Is It True That Narcissists Have Zero Empathy?

Could that be a misconception?


Narcissists may have empathy after all—they just use it destructively to manipulate and control others

Could that be a misconception?

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shintasig_ Serial killers are narcissistic, cult leaders are narcissistic, narcissism in an individual can be extremely dangerous if not addressed properly. Submitting to this type of persons agenda could potentially cause harm to the partner After reading the article it would appear that the best way to deal with a narcissist in a relationship is not to confront them about it and ask that they seek help, but to roll over for them and feed their narcissism until they soften? That seems wildly inaccurate...

Yes. They get a different sadistic pleasure of doing something wrong or supporting somebody worthless and undeserving. They will put themselves in a false highlight to prove that they are great. Be watchful and keep distance from such nuts. And SAVED MY SANITY? Would you like that technique Blessings, and best wishes... but don't believe that article for the life of you... it is BUNK! STOP SERVING THE NARC... you are NOT A CHAIR!!!! You have just as much a right to EVERYTHING...

Relationships are MUTUAL, you are not in a are in a MANIPULATIONSHIP. And the game is to make you their EMOTIONAL DUMPING GROUND... now...would you like a technique that I used on the very nice, decent, helpful, Christian NARC ACROSS THE STREET Not competing with them make yourself INFERIOR TO THEM...and that is another weakness they will feel entitled and obliged to EXPLOIT, which is their middle name.... What you do is... CONTROL YOUR SUPPLY...and STARVE THEM....THEY GO ELSE WHERE!!!!! GOAL, SCORE...WIN!!! For YOU!

Not 'superior'... some of the conceited braggarts can be VERY talented... they can be very good at what they do...but they are the LESS empathetic and MORE competitive thought I should just GIVE HIM MY BUSINESS!!!!! Don't compete with them... YOUR NUTS!!!! He came to MEEEEEE!!!!! He had the LAMEST 'request', 'Can I use your red recycling bin...' We all have does HE!!!! 'Don't you have one of your own?' 'Yes' 'Why don't you just use that one?' 'Yeah....' I am THINKING FOR THIS GUY!!!!! they are IMPAIRED...

Remember, WE had patched things up, we apologized to each other... APOLOGIES MEAN NOTHING TO THESE PEOPLE.... contact, big rift, he Hoovers, and I dismiss him , he hoovers again... I ignore him 5 times... then I give my attention..I realize I have CONTROL.... We are at a party with friend. He starts in with 'If you weren't here, would we be having this conversation?' Me: 'Well, if it is a WORTHY conversation....' At the table, with a friend TALKING HIM UP...he leans over and BELITTLES ME...under his breath...

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Now some only have traits, and some are more 'mild', some can LEARN, some even get HELPED... but not all... they are malignant... you cannot help them. The covert across the street and I had a tiff, we patched it up... it was OVER WITH...but it is NEVER OVER WITH, IN THEIR MIND subconscious compulsion, they are playing out of a PROGRAM. It has a PATTERN!!!!!! they will use every little trick in the book to make you SMALL, even in your own eye...and it has NOTHING to do with you, or your competing with them... THEY ARE INSANE!!!!!

What you do with a NARC... is LEAVE!!!!! Before they destroy you and make you insane, and make it your FAULT!!!! because they cannot accept RESPONSIBILITY!!!! for hurting you... 'Don't compete with them, everything will be OK...'.... BUNK!!!!!!! They is a... to do with you, or your empathy, or your 'goodwill', ONLY YOUR SERVING THEM!!!! ALLOWING THEM TO ABUSE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND OTHERS...EVEN YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!! It is not US who are COMPETITIVE...IT IS THEM!!!! AND THEIR DRIVE TO BE SUPERIOR!!!!!!

a real human being...there is MORE wrong than 'just a lack of empathy' and some 'insecurity' that we can 'MEND'... I WAS NOT A THREAT TO THE COVERT ASS ACROSS THE STREET...HE STILL LIT INTO ME!!!!!!!! I WAS HELPING HIM!!!!!!!!!! They simply TARGET YOU!!!!! It has NOTHING their illusion and delusion... Christ people...if you are NOT COMPETING WITH THEM THEN YOU ARE SERVING THEM AND THEIR PURPOSE!!!!!! STOP IT!!!!! You are just giving them supply to their 'grandeur'... The last few lines is nonsense... you are not dealing with

they do the same... they hide any empathy as weak, to PROTECT THEMSELVES... and yet... when they gaslight, and you object and stand up to them...'I shouldn't have to walk on eggshells'.... says the covert narc... Hypocrites ALL... they have NO eludes them in best interests...they want SUPPLY, and if that means 'showing some understanding...'... so be is getting them to their goal... WE can learn a LESSON from them....HIDE YOUR EMPATHY...that is one thing they see as a weakness and will attack you for...

any 'empathy' is totally out weighed by the bad things... they may 'show empathy' only to worm their way in... they can USE sympathy, for you to MAKE A CONNECTION... and then use that relationship to start in on you... it is a TRAP. So, empathy or not... it is not about YOUR That depends on the definition of 'empathy', doesn't it? In my understanding of the word, empathy cannot - & should not - be divorced from sympathy, even though they are distinct concepts.

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