Inside Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Plans For Their Wedding—and Having a Baby

Sources have been detailing the couple's hopes for their nuptials and beyond.

10/27/2021 4:46:00 PM

Inside Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s Plans For Their Wedding—and Having a Baby

Sources have been detailing the couple's hopes for their nuptials and beyond.

Don't expect a long engagement, a source also toldETon Oct. 26. “They are hoping to get married sooner than later,” the source said.In late October, Kardashian and Barker were still deciding how big their wedding would be.On Oct. 18,E!was told by a source that Kardashian and Barker wanted to go big with their ceremony. This is Kardashian's first marriage, after all. (It's Barker's third.) “This is a huge deal for her,” the source said. “They want to do the whole big traditional wedding ceremony and everything, and have already talked about it.”

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Still, a source toldETon Oct. 26 that a smaller ceremony was also a possibility.“Lately, they have been considering having a destination wedding that will be intimate and small,” the source said.Kardashian's ex Scott Disick isn't likely to attend.

Disick, Kardashian's on-off boyfriend and the father of her three children, isn't likely to attend the ceremony—at least at this point. On Oct. 26, a sourceETthat while he is still invited to Kardashian-Jenner family functions, Disick, who is still “processing” the news of his ex permanently moving on, may opt out of attending them.

“Scott is still very close with Kris [Jenner, Kardashian's mom], along with other members of the family, and him and Kris talk to each other all the time,” the source said. “He will still be included and welcomed in various Kardashian celebrations, including holidays, as he is still their family. But right now, he doesn't know if he will choose to be around.”

That source addedthat in late October, Disick was feeling bitter about Kardashian and Barker's engagement. “Scott has been trying to do his own thing and process Kourtney and Travis' engagement,” the source said. “He's getting back to going out and hitting the party scene again. He's not dating anyone seriously yet at this point, and he is also trying to get under Kourtney's skin by being spotted out and about.”

A source toldPeopleon Oct. 18 that, point blank, Disick isn't happy about Kardashian marrying Barker. “Scott never approved of Kourtney dating Travis. He has struggled with their relationship,” that source said. “He always had this idea that he and Kourtney would eventually get back together. He was pretty shocked when he found out that she was dating Travis.”

Kardashian and Barker want to have a baby and hope to be pregnant by 2022.Whether a pregnancy or wedding come first, Kardashian and Barker definitely do want a child together on the sooner side,E!reported on Oct. 26. A source close to Kardashian told the outlet that Barker and Kardashian are “hoping to be expecting by next year.”

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A second source told the network, “They would love nothing more than to have a baby together. Kourtney has always wanted another baby and never felt like she was done. Now that she's with Travis, she wants it even more.”Alyssa BaileyNews and Strategy Editor

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