In Supreme Court, GOP attorney defends voting restrictions by saying they help Republicans win

The response was a remarkable moment at a pivotal time for voting rights.

3/2/2021 11:46:00 PM

In Supreme Court, GOP attorney defends voting restrictions by saying they help Republicans win.

The response was a remarkable moment at a pivotal time for voting rights.

Edgard Garrido / Reuters fileMarch 2, 2021, 6:21 PM UTCByJane C. TimmAn attorney for Arizona's Republican Party offered a blunt reason for his presence defending the state's voting restrictions before the Supreme Court on Tuesday: The measures disadvantage Democrats.

The Supreme Court is hearing arguments over Arizona voting restrictions in a pair ofconsolidated caseschallenging a state law banning ballot collection and a policy that tosses ballots cast in the wrong precinct. Democrats have sued, saying the rules discriminate against minorities and violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

The case could have big implications outside of Arizona if the justices create a test for how to evaluate such voting rights cases under the voting rights legislation.Dec. 9, 202003:51“What’s the interest of the Arizona RNC in keeping, say, the out-of-precinct ballot disqualification rules on the books?" Justice Amy Coney Barrett asked, referencing legal standing.

“Because it puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats,” said Michael Carvin, the lawyer defending the state's restrictions. “Politics is a zero-sum game. And every extra vote they get through unlawful interpretation of Section 2 hurts us, it’s the difference between winning an election 50-49 and losing an election 51 to 50.”

The response was a remarkable moment at a pivotal time for voting rights: state Republicans have advanced aspate of restrictive votingbills in the wake of former President Donald Trump's loss and monthslong attack on mail-in voting. Advocates have warned that fighting discriminatory election laws is increasingly difficult, too, since the Supreme Court gutted Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act in 2013.

Arizona was a key battleground in the 2020 election, too, with Joe Bidenwinning by approximately 10,000 votes.Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel argued that the suit was a part of their party's election integrity efforts."It is critical that all voters have confidence in the integrity and legitimacy of our elections. The Supreme Court should reject Democrats’ attempts to weaponize the Voting Rights Act in the name of partisan politics,"

Voting rights advocates responded immediately, zeroing in on the partisan goal. Read more: MSNBC »

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The Fight against GOP Voter Suppression and Authoritarianism is on. Democrats must win this battle for Democracy’s sake by 2024. That's exactly right and restricting the right of good Americans voting is against this very countries basic freedoms and the principles of freedom. If they can't win on an open platform they shouldn't win. If they can win on an open platform then they should win.

If you can’t win lose. Fix your damn party. Offer something for your constituents and win fairly. You will still be able to steal the country wealth but you will have your voters on your side. No surprise Hey, they got it like that, they could just truth out, or even lie and feel very confident/entitled to a favorable outcome because their so-called conservative judges are political activists especially when it comes to voter suppression.

Not surprised the Supreme Court needs reform no one should have a job for life. What if the go crazy? Federal judges appointed by Republicans are Republican 1st and conservatives 2nd when “interpreting” a law I didn't think they were supposed to admit that. Dear UNHCRIndo AnnMaymann please be Kind in action not just in words or slogan!

In other words cheat. Unbelievable Elections are not a 'Game'. These politicians have the power of life and death over citizens as we've seen clearly this year.DestroyGOP Who gives FOX NEWS it is bad for the American democratic foundation if they win 1 vote needs to = every other vote, no more electoral college, wipe out all district gerrymandering, all districts can have only 4 corners and 4 straight lines, all Americans should be forced to vote, all voting needs be done by mail.

When if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat. I say again: it's an ELECTION, not a GOLF GAME. You do not get a goddamn handicap! If you can't beat the Democrats because your candidates SUCK and a majority of the electorate knows that, then you should not win! It is not okay to gain a 'competitive advantage' by cheating!

Well of course suppressing the will of the people helps them win, they can’t win fairly that’s for sure. First experience happens to be a total failure but I never give up because I knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately but now I am smiling by getting involved with you DavidLingleyBT as my account manager

2/ I should be chilling on a hot day in the tropics, but upon seeing this tidbit, some of my brain cells just have to react. It’s that 😳🤭. Now how about GOP’s absurd blitz gerrymandering? Do those moves also help Rs win (or else, it’s surely GOP into oblivion)? Hofeller legacy. Grand Oligarchy Party

Outrageous, outright corruption and election tampering. Amazing, saying we will try anything in order to steal an election. What's next? Blacks and Hispanics can only vote from 4 A.M. - 6 A.M. on election day in person. Huh? Huh! Just like that, admitting it. Isn’t that a little bit of, if not (gonna get back to you more sure) actually, cheating? I’m tired, it’s hot, need to think more. 1/

Crazy In this Supreme Court, that is a cogent argument. The GOP must be really pleased with him.😂 He’s either saying that it stops democrats corruption, or gaming the system to be corrupt. 🤔 Between politicians and the media’s narrative, following politics sometimes resembles a chose your own adventure book.

ban nu xay dung gia dinh Of course they do. Any honest person knows that’s what it’s all about They suppress because they know nobody will vote for them and their garbage selves. What voting resteictions lmao, the left just blatantly showed the whole world America cant even hold fair elections. Were a joke

Looks like what is being said: 'They are on the fast-track to self-annhilating their own party.' ....,and they agreed and loved the sentiment. so, like defending a murderer by saying the guy wants to go home now And ginacarano defends this corruption? This should be played on every news channel. Unbelievable.

A winning argument in our current Supreme Court. Doesn’t sound like a very good reason, sounds like they to legally cheat Only Republicans could argue this. “Well your honour, we just can’t win if it’s fair, and we’re saying that’s unfair.” Is Mitch involved rolandsmartin Republicans have lost the popular vote in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections and it’s not gonna change anytime soon... They’re clearly OUTNUMBERED. That’s why they resort to voter suppression tactics, gerrymandering and cling onto the electoral college for dear life.

pldLMT As usual, they say he quiet part aloud. maddow God help us! Patrykia Wow a lawyer that told the truth for once! This is the reason why we need one rule, one law across America to define voting rights. A voter card with barcode on it for every American who wants to vote over 18 yrs. of age that identifies that person. At time of death it is recovered and sent to be removed

maddow Pack the court. Republicans blocked Obama from appointing a supreme court justice. They get at least one more due to that. Or 2, double jeopardy should apply. maddow The real reply, as I surmise: Oh goodness Madam Justice Barrett, in answer to your question, there are just too many Democrats who vote and THAT'S NOT FAIR!

If SCOTUS upholds this nonsense, we are doomed! maddow 'Cause they can't win on the merits. They have to cheat to win, 'cause they're unworthy... maddow Do you need a Business/Personal Loan to pay off your bills? We offer loans to the public with a very low rate of 3%interest. Interested person should contact us through Email: Please Reply with Loan Amount Needed Loan Duration: Contact Address: Phone:

maddow I do not understand how voting restrictions only impact democrats. If you organize in advance you should be able to vote without any problems You have almost 2 years to get organized, vote and then with your vote change the system maddow And the SCOTUSblog says, US Too! 🇺🇸 has Christian Republican White Supremists on the Supreme Court, at least 4. NAACP ACLU MeidasTouch

maddow Congrats Rachel!!! Best show on cable TV!! We love u! maddow Well gee so you're trying to do voting restrictions so you can potentially win. Not exactly democratic. Or a valid reason Ugh Isn’t that like pleading innocent while admitting you committed the crime? At least he’s being honest about their motives. I think it’s clear to everyone at this point that Republicans have to rig the rules to win.

maddow WTH! Thats cheating That’s the only way Republicans can win is to keep the rest of us from voting bold of them whiny too we can't win without cheating bcz nobody likes us 🤪 THAT'S NOT FUNNY maddow When you have a hyperpartisian 6-3 majority, that’s probably as good of an arguement as any. maddow It would have been simpler to have a re-do because there are a lot of questions!!!!!!!

Gross maddow So again, they won on a technicality, not that a legal voter in a state has their vote counted if they are traveling and do so in a different precinct of that same state. Or vote at a different precinct because the voting lines aren’t as long. Let’s just go with state tot vote NewMexiSlosh So basically you're saying votes really don't matter, restrictions are put in place so that the party they want to win does win. FYI: that's not how it works in America.

Republican are openly corrupt, evil people! maddow These people are nut cases..As long as The Democrats are In Government, They Are In Full Control of The Senate And The House..!! The Dems have The Numbers. The REPUBLICANS are now useless. They Block Bills That Benefit The American People, They Promote Supremacist and Division.

maddow Make voting easy, yet secure - regardless of politics maddow 😭😭😭REALLY DUH maddow Republicans don't even try to hide the fact that they don't want people to vote. Despicable! maddow He next argued that only wealthy landowners within certain tax brackets or geographic regions should be allowed to vote. 'The Hoi polloi have proven themselves not worthy of voting simply by registering as Democratic Party members.'

maddow Well, it’s irrefutable. Right ? maddow Seems like the republicans can't win any other way except to rig the voting process by creating bogus laws. 🤔🙄😡 So a lawyer admits to the highest court in the land that republicans have to cheat to win smh 🤦‍♀️ maddow Ummm, and that's.....OK!? This is the most ignorant headline ive seen in a while

Superscary. GOP openly trying to kill democracy!! maddow Well hell, if those restrictions help Republicans win, what could possibly be the problem? Do any of these guys have a clue as to what democracy is? maddow This has been going on for decades. They are just being blatant about it now. No more quite part.

Throw the whole Republican party in the trash maddow 🤦‍♀️ maddow These attorney's sound stupid and they probably are, but they are probably the only ones they could get to put up such an idiotic defense. maddow The jokes write themselves. maddow What?! How aboutpurpose of candidate ?! The Democrats must use his statements in their campaigns and aggressively hammer the Republicans with it. The American people/voters must realize that the Republicans represent anti American democracy ideals.

What's that you say, a moment of honesty from a republican lawyer LMAO He's right. Republicans can win only with voter suppression tactics So people voting in large numbers is a problem for Republicans Not a democracy any more Everyone's acting shocked but this is hardly the first time they've said EXACTLY this.

😳🤬🤬🤬🤬‼️ maddow Well duh. Found a honest Republican. Thanks? Talk about saying the quiet payout loud... maddow This will be interesting how the supreme courts rule on this. Talk about dividing the country. This statement alone, in a truly non-partisan, impartial court would be determinative in ruling against AZGOP.

Basically what you are saying is that republicans can only win by cheating with voter suppression. Sooooo ... hmmm... maddow 🤔 SCOTUS should find this an easy ruling... The GQP needs to hire better attorneys. maddow They knew their audience. The only way Republicans win. maddow Interesting that no one is commenting how as soon as he said that to Justice Barrett she immediately cut him off saying her time was up so he wouldn't expound on it further?

😡 Is Charlie their lawyer? WELP, there you have it, AMERICA! And for that GOP attorney’s reasoning is why they are CORRUPT and RACIST as hell! All that BS talk about “stop the steal” that’s what they are doing! They will stop at NOTHING to LIE, CHEAT, and KILL to win at all costs! Remember JANUARY 6!!!

maddow They always say the quiet part out loud VoterSuppression WOW what an argument ! maddow At least they’re honest about trying to cheat and control. maddow Accidentally revealing the truth. More evidence of uneducated challenged republicans 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 All democrats in the areas that are being denied voting rights should register as republicans in mass amounts then vote Democrat

maddow What .....: voting restrictions help the GOP - THAT IS NEW INFORMATION !!!! That would be called cheating. exactly why we need voting rights. maddow Sounds like he's been listening to Donald to long, sometimes the truth just accidentally slips out! maddow Was GOP attorney born dummy or went to college to get the degree? Only in US. 😀😃😄

maddow Well that about sums it up doesn't it. If you can`t win an election on your own merits...simply cheat. Simple, right? WELP, there you have it, AMERICA! And for that GOP attorney’s reasoning is why they are CORRUPT and RACIST as hell! All that BS talk about “stop the steal” that’s what they are doing! They will stop at NOTHING to LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL to win at all costs! Remember JANUARY 6!!!

maddow oh so now they’re just actively admitting to voter suppression lol maddow At least he was honest about the reason. They should strive to build a policy the voters can embrace The voters are supposed to choose their representatives not the other way around What did the justices say? maddow unbelievable. it is the truth however

RT 81+million times !!!! PLEASE !! REPUBLICANS GOP NOOOOOOO Really. POLIS RUDY XOYN PRISON TURKIYE , MACH PROBLEM. POLIS STOP SENATE YES TEROR RKK. PROSTOTUCIA. GOP NOO REALLY. Immigrants, by paying taxes and by working, will increase the rate of growth DV2021 DV2020Smiling face with heart-shaped eyesSmiling face with heart-shaped eyes