If Money Management Gives You Anxiety, Here Are 5 Tips That Can Help, According To An Expert

That feeling when you have no clue what you're doing.

7/25/2021 8:15:00 PM

That feeling when you have no clue what you're doing.

That feeling when you have no clue what you're doing.

). But if you want to start off as simply as possible, try this three-column budgeting strategy:Grab a piece of paper and pen. At the very top, write down your income (or expected income) for the month. Divide the page into three columns that read,"Must-buys,""Want-to buys," and"Savings." In the"Must-buys" column, include all of your necessary expenses (like rent, utilities, phone bill, food, etc.) as well as the cost of each one. Make sure you subtract each cost from your total income so you're keeping track of how much is being"spent" so far.

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Now, in the"Want-to buys" column, list the things that you would like to spend money on this month. This list should be products and services that aren't exactly"needs" but that improve your lifestyle and you enjoy buying. This could be your Netflix subscription, a dessert at a new café you want to try, a new outfit for an upcoming trip with friends, and more. Again, make sure you subtract the cost of each as you go along!

Then, in the"Savings" column, list where you'd like to contribute money and how much. This could be saving $25 in yourRoth IRA, transferring $100 into your savings account, or even putting $50 into a brokerage account for investing in stocks. This method is quick to complete, and it captures a pretty full picture of your income versus your spending in an organized, nonintimidating way. headtopics.com

2.Pay yourself first; this helps you take care of your savings *before* you make any purchases.Peter Dazeley / Getty ImagesNot being able to save money can be a major stressor, especially when you have large expenses coming up or feel like you need to fast-track your retirement funding. But with a rising cost of living and so many expenses to account for, it can be tough to remember to give your savings account a slice of that pie. And this, in turn, creates a habit of simply saving what's left after spending — and sometimes that means saving no money at all.

"Paying yourself first is a good strategy," said Elizabeth Dunn, PhD, chief science officer atHappy Money."First, put $15 into your savings account and then go on from there. This helps you take care of your savings goals so you can get to your other expenses."

Of course, you can come up with a savings contribution that's as much as you're comfortable with (it'll totally depend on you and your circumstances!). Remember that budget we just created? That can certainly help you figure out how much you can afford to save.

3.If you have room, lower your spending to lessen the possibility of running out of money to cover your necessities.Tim Robberts / Getty Images"Some people worry about being able to pay all their bills even if they aren’t actually in debt," Dunn said."They think their bills will add up to more money than they are actually able to bring in." This possibility is very real under some circumstances — and so is the stress that can come with it. headtopics.com

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You may feel that you're making a few too many credit card purchases to extend your income to cover additional purchases. And on the other hand, even if you're making enough to cover those expenses, you may worry about getting hit with a surprise bill or fee that eats into your income.

Looking for ways tocut your expensesa little can bring a bit of relief if you feel like you're constantly in a pinch. This could mean canceling a subscription service you no longer have time to use. Or, if you're stretched to the max covering just necessities, you can try switching to a more affordable phone service provider, or negotiating lower monthly payments on some bills and loans.

4.Track your spending, but also pay close attention to how your purchases make youfeel.D3sign / Getty ImagesSometimes, feeling as if we can't afford the things we really want can put us in a space where wethinkwe don't have enough money. While this may be true under some circumstances, it can actually be a false sense of insecurity in some cases. Sometimes the culprit is really just the expenses we don't care about that are eating up our money.

"Ultimately, people who can keep their expenses in check tend to be better off," explained Dunn."Track what you spend and how it makes you feel to help you decide what’s worth it and what’s not. When you go out to dinner, ask yourself if that’s making you happy or if you actually prefer spending money on other things." headtopics.com

The pandemic has actually put us in a unique position where we've had some time away from the purchases and experiences we've become so accustomed to.We may have learned to explore new avenues for enjoyment during lockdown — like learning how to make our own fancy-schmancy coffee drink at home, or exercising (for free) in the privacy of our own living room instead of working out at a crowded gym. And now that we're beginning to reintroduce those activities we've had to hold off on for over a year, we have the unique opportunity to compare and contrast our"new" normal with our"old" normal; this can help us decide if and how our interests have evolved.

5.Don't be afraid to ask for help.Krisanapong Detraphiphat / Getty ImagesOf course, when things feel overwhelming, it always helps to reach out to a financial professional for advice. A financial planner can analyze your situation more closely and make recommendations based on your unique needs.

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One very important (and useful) way you can get some advice is by setting up a meeting with a financial planner. Read more: BuzzFeed »

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