Hurricane Isaias Heads Toward Florida: Live Updates

Hurricane Isaias Heads Toward Florida: Live Updates

Hurricane Isaias heads toward Florida: Live updates

Hurricane Isaias is expected to near Florida's Atlantic coast after battering the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Follow here for live updates.

8/1/2020 8:06:00 PM

“I believe the 2020 hurricane season will be one of the most energetic and potentially dangerous of our generation,” the Red Cross’ Brad Kieserman says. “…You take that together with Covid, and that means…all of us have to take steps to be ready.”

Hurricane Isaias is expected to near Florida's Atlantic coast after battering the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. Follow here for live updates.

Hurricane Isaias expected impact arrival timesFrom CNN's Virginia Langmaid and Brandon MillerCNNHurricane Isaias is currently over the Bahamas and will soon impact parts of southern Florida.Here are some projections on storm peak times and rainfall totals from CNN's meteorologists:

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Nassau, BahamasStorm peak time: 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.Peak wind gusts expected: 54 mphExpected rainfall totals: 2 - 3 inchesFreeport, BahamasStorm peak time: 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.Peak wind gusts expected: 44 mphExpected rainfall totals: 5 - 7 inchesNorth Miami Beach, Florida

Storm peak time: 7 p.m. - 1 a.m. SundayPeak wind gusts expected: 53 mphExpected rainfall totals: 1 - 2 inchesWest Palm Beach, FloridaStorm peak time: 5 a.m. Sunday - 10 a.m. SundayPeak wind gusts expected: 83 mphExpected rainfall totals: 4 - 6 inchesMelbourne, Florida

Storm peak time: 5 p.m. Sunday - 8 p.m. SundayPeak wind gusts expected: 79 mphExpected rainfall totals: 2 - 3 inchesDaytona Beach, FloridaStorm peak time: 10 p.m. Sunday - 4 a.m. MondayPeak wind gusts expected: 55 mphExpected rainfall totals: 1 - 3 inches

Charleston, South CarolinaStorm peak time: 3 p.m. Monday - 5 p.m. MondayPeak wind gusts expected: 49 mphExpected rainfall totals: 3 - 5inchesWilmington, North CarolinaStorm peak time: 12 a.m. Tuesday - 4 a.m. TuesdayPeak wind gusts expected: 70 mphExpected rainfall totals: 2 - 4 inches

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It is not a hurricane Fake News Goodbye florida! After this and the covid finish you off we'll write in history books that the space you used to occupy was always an uninhabited wasteland It's hurricane season. Why's everyone acting like we dont get hurricanes every year. Polar shift.... how's that presidential paper towel supply holding up?

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Live updates: Hurricane Isaias heads to Florida, East CoastWEATHER: Hurricane Isaias, a Category 1 storm, delivered torrential rains and high winds to the Bahamas Friday and is headed to Florida according to forecasters. LIVE UPDATES: DeSatan

Hurricane Isaias Heads Toward Florida After Hitting Puerto Rico, BahamasHurricane Isaias struck the southern Bahamas Friday as it marched northwest on a path forecast to skirt Florida’s eastern coast before aiming for the Carolinas God's wrath headed to Florida and then to the Carolina's. How fitting! 🤣

Hurricane Isaias heads toward Bahamas and Florida after battering Dominican Republic as a tropical stormThe Bahamas and eastern Florida are bracing for hurricane conditions this weekend as Hurricane Isaias barrels through the Caribbean and into the southeastern US Track Isaias' path: Do you think the storm will blow away the EpsteinFiles ?

Florida Braces As Hurricane Isaias Heads Toward East CoastAs Hurricane Isaias approaches Florida's southeast coast, officials are urging residents to stay vigilant. The storm is expected to bring heavy rains and potentially life-threatening flash flooding. They might dodge a bullet with this storm but we are just now heading into the midst of hurricane season. A storm really nailing anywhere in the Gulf region with the pandemic still raging will really make for a bad situation There will be No hurricane. There is no hurricane. hoax

Isaias forecast to become hurricane Friday; Tropical storm watch issued for FloridaAfter lashing portions of the Caribbean with rain and wind, Tropical Storm Isaias is now forecast to become a hurricane on Friday. Alabama better watch out! Is Alabama safe?sharpie Florida is really becoming America's bitch these days.

Hurricane Isaias on track to hit Florida this weekendHurricane Isaias is bearing down on the Bahamas and is on a path to hit southern Florida this weekend. Isaiah Weather Warfare event or mother nature? Glance is the word you are looking for.