Actress, Emily Blunt, Victoria Beckham

Actress, Emily Blunt

It’s Bond, Jane Bond: 11 Women Who Would Make a Killer 007

Who's got your vote for who would make a great 007?

9/25/2021 1:49:00 PM

Who's got your vote for who would make a great 007?

Priyanka Chopra and Gillian Anderson have been among the fan favorites in the campaign for a female 007 agent, but we’ve got a few additional ideas.

Ocean’s Eight, so she’s got the range.Lucy LiuLiu has proved that she can carry an action-adventure romp withCharlie’s Angels, but it’s high time she stepped into a slightly more dapper role (unless it conflicts with her, of course, because we still dream of owning a Lucy Liu original).

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Priyanka Chopra SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples We_want_justice save_minority_hindu HumanRightsViolations I_Am_Feeling_unsafe_In_Bangladesh Save_The_Hindu_Of_Bangladesh save_hindu_bangladesh stop_hindu_oppression_bangladesh Stop_Communal_Attack Save_Bangladeshi_Hindus BangladeshiHin We don't need a female version...

PriyankaDailyFC Who else Priyanka Chopra ofc Michelle Yeoh! Ah yes, mais oui, it is time to consider the whole female Bond revolution, now that a black female 007 has been introduced to the followers of the Bond marque, like there are good candidates to come methinks, and good film scripts too in which to field these new style agents.

Angelina Jolie. Priyanka chopra big🙌🙌🙌🙌 Bond should be a man

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PriyankaDailyFC Queen PRI❤️🔥 We ALL CAN DREAM about a non-white man or a woman whatever. Like some, I’d love something else but do I? THE TRUTH that most can’t handle is 007 CREATORS HAVE ABSOLUTE CREATIVE LICENSE TO DO AS THEY PLEASE. Pls leave your hypocritical response somewhere else. I dont need it.

They must be British PRIYANKA CHOPRA hands down! She's just got than intrinsic classy vibe and def. got the moves. PriyankaDailyFC priyankachopra Priyanka Chopra 🥵 It’s a no for Priyanka or V. Beckham. Yes for Gal and Cate !! PRIYANKA ⭐️ Kerry Washington

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No! Just no! also all the women listed i 100% agree with except for the zionist. she cant act for shit 😌 if i say brie larson the incels will cry i already exist🤷🏼‍♀️ Priyanka / Lucy / Emelia / Gal.. Any one of them willal absolutely kill it.. Although I am leaning towards Gal. Oh No. First of all: Bond is British. secondly: I’m sure Lashana Lynch beat all these women to the punch by being cast as a new 00 agent in the upcoming movie Bond 25. The question is: who is this fabulous, badass Agent ‘Nomi’ & is she there to retire James.

Luptia Nyong’o. That’s the only answer. Priyanka Chopra 💣🔥😍 Priyanka Chopra 🔥🔥

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Woman can be sextoy for Bond not Bond 😝 Priyankaaaa😍😍😍😍 Megan Fox Priyanka chopra any day plsss Priyanka Chopra 🔥 Priyanka Chopra Priyanka Chopra would kick some serious butt so her! 👏🏾😍 Priyanka gets all the votes. Have you ever heard of Halle Berry?

‘No Time To Die’ Director Points Out How Sean Connery’s James Bond Was A CreepCary Fukunaga cited a disturbing scene in the franchise’s past “that wouldn’t fly today.” Thank god it was made back in the day. Seinfeld has scenes that wouldn’t fly today. The office has scenes that wouldn’t fly today. What’s your point? So it's okay to kill dozens of henchmen, cause millions of dollars in property damage, kill lots of innocent bystanders but no abusing women? Arnold said it best when Jamieee Curtis asked in True Lies if he ever killed people. Yah but they were all bad.

Ok Lucy Liu is the obvious choice but I WOULD **DIE** to see Victoria Beckham as 007 😭😭💅🙏 I would be happy for any non-boy to be 007 tho np_legacy I vote for Priyanka Gillian Anderson Why do this? Why not create an original female character that rivals Bond & Bourne? Questions like this feels like women aren't good enough to have their own iconic spy-assassin, their own franchise, their own heroine.

Priyanka I vote for Priyanka I propose denzel washington for the role of queen elizabeth, if they make a biopic about her NO. SIT DOWN! Priyanka Chopra Jonas Gal Gadot

Eric Adams Spent His Summer Vacation in Monaco, Like James BondIt turns out that Eric Adams spent his secretive summer vacation in Monaco, taking a page from James Bond and visiting the iconic Monte Carlo Casino of 007 fame and riding on a yacht So? Do we care? And why?

❤️ Rosamund Pike is the perfect female Bond. She has the mysterious cold allure, strong yet feminine There's no need for a Jane Bond. Cate Blanchett will do if you insist. Priyanka shouldn't be on that list, she hasn't got the charm or finesse for that role. Quantico doesn't count. There isn't a law against creating new heroes. Stop trying to make every classic IP woke. Women didn't like it when men who claims to be trans started going to their changing rooms.

No Gal or Emilia have the charm required for the role. None, create a new story.

James Bond Fever Hits U.K. Ahead of ‘No Time To Die’ World Premiere, Ticket Pre-Sales Are Biggest Since ‘Avengers: Endgame’Theater operators are pulling out all the stops to give the 25th Bond the best possible chance to aid their post-pandemic recovery, with the film seen as 'the spark that makes everybody feel safe to return to cinemas.' Nice I'm planning to see it next week It’s gonna sound fab, isn’t it BryanBowenSound sounddesigner Can’t wait to see & hear it myself 😎