'I got a cast of my bum just like I'm A Celeb's Frankie Bridge'

'I got a cast of my bum just like the one I'm A Celeb's Frankie Bridge gifted husband Wayne'

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Itv

12/4/2021 12:46:00 AM

'I got a cast of my bum just like the one I'm A Celeb's Frankie Bridge gifted husband Wayne'

After I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! star Frankie Bridge confessed to the castle she once got husband Wayne Bridge a cast of her bum, Mirror reporter Amanda Evans decided to get a cheeky cast herself

No, this was not an invitation to an adults only party but a sitting with sculptor Laura Brunsdon to have a replica made of my rump.What do you mean that sounds like a bum job? You are obviously 'behind' the times, as this week on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity, singer Frankie Bridge was heard telling campmates she gifted husband Wayne a lifesize cast of her rear as a Christmas present.

She said: "I got Wayne a cast of my a**e. He used to say it as a joke. Back when he was playing football, what do you buy someone who has everything?"He always used to be like, ‘I just want a cast of your ae’ so one year I was like, 'Fine that’s what you’re getting'."

She was under 30 at the time, and a keep-fit fanatic, so probably thought nothing of baring all.And while I’ve always been blessed (or not) with a round bottom, after having two children, hitting middle age and carrying a few extra pounds post-Lockdown, it’s not quite so perky or small as it used to be. headtopics.com

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And so when I arrive at Laura’s Treasured Prints in Southampton I jokingly ask if she has enough plaster to cover my behind.Cautiously, I put on the high heels and am told to stand up but lean against the counter for good posture ...and cross my legs for a bit of modesty.

It’s freezing. I’m slightly concerned my goosebumps will show on the final cast. I say only slightly because standing there half naked, a million and one other things are running through my head.Looking around, there are frames on the walls with modelled baby’s feet and clasped hands. Laura also creates casts for women who have had mastectomies as well as birthday gifts for partners.

She puts a black plastic bucket on the floor and mixes three bags of alginate (a powder made from seaweed) with water, before smoothing the thick paste onto my bum.I’m even colder now, but can feel it getting heavier and starting to dry.It isn’t the most dignified of poses but I imagine Frankie and her pals having a huge laugh whilst having hers done.

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A support shell - also called a mother mould - is then created by layering on cotton wool and plaster bandages soaked in water. The same bandages used to cover broken arms and legs.Laura, 41, is a former nurse, so she definitely had the right technique. headtopics.com

The process only takes about 15 minutes. And as the shell hardens, it become very hot and very, very heavy. It’s a relief when Laura eases the shell off.It’s then filled with casting stone - a good quality plaster powder you mix with water and left to dry before mum-of-two Laura uses precision tools to remove the mould and tidy up the casting.

When I see the result there’s mixed emotions of horror and relief.Horror that my posterior is staring back at me with all its lumps and bumps and relief it could have been worse.It will take a good two to three months to completely dry out and will be eventually painted.

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Frankie will have a shock when she leaves the I’m A Celeb camp and discovers hubby Wayne has now shared a picture of her highly personal gift on her own Instagram page.He also showed it off on ITV’s Loose Women.It’s (bum’s) rush that’s sure to be copied. There are home-kits that you can use in the privacy of your own four walls or if money is no object, companies offer high-end bronze finishes to their work which can cost thousands. And you can choose to have any part of your body immortalised.

In the end I’m quite chuffed with my unusual work of art. It wasn’t too traumatic and let’s face it, I’m used to making an a** of myself... Read More

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