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November will be the first presidential election since the #MeToo movement. Will the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden change the way women vote? .@trymainelee and @alivitali report on the latest episode of #IntoAmerica. Listen now:

5/24/2020 2:45:00 AM

November will be the first presidential election since the MeToo movement. Will the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden change the way women vote? .trymainelee and alivitali report on the latest episode of IntoAmerica. Listen now:

This a show about everyday people, and the power politics and policy have in shaping our lives. As the nation faces a health crisis that is unprecedented in the modern era, host Trymaine Lee helps Americans share their stories. He holds policymakers to account. And he’s joined by a team of NBC News

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trymainelee alivitali You mean the sexual assault that didn't happen? That one? Not the 25 trump committed? The one that didn't happen, right? Assholes. trymainelee alivitali It’s either the old white guy with one accusation that is questionable or the old fat white guy with 26 accusations and admitting on a hot mic that he grabs women by the pu$$y. Wtf kind of question is this? And wtf USA?!? We can do better. Fuck toxic masculinity.

trymainelee alivitali Or do you vote for the guy that grabs them by the 🐱 trymainelee alivitali Have you done an investigative report in her. Even her family doesn’t believe her. Do you know one female with credibility come out to support her. No lawyer chasing her either. Sexual assault was what my wife’s father did to her as a child and I watched the hellish night terrors

trymainelee alivitali IMPOTUS realDonaldTrump bragged about molesting women and walking in on nude teenage girls so the majority of white women voted for him over Hillary. WTF!? trymainelee alivitali Research the story, you will see it is an actual lie. It is not an allegation. Many sources are already discrediting this person. Catch up.

trymainelee alivitali Think I’ll skip it! trymainelee alivitali One nut comes forward against Joe 27 years later with serious credibility issues but 27 women accuse the President of assault and a few, of rape and tweets this. Shame on you . trymainelee alivitali Yes. This will cost him some. In addition, the MeToo movement is a proven fraud and must shutter its doors immediately.

trymainelee alivitali WTF why don't you report some actual real news. I am voting for Biden no matter what so we can get rid of that morally corrupt, deranged, moron in the white house. Why don't you report on his nonsense and leave Biden alone. trymainelee alivitali Some women already voted for the skeeziest president in history already...your point?

trymainelee alivitali No. Because the accuser has been shown to be a fabricator. trymainelee alivitali No, it wont. Women either believe Joe Biden or they don’t. If they don’t, he is still less of a threat to women and their daughters than Trump & Co. Racists are the only folks voting for Donald Trump in 2020.

trymainelee alivitali Until someone holds Donald Trump accountable for misogynist, rapist behavior, this conversation should not be taking place. Biden is the lesser of two evils, period. trymainelee alivitali Really? You put that up against Donny p_ssy grabber with 25 sexual assault allegations and payoffs to multiple women with whom he had extramarital affairs? The same guy who constantly degrades women on national television?

trymainelee alivitali You mean will the metoo movement more blatantly backfire on democrats? Yes. Yes it will. trymainelee alivitali Nope... in comparison this is minor if it happened at all trymainelee alivitali How about the larger question? Will the sexual assaultS on women combined with legislative assaultS against women all done by Trump and henchmen, change the way women vote? Keep asking that one. There needs to be a public rolling review of all of Trump’s and henchmen acts.

trymainelee alivitali Shouldn’t it be the allegations against impeachman be the difference in the way women vote. trymainelee alivitali No I won't listen. Are you even following the latest info on her allegations. I am so tired of this. trymainelee alivitali Is there no other news, even Tara Reade’s attorney has dropped her. She’s just not credible yet can’t let it go.

trymainelee alivitali Why should it? It didn’t make any difference with Donald Trump. trymainelee alivitali If it does it should work against Dumb Donald who admitted on tv to molesting women. trymainelee alivitali Why can’t Biden respect hot women like Trump does. trymainelee alivitali Someone is rooting for another Trump term. What an embarrassment!

The 5 wealthiest Americans have gotten 75 billion dollars richer while a pandemic guts the economyThe report, which is based on Forbes data for America's billionaires, showed that the total net worth of America's 600 billionaires increased by 15 percent, from $2.948 trillion to $3.382 trillion. TaxTheRich EatTheRich 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Did anyone stop you from making money? They made money through their sheer hard work & determination. Is it their fault that they are more hard working than the rest? Capitalism is what makes America great

Reopening America's houses of worship | OpinionPresident Donald Trump is a great defender of religious liberty in America. Do nothing Democrats keeping country closed. I miss Wally World! GODSpeed To The Purge Let’s Get The Show Going & Not Stand In The Way Of TrumpLiesAmericansDie The Sooner We Get Rid Of The ReOpeners The Better! MR DONALD J TRUMP!! AWESOME MAVERICK OF LIBERTY!!!!

Covid-19 is hitting Democratic states harder than Republican onesRed states tend to be more sparsely inhabited than blue ones, which might hamper the transmission of the virus Time to clock out Are you calling the red states depopulated? How gauche.

America’s latest salvo against Huawei is aimed at chipmaking in ChinaGeographic complexity has made it hard for America's government to stop chipmakers' kit from reaching Huawei—hence the new focus on chipmaking tools hegemonism Why is the world trading with this country and keep giving them money that will ultimately be used to take away jobs outside of China? I don't get it. Get out of there. In a country where there is no freedom of speech & thoughts, how can there be any innovation? It’s put on China.

Trump should address the nation about winning the China challenge | OpinionThe president must inform the nation how America will confront the Chinese Communist Party. He isn’t winning shit ! Can I compete if I like stoneware better? China is a force for good. America will lose this fight.

Man Shines Phone Light Over Empty Condom Drawer Like Wily Groundskeeper Hunting For TrespassersAll the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source. Thank you for keeping us updated with the important news in this time of grieve😌, truly the only news source I can trust. Just crinkle a wrapper so he thinks you put one on. well that's the saddest thing i've heard *checks expiration date on condoms* I stand corrected