If climate change is making heat waves 100 times more likely in India, this is who will suffer most

As scientists warn heat waves are 100 times more likely in the region, millions of workers can't afford to take a day off, even if the heat could kill them.

İndia, Climate Change

5/20/2022 9:30:00 PM

'What else can I do?': As extreme temperatures in some parts of India reach 120°F, families like Jeetu's, who sells clothes in a cart for a living, are forced to choose between going to work under the agonizing heat, or let their families starve.

As scientists warn heat wave s are 100 times more likely in the region, millions of workers can't afford to take a day off, even if the heat could kill them.

Hundreds of millions of workers in India and Pakistan spend every day outside, without the option of avoiding even the hottest hours of the day. Those workers may face increasing life or death choices about going to work, as scientists say climate change is making deadly, 

Construction worker Shiv Shankar, 54, seen here on May 19, 2022, works all day in the blistering New Delhi sun despite a record-breaking heat wave because he can't afford to take a day off. published this week by the U.K. government's Meteorological Office says climate change has increased the chances of heat waves hitting the region from once every 312 years, to once every 3.1 years.

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Why would they have kids? That is a hard life. Day after day after day. They don't need anything to make it harder.

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