Impeachtrumpnow, 2020 Election

Impeachtrumpnow, 2020 Election

#ImpeachTrumpNow trends on Twitter: Americans say President committed 'treason' by saying he would take foreign intel on a 2020 rival

#ImpeachTrumpNow trends on Twitter: Americans say President committed 'treason' by saying he would take foreign intel on a 2020 rival


ImpeachTrumpNow trends on Twitter: Americans say President committed 'treason' by saying he would take foreign intel on a 2020 rival

'This is treason in broad daylight,' one social media user said of President Donald Trump's admission that he would be willing to accept foreign intel in the 2020 race.

The hashtag"#ImpeachTrumpNow" trended on the social media platform after Trump said during an on-camera interview with ABC News that he would be willing to accept damaging information on an election opponent, even if the intel came from a foreign government.

"If I thought there was something wrong, I'd go, maybe, to the FBI—if I thought there was something wrong," he said.

While the president appeared unconcerned about making such a claim despite already having spent the majority of his presidency battling allegations of collusion with foreign powers, specifically Russia, in the 2016 election race, social media users were shocked by the exchange.

"[Trump] says he would NOT be obligated to alert the FBI if a foreign country—such as #Russia or #China—offered dirt on his 2020 opponent," she said, adding a shocked emoji for good measure.

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AnneRiceAuthor AGAIN? Trump committed treason again? Gee whiz! The Steele Dossier was LITERALLY foreign intel on Hillary's 2016 rival, Donald Trump. That she and the DNC bought and paid for. So why aren't they in prison for treason? Shaytech Hmmmmmm. Hillary Clinton has endorsed the idea of obtaining political dirt from overseas, saying her campaign’s Kremlin-sourced dossier was “part of what happens in a campaign.

There he admitted it. The ball is now in your court Congress! It was an outrage two-fer -- Beyond disturbing comments about Kim and slam on CIA on Tuesday, followed by true confessions on Wednesday. Along with every other day since the nightmare began -- Not one day without chaos so far. Not one. How we go on this way, I dunno.

Conspiracy? WisePaxCat There is something horribly wrong with a man who will do anything to win. realDonaldTrump is an incredibly unstable POTUS. All this backlash is coming from ppl with a AOL accounts they got off a CD thinking they’re savvy. Just another example of an old ppl thinking their parents lives were better, they believe Archie Bunker is a role model & they loves yelling at kids to get off his lawn.

Ooo ooo ooo! Is there a new poll yet? Please do a new poll! I’m excited to see if 41% of the country still says trump is a “good guy”. No, only Democrats and one stooge justinamash say he committed treason. That's a better headline. print some think else lol

Joe Biden Tells 13-Year-Old Girl's Brothers To 'Keep The Guys Away From Your Sister'Since announcing his 2020 candidacy, former Vice President Joe Biden has continued to make cringeworthy statements. Has he talked about grabbing women by the pussy? Has he made fun of a disabled reporter? No? Then this is a non-story - stop trying to make it one. '...Biden's support of the Hyde Amendment, which restricts abortion access for poor women...' tiffanydian such dishonest bullcrap. As a woman, it seems clear that he is telling the brothers to keep their sister 'pure' by *protecting* her from other boys who want to have sex with her. It is very sexist. It assumes that all MEN want to rape women, and WOMEN have no choice. Sexism against both men and women.

CC: HillaryClinton Lol no I'm looking for a legal opinion on impeachment; if impeached by the House and acquitted by the Senate, does that mean trump can not be prosecuted after leaving office because of 'double jeopardy'? WisePaxCat He should be tried on multiple counts of Treason! SpeakerPelosi I’ll support you but we would really like you to ImpeachmentInquiryNow

If President Obama did the same thing there would be Tiki torches at the WH gates demanding immediate impeachment! President Trump is a Traitor in plain sight! Republicans still are drunk on the Trump koolaid! ImpeachTrumpNow Big NO

Biden calls Trump an existential threat. Trump says Biden is mentally weak.Trump and Biden are running like the 2020 general election has already started trading insults with each other campaigning in Iowa. Garrett Haake, A.B. Stoddard, and John Heilemann discuss. So fun to watch the media try to trick the Democrat voters into voting for Biden. Fake polls, ignoring the rest of the field. I have a feeling the voters are going to notice. With napkins and bullshit and bent money? trump has no idea who he is dealing with.

Treasonous nothing less BULL SHIT jannsloan ImpeachTrumpNow should not only be 'trending' should be 'happening' as we speak. What he said was that he would listen! And then maybe give info to the FBI. What Hillary and the DNC did was far worse! Yes Give me a break Delusional leftist, nothing there according to the two year investigation by a Special Counsel that detested POTUS. Couldn’t find anything. But keep up the narrative for low information Democratic voters. Your lack of objective reporting will bring down your business as well.

Hillary did it!! He's the President. He gets foreign intel on his rivals every day.🙄

Dems get religion in fight to oust TrumpDemocratic presidential candidates have made faith more central to their campaigns than in past years, seeing an opening in the Trump era. DeepStatePete really irritates me.🙄 Faith is personal. Keep it to yourself. Trump is the kind of leader the Book of Revelation warned us about.

He's been openly committing treason for 3 years. This isn't illegal, I'm failing to see the issue here. I'm an American, and I wouldn't say that at all. As a matter of fact, Presidents and officials in US government agencies have been getting foreign intel for centuries. It's nothing new. Well, what if someone from the UK posted images and videos of Biden groping little girls? Why shouldn't he use it?

Boycott NEWSHATE And so the Democrats did in the last election or are you forgetting the Steele dossier? MewllerRawr Heard Bangladesh has some porn on touchy Joe Biden.. Jared Kushner on first flight to Bangladesh o business trip I only read the headline on this. Have not done my homework, but WOW. FakeNews at it again! It’ll never stop unless ppl get educated on why some major “news” organizations say the things they do about a Pres. (they) don’t like. Is this fair? Would/did they treat Obama this way? Nuff said!

...if what he did is treason, then I guess Hillary Clinton should be in trouble too and the FBI/DOJ if they used unverified information from a foreign country as a basis for an investigation.

Trump Asserts Executive Privilege in 2020 Census FightPresident Donald Trump is asserting executive privilege over documents related to the Trump administration’s decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census i wonder what does it take for the hispanic community to revolt against republicans Rarely a day goes by that Trump doesn't show his desire to be a dictator, aka powerful leader.

He's about to go scorched earth on Iran and these so called liberals don't care at all. They actually flipped out when he started drawing down in Syria and Afghanistan. Let's keep it real: To them he's guilty of 'treason' for beating Hillary Clinton in 2016 fair and square. Lmao you can't say that. Treason is based on the action. If he says it, that doesn't mean anything. He has to ACTIVELY do it, for it to be treason! Dear God....

ImpeachTrumpNow Americans are not saying it, Democrats are. Big difference there. Well that’s because most Americans are dumb and just listen to the news and Hollywood stars for their opinions Trying to neutralize the charges against his Junior son, who as everyone knows, committed a crime by accepting a meeting with Russia to affect our election system!! Both should be in the Fed Penn!

ImpeachTraitorTrump ImpeachTrumpNow I like how media, speakerpelosi RepCummings and thedemocrats live in a world where Hillary Clinton and the DNC didn't seek out and pay for a fraudulent dossier filled with Russian disinformation, and Brennan, Clapper, Comey and co didn't use it to try to take power forever.

LOF'ingL LiberalLunacy

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As opposed to the candidate they supported that actually did take foreign intel, right? FixesItself Lock him up now!!! He is not guided properly by advisers, that is mistake of his staff cooperchip1 nancylevine Donnie, your hair looks fabulous. ImpeachTrumpNow This from a supposedly objective news organization. Not that you had any credibility to begin with but anything you had left is gone.

Trump brings Stephanopoulos to Iowa, into White House as 2020 launch nearsSitting down with an ABC News anchor is a sharp departure from the president’s usual habit of dialing into friendly opinion shows. Trump is only doing this because somebody told him the ratings would be huge President Trump is a nice person. His base is as solid as can be; maybe it’s time to convert some more hearts and minds. Keep on Trumping!! realDonaldTrump 'Keep your friends close and GStephanopoulos closer!'

The Steele Dossier was foreign intel that Hillary not only solicited but paid for!!!!!! ImpeachTrumpNow He has broken many laws, evaded taxes, objectified woman, failed at business, and yet, here we are! Wake up sleeping masses! Yes, Hillary Clinton did commit treason by hiring Christopher Steele to influence the election. Every piece of news and information 'influences' an election. Nobody waits for the Russians to tell them how to vote.

nancylevine Sure sounds like Treason I would say you think we are in minority report now and getting arrested future crimes are a thing now; but that isn't a crime if it is leaked to the PUBLIC. Just like in 2016. Maybe, idk, the democrats shouldn't rig their own primaries and elude to the fact in their emails🤔

So Hillary and Adam Schiff should definitely be tried then, correct? Apparently these “Americans” you speak of don’t know what the word treason means. Those people are perfectly ok with Hillary taking foreign information and then passing that to the FBI who than used it for warrants.... so umm sure. Then why isn't Hillary and Shift being charged with Treason? One tried to get Intel from fake Russians claiming to have some on Trump and Hillary paid a foreign company to manufacture dirt. A hypothetical isn't treason. 🤣😂🤣

RHETORIC!!! A. No that absolutely is NOT what 'Americans say'! B. He never said he'd 'take foreign intel'! He said he'd 'listen'! (i.e. NOT A CRIME) LOL C. You're sounding more & more desperate every day, to get rid of ONE person, behind an ALLIANCE of folks taking you all down!! So like get a fake dossier made by a British spy, and pass it around to influence the election? Oh wait... that was Clinton and the Obama admin.......

💯 Sure like Hillary and her emails and the Russians hacking the DNC and her knowledge of it. And the fake report she bought. Ok. The stupid here burns.... Hillary PAID FOR foreign “intelligence!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 LiberalHypocrisy FactsMatter UnfreePress Trump2020Landslide 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Sorry to burst your bubble. Treason is not based on hypotheticals.

They don’t know what treason is apparently I don’t think people know what that word means... Haha.

Trump publicly announces he is for sale to any foreign government regardless of intention toward US Democracy, elections and integrity. Trump announces that not only is he for sale, but will likely be indebted, owing favors to that foreign government. MAGAs & GOP don't care .nicolasmaduro Steele's dossier includes a Russian Foreign Ministry figure and a former top level Russian intelligence officer active inside the Kremlin & a 2nd Kremlin officer. TheDemocrats mad they spent $1 million for FakeNews. Hypocrisy RussiaHoax continues kag2020

Please remove this incompetent hack. This will blow over just like everything else. Omg Dems need to get a grip. STHU and get to work for country and stop with the TDS each and every second. Why the quotation marks? The Democratic National Committee paid money for foreign dirt. And they used it to spy on their political enemies. It shaped the entire Democrat party platform for the past three years. So by your standard the entire Democrat party is guilty of treason?

White noise from the same old, same old twitter crowd. A few thousand tweets out of 170+ million voters. Trump wipes his arse with the wrong hand and a twitter call for impeachment. Newsweek ha ha ha. Way to break a big story... *saying

He already did so in 2016 TraitorTrump Lies, lies, lies. Roll over and die already. Treason is when you give a foreign country intel about your country not when you gossip about other people. Lol Yup. StopLordDampnut MSM has taken Foreign Interference in Election and Presidency of realDonaldTrump Fake Dossier Russia/Obama/Clinton/DNC/MSM all took Foreign Interferences and still trying a coup d’etat Varneyco LouDobbs Trump exposes hypocrisy of MSM once again. Trump controls media.

He is. Trump is a fascist. Why are people surprised by this comment He ain’t but people are stupid for continuing to trust him. ImpeachTrump ImpeachTrumpNow So, because Clinton unequivocally received foreign intel from ex British spy Christopher Steele. That foreign Intel included the infamous pee pee tape that came from, gasp, Russia. So, Clinton committed Treason?

dubrow_wendy ha!, he committed treason WAY before this,.,, it's just now sinking in, about dam time America, wake the F up!

Fakenews Once again we need to impeach the devil out of the White House realDonaldTrump is a clear and present danger to America. Those who would defend this 'despot'... (That's you GOP) are equally guilty of destroying our 'union.' ImpeachTrumpNow lol politicians have been doing that since the Roman days.

Carolchapman192 ...let me help: ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrump Impeach45 ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW ImpeachmentInquiryNow Yeah why are the loudest voices those that have no clue what they are doing. All because they lost an election...... ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow ImpeachTrumpNow

39k hastags dont speak for the entire country. Hillary called for the Chinese government to hack into our federal banking agency to reveal Donald Trump's taxes.....let see hers along with everyone else in governments and see how 'for the country over themselves' these politicians really are lol Some of us even say he committed treason AGAIN since he's already admitted the Russians helped him in 2016.

Newsweek is a garbage publication. Clearly biased and NWO agenda. ImpeachTrumpNow UnhappyBirthdayPOTUS DeadPOTUSWalkingTalkingLying POTUS realDonaldTrump No we didn't, you said that “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. His statement seems rather comforting if you're a foreign entity.

Americans say it or does the law say it. Maybe just a silly difference Fake news you mean like if Ukraine told him how joebiden blackmailed them? Does Trump know only democrats are allowed to buy dirt on political opponents from foreign entities! 🤣🤣 ImpeachTrumpNow CORRECTION: Dem Operatives pay off Twitter to push the 'trend' ImpeachTrumpNow hashtag Yawn

Gossip is not foreign intel. Get a dictionary.

VincentWright I hate this man with the fire of a thousand suns. When, when will he go away? 😩 Americans have not said the President has committed treason, the media has said it. Its your obsession! VincentWright Treason AND Collusion AND Obstruction of Justice A TRIFECTA! InvestigateObama Then YOU MUST SAY that HillaryClinton and other Dem Players are GUILTY because they PAID MILLIONS to British Spy, Russia and Ukraine for FAKE DOSSIER on realDonaldTrump

Guess Hillary Clinton was traitor then Lmao another failed attempt by the left. ImpeachTrumpNow realDonaldTrump IS A TRAITOR!! IMHO Impeachment is numerically impossible. Why even try?

Why not? Hillary PAID for a fake foreign dossier in 2016. What Americans? Not 70 million of us. Lots of people don’t know the definition of the word treason it seems. Uh, remember the dossier? Written by a foreigner claiming to have info from, among others, Russians; paid for by the HC campaign & DNC; used by the Obama admin, promoted by the media, etc. ... But these clowns are appalled by Trump’s answer, lol.

if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... It trends like every week ImpeachTrumpNow He’s begging us to impeach him! He is telling us clearly he will not to protect our country! His interest over the country! The US society have become a sad society, in that unsubstantiated accusations as 'treason' can be made, regardless of be baseless. It's time for Americans to recognise that their government agencies, are not infallible. Also, that foreign countries always intervene in US politics

As Obama sent people to Israel to help Bibi loose. You folks spin it everyday. It'll be the greatest thing if you do. The storm that will follow, you're not ready for

Lol where are you when Dems paid Ukraine uk and France for that fraud dossier? Not the first it won’t be the last yet again he will be praised and allowed to continue his destruction of the constitution. Didn't Obama and the FBI use a Brit, an italian, and and Australian to open up the investigation on trump?

Nancy Pelosi, how much longer will you protect Trump from impeachment? This is on Nancy now ImpeachTrumpNow Nothing unethical getting info from any source but info may be worthless, so must be vetted. For example, Clinton Campaign sought info from Ukrainian and British sources. But foreign $$ to U.S. elections is illegal. (e.g. Johnny Chung, Charlie Trie, John Huang)

So... what did Hillary Clinton do with the Steele Dossier? They got him this time!! Our country’s existence is at stake. Hoping that Trump is defeated in 2020 is too iffy. ImpeachmentInquiryNow These rubes don't actually know what treason means.

Meanwhile in other news SpeakerPelosi furiously ripping thru calendars seeking the “right time to start impeachment inquiry” the resistance needs to know it was heard & doing the right thing vs political fear surpasses-renewing our faith & strength in America and democracy Misleading headline. The word “Americans” was used as if the American people are one in calling for Trump’s impeachment when in fact only the Democrats are very vocal about it. I think the American media is not fair to realDonaldTrump

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