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Iranian fuel tankers approach Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning

Iranian fuel tankers approach Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning

5/24/2020 2:15:00 AM

Iran ian fuel tankers approach Venezuela n waters despite U.S. warning

The first of five Iran ian tankers carrying fuel for gasoline-starved Venezuela approached the South American country's waters on Saturday afternoon, despite a U.S. official's warning that Washington was considering a response to the shipment.

3 Min ReadCARACAS/DUBAI (Reuters) - The first of five Iranian tankers carrying fuel for gasoline-starved Venezuela approached the South American country’s waters on Saturday afternoon, despite a U.S. official’s warning that Washington was considering a response to the shipment.

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FILE PHOTO: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks at a news conference on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, U.S., September 26, 2019. REUTERS/Brendan Mcdermid//File PhotoAs of 4:51 p.m. local time (2051 GMT), the tanker - named Fortune - was passing north of the neighboring dual-island Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, Refinitiv Eikon data showed.

Venezuelan state television reported that the vessel would arrive in the country’s waters at 7 p.m. local time (2300 GMT), and showed images of a navy ship and aircraft preparing to meet it.The nation’s defense minister had pledged that the military would escort the tankers once they reached Venezuela’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) due to what authorities described as threats from the United States.

“We welcome the boats from the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will soon arrive at our fatherland’s ports,” Tareck El Aissami, Venezuela’s economy vice president and recently named oil minister, wrote on Twitter.The tanker flotilla is carrying a total of 1.53 million barrels of gasoline and alkylate to Venezuela, according to both governments, sources and calculations by

The shipments, desperately needed as gasoline is increasingly scarce in Venezuela, have caused a diplomatic standoff between the United States and Iran and Venezuela as both countries are under U.S. sanctions.Washington is considering measures in response, according to a senior U.S. official, who did not elaborate on any options.

The United States recently beefed up its naval presence in the Caribbean for what it said was an expanded antidrug operation. But a Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, said on Thursday he was not aware of any operations related to the Iranian cargoes.

Earlier on Saturday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned of retaliatory measures against the United States if Washington caused problems for tankers carrying Iranian fuel to Venezuela, the semi-official news agency Mehr reported.“If our tankers in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world face trouble caused by the Americans, they (the U.S.) will also be in trouble,” Rouhani said in a telephone conversation with Qatar’s Emir, Mehr reported.

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Reporting by Dubai newsroom, Deisy Buitrago in Caracas, Luc Cohen in New York and Marianna Parraga in Mexico City; Editing by David Evans, Andrea Ricci and Jonathan Oatis Read more: Reuters Top News »

Wtf. if fuel can be provided unimpeded to an occupying Fascist govt of Israel, what's wrong in doing trade bw Iran and Venezuela. Iran just proved barking dogs seldom bite. I thought both countries are sovereign and US should not poke its nose in! f*ck USA. Who the hell is USA 😐 Wow! Did not realize that the US owns this world !

usa doesn’t own the world imperialism is long gone stop your ignorance 👏👏👍 US is in no position to warn anyone out of its soil. There is a deal between two independent countries and US has no business here, sorry! Of course, as usual and being the hero of all war crimes, US can intervene, sink tankers now, rub the golds after, etc.

Fuck usa The article should focus on 'why USA warning two sovereign countries over trade?'.... Reuters is just another propaganda tool of USA's war machine Study the concepts of Free trade , navigation and maybe get an atlas Reuter’s to see where USA territorial waters end . 'Despite US warning' lol I like how this pro USA 'journalist' is framing this as if Iran is the is not. Iran & Venezuela are sovereign nations, and they may trade with whomever they want. USA has no right or authority over international/Venezuelan waters.

Iran is not a colony or a child of USA. Venezuela and Iran have every right to pursue bilateral agreements. F..k off pro regime change mouthpiece of usa= Reuters The empire is upset. There seems to exist some countries which are defying the almighty will of the global bully. Good. Why does the USA get to strangle other countries and then accuse them of being run poorly? How would Americans feel if China decided what boats could be in the water around the US?

Maybe Iran should put a bunch of warships in the Pacific and warn the US about conducting trade with communist China. Sovereign states are allowed to trade FUD by western media What happened to 'freedom of navigation' or international rule of law between two sovereign states? Or are these only applicable to U.S. interests?

Who the f**k is US to warn other countries not to trade between them? Correction: US wasting taxpayer dollars by being global bully and provoking terrorism. Tengo miedo ojalá todo saldría bien, que se salvan de las agresiones y hostilidades terroristas de 🇺🇸 estate orando pk todo saldrá muy bien, para todos menos los malos

Leave them alone, this world needs evil empires America is the leading state actor of terror. How dare they to defy the will of the Sacred American Empire. These subservient western warcriminal stenographers pretending to be 'journalists' write like regular PO's in Hitlerjugend. 'Czechoslovakia continues to exist as a sovereign state, despite Hitler's warning.'

America is actually the bad guy, but okay In all America news this event is highlighted & breaking! “ Trump will utilize this event strongly. Relieve pressure of covid-19 & voting 🗳 2 in 1. The only folks who are afraid of Mr. Trump are Republican politicians. A robber wants to rob you, but he doesn't want to be known by others, so he tries to do everything to bully you and force you to give him your wealth.

I bet CaptainClorox will start a war to stay in WH and re-election ... reuters was für stiegelleckerschmutz reported ihr hier bitte? das ist ja beyond peinlich Why is the US warning anyone entering ‘Venezuelan’ waters? Shouldn’t Venezuela make the decision there brave action. follow it POTUS seems to be losing dominance and relevance. Nobody cares for what he says. 🇰🇵 expanding its weaponry. 🇨🇳 mauls Hongkong. 🇮🇷 and 🇻🇪 reject warnings. 🤐

Wrong target! It's Americans Brits Physicians set up new slave trade HOSPITALS places sacrificing of MOSTLY MOTHERS, exact copy autocracy medieval torture! Never teach your kids be nice to ALL God's creation WHITEs killing WHITEs x 10,000 blame others Dx Psychopaths, Tx... İran is asking for slapping US should slap 👋 this Islamic terrorist regime off Iran 🇮🇷 !!! This regime is hanging people on so many people every day just like Isis !!!

Because no one believes in America anymore. Other countries could care less what uS says Or doesnt say. We’re no longer relevant in the world. Just a side show. Both sit on major oil fields so who’s buying and who’s selling? The US exited the Nuclear Deal despite Iran following it, and the US also tried--and failed--at a coup in Venezuela. Why should either country care at all what America says? F off, US.

Rouhani says Iran to retaliate over any U.S. 'trouble' for Venezuela-bound tankers Iran ian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Saturday of retaliatory measures against the United States if Washington caused problems for tankers carrying Iran ian fuel to Venezuela , the semi-official news agency Mehr reported. It’s become clear they can’t. They actually really can’t. No! You missile planes and kill innocent Peoples! Oh my stars!

Tankers carrying Iranian fuel approach the Caribbean: dataA flotilla of five tankers carrying Iran ian fuel for gasoline-starved Venezuela is approaching the Caribbean, with the first vessel expected to reach the South American country's waters on Sunday, according to Refinitiv Eikon tracking data. Good to see countries cooperating and helping each other. Too bad USA doesn’t like that How they get boarded and find all the illegal stuff being shipped along oil. Fuk these countries trying to side step restriction. They are not helping. is that worrying ? 🤔🤔🤔

Automaker trade backs U.S. on effort to weaken fuel efficiency rulesA group representing many major automakers on Friday backed the Trump administration's decision to weaken Obama administration fuel efficiency standards but said it opposed further reductions in requirements. We want more lung cancer!!! Hell yea I want to buy a less efficient vehicle!!! Wow! The USA really do want to be the 'new' China of the world. Polluting earth, heart, body and mind

China slows defense spending despite threat of new Cold War with U.S.Beijing will slow its military investment as the country grapples with the economic turmoil wrought by the coronavirus pandemic. really? China slows defense spending despite threat of new Covid-19 War. realDonaldTrump China seems to be more fiscally sound than many so-called capitalist countries. 🙄

Mosques in U.S. to remain closed despite order by Trump who 'launched the Muslim ban'The Council on American–Islamic Relations has advised mosques to remain shuttered despite instructions by president for places of worship to reopen. There was never a 'Muslim ban' during Trump's presidency. He did not 'launch a Muslim ban'. This is a false statement. If it had been a Muslim ban, it sure was a poor attempt. Just Fake News from the Liberal Media and their fellow democrats.

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