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In areas hit hard by climate change, only the rich can afford to stay

In areas hit hard by climate change, only the rich can afford to stay

9/25/2021 6:27:00 PM

In areas hit hard by climate change , only the rich can afford to stay

Flooding is the most common and most costly natural disaster in the U.S., says FEMA. The real estate market is starting to include the risk in home prices.

The rain fell steadily at Curt Dyer's Miami Beach, Florida, home on a mid-July day this summer. He opened the door to the garage and pointed to the flood already collecting in his driveway. He said it wouldn't be long until the whole garage flooded.

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Curt Dyer and Bruce BenderCNBCEven though he faces daily nuisance flooding, the 30-year Miami Beach resident said he is not considering moving. "It's paradise living here."Dyer estimates he's spending about $250,000 in renovation costs to make his home more resilient to flooding. While that figure includes some upgrades to the cabinetry in the kitchen, the main structural change will raise the driveway 3 feet and pitch it so water will flow into the street. He's also raising his guest bedroom and bathroom 4 feet.

Jesse Keenan, associate professor of real estate at Tulane University, says these types of resiliency fixes, which are primarily available to the wealthy, create a game of musical chairs with home equity.As long as homeowners like Dyer are able to sell their property at a higher price after resiliency investments, they come out on top. Eventually, however, a homeowner or bank could end up losing everything if a flood or other disaster destroys the house and makes the property unlivable. Over time, this risk will increase insurance rates and make it harder to get mortgages.

"We anticipate a rapid decline in valuation," Keenan told CNBC. "Only the wealthy can afford to live, for instance, in high-risk coastal areas, because everybody else can't insure it and won't be able to get a mortgage."Curt Dyer and Bruce Bender's home

CNBCIn fact, homes exposed to sea level rise sell for about 7% less than their unexposed counterparts, according to astudy published in 2019 in the.That discount jumps to 10% when the owner of the property is not living there.Flooding is the most common and most expensive natural disaster in the U.S., according to FEMA. Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding and just 1 inch of water can cause $25,000 of damage to a home.

A 2018 Insurance Information Institute survey found that only 15% of American homeowners have flood insurance. Keenen fears all this combined will lead to a situation where only the wealthy will be able to protect themselves from climate danger.Dyer said registering his flood claims has been relatively simple but he and his husband are paying out of pocket for these major renovations. But it's worth it to make his dream home complete, and he expects Miami Beach will continue to be livable for at least another 20 years.

Curt Dyer and Bruce Bender walking the dogCNBC"If I didn't have the resources and the capability to make the repairs, I would probably have no desire to live in these conditions in this environment. It would be unacceptable. But I do have the resources. I have the ability to make the correction. So I'm going to do it," he said.

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like CA...taxes are why only rich can stay Stay? No they’re building more, buying up neighborhoods. Example: Miami little Havana. It’s elevation is 3 meters above sea level. Look into Miami and threats of rising seas. Don’t act surprised. environnement Miami No I believe that’s is the politicians driving out people esentially gentrifying anything and everything they can

Spend less on War and more on Infrastructure that will help Tariffs on imported goods could be spent on further improving the materials to build the roads and bridges while improving energy sources and materials sources to make the US more independent. Energy and material independence is key to success.

If you have to burn fuel such as a diesel engine maybe ammonia injection could help it burn cleaner. If you burn gasoline a small ozone generator could make it cleaner burning. And water cooled engines should be able to run on leaner fuel mixtures. Liquid piston engines are cheap

Researchers launch Gulf Stream expedition in effort to slow down climate changeThis summer, the United States has seen the effects of climate change firsthand, as record-breaking wildfires, droughts and hurricanes have devastated parts of the country. horrible No one with common sense believes this propaganda bs, especially when it comes from Abc

Biomass can be grown quickly to offset carbon emissions though carbon credits. A microwave system can make biochar and fuel to power a generator to run the system. Then an argon plasma reactor turns biochar into nanocarbon for many new materials and construction. Many things I listed could be done by shifting oil subsidies away for alternative energy initiatives. Garbage could pay for the future of clean energy by waste to energy plants, recycling and biomass farming.

对新冠病毒有效的药物 Effective medications against COVID-19 硫酸氢氯喹 Hydrochloroquine 伊维菌素 Ivermectin 青蒿素 Artemisinin 阿奇霉素 Azithromycin 地塞米松 Dexamethasone 请遵照医嘱 Please Follow Your Doctor’s Advice ClimateChangeHoax Greening up buildings and roof tops could counter the heat island effect of cities. Black top could be made with graphene to conduct heat to run thermal electric junctions cooled metal pips carrying waste water to make electricity.

Complete BS Tesla coils could be used to ionize a gas in a self resonating ion tube to generator power. Carbon felt treated with graphene could be used to draw electrostatic charges for water splitting, charging capacitors and using pulses to rapidly pump electrons in dead rechargeable batteries to do work as accumulators.

Cheap energy can be had from beta voltaic cells that have high voltage electrostatic charges to split water for hydrogen fuel cells with out fission or nuclear waste in a self sustaining cycle that could last for decades or thousands of years. Motors can spin from the power of magnets, Gamma rays could be used to activate a metal lattice for fusion to take place at low temperatures to boil water for energy using hydrides of nickel or in rare earths. Or mixtures of them with isotopes of hydrogen.

'Tell me a story about water': How 1 simple question led to 1,001 answers about climate changeJournalist Devi Lockwood recently released her debut book, '1,001 Voices on Climate Change .' The story is the little humans are pumping massive amounts of water/steam into the atmosphere via the 460 plus nuclear reactors 24/7/365 and we all ah know that what goes up must come down P.S. Geology has been forensically defeated along with tectonic theory . The water in the Great Lakes came from 'climate change'....a melting glacier thousands of years ago. Too bad we weren't here to stop it. 🙄

MEthane can be a stronger green house gas than carbon dioxide but it can be changed into methanol with a room temperature catalyst. A company can turn it into gasoline for a dollar per gallon. Green sources of methane could make green fuels that reduce heat. If your living in a climate that looks like a desert but with a high humidity plants that draw moisture from air would be a good start. Bamboo and fast growing plants such as hemp would be ideal for a quick way to green an area. Water is more common than CO2.

Can 2,500-year-old sequoias be saved by 25-year-old climate activists?Young climate activists have no use for our sentimentality on climate change , plus more from the week in Opinion. opinion sequoias gonna turn woke opinion POTUS President Biden Prices are up on Rents in Maine over $1,000. dollars for 1 bedroom apt. and prices in stores for food,clothing,vitamins,gas,take out pizza, people on S.S.I. $800. can't afford this it takes our entire checks to pay for rent. even if we are on Housing!!!

'Climate Night:' US late-night hosts join forces to raise awareness to climate change - CNN VideoSeveral US late-night hosts united for a 'Climate Night,' focusing their shows on climate change . This took place during Climate Week NYC, a summit to promote climate solutions. Should've flown on their private jets to a coal energy producing plant in China to highlight the problem...and stood there. If climate change is a reality, how is it that Barack Obama has bought a 6M house in an area (seafront) that in a few years will be submerged?

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Gov. Newsom Signs $15 Billion Package To Combat Climate Change In CaliforniaThe largest portion of the package will go to emergency drought relief projects and to expanding the state’s water supplies. If politicians would just shut-up, the level of CO² would probably be cut in half! California ClimateCrisis climate Of which, at best, $1mil will be effectively used