Laplace, Louisiana Residents Undeterred By Another Deadly Hurricane - Cnn

Laplace, Louisiana Residents Undeterred By Another Deadly Hurricane - Cnn

'I won't leave.' Residents of hard-hit Louisiana town undeterred by another deadly hurricane

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9/6/2021 8:20:00 PM

In the face of unimaginable pain and loss, residents of a hard-hit Louisiana community vow to stay. A sense of place coupled with the bonds of family, friendship and community are stronger than the killer storms that upend their lives.

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Photographs by Elijah Nouvelage for CNNDigital video by Jon Sarlin and Madeleine Stix, CNNUpdated 1622 GMT (0022 HKT) September 6, 2021LePlace, Louisiana (CNN)Cheryl Rogers Smith's favorite chair, where she always looked out over her large brood, sat in front of a huge pile of water-logged belongings discarded on a grassy curbside in the New Orleans suburb of LaPlace.

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Of course they won't leave! The tax payers will just keep covering their losses.

Parts of Louisiana are under a flash flood watch as more than 500,000 in the state still have no powerFrom Louisiana to New York, communities across the eastern US are trying to piece lives back together more than a week after Hurricane Ida slammed into the Gulf Coast.

After Hurricane Ida, Operation BBQ delivers hot meals and a helping handThe nonprofit, which serves barbecue meals to those in need after national disasters, says it has deployed to 80 natural disasters since 2011 to feed families and first responders. Stan .. you make all of us Swedes so proud of you and what you do. that's something I admire when disasters happen, people helping people... no one is left behind. 💪👍 Const_Overhaul Have you ever seen anyone with a trump hat on delivering meals to victims of disasters?

Half A Million Still Without Power In Louisiana As Deaths Rise One Week After Hurricane IdaIt’s been just over a week since Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana. My heart goes out to those poor people. They have had a seriously rough few years Neither does Biden

Hurricane Ida death toll in Louisiana rises to 12Hurricane Ida's toll rose to 12 storm deaths in Louisiana on Saturday, still far outpaced by the dozens killed in flooded Northeast U.S. states where President Biden is heading next week to assess damage. Jesse Duplantis & the Hankins couple are so upset with HurricaneIda. The destruction of the Robertson crib would cancel DUCK DYNASTY. 'Tis what upsets the 'Faithful Four'.😥 Really sad to hear. Just like Donda right now

'Human toll was tremendous': Ida's death count rises while 600,000 still lack powerHurricane Ida's death toll continued to rise on Sunday, with many in the U.S. Northeast holding out hope for people missing in the floodwaters, while nearly 600,000 customers in Louisiana still lacked power a week after the storm made landfall. Why are the trunk doors open?

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