirus before 10 😕. Cause why else would you close at 10