Informal discussions begin on 9/11-style commission on coronavirus response

The 'preliminary' talks about a look at the response are taking place mostly among Democrats for now.

4/1/2020 7:44:00 AM

Preliminary talks have begun on Capitol Hill about the possibility of creating a panel to scrutinize the Trump admin.'s response to the coronavirus pandemic that would be modeled on the 9/11 Commission, according to 4 people familiar with the discussions.

The 'preliminary' talks about a look at the response are taking place mostly among Democrats for now.

But the formation of any commission, or possible congressional investigations, wouldn't happen until after the country is through the crisis, the people familiar with the discussions said. Some lawmakers have suggested putting off any investigation until after November's presidential election, they said.

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The bipartisan 9/11 Commission was created by legislation signed into law by President George W. Bush to review the government's preparedness for and response to the 2001 terrorist attacks. It was formed a year after the attacks and two years before Bush was up for re-election.

President Donald Trump has defended his administration's handling of the pandemic, and his White House has repeatedly bucked congressional oversight.The people familiar with the discussions said expectations are low for a review that has broad bipartisan support in Congress and the backing of the White House, particularly in an election year.

"I don't know that you would get administration buy-in for something like that," a senior administration official said."Then, if the Democrats do one, it's all one-sided."Any plan for a review that was tucked into the National Defense Authorization Act would require support from Senate Republicans and the White House.

Download thefor full coverage and alerts about the coronavirus outbreakSeparately, Congress wrote a number ofaccountability provisionsinto the third coronavirus relief bill, the CARES Act, to monitor the administration's response and the distribution of billions of dollars of federal funds.

And the House Oversight and Reform Committee has already begun asking questions about the lack of access to testing early on in the crisis, even as Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., says the committee will dig deeply into the administration's response after the crisis is over.

"The committee's top priority is the health and safety of the American people, so we have been working to push the administration to identify and fix problems and to share more accurate information with the public," Maloney said in a statement."There is no doubt that the administration has mishandled this entire crisis, and our committee will certainly be engaged in robust oversight to review what happened and how to avoid these mistakes in the future."

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., raised the prospect of an investigation Sunday, saying Trump's response cost lives and questioning whether he was leveling with Americans early on about the threat."What did he know, and when did he know it?" Pelosi asked in an interview on CNN."That's for an after-action review."

Carol E. LeeCarol E. Lee is an NBC News correspondent.Courtney KubeCourtney Kube is a correspondent covering national security and the military for the NBC News Investigative Unit. Read more: NBC News »

OMG give me a fuggin break! Whoever is doing this should be banned from politics from life. Dr Fauci lauded POTUS’s travel bans that these same dumocrats called racist 🤦🏼‍♂️😡 Let me get this right: the beginning of-preliminary-talking about-maybe-building up-a discussing Board-that scrutinizes ... this is seven maybes in something that is so obvious, isn’t it? Peace !

What will it take for the media to turn on the democrats? We have a serious situation. Lawmakers should be focused 100% on solutions. Democrats want to divert the attention of the folks who are doing something now? No solutions - blame? People are stupid enough to support this? Really? With everything they COULD be doing and everything that NEEDS to be done, this is what the Democrats CHOOSE to do? COVID19Pandemic

Meanwhile... they'll ignore the witch hunt and efforts by dems to stymie the response and politicize human suffering. Donald Trump‘s criminal negligence has resulted in wrongful death’s. Sounds like another great way to waste money. Pretty neat. You and your democratic friends are FullOfSchiff America and the world is waking up...😂😂😂

Such a bad idea.. people are still steamed by the last charade.. and then dems piled on the aid package made them madder. What will happen is this will lead to questions on why Dems were so slow to respond to this emergency... I suspect a truly very BIG Storm is coming for Dems to be fighting this desperately to get rid of Trump. People brace yourselves for Impact; when fighting evil on a Glorbal scale, expect 1000 tons of sh!t to hit the fan! The Storm is Coming.

That’s a complete waste of time. The American people will judge Trump’s COVID-19 performance in a few short months. Enough Already!!! Of course you would report this.Have the network executives given serious thought as to what they'll do when this is all over? The media will be completely broken because of exposure to its bias & propaganda. All of its employees should flee NOW so execs aren't left with fortunes

Oh FFS. Another one? President Trump was on it in January. Democrats did nothing. Schiff should be investigated ... he knew what going on & instead of helping our president he was spending millions of our tax dollars on his impeachment scam. Pencil neck Schiff didn't learn anything from the last sham impeachment process.

4 people familiar with the discussions.... Pelosi Schiff Nadler Schumer If the only agenda for Congress is constant investigation of Trump, clearly we can dispense with Congress. Waste of time, space and money. Try another investigation of Trump and you will see a revolution the likes of which you have never seen!

Russia, Russia, Russia... AGAIN? blood on his hands and his ego is going to ruin us Of couse they are. What else would these despicable mofos be doing right now. shame Seriously What they to do is drag some media people in for questioning that put out false info during a National Emergency. But if they form a panel the need to show the tweets and videos of Democrats fighting against the President every step of the way. DemocratDisaster

We have had enough of this SHIT! Hey Fake News, why not dig into RepAdamSchiff and his rumored 2013 Congressional Hush Fund settlement with a 19 year old....dude.... Dems in Congress are the lowest form of life on earth. Regaining power is all consuming to dems. The country failing& ppl dying, no matter what the cost. Best scenario for them, more ppl dependent on govt, economy in shambles & they can take control and power over the ppl

This is a Soros funded political hit job to smear our President and wasting our taxes o Pelosi's bullshit... No way should Trump's task force waste their time on this stupid commission. BestPresidentEver45 good luck with that 🤣🤣🤣 More leftist bullshit. Of course there is. Dems investigated everything while sitting on their political asses offer nothing but gloom and doom while shaking the country down in an emergency. It's expected!

Without names, it is FAKE NEWS... Democrats don’t care about Americans... all they care about is going after the President! They are evil! Trump2020NowMoreThanEver These buffoons deserve every bit of ridicule and contempt that they shall receive. Typical Democrat response. Pelosi was busy ordering pens when Trump was creating a panel of experts for this crisis. Now they want a panel to debate Trump's response before this is even close to being over.

All Democrats are delusional. Just what the country needs. Schiff, now there's a great American. Lol Scumbag This is repugnant Barnes_Law For goodness sake! Knock it off! Investigate something that actually needs it: the FISA court abuses. It will highlight the mistakes of the past 16 years, but they won’t be satisfied with that

Democrats are evil We already know Better things to worry about people!!!! Here come the new hoax tweets. Impeach the mofo...wait. Nevermind, that doesn’t work. That’s ALL the Dems do. Is investigate people because they know they can’t beat them. DoNothingDemocrats And ...this my friends, will get him re elected in a NY minute! 👏 thank you Democrats for continuing to be losers. You’ll never learn. Trump2020 🇺🇸

While that 'Supposed Panel' is being created. Lets scrutinize the 'Benghazi Murders' by Clinton and Obama....for starters shall we. Hell can I just make a list and submit it? How about a community soon to determine what is really going on in NY, NJ, WA & CA? How will that help anything? He put bans on planes from China in January as soy d as he heard about and the Democrats criticism was amazing saying Trump doesn't like China Now the Democrats want investigation on the matter. The only thing Democrats is spend and waste

Another ghost hunt from the demonic leftist communistic regime DemsAreTheDomesticThreat Democrats will not be happy until they push this country into an all-out Civil War. Include this!: Nearly 700 vacancies at CDC because of Trump administration’s hiring freeze Remind trumpsters, this was part of ImpeachedPresidentTrump 's, 'swamp draining'.

Fck right off. This can’t be real is it? America should put the news media and democrats on trial for the damage they have done . This is why everyone fucking hates Congress... Guess since the Russian probe and the impeachment failed they're going to try this.........just another witchhunt Good!! How about a National election with all Congressmen on a ballot to vote them out

I the middle of a National Emergency... this is what they do. Un-freaking-real. If this happen there will an outright REVOLT of THE American people!! ENOUGH of harassing the President!! ENOUGH!!! I didn’t even vote for him - but this is CRAZY and is killing our Country. I WILL vote for him in Nov - and all the Dems need to be voted out!!!

What!!! You got to be kidding. Don't spend my tax dollars on it! No! Please do this Dems! The American people will vote you out in November Are those “4 people familiar with discussions” , ABC, CBSNews and CNN ?! You guys do know that you are aiding in the re-election of realDonaldTrump Not that we mind. 👍👍👏👏

Grrr. Stupid. Partisan. Garbage. They SHOULD be having hearings on WHAT WORKS TO WIN THE WAR AGAINST COVID-19. - Masks, hand-washing - Models and mitigations - Do subways spread the virus? - Do asymptomatic spread the virus? Lamp posts. They can start with their own house. If they think Americans are going to sit here and take another partisan worthless investigation and farce impeachment, then they don't understand how truly pissed off we are at them.

Can the D’s wait until Sept/Oct to go forward? I’m sure that will hurt Pres Trump’s re-election. Yeah lets blame Trump! hypocrisy Impeachment ver 1 didn't work out too well for liberals. Doubt impeachment wuflu version gonna do it. I suggest creating a panel investigating government officials trading stocks during this crisis (like Pelosi) .

You can’t even wait till the bodies stop pulling up and the crises is over to play your disgust me Great we are in this position because Dems and SpeakerPelosi RepAdamSchiff were doing an impeachment that had zero chance of success of conviction right at the time of the virus. They were too distracted. Will they investigate the dems actions. realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr

Now is the time to come together? Im so tired of all the partisanship & in fighting! Term limits are in order for all levels of government For fuck sake... Never vote for a Democrat. Not for any office. If your dogcatcher lists as Democrat, he's endorsing this sort of crap. DISGUSTING! !! I’ve never seen anything more desperate than a Democrat in office post-2016.

If they want to take an honest look & prepare for next pandemic, it has to be MUCH BROADER than just the Administration's response! Lessons have already shown that manufacturing has to come back so US can supply itself when needed instead of spending valuable time to retool! Tell them to stick it Oh good. We can get a jump on the manufactured crisis and impeachment hoax of 2021!

LOL. Degenerate leftist Democrats and MSM are PANICKED over losing control of the narrative to Trump's daily briefings. Polling shows they have ZERO chance in November and they are hysterical over the threat to their babykilling, neurotic identity grievance agenda. Because , you know, orange man bad Think 🤔

Can't Wait for this News Story: Jan. 21, 2021, Washington, DC President Biden announces Vice President Harris to head up Commission to Investigate Past Crimes in the Oval Office, and Attorney General Warren to captain Commission to Investigate Failed U.S. Pandemic Response. How out of touch with the American people are these Democrats? If they do this the GOP will certainly win back the House, retain the Senate and Trump will win in a landslide in November

how about a panel to see how the Dems spent all their time on impeachment instead of on protecting Americans. That is about stupid n a waste of time n money!! They are nothing alike!!!! Do it after the worse is over with, but yea, they should do that-the Trump admin. kinda blew it They should release their report on October 15th.

Good good-they were slow and the fact that Trump cut people and programs that could have gotten a handle on it in the beginning made it all the worse accountability comes when thousands die - from a hoax? realDonaldTrump Can’t chew gum & walk at the same time but thinks he can run a country! RemoveTrumpNow Trump says impeachment 'probably' distracted him from fighting coronavirus

Because they are all about wasting our money? StopInvestigatingTrump The enemy of the People speak again! Stop it with the political BS now is not time you’re been going after DT for to long and if its any bodies fault its the left and their beating a dead horse instead of focusing on real issues what a mess you’re created

Every action Trump takes, the Dems want to start another investigation. In normal times this would be typical petty politics but now it’s endangering the Country’s future and must be stopped. Tell that old bat to shut up. LOL It should be formed. We need to be ready for the next virus. Let’s see what was done wrong, why it was done wrong, and what could have been done. ✅

Oh HELL yes!! Enough. Enough. I would love to see a Democrat do more than investigate everything under the sun 🤦🏻‍♀️ If he jumped the gun, & on January 21st he locked down the country and violated the constitution like Dem governors are doing, liberals would have been marching in the street & Democrats would want to form a panel to scrutinize it. Seriously, there's no need for Dems to exist.

ClientLoyaltyDC The talks are taking place mostly among Democrats because there isn't a single Republican in Washington, D.C. with a soul, a brain or a spine! 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Does Capitol Hill ever talk about anything else? Impeachment 2.0 -- hoax redux (✔️) A whistleblower will come forward with no first hand knowledge. Hearings will be held in secret in the House basement.

Impeachment 2.0. This was all planned. Where’s Schifty? Why not a panel to investigate law maker's response.......... how terrible ole FISH LIPS wants to give his and his family businesses billions- HE destroyed Doral AS HE DOES TO ALL OF THEM-SKIMS OFF THE REVENUES THEN USES SCAMS TO WRITE OFF LOSSES AND PAYS NO TAXES FOR THE MONEY HE STEALS

How about a panel on how to deal with the pandemic and PPE shortages? This is part of the reason America wasn't prepared for the virus, the resistance killed alot of people. Oh the same type of committee that found that found bush guilty of war crimes then did... nothing Well that's wonderful! Now we'll have another commission to sweep things under the rug. Brilliant

Nothing political about it I’m sure Awesome. More wasting of our money on total bullshit. WTF are the Dems doing to actually HELP? !!!!!!!!!! No. I can’t stand Trump, but now is not the time for that. Democrats need to show mature, focused, leadership during this time. All they have to do is give solid logistical, factual, and practical guidance and they will walk away with the election in November.

Truth is coming and again Magats, trolls and bots are out. That SOB should be put in prison for the deaths of people due to his doing NOTHING. His calling it a hoax, continues to LIE to the American people, I could go on and on. It'll never ever end..... They won't rest until Trump is out of office, one way or another

Can I be on the panel? Or is it Schiff Nadler only? NBC is reporting the stirring on Capitol Hill, they aren’t calling for it! Reporters check sources 3times b4 reporting! They could be fired! Unfortunately trump stands at a mic says what he wants then gets mad at reporters for repeating what he has said! Truth

Congressional Democrats are hated. It takes some special kind of stupid to investigate ANYTHING after having dragged the Nation through the Impeachment farce while ignoring the Wuhan virus. SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer Yes!!!!! Do it immediately It is a moot point to do this, unless they have given up the hope of winning 2020. This committee would not get anything done before November

We need a panel on how so many in the Legislature, including her, cashed in on the pandemic. GOOD!!!! Just another treasonous hoax Start here: I hope so Hmmm, potentially 10’s of thousands of people YET to die and this is their focus right now? Feel free to blast this headline far and wide.... Further proof that re electing President Trump, retaking the house from democrats and expanding control of the senate is so important. Even better would be Pelosi and Schemer being voted out of office

Yes, please! Here we go again. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ I really hate these people at this point. Don’t put Pelosi or Schumer in charge Exhibit A: They are so good at prioritizing 🙄 There are greater priorities. The failings are writ plain already. Let’s get through this thing. They’ll be time for investigation later (I hope)

Politicians never learn After Action Report. Please include the early and not so early spread of mis-information by the President and his co-horts at the purported news outlet Fox News. WOW...millions out of work and this is the DEMOCRATIC response.....I guess they will do it 'prayerfully'. Done!! Let's help taxpayers.

Tax dollars work! These folks r out of control Incredible. These Dem buffoons have no shame. We saw this coming for days. You even had the media ask very specific questions to try set this crap up. I will loathe you scum forever. Perfect 👍. Must be completed by Oct 31. Get Bent scumbags! 😡 Speaker Pelosi needs to go to prison.

Best president ever, common sense God's sense! in msm FAKE news you are the SCUMB OF SO CALLED JOURNALISTS TO PUT FEAR INTO EVERYONE! GONE was MSM scrutiny of Obama when Swine flu! URANIUM 1, Benghazi, Russia I'll have more flexibility, our tax money given to Terrorist Iran ECT. Scrutanize all levels of government and politicians, because everyone has screwed up.

Yep, that’s Congress for you! People dying and all they can think of is....... Get Trump Disgusting How about studying the failure of China to warn the world. Chinese drs. who tried to get info out, disappeared. WHO did not warn world of contact spread. I honestly think they want Trump to get re-elected.

Vintage NBCccp. Have they not yet figured out that politicians are non-essential? Start here It can wait Yeah let’s waste more of our money! What happened to United we stand Now is No time to start that crap and even report that crap!! Report stories about all the sacrifices and heroes there are! Starting with a grocery clerk!

ffs they just can't help themselves Yes, because what we really need right now is another utterly useless distraction and more backbiting. Name the clowns who are promoting this or don't publish it at all. There have been no LESS than TEN studies/reports since 2003 & congressdotgov did effing NOTHING. Why don't u 'investigate' THAT SpeakerPelosi? What abt u CNN, MSNBC, ABC, MSNBC, NPR? Think it might be good for u to find out exactly how our Congress failed us...repeatedly?

No one thinks Trumpery is offering leadership, these are trump rallies. You’re all going down 🇺🇸🇺🇸🌺🌹🤩🌷🌼🇺🇸🌼🌷🤩🌹🌺🇺🇸🇺🇸 Pelosi should create a panel to scrutinize AOC and the Squad if she wants to restore any faith and dignity to the House of Representatives. However, that would take some common sense and we all know she is Bat Shit Crazy!!!

Isn't that what the dems pay you for? Let’s focus all of our energy on this virus and then access him. Why don't you name your so-called 4 sources? Well now that the Russian and Impeachment Hoaxs are memories, they have time to Fabricate yet Another BS Hoax to focus on. Pathetic! They didn't give a shit while Obama was filling Final Four brackets and letting thousands die.

I swear if they start that kinda of carp again, I'm going to lose it! We already have that . Its the lying media Waste of time and money!!! Disgusting Honest question: is Pelosi actively trying to lose the House in November? Because if so, well played This isn't about remediation, but rather publicity for an upcoming election. There were very few voices of warning in mid January. In fact disinformation from China and the WHO slowed the worlds response. The majority of senior Congress would have been read-in as well at the time

You. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Democrat scum learned nothing from impeachment Desperate over the election much? That’s a real good use of resources right now. And another assumption that we need to be told by some government panel what happened. Unbelievable. Let me guess- Schiff and Nadler running it? Joke.

Fucking Democrats!! This is from almost a month after the China travel ban, you utter frauds. EnemyOfThePeople How about a panel to investigate why Democrats/media were forcing our Country to focus on a frivolous impeachment/trial instead of the encroaching catastrophe? How about Democrats do something positive instead of divisive?

How about the media's while we're at it? RealDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr The virus of Demo-Socialist immorality! The worse of all and it’s hurting America. All Democrats in Congress should be impeached for treason! An AAR would be fine (we should learn from our mistakes and build on what worked), but we know that the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) will turn it into a political shitshow that will teach us exactly nothing except 'orange man bad.'

The response from congress to this thing was to get as much pork into the relief bill as humanely possible. These people are the real disease. They just won’t stop no matter what 🙄 Should we still go to china town and hug random people? FFS Yeah, let congress waste more fukken time and OUR money Oh FFS. Let's just skip to the war part.

Unbelievable The left is working hard to remain the minority party for a long time to come. Ca we wait until people stop dying first ? Be sure to investigate Schumer, Pelosi, and other Democrats who were furious that Trump halted flights from China. Let’s look at how Congress and the media handled it This news channel has become 'Get Trump' 24/7. Keep it up a**wipes...we see who you work for

Could we wait until it’s over? Please tell the Dems to f*ck-off Oh, I get it. April Fool's right? 🙄 no. Unfuckingreal. Can they at least let it end first? So why were you all screaming about shutting down travel from China? Why were you all still obsessed with impeachment and not reporting this? Trump’s propaganda faction

are you suggesting President Trump and Vice President Pence testify in secret and not under oath? I am sick and angry over the media’s war against my President and the America people. This is how you get Trump2020. Do they not have anything better to do right now? Hell yes. Public Service 🥰 No, too soon. This needs to happen, but it needs to include a lot of other things including the use of non-government communication tools like WhatsApp, things that violate the laws about preserving correspondence etc. Also needs a really independent w/ subpoena power.

The damn Democrats are at it again. There should a panel to scrutinize the God damn Democrats. They failed at impeachment, and now they're trying this. These people need to be voted out. I want to know more about the “pandemic exercise” handed down from two previous administrations. What is wrong with you people

Call it The Hague Referral Commission. TRUMP FAILED . jonathan4ny Can Congress please start with this story? Immediately! via forbes Which would achieve....? How about we just acknowledge that things could have been handled better in a lot of fronts...Then use our energy to support those who need it, like our exhausted healthcare professionals and first responders.

Their TDS never ends. If this happens, will it be at the taxpayers expense? I think if they want to do ANOTHER POINTLESS INVESTIGATION, it should come out of their own pockets, not ours!!! Would be better to first address the crisis!!! Lol. Much of the reaction to the pandemic is politics. Here comes the plan.

please Capitol hill please wait until all this is over before you start that crap. we literally still have people dying. Let's wait and see what they do. Maybe they will surprise us and they will pull their heads out of their ass and be awesome. Well, since they are not doing anything useful, the might as well spend their time doing what their best at. Not that they are good at it, but what else do they do?

You ppl are nuts. We’re not even through this thing. I hope the democrats get crush in the elections for playing politics with the American people’s lives. bearzig He should be impeached for this, he should have been impeached the last time though. But this is far worse. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yes, very much, but please wait. We have to get through this together, and it should not be partisan, political circus.

And the stock trades and purchases. Disgusting money hungry pigs Fat boy was out golfing... I thought these idiots were on vacation? Absolutely the worst, most dishonest, fake news, propaganda rag on the planet. HoldTrumpAccountable Those dems are slimier than everyone thinks. They're worst than the Chinese virus!

jeforse Let us hope they move this along at some speed...people are dying and he is impeachable now... Maybe they will hurry, maybe they will not. only time will tell. dcboyisangry It's the very least they can do. He's more dangerous to the country than a friggin terrorist. You need witnesses for that. Not one Admin person will be green lighted to sit at a hearing table.

Thay need to scrutinize (investigate) the State regulatorators overseeing State emergency department, state emergency administrations, Health systems and each states Governors actions. In addition individual Hospital managers need to explain why they ran out of stuff. I would have thought that was already well underway.

You misspelled China's response. Why so the panel can waste their time n money only for Trump to be ACQUITTED? Ur forgetting his a BILLIONAIRE!!! Filthy Disgusting Hate filled pussy liberals. Phuk em’ Not a good look, Democrats. Not at a time like this. Please do! That will blow up in the Dems faces nicely

For shame. You said prepared and Democrat 😂 SCYorkies In other news, will not investigate Jeffrey Epstein or any other story that may hurt Democrats!!! Losers About time Oh great. Headed toward a 2nd impeachment. Just proves that most of this coronavirus stuff is nothing more than an attempt to get Trump out of office by the dems.

Floating propaganda to see how it flies with the useful idiots that still think you have a shread of dignity is tragic. But how will be left to participate? Quickly please! The crisis is growing. WTF! If the Democrats want to start anywhere, how about the true cause of this pandemic? Work to bring the CCP to account for how they have covered up the facts of when and how this started. SpeakerPelosi needs to resign!

Instead of working to help American citizens, SpeakerPelosi and her sick ilk are forming commission to once again investigate realDonaldTrump to further impeachment alliance. RepAdamSchiff is silent, we know what he’s up to now, along with RepJerryNadler and SenSchumer. Dems should start with Obama and why he ignored repeated warnings to restock the nation’s supply of ventilators.

How about developing a panel to figure out how to work together for a change. Not a time for bipartisanship. Let’s work together to figure this out! so why doesn't nbc do a story about speakerpelosi, putting her pocketbook before Americans by filling the stimulus bill with all that benefited her? She lacks empathy, needs to be investigated for stalling help to Americans

Disgusting! We need to know what SpeakerPelosi knew and when she knew it? That's all they are good for, interrupting. They do nothing legitimate. Help out get out of the way. Ah, the Dems revealing yet again that they hate America. And its legal citizens. And babies. And our amazing POTUS. They are the party of death.

That type of action, while the president is getting massive pool boosts thanks to his strong presence daily on tv and his handling of the matter, coupled with Dems poor public decisions in January and February to fuck about outside... This would be a horrendous idea. Oh yeah, that's helpful!! The legal firms that benefit from these tax payer paid endless frivolous lawsuits missing some income?

Democrats need to get a grip. Good lord. Give it up. Awful people. Trump: Was talking about COVID-19 in late Jan Dems: Busy trying to impeach Trump: Formed task force on 1/29 Dems: Busy impeaching Trump: Shut down travel from China & Europe Dems: 'Trump is racist' Trump: Pushed for economic relief bill Dems: Delayed for days trying for GND $$

Let the record show that Trump was talking about COVID-19 during the State of the Union speech... that Nancy Pelosi tore to shreds on live TV. Democrats favorite view of the world, looking backwards. That’s what you do when you have no ideas or platform or leaders people are interested in. While the President and his teams are working their arises off, the democrats go on playing the fiddle. Useless pieces of crap.

Democrats are now sending out the signal that they know Trump will win in November and their ONLY option is yet another impeachment trial... This is beyond tired nonsense. What four people? schiff, pelosi, nadler, and schumer.... WTF? Another monkey house wasting taxpayers money in the middle of global pandemic. Boy, those democrats really don't want any seats left after the next voting cycle do they. You are spreading nonsense at a time of global challenge NBC. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

As expected. This is a really constructive use of time and resources during a pandemic. I think he did a bad job but wait until this is over befor studying his leadership. Study how we can defeat this virus. Oh my Christ. You do that *after* the crisis, assholes. This is insane and evil. How about we work on getting this under control first and play the blame game after? Fucking politicians

Can we just stop analyzing and fighting each other in the political world and just get on with business!!! OMG!!!! Because America is ready for another temper tantrum..🙄 TrashPolitics 🗑 Why are we ONLY talking possibilities? This has to be done. Why is the government ok with realDonaldTrump fucking them up the ass? I know the American people aren't,we tend to shit out the BS not let it in.

And a year or two later, after wasting and millions millions of dollars on this 'panel' (better spent on helping people who need help recovering from this thing), it be just like the Mueller Report. ImpeachCongress Yeah, that's what the country needs, more investigations. 🙄 Has Washington not realized that we, the people, are so close to a revolt because of their bullshit? If they think us electing Trump was bad, wait and see what happens next. I, for one, have reached my limit.

What a disgrace that this is their focus instead of helping Americans You have to be kidding. Why don’t y’all create a panel to learn how to support and be kind to each other? To lift each other up instead of tearing each other down? We need to unite as a country during this time, not point fingers.🙄

OMGosh! This is so stupid at this time Trump is unqualified, but people are tired of these things. Vote a dog in November please. How many of them were responsible for the impeachment trial of Trump and said he was guilty. Congress isn't capable of running an investigation. These people are scum of the earth

If for no other reason that it will put pressure on him two act impartially going forward Not the time for this kind off bullshit. Lets work together right now. Not against each other At a time like this...We Do Not, need to be divisive but instead...need to work together. More tax funded biased BS. Barnes_Law More investigations from the Democrats, I'm shocked!

Please... can we get through this pandemic before you continue your sham impeachment? 👍🏽 So dumb He should RESIGN 😷 TrumpPandemic Here we go again with the distractions. Americans were so distracted 3 months ago by impeachment that we forgot to buy face mask, hand sanitizers and tissue papers. Hand sanitizers from bath and body work could have been my Christmas gifts to me last year.

How would it be objective Everything today is partisan...what good would it serve? CnBsNana Not yet. This isn’t even close to being over yet. Good to know and this will be a good thing to do in the future, however right now let's focus on the crisis itself and pick up the pieces after. oh boy more wasted tax money - this is totally ridiculous.

Nah, how about digging into why you on the hill gave yourselves a raise while millions just got put out of work by governors and mayors. This has to be an April fools joke. Do nothing Dumocrats are at it again. First witnesses should be WHO and the officials from China who stated on 14 JAN 2020 that COVID-19 was NOT contagious.

Another irrelevant panel by Congress. JC!!! Is there no end to this political bullshit...even in the time of horrific national crisis? Why does NBC push this crap? Why waste the money? The SOB realDonaldTrump f'd up everything because he only cares about his money. If that happens while this is going on still there will be riots.

Do it now. A**holes abound. Beyond the hospitals crashing, the mortality rate goes up to 15%, then others who can't use the hospitals make up another 20%. A 33% mortality rate is beyond the event horizon. 150 million infected means 50 million die. TrumpGenocide Lunatics. They’re fucking crazy. This is what they choose to spend their time on.

Jan 31, 2020. Democrats always trying to shift the blame onto someone else namely the republicans and the republican president. They run like scared rabbits when the heat is on, like the corona virus And throw accusations at the ones actually doing the work of fighting the virus. Dems are sick If USA is not going to fall behind as a second class nation, an independent experienced expert panel is required to review if this administration has performed her duty.

Figures Go for it. It would be the nail in the coffin of what's left of the Democrat party. Barnes_Law Need to leave President alone and let him do his job. Of course the Government should review its action so we can learn from mistakes and improve. However this should be a review of the whole of GOV action not just a sniping at POTUS.

Ya had to know it democrats are yet again going after trump they need to be removed for treason and making threats against the president Barnes_Law yeah, maybe the Democrats should scrutinize themselves. The sites of the biggest outbreaks are run by Democrats - New York city and SF Bay Area. Pelosi and De Blasio encouraged people to go out and socialize up until several weeks ago.

There’s always a next with these leftists. The country is weary, not of Trump, but the constant divisive, hateful, attacks by seriously whacked out democrats and the partisan nut jobs in the media. None of this does any good for this country. It’s time you all became Americans. Sick Only 11 companies making ventilators There needs to be 1,000 of COMPANIES producing ventilators NON STOP FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS.

These hacks are unbelievable His behavior is criminal. Picking and choosing who gets ventilators based on personalities. There are lives dependent on them. homicide SheWhoRises Look into the Kushner family! Start NOW it’s the only hope New York and other States have to getting needed medical supplies PPE MASKS GOWNS AND VENTILATORS

So many arguments and discussions in the hill - more democratic focus needed! SheWhoRises About time! You gotta be joking... Enough. The nation is sick and tired of these endless attacks by the dems. Another investigation? Will they EVER do anything useful? Barnes_Law Did we have one after the H1N1 pandemic in 2009?

This clown committed treason, collusion, sexual assault, theft, openly embraced racism, proudly cages and starves kids and this country loves their proverbial slow uncle. This pandemic delay means nothing to his cult This would help the GreatAwakening I am sick of people attacking realDonaldTrump if they cared they would get behind him and help him

What's everybody going to when this comes back next season Real smart hate plan. Thanks again Marx progressives who support the murder 4000 babies a day or about 1 every ten seconds. Let's start another Mueller militarized against citizens deep state fiasco in the middle this health concern. Barnes_Law We're all in this together...

This shows just how desperate you people are stupid thing to do will this commission redact the last 28 pages like they did in the 9/11 report if their findings don't give them the outcome they want Barnes_Law This is an act of Civil War. pandemic NewCivilWar Sedition Barnes_Law I'd rather see an investigation into the response by Congress into this, particularly the pork put into relief bills, and the questionable methods used to create and pass bills. Why isn't congress in Washington working now? Don't say it's the virus. They should be there.

Dumbest tweet yet mharvey_mary Hope they consider if Trump calling it a hoax when he had facts should be treated as NegligentHomicide. Can you wait until the bodies of the Amricans are cold you fcking political hacks? Do you know how pissed off you are making us? Pelosi SpeakerPelosi visited Chinatown in SF on Feb 24th encouraging ppl get out in public. This happened 3 wks AFTER Trump created the CoronaVirus task force. But the same woman now blame Trump 'slow response' for ppl dying. How Insane is this?🤦‍♂️

Barnes_Law Democrats pushed an illegal impeachment through Congress rather than pay attention to an international pandemic, while Trump was taking early action. Democrat leaders were telling citizens to gather socially just three weeks ago. The only investigation we need is of democrats Unless its Nuremberg style tribunals it won’t mean anything.

LoL, do the Democrats want to demolish what's left of their party? Do-nothing Democrats. DrainTheSwamp VoteRedToSaveAmerica Barnes_Law Another day, another impeachment hoax. 🤪 As expected of democrat morons. Trump will be reelected in a landslide in 2020 and we'll have 4 more years of dems getting their azz kicked while they try to burn the country down to spite Trump.

idiots don’t have enough to do while sheltering in place? THEY JUST RAN THIS EXACT SAME SIMULATION 1 YEAR AGO AND KNEW THE PROBLEMS... A virus from China... Quite the coincidence actually Do one on yourself covering up Obama’s swine flu 2009 where kids died Here we go.. We've entered another new reality. The Democrats/Media make clear their COVID-19 response is not about health, health care infrastructure, financial security. It screams 'we're on to politicizing coronavirus'. Their response now: OrangeManBad

This is disgusting. A waste of tax payers money. A waste of time and another example of why the DNC should never be allowed to have power again. We will remember this in November. And we will remember your network cheered it on. NoMatterWhat I’m voting for President Trump GOP Oh, that's a good idea. IMPEACH HIM! IMPEACH HIM, you fools!

This shit needs to STOP! Americans are in Crisis & will continue way past May.. just when we think,whew, then comes Flu season! We don’t need this BS! Dems need to stop the the shit & focus on Americans! Let’s not forget when Trump was stopping travel, Dems were impeaching! In the worst weeks of a pandemic, here comes impeachment season two.

Dems that put their power-seeking first and America last are disgusting. This is not a time for politics. It's time for working together. Can you imagine how WWII would have ended in this sick political climate? We'd be speaking German to Frau Pelosi right now. What a bunch of losers. Yea lets waste more time on sham investigations. What were the Democrats on capitol hill doing in January while this virus was already spreading through the country? Pushing their bullshit impeachment trial! Meanwhile Trump put a travel ban on China.

Barnes_Law This has all been a huge scam from the very beginning. Everything that is being implemented is being done to remove Trump. Virus is just an excuse Barnes_Law Democrat hoax. Trump should have just stuck with that truth. These dumbfucks let K Street write the RQMNTS (that they never read) and they fund. You throw any hearings now ... and I guarantee you productive Americans will be way more than angry.

The article says about the panel, “the goal would be to come up with a better plan to handle a pandemic in the future.” That’s a lie. The goal is to continue to weaponize this virus in an attempt to take down Trump. I have two works for democrats & they’re not happy birthday. Omg. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Now let’s do an investigation on ALL the Governors! Why weren’t they ready? Are they just solely relying on the President to supply them? Are they hiding PPE’s to make the President look bad so that Biden can get elected in 2020?

DNC is mentally ill Barnes_Law Yeah, let's get Robert Mueller and the Lawfare asswipes to help on this. A better use of our time would be a panel to figure out how to save our country. When virus broke out we were all focused on impeachment Sickening. My God, it just never ends. Is that why they voted themselves an extra $25 million, which could have been used to purchase PPE and ventilators?

OMG. The house condemns him the senate gives him an A+ we’ve seen this all before Please give to the thank you Maybe we should find a cure for TDS. You people are sick. quit wasting taxpayer money! Hell yeah, I totally support this! Trump and his administration will have blood on their hands, from their inability to act quickly to save lives.

Enough with the fucking investigations already! You just can’t fix stupid! Make sure they discuss the quick response - closing entry from China - stay at home when there werevery few cases at time -Predicting what was to come and minimizing 1000,‘a or hundreds of thousands of deaths! Thank you Pres Trump and task force!

Great now do H1N1 So sick. These people are mentally ill. Take them down Of course. That’s helpful right now. Friggin moron Democrats. How stupid I can see Trump’s Approval Ratings surge another 15 points once this comes to place. News By Commies. NBC reads like a tabloid the days. We have an f'n pandemic, form a commission to use taxpayer money to investigate potus again. It's been 3.5 years if bogus claims

NBC is the worst of the big three. Real leftist garbage. Barnes_Law They all need to know ... most Americans are not going to back another false attack on realDonaldTrump ... we’ve had enough! Now get back to work for the people that hired you. Moron lib tard imbeciles screamed racism when Trump proactively shut off China. The Govs of Cali and N.Y. praised TRUMP saying they got EVERYTHING THEY WANTED.. That's won't look good for moron Dems.

CHPSRE Trump says quarantine is a possibility in NewYork, Connecticut, and NewJersey Barnes_Law Wow! This is insane. OMG PLEASE DO! As if the last set of Democrat inspired shit shows haven't already been an utter FAILURE. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣 Barnes_Law 🤢🤢🤢🤮 This commission should be focused on China : 1. Where did Covid-19 originate? 2. Did China deceive and to what extent? 2. Did impeachment hearings distract government? DNC GOP SpeakerPelosi senatemajldr

Barnes_Law JFC. Here comes the next iteration of the crush drumpf agenda. I'd be desperate too if my candidate was an addled geriatric. Democrats will cut their own throats if they do. Facts say different. Will be as reliable as the 'pancaking' theory Couldn't be possibly because of the impeachment proceedings couldn't it?

Hahaha, desperate to find a way to take down potus. Biden can't do it. He can barely talk Bunch of Lunatics Please!!!!! Welcome to impeachment attempt no. 99 🙄 seriously, you idiots need a new play book; this is getting so boring & predictable. If there is any doubt that TDS victims hate trump more than they love America

Ridiculous! We don’t need this crap you’re gonna cause a civil war with this kind of problems on the American people . Piled on the stress we have right now!! Don’t spread this dissent and division 😡😡😡😡 Gee, where were the people on Capitol Hill during January and February? Oh right, impeachment. Democrats better investigate themselves as well because where was Nancy and Chucky? They were busy w/the impeachment hoax! Why wasn't Nancy or Chucky questioning WHO and the Chinese govt about the virus? They continue to attack instead of uniting to find out how the virus started

That’s all the democrats are good for creating panels to criticize their competition otherwise they are useless 😂 Name the four people. Go straight to hell Pelosi. Honestly. Have we not had enough?! Is a pandemic not enough?! Utah because what when he put on the travel ban you idiots called him racist! STFU

Good to see Democrats are focused on the deadly virus and resulting economic consequences. Oh wait, they don’t a shit. How about we model after the Benghazi investigation? Barnes_Law Funny POTUS closes boarders, Pelosi, mayor New York, Hov NY all encouraged people go out, go to Chinese parade, this is all on them..

Barnes_Law This constant drum beat to take down Trump is disgusting. Congress should get back tomorrow and start figuring out how to get American's back to work and get this economy going. I can save them HouseDemocrats a lot of investigating, here: realDonaldTrump's a genocidal freak! How can they do this when we as a world have never seen anything like this in our time? Honestly..... How can you measure something like this to know what the “right” action was to control this virus? It’s a virus not a flood.

Barnes_Law Psychos Should the Republicans have done this with H1N1 in 2009, before it ran its course? Or at all? This is a disgusting move by the Dems and I hope it condemns them to super-minority status in the fall and going forward. Go to hell, Nancy and gang. I demand that this panel investigate the connection between Trump’s response to the pandemic and Russian social media ad buys. 💩

Barnes_Law He will win in a land slide. Only one who will mention the cause of this.. CHINA and go after them. I live in NJ , people scared but know this is China and the WHO's fault for lying to the world. Most libs Iam friends with will go with Trump over Biden. You make panels to observe, not scrutinize. Using the word scrutinize discredits it before its even formed.

Alternate headline: Democrats Outline Plans to Give House Back to Republicans Good. Barnes_Law Dems are an eternal font of worthless effort and wasted time, too bad for us we have to pay for it. You never give up your bias, do you? Training People to be like Parrots!🦜 By using colors📕📘, pics📸, sounds🔊, symbols🚻, and words on your screens📱💻🖥️📺! 💉 injecting 'You the News Junkie' with a fix'!😵ParrotsRepeatWhatTheyHearFromTheirMasters YouCantLiveWithoutOurDevicesWeControlYou

While the Democrats were trying to impeach him, Trump was putting together a coronavirus task force and stopping flights from China. There's an election in November. Move. TF. On. Please!! AYFKM? Yellow Journalism! How far NBC has fallen - Pelosi even dismissed the question as something that shouldn't be mentioned now. NBC do better! you aren't The National Enquirer.

Barnes_Law This is BS. realDonaldTrump was among the first to recognize the problem. Barnes_Law Oh Lort. Is dis one gonna stick!!!? What the fuck else is new! Pathetic theatrics during an emergency! How about we hold them accountable for all the pork they tried to put in the bill. Barnes_Law Weird flex: comparing a virus to human extremists

Are you kidding me? Those people need to be tarred and feathered. Barnes_Law How about a panel on how the media has lied to the American people Barnes_Law Lol of course they are...Bad Orange Man is Bad after all. Barnes_Law Democrats wasting more of our money. President Trump is going to be America's President for at least 5 more years, maybe longer.

idiots Barnes_Law Congress did not do anything to stop the crisis . But they will do everything to stop whatever being done now. DoNothingDemRats They can hire Mueller and MichaelAvenatti, I hear they need the work. Because Impeachment and Russiagate was such a smart move for Democrats? Good! Hopefully, this will be a non-partisan committee, because the impeachment was like a bro-fest.

No scrutinizing even necessary, it couldn't be more obvious how terribly he has mismanaged this crisis in almost every way possible. MsMariaT Oh, I have zero doubt that there will be congressional hearings on the way this was handled by the trump administration. There has to be. This has been handled worse than anyone could have ever imagined. The world is stunned to see the US struggling like a 3rd world country.

This is digusting!! How about an investigation into China killing Americans and destroying our economy? STOP WASTING OUR MONEY ON STUPID INVESTIGATIONS We told you all this is just another way for them to try to get Trump? Yet they won't point their fingers at the chinese government for their recklessness.

Just never know what the future holds ! Be nice to see what happens, first. The Boy Who Cried Hoax, Then Choked But offcourse THE LEFT CAPITALHILL would start this!!! Bit what a SURPRISE!!! this PRESIDENT and the entire team are doing the very BEST!! but to these people is never enough!! Who remembers this

And what will that accomplish? I hope there is oversight and data on how medical equipment is being distributed by WH/Trump to blue and red states. Should be a crime to withhold supplies because a governor does not praise him. Why did Florida get 100% of what they requested and not NY, MA, WA? You can bet on it.

NBC are you kidding me? Seriously? During the ramp up to a big fight all of us will remember for the rest of our lives? You have to post this now? For America DO BETTER!!! How about Congress do their job and form committees later we aren't even out or maybe nearly out of it yet. This is the epitome of idiocy. And America thinks these people have a plan they can depend on.

Never forget that when politicians should have been preparing us they were pushing a fake fraudulent impeachment hoax on the country. Only a matter of time before we march on Washington and teach them a lesson Trump will find his way out of it. Oversight at the time would be better than after the fact, but the Democrats were too busy go8ng nuts about a Russia

Get on it! gop = evil death panel They had damned well better look into it. You guys will never give up...yet never win. Only adds to the 2020 election landslide. .thedemocrats have just insured that GOP and realDonaldTrump win big in 2020. They didn't learn with the Russia thing, they didn't learn on the Ukraine thing, they didn't learn with impeachment... holy cow these people are daft.

WhereAreTheEmails Another witch-hunt going for impeachment. It seems he was right about the hoax. This should be considered SheWhoRises Russian hoax Ukraine hoax Coronavirus hoax While Democrats were busy investigating and impeaching for the first two hoaxes, Trump was closing the border and creating a task force for their next 'big investigation.'

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5 of 11 vets who dies at the Massachusetts Soldiers' Home tested positive for COVID-19.The superintendent of the Massachusetts veterans home was placed on leave after a series of deaths, including those of some vets who tested positive for COVID-19. Incoherent.

Abbott surges 11% after FDA approval of 5-minute coronavirus test (ABT) | Markets InsiderAbbott Laboratories announced Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration granted emergency use of its ID NOW COVID-19 test.  Shares su... Are these home test kits? Одоогийн байдлаар АНУ дэлхийн аль ч улсаас хавьгүй илүү КВ-ийн оношлогоог иргэдээ хамгийн их тоогоор хамруулж чадаад байгаа. Энэ “Abbott” нэвтэрснээр улам олон хүнийг оношлогоонд хамруулж хүмүүсийн амь нас, эрүүл мэндийг хамгаалах нь, ГОЁ ГОЁ!

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The coronavirus pandemic could push 11 million people in Asia into poverty, World Bank warnsThe economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic could drive an additional 11 million people into poverty in East Asia and the Pacific unless 'urgent action' is taken, the World Bank warned in a report released Monday. Oh, so President Trump was right? Hmmm. TrustTrump 中共间谍抢购美国市场上所有出售的口罩和防护服,就是为了配合中共在美国故意投放武汉冠状病毒,让美国人在短时间内无法防护中共病毒感染,让中共冠状病毒在美国最大限度的传播,美国应该审核所有公开拥护中共的华人间谍,否则中共间谍会利用美国的自由民主体制的漏洞,在美国持续不断的故意投毒! Welp, China deserves it.

11 Veterans Die At Soldiers' Home in Massachusetts Amid COVID-19 OutbreakMore than 20 coronavirus cases have been confirmed at the facility, and officials are rushing to do more tests, hoping to learn the full extent of the exposure.