George Floyd Death: Independent Autopsy Finds Homicide Due To Asphyxiation - Cnn

George Floyd Death: Independent Autopsy Finds Homicide Due To Asphyxiation - Cnn

Independent autopsy finds George Floyd's death a homicide due to 'asphyxiation from sustained pressure'

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6/1/2020 10:58:00 PM

An independent autopsy into the death of George Floyd found that his death was a homicide and the unarmed black man died of 'asphyxiation from sustained pressure'

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MattTakesAction CNN CNNPolitics cnni CNN will always do its best to sabotage The republicans, and all who tries to make 'America Great Again.' Amazing to see the people of the USA taking to the streets showing we are all part of the only race, the human race! So many people of all colours! As a South African this overwhelming solidarity especially from white people, brings me to tears!

They kill him and all the murder police should be death by now justice uh no. he was murdered by 4 cops. What a shame. We do not deserve treatments like this. That cop should get the electric chair. There should be a law for these crimes and hatred the cops are doing to black innocent men and women. This needs to stop right here. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Floyd's death is a homicide due to the police.

FAKE NEWS RealCandaceO It’s not an independent autopsy. It was commissioned by his family, who sort of have a vested interest. He who pays the piper and all that justsaying Honor his memory. SammyGyamfi2017 OfficialNDCGh take this down this is very insensitive. Lets all report this account SammyGyamfi2017

More bullshit!!! marigold1154 Do they think we are damned stupid marigold1154 WTF Are they Blind 🤬 fxxxxck The police who killed GF need to be die asap!!!!! let humanity show how that Pig die so the protest will stop!!! thats 1 answer!!! kill the police and show them that justice is for real bitch Yall be giving fake news ' I CAN'T BREATHE ' is what he said. Proof's on camera!

CNN can you justify how independent is this autopsy .....come on The fact that people needed an autopsy report to learn what we knew from the video, from years of police brutality, from centuries of oppression. Chile.... Y’all review records and report facts !!! 💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿💪🏼 It honestly breaks my heart knowing that man was lying on the floor having little to no oxygen rushed to his brain because a racist disgusting cop decided to press his knee on the man’s neck. Justice needs to be served!! BlackLivesMatter JusticeForFloyd

How is an autopsy commissioned by his family branded independent? When you don’t accept reality so you go ask someone else CNN should be shut down for inciting violence. Don Lemon should be arrested for inciting violence Question: why is an independent autopsy better than the medical examiner's? As a White American, Im not allowed to see the color of someones skin. Therefor, George did not die because of his skin color.

markgreig5 BlackLivesMatterScotland Bullshit ! If That Was True Then He Wouldn’t Of Been Able To Yell Out That He Couldn’t Breath Because If You Can Talk Then You Can Breath ! And You Cant Asphyxiate Someone From The Side Of The Neck ! The Lives Of Protestors Will Be On Your Hands But We Know You Dont Care

여기도 참으로 썩은 나라군. What a surprise you mean the county covered up for the cops. Never would I imagine How the hell can 3 officers pinning him down with 1 kneeling on George’s neck and back, another pushing his handcuffed hands into his backpressing down and the other holding his legs, a whole video showing this and a autopsy and STILL no one is doing anything!! 😡😡😡

I just can't believe that one says no he didn't andone says he did due of suffocation. Come on you have got to get someone who is not gonna be biast. Strong man can died like that how brutal is American policemen, look like daylight execution on the street with disgusting video for the world to witness.

of can also find an independent autopsy to say he died of coronavirus.. Democrats covering up for Democrats ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 First degree So we need independent investigation to tell us water is wet?! To even have a preliminary report is irresponsible until all the facts come out you should not be trying to stir people up... this the outta pocket shit KillerMike was talking about

You need no autopsy to get that conclusion. It was very obvious to see that in the video. Black Life Matters Governor should Resign! The original report of his death was so clean, if the videos didn't go viral they would have got away with it... Can anybody tell me what was the initial report please ? I knew, this as an attorney i believe it is Murder 1 and there are equally culpable. And should be charged! Murder 3 is a, joke. The police officers all four life imprisoned or death

So the officer needs to be out in jail right away: he had the intention to kill him! One thing that we have to pay attention is while he was holding George down with his knees, one of his hands, because we could not see the other, was in his pocket!! It means was playing! Murder! We all saw it. We all know what he died of. Don't try and deny it.

Why they lied so his family should suit the county medical for lying This Americans always find what they are paid for. Probably CNN admirers Now maybe the cops who are responsible will get 2nd degree murder. Everyone hopes so Is he wearing “off-white” nellarose_ 😐 All the policemen present at the scene are responsible for this First Degree Murder.

Yep Now investigate the coroner for Minneapolis! Whoever delivered the wrong report last week! County medical examiner’s conduct ought to be peer reviewed and he may need to reprimanded for retraining. Cause they lied‼️ Naasei_90 Can that pathologist be charged as an accomplice? lawyers on the TL Riots that happen in series across cities has never worked since the beginning of civilization. It’s not going to work now: “Hey, you’re stealing, from that store, stop that! It’s not stealin’ the sto’ wide open man, it’s free,get the F*k out ma face!” This is stupidity!

Sure. We Know The weight of America's police force has been on the neck of BLACKs for yrs. Remember Rodney King? Like May 3, 1963, August 4, 2016, Officer Lorne Alston' K9 mauled a young black man, May 4, 1963 black school boys, PEACEFULLY protesting were arrested by police, we WILL breathe! The truth doesn't matter anymore. That's why we're so divided in this country. Everyone has 2 sides to everything no matter what and always different beliefs. This will never stop

Time to upgrade those charges I think we have questions for the medical examiner that made it look like it was due to pre-existing conditions and drugs Ok. Can I make a suggestion here? Do TWO independent autopsies. Why? Because we have one report saying murder and one that says it wasn’t murder. This will just cause MORE PROBLEMS.

I want the last thing that CNN ever says about George Floyd to be: 'He was a good man.' It was not 'independent' the family paid for it STATE FACTS NOT OPINIONS i mean, we watched the video He was murdered 😡 PLS RETWEET!!! DERECK M. CHAUVIN!!!!! SQUEEZED THE LIFE OUT OF FLOYD GEORGE. 😢😢 DERECK M. CHAUVIN!!!!! SQUEEZED THE LIFE OUT OF FLOYD GEORGE. 😢😢 DERECK M. CHAUVIN!!!!! SQUEEZED THE LIFE OUT OF FLOYD GEORGE. 😢😢 HE THEY KILLED HIM!!! WE DEMAND JUSTICE.

The initial coroner should be arrested for trying to cover up the truth I can find a doctor to say anything if the price is right! Looks like the virus isn't a problem any more! Like we didn’t already know that. Know charge the other cops AND investigate the coroners office for trying to cover up for these pigs. JusticeForFloyd

Vote George Floyd brother just said no violence in my brother’s name! Do something different Vote! We need to set up voter registration tables everywhere there is a protest! Still a murder Damn!! Minneapolis police are corrupt AF!! No shit I think we knew that already dear cnn We needed an autopsy to know this ? Smh ... The whole world could see that .

Also... We dont need an autopsy to know it was murder, we all seen it. Shouldn't even need a trial, it is on public display. You can execute him right now and I don't think anyone would complain. CRIMINALINTHEW1 Um, Billy Barr already ruled George Floyd’s death a suicide. GOP 🙄 Tonight the violence increases

HMMM The county is run by DEMOCRATS !!!! Sack and arrest the medical examiner! All breaking the law must learn their lesson. God this is so sad my condolences to The Floyd family may God sustain and heal you and give you strength. And may God also heal our nation and heal it of all racism. CNN IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

TechnicallyRon weird how asphyxiation leads to dying of asphyxiation please kindly follow I promise to follow back Sue the medical examiner as accessory to the crime top! TerrenceFloydMessage CNN has let the American public down. You give a lot of free air time to trump by not covering Joe Biden's live events. danpfeifer thank you for pointing it out

MSNBC_Breaking maddow NBCNews This video makes 3rd degree murder bullcrap! Lies won't change the truth, we have first hand information So this medical examiner is just going to be allowed to cover up like this? How many other deaths has he lied about? He needs to be fired. He's part if the problem. thejdevereaux No shit

1. The video was good enough autopsy. 2. When is the examiner getting his/her license revoked? BLACK_LIVES_MATTER This in a Democratic State! We been knew!! Independent autopsy for Epstein… Excuse after excuse after excuse... do these 4 cops have diamonds as bones Wanna know why their value is much more important than the whole world.. you still tryna lie to us after we saw him get killed on camera

Yep, how many cover ups in this examiner's carrier ? Bet it wasn't the first 🤨 Baden is a hired hand - he’s going to come up with the results he’s paid to produce. No duuuuur!!!! The county medical examiner will do whatever he can do to protect these killers. 💯 % lies. The m ducal examiner should be fired and tried for obstruction of justice

It just makes me sad that there are people who would believe anything else when there's evidence of a murder on camera The Hennepin Medical Examiner autopsy was not just a contradictory conclusion from today's independent autopsy. We all have eyes. It was an attempted cover-up. BlackLivesMatter

Rev. Al: Don't use George Floyd for anything other than justice for George FloydThe Rev. Al Sharpton discusses the violence and looting overshadowing many peaceful protests across the country for George Floyd, and he calls for peaceful protesting over violence. TheRevAl You idiots this isn't about Floyd, it's about 'undocumented shoppers.'🤣👇 TheRevAl It has been used for a reason to steal and destroy property, nothing but opportunistic thugs. TheRevAl George Floyd was a crisis actor. False Flag to sow division.

The Death of George Floyd: A Timeline - CNN VideoFrom the moment he said 'I can't breathe' to protests and violence in cities across the US, George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has reignited the discussion about race and police brutality in America. CNN's Sara Sidner reports. sarasidnerCNN The man was murdered over $20... sarasidnerCNN Literally hundreds are killed in Chicago regularly for less... do we not need to destroy our communities for them as well? sarasidnerCNN Nothing to do with Mr. Floyd!

Independent autopsy finds George Floyd died of asphyxia'What you see on the video is exactly what happened,' Floyd family attorney asserts. 'Those police officers were the proximate cause of George Floyd's death.' The remarks come as attorneys for the family announce early findings from independent autopsy. That’s NOT what the PUBLIC was TOLD of course, Law Enforcement DOES NOT have a CLUE what EVERYONE is getting so UPSET 😭! ALL they seem to CARE about is the DAMN LOOTERS! JenniferJJacobs Why have the other 3 officers NOT be charged? They need to be held accountable. He is saying the minnesota pd didnt train them. That’s terrible. I’m sorry, but every normal/sain person knows not to put your body weight on someone’a neck and back for 9 minutes. There is no training needed for that. If u dont know that, ur not capable of being a cop at all.

Beyoncé Address George Floyd Killing By Police: ‘George Is All Of Our Family, And Humanity'.Beyonce added her voice to those calling for justice for the police killing of George Floyd (via BETNews) Beyonce BETNews

George Floyd Family's Independent Autopsy Shows Death by AsphyxiaGeorge Floyd's family does not agree with the Medical Examiner's findings, so they have had their own autopsy conducted ... and will announce the results in a virtual news conference shortly. 😢 May he Rest In Peace ! ALL 4 of them! Rest in PEACE George✌🙏 😔 💔 😞 😢 we will definitely not let you death go in vain or in silence. GeorgeFloyd GeorgeFloydWasMurdered

Independent autopsy of George Floyd findings to be announcedGeorge Floyd's family is scheduled to hold a news conference this afternoon where they will announce findings of an independent autopsy. Just what’s needed more Fuel to make the Fires Burn Brighter!! Why is a career criminal being glorified? ☹️