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Meghan McCain Faces Donald Trump Jr. on The View: 'You and Your Family Have Hurt a Lot of People ... Was It Worth It?'


Meghan McCain Faces Donald Trump Jr. on The View: 'You and Your Family Have Hurt a Lot of People ... Was It Worth It?'

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With respect MeghanMcCain your father voted for the Iraq war on false pretenses which caused the deaths of thousands of Americans and untold more foreigners, which I’m sure hurt their families as well. With respect. MeghanMcCain Trump Jr not only knocked it our of the park, he also showed that this show is nothing more that a bunch of over emotionalized cackling hens.

Trump has given the most jobs of any president ever ! The stock market which benefits every 401 k given to us by Trump. Obama was the Food Stamp bathroom POTUS. I’ve often wondered why the woman of the View think their opinion is the opinion of the majority? MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain your DAD is the one that hurt a lot of people !! Including his injured Ex wife that he left because of an accident that left her different ! Pathetic excuse for a man

MeghanMcCain Cut the drama Megan. You woman and the media attack Trump and his family on a daily. Never a positive word out of your mouths and he's done a lot of go work. Megan is just as crazy as her dad. MeghanMcCain What Megan is saying is we can say horrible things about your dad but you can't. Spoken like a true Democrat and daddy McCain.

MeghanMcCain Is/was it when you/yours actually did/do? GTFO with your rubbish. MeghanMcCain Is it worth it to hold so much hate in your heart for people? MeghanMcCain Rich that Meghan would go after Don Jr. for hurting Kahn family when her father John McCain pushed for useless Iraq war that killed their son and thousands of others.

MeghanMcCain The McCain’s have hurt America

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MeghanMcCain YOU and your family have hurt a lot of people... WAS IT WORTH IT? Your FATHER.. was a TRAITOR to the USA! MeghanMcCain I’m surprised Megan would tell Don Jr that he and his dad hurt her family!!!! MeghanMcCain John McCain sold out America when he voted for Obamacare. Obamacare has hurt millions of Americans and continues to do so today. McCain could have stopped it but didn’t! He was part of the swamp that still exists today. Washington needs to drain the swamp!!!

MeghanMcCain Now do LindseyGrahamSC MeghanMcCain Meghan has turned into a very nasty person. Very cold. MeghanMcCain Meghan when your father cussed out a female reporter on his plane when he was campaigning, using the most vile language did that make him feel that it was worth it MeghanMcCain You would highlight this part of the conversation! You say a lot of mean cruel things about his family as well. Be accountable!

MeghanMcCain How about all the people YOUR dad hurt? How about the family YOUR mom tore apart and caused so much pain to? Hmmm? This just PROVES that the Press is only after negative, gut-busting, public titillating news that helps no one! Shame! MeghanMcCain how many people did you father aka 'song-bird' hurt when he gave the vietnamese our flight patterns? Or how about when he cheated on his crippled wife for your mother? But yea let's focus on the fact Trump counter punched after your dad went on a MSM tour bad mouthing him. 🖕🏻

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on I will never watch that movie. lindseyvonn Wonderful Who cares?

MeghanMcCain You're such a lady I would have reached across the table and got fired I'm sure LOL MeghanMcCain Meghan . I was so impressed with the way you handled yourself in your interview with Donny Jr. you showed such class . I would have wanted to rip his head off . But bravo .. good job MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain presented that question to DTJ w/ such restraint & dignity, that I'm sure not only her mother & family were proud of her but especially the late great Senator McCain.

MeghanMcCain I hate judging but this guy really was raised this way. He isn't God fearing. His whole family sold their souls👹👹👺👺 MeghanMcCain Is it worth it when you continually attack the president of the United States and his supporters? That is what do you do every day on that trashy show. All of you never once talk about anything good he has done to pull up that list and see what he’s accomp 3 yrs

MeghanMcCain Your father peddled the fake Russian dossier. He also voted thumbs down to repeal Obamacare. I used to have a lot of respect for him, but that killed it. Of course the Trumps & many others despise him now! Actions have consequences! MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain accused the Trump’s of lacking character & hurting a lot of ppl. But noone the Trumps’ hurt died as a result. As the 1 warmonger-proponent of the Industrial military complex, Senator, “dad” was directly complicit in the deaths of 1000s. How does that make u feel?

MeghanMcCain Her father died as one bitter and jealous old man. MeghanMcCain you do know that ur dad advocated for bombing a lot of places in the world. everyone loves their dad, which is expected and good, but you must also understand that he was a warmonger, not good for millions of people that have gotten bombed. jus sayin

MeghanMcCain Let's talk about someone who hurt a lot of lives. John McCain...when he sought out a fake dossier that went on to hurt many innocent American General Flynn. Yes...let's talk about that Meghan!

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Me too 😭😩😭 Not gonna lie, I miss them together. They were so private and seemed to really suit each other That’s why she cheated 🙄

MeghanMcCain Sad that Meghan is siding with the left....who in 2008, called her father a blood thirsty war monger. MeghanMcCain Your dad hurt a lot of people by refusing to work with our President. The condescending look you gave Don Junior made me angry. I want to feel for you but you are carrying the same animosity your dad had , let it go and accept that President Trump is doing great things for us 🇺🇸

🤔I watched it .And it was funny to see Meghan earthquake destroy D.T.Jr with elegance.👏👏 MeghanMcCain DonaldJTrumpJr put you women in your place. All you women do is lynch whichever person you have on your show, that doesn’t agree with you or has a different ”view” on certain aspects of life. What you need to know is that LoveHate every time. Which side are you on?

MeghanMcCain NO they DIDN'T, but her father WAS a ZERO, NOT a hero!! Her father committed treason, NOT in Vietnam, but throughout his political career! It's fully known, but it's covered up so NO one knows the truth about her treasonous father!! MeghanMcCain You mentioned how much hurt the Trumps have invoked on America and you use a gold star dad as an example. How soon you forget that your dad voted for the wars we have been in. So I say he was responsible for a lot of my fellow brothers who either died or are suffering from wars

MeghanMcCain And he never would answer the question. MeghanMcCain All you did was shine a bright light on your hypocrisy, MeghanMcCain ! DonaldJTrumpJr gave you ladies a well deserved smack down and proved you’re all TRIGGERED 😂 Trumps are still WINNING ! 🇺🇸 MeghanMcCain And your father also hurt a lot of people Meghan.

MeghanMcCain Actually MeghanMcCain your disgraceful warmonger daddy hurt and killed many innocent people, including Americans. He was NOT a hero. By sharp contrast the heroic family of realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr never hurt anyone. In fact just the opposite. 🇺🇸

https://people.comGet the latest news about celebrities, royals, music, TV, and real people. Find exclusive content, including photos and videos, on Go big or go home Pete!! do you EVER proofread? It's embarrassing how regular typos are in your posts. It's GERBER. BKB29

The view is disgusting and RUDE Sorry never like McCain. He was wishy washy. He was a trader and hypocrite. MeghanMcCain Sad just like her dad they only believed in their own facts MeghanMcCain What nerve you have judging the Trumps Your dad may have been a war hero but he was a cheat and womanizer who dumped his injured wife ( and children) for a younger rich woman. Your mom stold another woman’s husband. They were no angels.

MeghanMcCain Yup, we have a great President and a great country! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 VoteRed2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory Don’t get it, every POTUS hurts someone... Who has Trump hurt Meghan, you? MeghanMcCain John McCain’s thumbs down on the repeal of Obamacare hurt a lot of people. Plus he lied to his constituents saying he would repeal it.

I would have never walk out on that Stage would get no where!! MeghanMcCain Hurt alot of people? WTF MeghanMcCain? You sound like a leftist. Which people? Why are you tearing down another conservative? You were one of my fav conservatives until this. TRUMP IS PUSHING EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE IN. Grow up.

For the greater good of Americans...yes!

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TheView is a DailyShitShow of LiberalBiasBitches and ModernDayWitches with AxesToGrind and NoProspectsofManLove !!! IF They are the FaceofFeminism (?) it is UGLY OH YEAH- is a rag! Oh, and JeffreyEpsteindidntkillhimself TruthFingHurts And MeghanMcCain your trade turned his back on people counting on his promise to vote yes to finally getting some help for the Obama care debacle so get off your high horse!! And you yourself have sold out conservative women to lump yourself with other idiots on TheView

MeghanMcCain Grow up MeghanMcCain I lost my father to cancer when he was 62 years old. Quit using that as an excuse for every conversation you have. You asked a question strictly to get more negative news coverage for realDonaldTrump You’re the problem. You’re the established politician. MeghanMcCain Thank you Meghan! This was refreshing to see.

So has the McCain family Jr and Kimberly were disgusting MeghanMcCain your father was a closet democrat and betrayed his constituents and the party he pretended to belong to...Was it Worth It? As a native of AZ and a former constituent of her worthless father, she may want to reflect on the type of leech her father was and the stench he left behind in AZ.. All he ever did was come out every 6 yrs pandering for votes, the rest of the time he was getting intimate w/ISIS

MeghanMcCain I think no one has more terrible things said about them than the Trumps, way more than what Trump ever says, such as calling someone a pencilneck. Words are less than the interventions, war, and death McCain pushed. MeghanMcCain Meghan you used your position to humiliate our president’s son to advance your cause. View is “trash talk viewing.”

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She was brilliant MeghanMcCain You’re a joke!! How dare you say President Trumps family has hurt many people!! Obviously you don’t realize we Trump supporters don’t think so. Sad for your father but for you to take your moment on TV to shoot down Don jr shows your ignorance of demoncrats! Act Republican!

MeghanMcCain His family has not hurt a lot of people. That is a crock. They have had to defend themselves from constant left wing attacks over and over and over. And SOME attacks from the right as well. Megan saying such things is rich since her dad was involved in attacking Trump B.S. donaldtrumpjr. THE TRUMPS HAVE HURT NO ONE! THEY HAVE HELPED MANY PEOPLE

Joy was awfully quiet, where was her mouth? MeghanMcCain Did you know, before hand that john was gonna help start the fake russia scam? MeghanMcCain What you don’t see MeghanMcCain is that we voted for Donald trump. Regardless of how you feel for him because of the comments he made about your dad, it still does not discount the silent voters who wanted a Donald trump type president to fight back and say what we all feel.

So has your family Meghan McCain maybe it's time to move on! MeghanMcCain TheView abc

MeghanMcCain Trump's a counterpuncher. No one mentions the attack that comes first from the Left. MeghanMcCain Would you call the attack on Donald Trump Jr on the View civil? You certainly weren’t civil to him nor was anyone else on that panel. So please don’t be a hypocrites ask for civility and then treat someone like garbage!!

MeghanMcCain Not impressed with you at ALL Meghan McCain MeghanMcCain You are RUDE..... MeghanMcCain The View has hurt a lot of people with hate and lies. Horrible show ony angry lliberals can watch. Gone soon. MeghanMcCain Hey Meghan, How many soldiers died because of your war-monger father? Please, shut up.

MeghanMcCain I didn’t like what Trump said about your father as your father was a true patriot but I did vote for Trump and he has done a lot of good things. I hope one day you and the President can make amends. MeghanMcCain I could see in Don Jrs face that he legitimately felt bad for your loss of your Dad and Aunt and he didnt like the feud between your Dad and his. I hope you both forgive and heal.

MeghanMcCain I loved how classy you were handling yourself , but a little part of me wanted you to go in on donny jr Clearly MeghanMcCain doesn't do much self-reflection...

MeghanMcCain I admired your dad. I'm a centerist, not a liberal nor a conservative. I nearly choked when DJT Jr was talking about Sr.'s 'great character.' I don't know how you reined it in. You were measured, he was off the rails rude. He can't hide behind the beard. Megan, went to work for the view because she couldn’t handle the fact that her father was a traitor! He’s the one who started the Russia collusion and the never Trumper fight to the end to keep global economy and suppress the middle class! DeepState

MeghanMcCain I give Meghan props for containing anger w/Junior but for her to say she still “loves” Lindsay Graham and feels he’s doing “what he thinks is right,” is delusional. L Graham is not deserving of respect. He chose Trump over America and has shown zero integrity MeghanMcCain Megan U easily throw hateful remarks 2 someone who you already dislike because he respects his father. Your father was a war hero but had his own faults. How do u think Sarah Palin felt when ur dad said he wished he hadn’t picked her? Quit holding grudges. Respect goes both ways.

MeghanMcCain So did your father!!!! Does Obamacare repeal and pee dossier come to mind 🙄🙄🙄 she whines constantly, I just can’t anymore at this point! She and the rest of those women have zero backbone. It’s politics, it can be dirty, and her dad played dirty in his political career as they all do!

MeghanMcCain God bless President Trump and God bless America and Israel. MeghanMcCain President Trump hasn't intentionally hurt anyone. Your father had a grudge with the president and didn't do what he promised his constituents he would do. Regrettably your father hurt many people for not voting to appeal Obama care. No disrespect intended. ♥️

MeghanMcCain I hope people will try to bear in mind that he loves his father, as any of us do, faults & all. We should not hold the kids of politicians or celebrities responsible for their parents choices. I do wish Trump would apologize to the McCains, at the very least, time for peace.❤️

Isn’t her dad the one that lied to AZ voters and promised to repeal Obamacare? Then gave the country the middle finger with his vote? Yep, that’s the guy How many people were killed by the wars her dad started/encouraged? Wth is she talking about what kind of question is that!! MeghanMcCain And they called her Dad Songbird because .... ? Who really hurt people ?

She needs to get over it & move on. He did a great job!! All the women on The View suck! MeghanMcCain How do you feel about the DEMS hurting families? Hypocrite! Uncomfortable to watch on both sides not my fav show These women are all full of shit. They won’t let anyone talk. REFUSE to see any other side but what they wanna see. I have the view lol

Megans dad hurt alot of people, she should not act like she is a princess

MeghanMcCain Your dad killed a lot of sailors on the USS forrestal I know people who are on it and I knew about it 30 years ago McCain's have hurt a lot of people. MeghanMcCain Wish I had never had to vote for him. Really it was sarapalin I was voting for. MeghanMcCain To think John McCain could have saved a lot of Soldiers in Viet Nam! McCains dad being a Admiral! John was set free. He stayed behind. My dad did 2 tours. John McCain could have SAVED Soldiers life, by telling commanders where the enemy was and men in jail! No Hero

The View is a demonic show that attacks American moral values MeghanMcCain “John McCain was always more than just a private citizen expressing opinions. His blessings, his lobbying and his activist support for war had consequences, and those consequences consisted of a lot of suffering. Far more suffering, it should be noted, than Trump’s mean words”

So, she blames his family for turning in the traitors. Very interesting. That thumbs down sealed his fate quickly, was that worth it? MeghanMcCain Good job MM. I liked your quiet demeanor when questioning. It had a lot of impact. MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain-one of the least qualified to speak of “sins of the father”.

Not near as much as her TRAITOR DAD did when thumbed down our chance at affordable health care Gross

MeghanMcCain You are disgraceful and have an agenda that is not uniting this country. You and the view are a zero. Disney used to be my favorite until I found out the truth about Club 333. Stick to the lies and you will be even more irrelevant. Noone cares about your agenda of disrespect USA. Was this before or after she paraded her dad's name again instead of standing on her own merits?

And how many people had her traitor father hurt? Hypocrite ! 😡 MeghanMcCain Can you tell me Meghan why the Dossier was Delivered to your Daddy before even Fusion, DNC, FBI, etc... ? Please deny this 🤣 I bet you were Triggered yesterday Can’t stand the View She's a spoiled brat. MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain needs to do a bit of self reflection about her dad and how he hurt people. Remember 👎🏻, after years of talking about healthcare he voted 👎🏻. Why, because he hated Trump more than he loved America. That’s only one example of him being a RIINO, there are many more.

How many people did Dear Old Dad's THUMBS down on Healthcare HURT? 🤔 Go eat a cheesecake..... MeghanMcCain AND the pond scum didnt answer her goes both ways

Haha she is a joke just like the view. Good for DonaldJTrumpJr for standing up for himself and his family. This is exactly what his new book is about! Do you know why you father is getting jumped on, Mr. Trump Jr? All the Presidents and Senators get criticized/jumped on but your father makes it dirty and pushes and pushes.

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain this was your BEST day on TheView I love you more than ever for the respectful and measured way you addressed your concerns. I especially loved the support you received from your cohosts WhoopiGoldberg AbbyHuntsman JoyVBehar sunny Squad CHOSENFAMILY The daughter of a war monger who hurt/killed so many that he became a hero of the Left? ...yeah...she's a source to listen to...

MeghanMcCain Dear Meghan, not everyone liked your dad. Get over it and yourself. Your dad is still hurting plenty of people, from the grave, by upholding the ACA. Does that make you feel bad? MeghanMcCain Meghan, I would ask you the same question... how do you feel knowing your dad was the Senate chairman of the VA committee and yet one of the worst VA facilities was right in Phoenix, AZ... veterans died there because of inept care yet your father did absolutely nothing!! Hurting

MeghanMcCain people was your question to Don Jr right... ...or leaving his first wife after becoming disfigured in an auto accident, for a younger, prettier woman...after she stayed loyal to him while he was a POW!!! ...kleine..blonde Dicke...irgendwie suess...:-))

If we are talking about “Families hurting people” ummm John Mcain was the biggest warmonger in the last 50 years and he had the power to make it happen, MILLIONS KILLED. jimmy_dore ‘Reflection’ Oh my dyslextia. I started reading: Meghan McCain feces. I thought it was finally an on-target report. Never mind.

How is The View still on the air Totally worth it. MeghanMcCain I do not condone what Trump said about ur dad & I understand ur anger, however to say to Don Jr that his family has hurt alot of people was an overstatement. They have also helped alot of people. The interview should have been focused more on his book.

MeghanMcCain I really do not understand how you can say that about the Trump family when they have done a lot of good for all of us. You were referring to the one Gold Star family? Bad choice of words on Trump's part. Your Dad was called a 'Maverick' thats why we loved him & so is Trump. Good job Meghan for calling him out in such a calm and dignified manner.

He looks like he's been up all night doing coke.:) like father like son, wonder if he was sniffling too. MeghanMcCain She always caves in and never questions Repubs like she does other party leaders.

MeghanMcCain I hate this show!! I am disgusted with the whole show. I followed your dad I’ve voted for your dad and Megan I think that your dad would be very offended and disappointed in the view and these ladies that you work with! Please leave the show it’s trash! Thank of the unborn!!!! MeghanMcCain She talks a big talk but she failed to bring it yesterday on The View. When she has the opportunity to tell Trump's face to face off, she shrinks within herself. Didn't show up yesterday with her big mouth. Doesn't matter her aunt passed, she sure was yelling/ nasty today.

Don Trump JR & gilfoyle showed up so many lies by Behar, whoopie. They should be embarrassed lieing to their viewers. Shut up, Meghan! Hatred is wearing on your appearance. You were very attractive on Fox, but since joining this awful show, where hate is a 24-7 business, you have gained weight and your hair is matronly. Step back, breathe, smile, count the cost of meanness (even at the funeral).

He said he was sorry but they just kept talking over him What is this nasty B talking about? She is rude, bitter and angry always. Horrible to live like that. Megan McCain is delusional about her father and his disservice to America. He was an egotistical career politician who always put himself first and his spiteful ness over the good of the country and all Americans. Trump 2020 for the Good of the Country!

She handle her self with so much class and he was so rude and just talked loud spewing lies MeghanMcCain A generic statement to make about anyone in a position to make policy. Some people benefit and some people are hurt by the outcome. Same could be said of ANYONE in politics. They have helped an entire country! How about we recognize that!

MeghanMcCain What a generic thing to say about anyone in a position of power. Their policies could 'hurt' people even while helping countless others. Absolutely an empty, useless statement. MeghanMcCain I appreciate and I’m surprised at your restraint Great job, Meghan! All those woman on TheView should be ashamed of the way they treated their guests. Disgusting and shameful. Woopi was out of control the whole time. I’m not a fan of the Trumps. But did feel bad for Don Jn. TheView MeghanMcCain

👀👇🏼 MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain I loved your questions to him and how you looked at him. Your look speaks volumes!!! Wy would he even go on the view They are all hateful people Wow, this coming from the daughter of the scumbag that left us with Obamacare that literally hurts millions of people annually.

Her little feeling we’re hurt because Trump went after her father. He left his 1st wife (who waited for his return from Vietnam )& children & dumped her because of her injuries while having an affair with her mother. I imagined that hurt. Then votes against repeal of ACA. Oh please, Hurt their feelings? Move on. People are to easlily offended when someone says something back or doesnt agree with them. Dont start a fight if you are easily offended

Sis took her chance and just stated FACT• MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain Your dad hurt a lot of people. Was it worth it? hypocrite RINO Meghan you continue to do what is right just like your Dad. MeghanMcCain You and your father hurt people. Meghan would be a server in a buffet line if not for her father and all the people he hurt. Maybe, she should ask herself the same question.

So the Trump family need to “suck it up” but the McCains need apologies and their backs rubbed? Can’t have it both ways WhoopiGoldberg TheView Just because they won an election? They hurt no one. The left are nothing but crybabies. Glad Trump is letting them expose themselves for who they really are.

Why have a liar on the show. Like father like son. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. MeghanMcCain LOOK AT YOUR FAMILY!!! YOU AND YOUR FATHER HAVE HURT MANY AMERICANS!! MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!!

Megan - your dad (RIP) - screwed a lot of Americans. Let it go girl How many people did Meghan's dad hurt? Last Senate vote was a thumbs down? Keating Five He was a bad dude, start there Meghan McCain...... At least don jr father isnt a traitor The View was completely humiliated. Liberal hypocrisy at its best.

300lb Large Marge MeghanMcCain Your dad hurt many many more by keeping us screwed over with Obamacare. MeghanMcCain Your father was a warmonger. I'm sure if anyone could look into you're financials and your families they would see that y'all make a lot of money off of these wars so again take your virtue signaling and stick it where the sun don't shine

We all must first realize this is just another arm of the MSM Liberal Media for ABC News. The News division feeds these below average I.Q. Women political stories to promote. Don’t doubt it! MeghanMcCain What a joke. Please create an objective list for us on who was 'hurt' and how they were 'hurt'. If you can do that without referencing any clearly biased media, you get a gold star...

Meghan McCain MeghanMcCain it is so easy for you to overlook the crooked politics your daddy played a role in that was anti-Trump! By the way please tell us your qualifications to be a political commentator besides being your daddy’s daughter? No better than Whoopi or Joy!

She's an angry drama queen. She needs to get off television and into therapy. Great job DonaldJTrumpJr - and MeghanMcCain get over yourself. Your dad was a POW and we respect that but quit trying to ride on his coattails for eternity. MeghanMcCain How do any of these rich pieces of trash think they know how it is to live as a normal citizen when everybody clearly knows the laws do not apply to them

MeghanMcCain meghanMcCain character in politics you're a joke just like your dad just because you are a character doesn't mean you have character. You're just as big of a joke as you father was. You and Donald Junior's DC character sucks Jr was fantastic. I think it was funny they brought him on to promote his book Triggered and never asked him about it. They didn’t have to.....the title speaks for itself after watching their reactions and lies. It was classic.

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain Please get some grief counseling. I went to GriefShare and it made a world of difference. Too much anger and bitterness will eat you alive. Our dead love ones are not saints. Get some perspective 🙏🏻🙏🏻 MeghanMcCain I wish for once you would have talked more. You still did a good job tho

😂. Do they ever stop shouting. Typical American conversation.... Your dad hurt a lot of people Meghan. You loved your dad. We get it. But don't talk about Don Jrs. dad. He loves him as much as you loved yours. You see how this works. MeghanMcCain You and the rest of the women on the view are just repulsive and bias. This is a real S!ut show.... And nobody in their right mind watches it (demon-rats)...

toad🐸 MeghanMcCain I thought your tone was respectful and Don was in turn respectful to you. I appreciated your sincere concern that wasn’t wrapped in partisanship. You were addressing something personal and Don in turn expressed his personal frustrations. If only your cohosts were as classy as u She's the size of a prized sow.

Biased view as usual.. Her father hurt me and many more when he voted against the health care bill. He also LIED and said he was a yes vote. John McCain will go down in history as a horrible politician. ABC has hurt countless young girls by ignoring the Epstein story. Who will speak for those who have no voice and will live a lift time after being victimized by perverts...she works for these people. Will McCain speak up for these girls or ignore it like the rest of the media?

Facts don't care about your feelings sweetheart. SenJohnMcCain did his share of hurting No they have helped a lot of people!!! Your traitor Dad hurt us!!!! Meghan this is getting old. America knows your father betrayed us. Just stop it

That’s rich from the daughter of McStain! The McCain family is a clown show. False narrative MeghanMcCain Your father hurt many people Megan . You were disgraceful yesterday on the view obama care. bitter mc cains TheView is biased trash This show is so one-sided Like I said this morning communication is a start. And whether they agree or not doesn't make either or them bad people

I watched part of it and they kept interrupting him and getting aggressive and wouldnt own up to their own faults, even making excuses for themselves. I hate the View for that exact reason. SHE CAN HANDLE IT 🥊🥊POW 🧣💄

Meghan McCain is one of those rare birds who are disliked by both sides. She didn’t “face him down”. She joined the other drama induced hate squad like a pack of ugly wild dogs. MeghanMcCain Who the hell has Pres hurt? EXACTLY? MeghanMcCain The only people hurt are Hillary & RINOS BECAUSE THEIR CORRUPTION IS BEING REVEALED!

He is so disgusting!🤮🤮🤮 Don Jr stole the show. Even had the audience in his corner. Liberals are going to be disappointed again in 2020. Lol Trump2020 Triggered He handled the mentally challenged women well. I feel sorry for her; she’s lost all semblance of normalcy. There is mourning and then there is her. She’s in need of a lot of help.

This family have been dancing on her fathers grave and that is the best question that she can come up with? MeghanMcCain Should ask her if it was worth it all the people her crooked dad hurt. But I know he can’t. But I can. Just because he’s dead don’t make him a saint. She’s has trouble because of the way she treated her dad as a daughter. She’s deflecting.

MeghanMcCain Wasn’t that your father MeghanMcCain ? I mean, he was one of the main CHARACTERS who, along with Obama and HRC, among others, gave ISIS terrorist all their weaponry (at a bargain price).

If they want to talk about civility in discourse, then why aren’t they starting with TheView? Have they seen their program? I don’t see the civility there. There is zero self awareness by this group. Also, why don’t you have benshapiro on? The view is a hateful show sad how they treated Trump Jr and how they talked about his father to his face.

MY father, my father,my father......the only thing she has going for her and that's not saying much. Her bitterness shows a cold heart and black soul. Who did they hurt? Booming economy.. exposed fake news, so many positives. Get over yourself Ms McCain, look past the rhetoric, focus on the results. MeghanMcCain Remember Meghan, your father through his party under the bus with his Ceaser moment, thumbs down, we will always remember that, so talking about Trump hurting a lot of people is hipocracy

Fortunately the view is just a gossip show 🤷‍♂️ MeghanMcCain How many people have the Dems hurt? Are you serious? ClintonsCrimes ObamaAdminCrimes BidensUkraineCrimes Attacking any Trump member every chance you get? Who made you judge & jury? selfrighteous much? Hypocrite ClintonObamaBenghazi 'hurt a lot of people. Was it worth it?'

MeghanMcCain You have to stop holding a grudge against the POTUS just because he won an election that your father couldn’t. It was her dad Sen McCain who helped with Hillary’s dossier to hurt Trump. MeghanMcCain How many Americans did your dad hurt with his vote on healthcare.

Her father hurt and killed a lot of people on the battleship, it was covered up, because of his admiral dad. How about McCain and baghdadi.. MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain. If it's not about me and it's impossible to make it about me, I don't want to talk about it. I am the most important person in the world. Enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think about me? Chuck W.

MeghanMcCain What a joke! Where do you off asking a question like that of Don Jr. Do you not know your father's history? Shameful!! I watched it and half the time you couldn’t understand what was going on because everyone was yelling at everyone else. I think the ladies of the View could of been way harder on him. What is with Trump JR bringing his own people to sit in the audience, did anyone catch that

MeghanMcCain Meghan your ego is hurting your fathers legacy by continuing to open your mouth. He was a hero and now he is in a better place. Accept it and move out of the spotlight for his sake.... and everyone else’s. He never answered, he is his father, a COWARD MeghanMcCain trying not to be mean. He is unpleasant, unsmart, looks like a walking vagina. Hawking his book on National TV: that is misusing the office of Potus.Exposing name of whistle blower: puts his life in danger. I read that DT abused his children. They ARE odd.

MeghanMcCain Look like a punk drug Lord..... She makes it all about her father. Unreal MeghanMcCain Whaaaa.

MeghanMcCain You and your family hurt allot of people- obama care alone screwed so many and your father refused to support the change. You McCains are angry people always complaining. MeghanMcCain Thanks for asking that question. Although he dodged it. I’m sure he feels the same way after he kills a defenseless elephant.

MeghanMcCain Trump2020 realDonaldTrump Too bad DonaldJTrumpJr didn't mention all those who were raped, tortured, and died from her father supporting terrorists. MeghanMcCain How can anyone take MeghanMcCain seriously?! She’s like a spoiled little rich kid that stomps her feet when she can’t have a lollipop before dinner

DonaldJTrumpJr held his own on that show and made it enjoyable to watch the clips. MeghanMcCain is awful! Says DonaldJTrumpJr Trumpkin to Diamondback Meghan: “Why, yes it was!” MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain knows who let people down... MeghanMcCain You finally acted like a professional adult! Now keep it up and you might save your job.

It was McCain's father who pushed the Russian collusion hoax. It was McCain's father who refused to allow Trump at funeral who btw bent over backwards to give a gd send off. Since joining the view she's become just like the other gaggle of witches. They dish it but can't take it.

Well Well... What a deluded young lady. Besides McCain funneling arms to ISiS , he and his wife were/are involved in human trafficking. Listen to Whistle Blower Debbie Davis. She discovered $$ missing and more. All roads led to John McCain. MeghanMcCain The transcript you posted yesterday to your viewers was a lie who removed words out the original one you posted? Wow I guess you are officially FakeNews

well many people don’t agree! MeghanMcCain Someone should have asked them if tRUmp calls Kimberly Pocahontas? She proudly mentioned all her heritage percentages and Native American was one of them. Is she Jr’s girlfriend so that every group is represented proving tRUmps not racist? 🤣🤣 John McCain was a warmonger! She would be a nobody without her dad! She is a Hunter Biden😂🤣! meghanmccainBiden

/ MeghanMcCain dad hurt US when he voted no on Obamacare after getting re-elected by saying he needed to go to Washington to REPEALED it MeghanMcCain Quit playing the 'Daddy card'. Can you do or say anything without falling on your family? Tiresome MeghanMcCain Her dad hurt a lot of people in Arizona when he gave his famous 'Thumbs down' to repeal Obamacare. He promised the voters in this state he would do one thing and did another. Was it worth it to get even with Trump on that vote?

They also HELPED a lot of people She’s a hypocrite, just like her daddy.....

I'm so happy you said that too ignorant family I am sorry MEGHAN but I Do Not Agree with you, it seems you have changed now you are knocking The Trump Family Arming/training Terrorists to Kill American & Coalition Forces. All funded by you the American taxpayer. AmericaForSale EnemyWithin ClownAgency We don't say his name. 👇

Megan Macain has some serious issues. One being her jealous father. Don jr could have replied i could say the same of your family Maybe she should buy a Mirror 🎯 Says Megan McCain ... oh sweet sweet irony. John McCainw/isis.jpeg John McCain wanted to be President and was rejected. He was two-faced in his rejection to repeal ACA!!!

So proud of you Don jr for putting up with this sorry excuse of a show. your not reporting what Trump Jr said - he held his own Meghan is the fat, female, poor version of hunter Biden. No one would have a clue to who she is if it wasn’t for her last name. Was her dad selling out his country 'worth it'. MeghanMcCain They have not hurt no one and certainly no more than the jokes on the view. So if you dont like it move

MeghanMcCain Trump is great no matter how you look at it you people on the view are pathetic. Very un american. TRUMP JR SAID IT LIKE IT WAS. SUCK IT UP SNOWFLAKES. TRUMP WILL BE PREDIDENT 2020 4 MORE MeghanMcCain How people? MeghanMcCain A lot of people Meghan No name MeghanMcCain Other way around. Meghan cries the daddy blues (again) as Don jr faces the children.

The trump family has arguably helped more people than the past 5 presidents. Increased American employment which helps their kids and really everyone. Lessened our involvement in wars and also help the unborn. realMaga_me Wow! DonaldJTrumpJr / realDonaldTrump / POTUS In the interview you said something about politicians with no business sense? IS THAT CORRECT? HOW MANY BANKRUPTCIES DID THAT SO CALLED POLITICIAN DOTARD FATHER OF YOURS GO THROUGH, PAWNING IT OFF ON THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS?

MeghanMcCain Hmm MeghanMcCain did your father not continuously cheat on his 1st wife and dump her after she was disfigured in a automobile accident? Seems hurtful, does it not? I'm with Donald Jr on this one. Her father hurt millions of people. For these women all to come together and unite as one today... you KNOW something special happened! They all spoke in agreement against this man and his father because right is right and wrong is wrong no matter what your political affiliation is! 🇺🇸

Like father like son. Whiny baby. Zero character. John McCain was a traitor! I think the whole lot of them are childish not a single adult on that crew. They should cancle that show. Btw jon mccain had skeletons in his closet. So sick of the lies he was not perfect megan yes he was! Just like any child at any age that looses their parent. Move on

MeghanMcCain She is insufferable. So did her dad hmm MeghanMcCain Give it a rest Megan. We are so sick of your crockadile tears. Your dad was NO saint MeghanMcCain Yes Megan it was worth it TheView hypocrites MeghanMcCain I was taught, beware of the company you share. Such a vicious show attacking DonaldJTrumpJr. Very disgusted with TheView.

Her dad was scum! Let’s not glorify the dead! She’s an elites bratty B***h! Go DonaldJTrumpJr 💪🏽 ex Dem for realDonaldTrump JoyVBehar the View is deranged!!! Truth hurts. Her father WAS a horrible person. His prison buds call him 'Song Bird' bc of the America-hating, traitorist VC propaganda he spewed while a POW. He was complicit in leaving several 100 LIVE POWs after the end of the war. And he helpd cover it up. Meghan, your dad was an evil man.

Aw Meghan is upset Don Jr’s daddy killed her daddy’s prodigy, Al Baghdadi. Still Nothing in comparison to the 1000’s No Name McCain killed, raped and trafficked.

Absolutely..Trump2020 MeghanMcCain I think Meghan was absolutely just like her father today, full of grace and I know her father was looking down on her and smiling. MeghanMcCain Of course you're right Meghan. Unfortunately, I don't think the Trump family understand the concept of Service, Honor and Integrity. things your Dad had in spades. but keep standing up for the right things.

Shame poor Meghan ... it’s the first time the ladies have actually sided with her 😂😂 enjoy it while it lasts 😂😂😂 What a mess! Geeze! Waste of time He is another stain. Loved it when he was backed into a wall. Loved the look on his face. Loved your question, Megan. Watching this show left me exhausted!!! I would have preferred a discussion rather than a battle. Why can’t people who disagree TALK to each other these days?

Your dad was a traitor. Like his father, he has no understanding of the great responsibility of the first family to lead all of the people.

Hurting people She outraged? Stop using your dead dad MeghanMcCain for every out. MeghanMcCain Not a good question just a cut down He’s like “fuk yah” we making so much money.... MeghanMcCain What a girlie question. 🙄 Get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat. He is disgusting..they have morals or ethics at all. Will not understand anytime the value, courage & sacrifices the Soldiers made to the country. Soldiers live above the normal human being. Thanks for taking up this with such a corrupt person.

Oh Megan. You seriously need work , don’t you. When people of the View only want to convey their view but plow down an opposing view, talk over them so we don't hear their side to its entirety to gain another perspective. And go to commercial when the talk does not go their way. How do we then find a solution?

MeghanMcCain Do you feel good about your family hurting people? She would be a nobody w/o her Father. She’s a foul mouthed worthless heiress to her Mothers Millions. . . She should have her thyroid checked or diet. Still can’t believe she got married... then again, with what her Mother mood s worth. He’s set.

BS! I hate The View. And ABC! Drain the swamp! MeghanMcCain TheView will never hire a true Conservative..FourMoreYears🇺🇸POTUS DonaldJTrumpJr kimguilfoyle The people whose families have been effected by the drunk driving and domestic violence stemming from the beer provided by the Meghan’s family’s bee distributorship likely feel the same way.

Someome please tell her her Daddy was a TRAITOR? Betcha he knew Epstein. You mean 'No names' daughter is complaining about hurting people? Did she forget what her dad did? What if Megan McCain’s Father actually was responsible for assisting ISIS?!? Is THAT okay just because she is a RINO? MeghanMcCain Your father also hurt a lot of ppl..going back to his military days..

MeghanMcCain 'If it's not about me & it's impossible to make it about me, I don't want to talk about it. I am the most important person in the world. Enough about me, let's talk about you. What do you think about me?' Hum MeghanMcCain sound familiar..asking as a Veteran & not a spoiled brat. Your dad killed people, was it worth it?

The one thing that is arrogant about your family is that your dad did a very crappy thing to his first wife. Meghan, be careful who you put on and off a pedestal- your dad was a decorated and respected public service but not always honorable-we are all imperfect. Unfortunately her father hurt the American people even at his death bed. Question to Meghan: Are you proud of the hurt your father inflicted upon many Americans?

He has the most punchable face realDonaldTrump has attacked more people than any other president ever. Its all day every day. He spews hate on twitter, on tv, in front of his noisy helicopter, and at his rallies. No president has ever stooped this low. ownit Dont play 'poor me.' realDonaldTrump MeghanMcCain really Meghan...give it is getting so tired...

How about the Trumps and Kardashian's all go live on an island somewhere. That would make America great again! suckitup TheView JoyVBehar why would you guys even give this entitled know nothing brat a platform MeghanMcCain read from the script. You can watch it for yourself. She is a clown, who has created and continues to create a career out of the death of her traitor father. Kind of like he did in Hanoi. The McCain’s are good at selling out.

Senator McCain was given the Russian dossier long before Trump said anything about him and McCain was instrumental in having the dossier passed and he lent credence to it - that hurt the country MeghanMcCain You were AMAZING today. Grace, honesty -- and your character was clear. Thank you for being unapologetically you and your father's daughter.

MeghanMcCain You really need to seek God’s guidance with your anger & grudge. Your father disappointed a lot of Conservatives and was an appeaser with Democrats. Truth be told, most voted for Sarah Palin, not McCain. Meghan you were a total champ today! You were so calm and totally controlled as the man jr. was not controlled at all. My sympathy on your aunts passing.

Donald Jr didn’t and excellent job answering that question Go Megan MeghanMcCain I am so tired of hearing about her father JOHN the Russian dossier Peddler and the coward that turned over his vietnam vets to the enemy Worth it... John McCain was a traitor...does that bother you Megyn? MeghanMcCain Vile TrumpJr wrote in his book that while visiting Arlington Cemetary he understood the soldiers sacrifice because of his financial losses! Seriously, Im sickened, disgusted at the pure evil greed in this family!

MeghanMcCain The Trumps haven’t “hurt a lot of people” ... they hurt your feelings. Why are you the only one that doesn’t realize that not everyone liked your father? When are you going to create your own identity? Her dad was a traitor to mankind. She's sour cuz he got executed. He played the game. He lost.

MeghanMcCain BestPresidentEver45 MAGA Whistleblower EricCiaramella impeachment ExposeABC EpsteinSuicideCoverUp How is this news? I wish they would cancel this effing show!!!! So fucking over all of them! MeghanMcCain Cow of a woman MeghanMcCain Dear Meghan, My heart breaks for your family and the hateful attacks you have had to endure.We would fight like mad politically.But I saw you stand up for dignity and truth and I cried for you and all Americans and Vets enduring such filthy despotic corruption in the White House!

MeghanMcCain Sorry for your loss MeghanMcCain Enough with the my daddy pity party Spoiled brat! Drama Queen! Your dad wasn’t all that.... butt hurt cause y’all lost MeghanMcCain And your dad hurt my family when he voted no on the repeal of Obamacare. So stuff it

Hurt megan mccains family business (Sen. John McCain) bilking the American people to serve Ukraine. Her dad and mom hurt the first Mrs. McCain due to their affair and wrecking the marriage. MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain Your Father Meghan has hurt millions of ppl 4 someone that campaigned on repealing Obamacare the worst healthcare in American history he had the deciding vote & what did he do at 2 in the morning on the Senate floor he thumbs down it in other words he fucked us the American ppl

Was she speaking of her own? MeghanMcCain I wish you'd channel your dad and tear into jr like he would have And her father didn’t? 🤔🙄 MeghanMcCain Meghan, I disagree with almost everything you say, but today it doesn't matter. I respect the hell out of how you approached DJTJ. You remained composed, where his family has treated yours like dirt, and pushed all the bullshit aside and asked a really 1/2

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain made her Dad proud with how she handled herself in the presence of Don Jr. if only we all could be that restrained when confronted with those who have hurt us and those we love. Thumbs down hurt a lot of people !

MeghanMcCain This is so lame. Donald Trump hasn’t hurt anybody. Yet your dad screwed America out of healthcare that works, he was a part of the Russian collusion delusion, and his pettiness is what ruined politics. Good for you!!💪 MeghanMcCain We are sick and tired of Meghan’s constant victim whining which always results in her bashing our President. Just Stop! We are sick of it and many do not think your father was honorable.

But Trump has helped me a single mother caring for an adult disabled person and my other married kids are financially doing much better. You have lived a privileged life Meghan-you have no idea what is like to worry about rent. Because it’s not like you can kill him again... 🤔 Donny Jr. is just a trust fund grand baby with a bad beard.

And he just kept talking forcefully over everyone and just would not stop. He was nasty and super aggressive. MeghanMcCain Stupid! Agree completely. Trump has hurt many in the Swamp like Hunter and Joe Biden for example. And China, Al Baghdadi, illegal aliens, etc. But he sure has helped a lot of American Taxpayers.

McCain milked taxpayer money for 35 years and made millions in the swamp, cocreator of the deep state, traitor to his party.

Yes Says John McCain's daughter. Her father was the epitome of The Swamp. MeghanMcCain ..... he never answered Abby or your question. I feel some of us Americans want some accountability back. I'm tired of people in a leadership role, not answering a straight question with a direct answer. Sorry her Aunt passed away ,but she never missed the show today, Megan that is.Interesting

Of course he’s going to stand up for his father I’m surprised he even went in the View MeghanMcCain doesn't want to talk about the 1,000's of people her father hurt by lying and stabbing them in back in not voting to end Obamacare. Sit down clown. MeghanMcCain Good job,Meghan, holding Trump Jr. accountable.

The view is a disgusting show. Nothing but bitter, angry ranting. How is that good for our country? Talk about lowering the level of discourse. Am beyond sick of Meghan McCain. Truth is John McCain was not an honorable man. He repeatedly stabbed his constituents in the back, making promises on the campaign trail, and then doing the exact opposite once re-elected. President Trump has kept his promises.

They should all suck it up. There is no character in politics period, and hasn't been for decades. Stop blaming Trump for starting it. He won the election, so quit being babies about it! Grow up! Concentrate on finding better candidates this time around!! I'm sick of hearing it!

MeghanMcCain Meghan the world does not revolve around you or your deceased father. Your father has done some good but hurt more than you know by not voting to repeal Obamacare. His greatness was truly diminished. She lives in a glass house and shouldn’t be throwing stones! MeghanMcCain You know how politics works and people say a lot of things while they’re campaigning. There were attacks coming from both sides and you either get over it or move forward because holding grudges only eats you up and makes you a bitter person.

meghan's father sold out an entire nation, generations of people. wonder if he thinks it was worth it. MeghanMcCain Meghan you did a beautiful job on The View today. I don’t agree with you politically but I do admire your grit and your undying support for our military. realDonaldTrump nytimes CNN MSNBC Congratulations to the women of the view and having to deal with the arrogance named “trump”. They shout, they interrupt, they don’t answer the questions, they deflect! They are just an embarrassment for America-period.

Her dad was both a traitor and a human trafficker. He definitely hurt a lot of people. Your dad was all for arming and funding ISIS! How dare you MeghanMcCain Shut him down! Their strategy is to shut women down and talk over them repeatedly!

MeghanMcCain He’s as disgusting as his namesake. Now Comey and all the other careeres that Hillary destroyed should be asked: was Hillary worth it? Meghan went high jr just went lower. Can u image how many millions of people were hurt when ur father ran over to the other side for Obama care! The country has never forgot that

Your daddy hurt a lot more ask Iraq You lost Meghan, emotions do not Trump facts. Meghan needs some new material. Can't she make it on her own without having to involve her Dad? John McCain — Keating 5😳 Meghan”Absolutely no one would have a clue who I am if it wasn’t for my dad”McCain? She’s got a lot of room to talk.

MeghanMcCain You handled this the best you could given the circumstances. You were tough, but respectful. I’d love to hear a detailed, civil interview between you both. ❤️ And a lot if people have hurt the President and his family!!! PERIOD!! Blah blah blah... Now I luv realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr even more... MeghanMcCain is a lying hack and her father wasnt innocent... because he was part of the resistance

MeghanMcCain Ms piggy looked sad her feewings And that panel got destroyed today..good. MeghanMcCain Spoiled brat! Trump’s family does not feel bad about hurting people. MeghanMcCain I’m sorry for your loss but your hate for trump clouds your conservative remarks. MeghanMcCain Thank you Donald Trump jr and your family for bringing the American dream back

MeghanMcCain Pres Trump has helped our country more than any president in my lifetime, which is long. You look whiney and silly to ask him, 'is it worth it? Because people's (yours)) feelings are getting hurt? OMG, everyone is far too sensitive and 'feelings getting hurt' is so shallow! Yaaasss Queen!

MeghanMcCain Meghan McCain won worse performance today with her 'So tell me (long dramatic pause) was it worth it?' Disgraceful MeghanMcCain Your father just know the political side of people you and ur family was around. He didn’t get to know know the average minority people living poor in Phoenix.

MeghanMcCain Meghan, you are taking things so personally. I don't really know the complete truth about your day, BUT he was the Rino who blocked cancelling the O care. And not many conservatives are happy about that. How does that make you feel was a totally goofball q to ask Don Jr. Meghan McCain needs to be named women of the year hear her roar 🐯 she was calm she was respectful she allowed them to speak and still he couldn’t answer the question

MeghanMcCain Trump can be very thin skinned and immature but there was no love lost between John McCain & Trump. McCain was no Saint & could hit low as well. realDonaldTrump absolutely needs to be more mature but look at the vile disgusting insults hurled at him & his family EVERY DAY. In all fairness and respect so has her family

Notice how he dodged the question? That’s because, to him and his girlfriend, it was worth it! nobody that didn’t need it dear!!

MeghanMcCain 💜💜💜 for MeghanMcCain. Megan your dad hurt a lot of ppl too get over it. Your such a victim with no accountable! MeghanMcCain Gold star families? Ok what about the gold star families trafficking children for sex an human sacrificing do you guys know who is suffering from that? Trump 2020

MeghanMcCain You did a great job today along with the other hosts. Keep up the good work Great job DonaldJTrumpJr today on the view you put those hypocrites in their place MeghanMcCain You got it wrong. I get u see via warped view of ur father. Sorry he was POW. But his subsequent actions actually hurt Americans, as opposed to ur perception via ur hate for the Trump family. Past two years benefited this country so much more than decades of ur family FakeNews

Her dad was worse than Bush. Love her MeghanMcCain

Dear MeghanMcCain, This is how I will always remember your father. He sold out America due to his hatred of Trump. It was sad and unforgivable! MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain I’m so proud of you. Thank you for standing up for true patriotism and always standing up for those of us that serve. You were so well spoken and expressed their disgraceful actions with tact.

Junior could of used the opportunity to APOLOGIZE to Meghan and the McCain family... but arrogant assholes don't have a clue on HOW to do that. MeghanMcCain is a bitter woman who suffers from a severe case of TDS like her father did. MeghanMcCain asked the best question in my opinion. I like Joy but after her Tulsi meltdown and the bickering between all of the view members and Don Jr. I thought that was an appropriate and classy question that he should’ve answered but really didn’t. What scum...

Kankles musta majored in “Playing The Victim” at Columbia. PS. Did you know her father is John McCain? God I hate'the view'! Why bother asking that question-he has no heart ... or soul. Your daddy hurt a lot of people But my father.....McCain

MeghanMcCain DonaldJTrumpJr Trump JR was awesome What a hypocrite. Someone from a war mongering family shouldn't talk. I absolutely hate this show and honestly don’t understand how it’s on air!It’s degrading and being excused. If Obama was a Republican would everyone have been this way?Of course not,If Donald Trump had ran on a Democrat platform would it change? No! It’s the fact of it being him!

MeghanMcCain My hat goes off to you Meghan. Your restraint today was amazing. God Bless you. I wanted to flip the table for you. Thanks . Love you !!! I never give a opinion about a child’s parent no matter what they have done. I think it’s important for a child to have positive views of their parents. Why did you go after his son like that. When your cohost went low you went lower.

MeghanMcCain You need a shrink period. Cry me a River!

I wish she got up and slapped him across the face. Oh wait that’s what I wanted to do. How rude to the Trumps Explain this! You couldn't pay me to listen to Joy and Whoopie. MeghanMcCain I've never liked her more!! Took me awhile to warm up, but I truly love her knowledge and wish her the very best! The DJTJ statements were amazing!

Megan, I get that your Dad died. But you need to move on from this and stop making it your battle. Live your best life now and not a minture longer. McCain was traitor and Meggie needs to shut up. MeghanMcCain Good for you and thank you! EPSTEIN DIDNT KILL HIMSELF MeghanMcCain Your father tried to tattoo realDonaldTrump as a Russian stooge, so go fvck yourself! How can you sit there and ask about civility when you know your dad gave that pile of garbage (Steele Dossier) to the FBI to start the whole Russia investigation! MAGA BuildTheWall

Maybe some rich ppl maybe ppl that have sold out our country but u folks wont be happy till we r a third world country. Drama queen. MeghanMcCain You carry yourself with dignity, class and intelligence. Trump and his pompous son, Junior cannot claim the same. Bravo to you for keeping it professional but I would have punched him for how your father was treated.

Poor poor pitiful Meghan....Ugh!! Thank you for being you and asking that question! This is the kind of person I made sure my sons would not turn out to be like! Who the Hell has the Trump family hurt? Boo! Hoo! Ur dad killed ppl😒 You’re father was executed for treason. Get over it MeghanMcCain The Kahn family? Really? 😂😂😂😂

He’s so incredibly disrespectful! MeghanMcCain Her father got fellow prisoners hurt while a POW. MeghanMcCain What Joke 😂 Not Near as many as your Father. Trump didn’t make the great economy does everyone forget 8 years of Obama did that you can’t do it in 2 years TheView MeghanMcCain herffather hurt alot of people. Was it worth it

It’s about time ! Burn his book Watch him go on Hannity & cry about how unfairly he was treated MeghanMcCain Is what you do worth it? You’re not making a difference in the world. You’re just giving your opinion about it. Go talk to real ppl. Maybe just maybe you’d wake up MeghanMcCain Please take that damn bell away from Whoopi. She was beyond rude. As a democrat, this was so embarrassing to watch because of Whoopi’s disgraceful behavior!

I have a great friend who loved the ‘viewless’ until today. I don‘t watch soap operas (I know it’s not a soap opera but close to it: As the Lies Turn.) She believed them until today. Now she knows they lie. I‘m sorry but my Mom had a mop like Whoopie’s. For the floor of course. What, does Meghan believe her father didn't hurt a lot of people? What about her father's betrayal of his own party; he voted no for healthcare reform at 3 am, after Clinton deposited money into his campaign account, which Clinton's have done for him for decades.

MeghanMcCain She's complicit and a HYPOCRITE. No name was a criminal. MeghanMcCain When you are famous because of your Daddy you attack someone that earns a real living running the President's Company Yes, Yes it was... MeghanMcCain your father voted NO to repeal and replace Obamacare the worst coverage .... why are you so surprised that republicans don’t respect him 😬

So did urs Meghan. It goes both ways MeghanMcCain Meghan, like and respect you. Your dad, too. But, your dad could play hard ball politics with the best of them, and gave as good as he got. So, let it go. It's too personal for you to make an honest assessment. Sorry. The View is trash TV. ABCNetwork should be ashamed. TheView

Didn't have to listen to her whine, ramble and argue with everyone today. That's a plus This is laughable ! Leftists are full of HATE If you don’t tow the line, leftists will try to destroy you Do they think we should just lay down and take it. I think not !

JJMcC31 Hurt them how, hurt their feelings?! Waaaah everybody gets hurt sometimes I liked my doctor and we know where that left me. MeghanMcCain It is over and remembered as misspoken words. Sorry Meghan ! Everyone makes mistakes and we pray about. Just stop making these people open their wounds,also. That to is disrespectful to them! You were so pretty today.

MeghanMcCain And your father by his vote ruined my healthcare. This coming from the daughter of a traitor. His sins have just started to come out More alike than not- they both love their fathers and are in their shadows. I thought they both tried.. to defend legacy and find some common ground. That may be the best we can do these days. And I am a Democrat.

MeghanMcCain Meghan your family has done and said a lot of hurtful things too..look in the mirror. Wow!! I can’t believe you can ask that question without looking at the terrible things your family and father has said. Even about his wife and your mother. Shaking my head Meghan called him out? I’m shocked

Meghan has far too high of an opinion of herself. She just needs to keep in mind that she used her father's funeral to attack a political opponent and that's about as low as it gets.

Donald Jr. showed us the idiocy of the corrupt family Trump. MeghanMcCain I know there is bad blood between both families. My heart breaks for Megan, can understand her pain. But, reality is that her Dad was no saint, like she portrays. I voted for McCain for Pres, knowing his flaws. She is not helping the GOP with her own hate

Other than feelings, who's in mass has been hurt by the President? I was very proud of you today and I give you lots of credit I just wanted to slap Jr down. MeghanMcCain Dear Megan you were so composed today and right on target with DJT Jr! I was proud of you girl! Get a strong drink and get ready for show 5001! What a great job you did today! Dad is looking down and saying “ that’s my girl!”

Meghan is despicable!!!! Purely an opinion on MeghanMcCain's part. She hurts millions on a daily basis with her BS political views. Move along, and stop putting this closet Democrat on a pedestal. KapeciaResists Look how calm and collected she is and how on edge and afraid he is..... MeghanMcCain I think there are at least 50% of the country whom have exercised remarkable constraint with regard to your father's legacy, Meghan. The thousands of servicemen killed and maimed by his vicious foreign policies come to mind first.....

Is her dad’s funeral still going on? Just wondering what day we’re on now

Your father hurt lots of ppl, not only fellow Americans but ppl from other countries.... 🤔🤔🤔 MeghanMcCain You were a champ today! Love you on the View and WWHL. She is the worst. U need to get over it missy. How many did NeverTrumper John McCain hurt by undermining President Trump out of pure jealously? MeghanMcCain

MeghanMcCain Life is not all about Megan & her sensitivities. Her father disappointed many, many people who voted for him. After he lost the election, he was a changed & defeated man. Term limits are needed to move out the career politicians. John McCain was a traitor. yet she set quietly by for everything but her question..which shows she knows nothing about politics or is secretly supporting Trump..her actions show she would sell her soul to keep Republican in the WH.

MeghanMcCain Thanks for taking on trump jr. The trauma he has caused immigrants & their children. Simply put they will be scarred for life. Oh cry me a river Meghan...Remember your nasty words when Lindsay Graham brought Ivanka to your father’s funeral mass. Did you ever think your words hurt her?

Coming from the daughter of a canary! Wooooo! Don Trump Jr. isn't even Prez and he looks SO much older. Yikes. MeghanMcCain I can’t imagine having to live with her Meghan was amazing It’s going to be a great day when little Priss pot finally learns how bad of a traitor her dad really was! 🙌🏻 MeghanMcCain It was worth it! Trump2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory

And she owned him. This was his facial expression as she questioned his civility and character. What a disgusting human being he is So did songbird McCain is exactly why Nixon sealed his records because he was a traitor to America... She's disgusting

Oh she's really one to talk about families hurting others. USS Forrestal Fire, anyone Her family has never hurt anyone? Ask John MCCain’s first family! Megan is so mean to people she does not agree with, how many times has walked off. MeghanMcCain Like disgusting father, like daughter. Bepig MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain knowing what that family has said about yours, I give you so much credit for facing him with dignity and class.

Of course the reverse is true. He handled those disgusting screeching pigs and they cried. TRUMP 2020!!! Her father has provided arms to some of the worst terrorists in history via government secret ops. Please go to sleep Was it worth it? Yea, short term gains but your family legacy is shot and buried.

Obama brought the economy back Donnie! Meghan McCain Your father was a wonderful man but I'm sure he's getting tired of carrying YOU on his back.

Except the millions they’ve helped. Jr. is so arrogant and toxic. I feel I need to take a shower every time I’m near his voice or face. ::heavy breathing:: Donald Trump Jr looks sick Tacky reporting to try and get a son to apologize for his father. Tasteless. Shes a hypocrite The cast of the View is an assembly of the most intellectually deprived humans on television. Their commentary for the most part is sophomoric, void of logic and common sense. Hatred drives their agenda.

MeghanMcCain It is funny that the left is so easily offended by the thing the president says but have not o w problem calling him vile ugly names or trashing his family! You want to talk about hypocrites! Or should we say pot calling the kettle black! My father’s been working tirelessly...” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nope. Never. He’s a fraudulent criminal. TraitorTot

Her father hurt a lot of people.....was it worth it?

Meghan is a brat. Needs to get over herself DonaldJTrumpJr did a wonderful job sticking up for his dad and his dignity around those hyenas. Narcissists never care about the people they hurt. What a ridiculous question. MeghanMcCain You handled this like a boss! You Dad disappointed many many people. MeghanMcCain Pot calling kettle.

I wish I could have the stomach the watch the entire interview. He and his family make me ill. To their CORE they are NOT good people. Regardless of the party they belong to. This great “business man” who’s gone bankrupt several times. They’re all FOS. How many people were hurt because of attacks on foreign countries that a member of her family supported?

MeghanMcCain Your Family Have Hurt a Lot of People ... Was It Worth It? Funding & Arming Terrorists causing Millions of Displaced People.Generations of Kids growing up in Destroyed & War torn Cities.Your Father secretly flew to syria to meet the terrorists.

MeghanMcCain What a shit show He proved today the a**hole doesn’t fall far from the tree. Baloney! Trump Jr. was great! Those joker hosts got a dose of their own medicine. MeghanMcCain Character in politics doesn’t mean anything if you are screwing them over behind their backs. That’s not real CHARACTER.

Awesome MeghanMcCain 💛 Meghan McCain’s father John McCain was a traitor to this country in every sense of the word and that’s why he was executed and they were gracious enough to let him go out on his own termsThe sooner she realizes that the better off she going to be Meghan's has lost her mind....literally!

MeghanMcCain MissyD53 You can’t blame Junior Donny. Is a cheap copy of his dad. And if your dad is a perma-fail...what do you expect to achieve.... Blocked 4 who complemented Meghan McCain and have practically no followers.

MeghanMcCain Veterans died waiting to see a doctor while McCain sat on the Armed Forces Committee !!! MeghanMcCain Meghan- I’ve seen you be a lot nastier. This was the day when I would’ve liked to see you go full out Meghan. Is it the Republican clan thing that stopped you? MeghanMcCain JoyVBehar KurtJPower GOPLeader HMCMret2001 DHSMcAleenan FBILosAngeles CIA YOU ALL WANT ME TO COMMIT SUICIDE SO THE CIA CAN ORDER PEOPLE TO PUR PARAMETERS ON THEIR ML SOCIAL MEDIA ALGORITHMS TO PERFORM HOMICIDE IDEATION AND TERRORISM. MEGAN or DONALD JR HELP?

John McCain helped found Isis. MeghanMcCain Loved this part. Hated the rest so much yelling and talking over each other. Battle of the nitwits in a no-win event. He never really anawered just like his father. Thx for being so persistent Meghan. First of all, Meghan is BIASED 👎 DonaldJTrumpJr brought it today and the view had nothing. Meghan was the quietest she's ever been!

well they are starting to get caught, so prob not DonaldJTrumpJr is a freaking clown. Your father is treated as every past president was treated. So don’t boo hoo about how unfair daddy is being treated. It comes with the Job. Especially when realDonaldTrump is the most corrupt president I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

McCain was a typical politician! He should have went the savings and loan! These people have no reality. MeghanMcCain 🌵🌵I saw this clip and I have to say that you handled yourself like the Arizona Princess that often comes out to make us proud. You showed so much McCain class & it was highlighted even more by the classless mini trump. Thank you. 🌵🌵

Her father literally peddled the Steele dossier...How many lives has that garbage destroyed? MeghanMcCain You were perfect today How many time did this shrew mention her father? MeghanMcCain This entitled fool is everything that’s wrong in the world, and this presidency...he is the epitome of white privilege so 🤮🤮🤮

Trump Jr - with all respect - it must suck to be a guy that makes so many peoples skin absolutely CRAWL. MeghanMcCain

MeghanMcCain Would it hurt you to be civil to anyone named Trump. I realize your dad did not like the President but you are not helping bring the country together. Would you have said that about the Clintons if Daughter was a guest? Grow a pair McCain & stop whining. We are offended everyday by you Dems but we suck it up & go on!!

MeghanMcCain The McCain family has hurt many people also . So , was it worth it? Do not judge , lest you be judged. MeghanMcCain I would say the same about her father. He hurt a lot of people in is lifetime. He was no saint F that whole crew on TheView McCain was a traitor at the end. He also was a huge war hawk. He destroyed the middle east , supporting ISIS fighters and aimless wars. And I voted for the asshat, there was no other candidate, & I regret it, looking back. NoNameMcCain.

I didn’t know Trump or his families pushed for the war in Iraq MeghanMcCain ur dead father was a war criminal Meghan MeghanMcCain You raised the bar. I didn't watch for good reason, I thought she would suck up, The interview with Cory Booker she tried to dog him out! but couldn't, that's what I tell y'all blk folks stop thinking their with us, only when it benefits them.

Over Meghan McCain

MeghanMcCain I am SO SICK of MeghanMcCain turning EVERY political interview into a tearful monologue about her father. It is a CHEAP, emotional maneuver that she uses so that nobody can question her non-existent authority. She’s a spoiled brat! GREAT JOB, TODAY DonaldJTrumpJr!! Now let’s do her dad ...

Yes, your dad hurt all Americans with his no vote on Health Care, plus he was a traitor durning the Vietnam Nam war. He was never a hero, he ate real good while captured, thanks to him giving them vital information about America. Twinkie eater said what MeghanMcCain Your Dad said here comes the crazies when Trump came out and run for office. So I know I am a deplorable crazy but I will never ever vote for socialism.

Megan, the “Special People” really don’t care. They have a different set of values. As long as they’re happy, nothing else matters to them! DonaldJTrumpJr ... you’re lucky she didn’t toss a glass of water or coffee in her face. MeghanMcCain We can just thank God he kept your daddy out of the White House he coveted so badly

“It wasn’t rape rape when Roman Polanski raped a child”...what is this guy talking about in the middle of a discussion about his father’s inability to conduct himself in a civil manner? MeghanMcCain My daughters health care bill was $800 a month, $6,000 deductible, and it would pay 1/2 of her bill. After her rent she would have $300 a month to live on. You Daddy signed the bill were Trump could not reform health care. My daughter got cancer and could have died.

MeghanMcCain You rocked it today Meghan. Putting him in his place and he couldn’t even finish a complete sentence without lying.! You go, Meghan MeghanMcCain ! MeghanMcCain You did good Meghan!! Of course, Meghan, you’ve never heard about the people they have helped! You need to get over your resentment of Trump but you probably won’t!

MeghanMcCain Sadly they have done a whole lot more than hurt a lot of people's feelings. SO MUCH damage to our country our planet our allies - THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO ALL of US Meghan - even the greedy rich or those who want judges to take people's rights away are suffering under trump Sadly they have done a whole lot more than hurt a lot of people's feelings. SO MUCH damage to our country our planet our allies - THE WORST THING TO HAPPEN TO ALL of US Meghan - even the greedy rich or those who want judges to take people's rights away are suffering under trump

MeghanMcCain Your father had no character and oversaw and orchestrated unnecessary violence the world over. I know it’s your Dad, it’s difficult. But he in many educated peoples views was an evil, narcissist, war monger. Sorry, I know this is hard... I totally agree with Don Jr & Kimberly! So glad they stood firm. I am so sick of double standards.

MeghanMcCain Due to the WhoopiBehar Law, dressing the part and association gets overlooked. Nah. MeghanMcCain Thank you for confronting him! JR is an a$$hole! MeghanMcCain Along with your father, Meghan MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain I recently saw someone that used to be a judge say about the Republicans that are ignoring what realDonaldTrump is doing that if they have no defense, they become defensive! I would say DonaldJTrumpJr was very defensive today!

MeghanMcCain Your father killed many sailors on the USS Forestall. Your father went back on his promise to take out Obama Care after saying he would. You’re misguided Meghan. MeghanMcCain McCain = Warmonger. Really embarrassing... can you please include that his answer was essentially 'yes, hurting people has been worth it'?

MeghanMcCain Your father hurt more people than all the Trump’s and Bush’s combined. dare you pass judgement on other families when you come from yours...Shame on you! Hmmm, who was President when thousands were killed in Iraq

🤔Pot, meet Kettle👎😡 He should've answered..hell yes it was worth it. Meghan is a freaking sourpuss I’m glad he went on the TheView, but honestly he was to nice. He should of asked Whoopi why she was using a mop head as a weave. firethatstylist. Megan please child! Your dad was secretary of Death and Destruction for the Deep State. How many millions girl? No Name was a killing machine when he wasn’t grafting. Bless him, “ wherever he is”

Her dad started ISIS. He’s also helped a lot of people. No one wants to talk about that though. Narrative MeghanMcCain We’re all tired of this crap megan. Face facts your father was involved in the russia hoax. Thanks for his service. Remove the past 5 years when he flipped to a loon and was complicit in the dossier.That’s a fact. Own it! The Trumps have exposed all u swamp hacks to which u are 1

And, so did John Mc Cain. He killed Obamacare reform. Was it worth it? I am beginning to warm up to Meghan. MeghanMcCain Good question. Good question!!

MeghanMcCain Could someone get the man a damn glass of water-I swear that whole family can't answer a few questions without getting dry mouth. DJT jr ripped them all new ones. Politely. A thing of beauty. MeghanMcCain Meghan did a wonderful job today. All of them did. I just wished someone would have slapped the sh** out of him.

Maybe she was showing restraint or she would have strangled him. MeghanMcCain Your daddy was not perfect as you seem to think he lead all I hear is my daddy my daddy. Sorry but your daddy said he would get rid of Obama care and given the chance he what backed out. Daughter of a traitor MeghanMcCain Clearly Meghan we all seen many flaws from your father...too many to list. You're coming off as an elitist, you resemble those we so often see on the left. We will never support you, and we we the people will always look down on your classless behavior

So did her dad. MeghanMcCain And his family have helped a lot people, and I’m one of them... Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 You tried to make it all about you and your father, this is about our country! The liberal media has done more damage to this country than Trump EVER will.

MeghanMcCain The whole thing was a sh*t show MeghanMcCain Thank you, MeghanMcCain! 👍💜🌵 MeghanMcCain Meghan conservatives throughout America are fed up with you! The reality is Trump gave your father a Presidential funeral on our dime. Not one thanks to the American people who paid for it and mostly it couldn't have more dysfunctional with hurling insults to our President.

Poor Megan. Always the victim. Who exactly has he hurt? Good for you Meghan McCain! Your Dad would be proud. Your father Hurt lots of people in Arizona! That were counting on his vote in getting rid of that horrible OBCARE, Arizona citizens were paying the Highest for Healthcare in the country When his selfless act of VOTING THUMBS DOWN because he was pissed, jealous & hating on POTUS

McCain basically begging for an apology from him is pathetic. Somehow she’s more unlikeable than him... MeghanMcCain Meghan did great today. Sadly I think Don Jr shares his dad's trait of no empathy. Dump trump Amateur journalism 101: Don't ask questions with 'Yes' or 'No' answers!

Her father hurt a lot of people with his vote on Obamacare, she only speaks for her self Listen this little girl should respect her dead father by shutting her pie hole. She’s doing nothing but making a mockery of him and truth be told he’d probably tell her the same thing! Why is this horrible show still on ?

Like at her traitor her father's funeral when it was basically just a trump bashing Oh Megan. Isn’t there a buffet you need to get to? MeghanMcCain Meghan.....are you kidding with this statement? What about the hatred the Trump's have faced for three years, for no reason other than winning the 2016 election?! FROM YOU and YOUR worthless father!

MeghanMcCain The View is vile ! Wow, hello pot, meet kettle. How about the 134 Servicemen that died and the 161 that were injured on the Forrestal ? I pretty sure that's 295 more people than the Trump's have hurt. MeghanMcCain She was pathetic. Not as many as daddy was responsible for hurting in Vietnam

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain you were an absolute class act today! You should be so proud of yourself!👍🥃👍🥃👍🥃 Does Meghan McCain know who her father was? MeghanMcCain Surprise, Meghan, your father hurt a lot of people when he made the big gesture with his thumb down on revising health care just so President trump did not get any credit!! Shameful!!!!

The McCain family has hurt me Your father is the reason we still have obummer care Please take the View off the air!! It is a disgrace to the human race!! He is just so GROSS! MeghanMcCain pitiful pathetic voice speaking to Donald Jr today Pot, meet kettle. His answer should of been a smile and a simple. ' Yes.'

And her daddy did alot of damage to the RNC

That was exhausting to watch MeghanMcCain My dad was a bronze star WW2. He passed 18 months ago. I still have a hard time fighting back the tears. I understand the lose you feel. I know my dad was not perfect. Your dad and you are not perfect. When will you stop putting the McCains on a pedestal and others below you?

She makes everything about her. Typical Liberal. MeghanMcCain ? Do you really think DonaldJTrumpJr cares about anyone outside of his own family? Nobody matters to him but him and his crooked Daddy Well her Dad hurt a lot of people by changing his vote on the repeal of Obama care MeghanMcCain Have you seen this interesting tidbit Meghan?

MeghanMcCain So proud of you today MeghanMcCain. You were so composed. I honestly feel you’re more effective this way. I am so sorry for your loss. It was a stupid question. Hey Meghan, didn’t your father leave his crippled wife? And maybe he was responsible for some military mistakes? I think you’re trying to deflect .

He’s as horrible as his father. How are these cows still on tv? I can’t with her...smh Those lying liberal women got destroyed today, got caught in so many lies today on TheView did you lose count? I did. Really tough week for ABC. MeghanMcCain He thinks it is. MeghanMcCain Too big to see in a mirror, are we?!?!

MeghanMcCain Lol...okn Hardly. He nailed it. Meghan needs to grow up Megan's nipples are showing

He and his girlfriend are VILE MeghanMcCain Meghan you were awesome, you kept your cool and made your point 👏👏👏👏 Trump 2020 MeghanMcCain OH MEGS....PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOUDN'T THROW STONES......... DonaldJTrumpJr exposed all the female hosts on the view for the biased, hateful imbeciles that they are. Ironic that they didn’t promote his book, which is called Triggered, even as he triggered them.

Talking about hurting a lot of ppl, John McCain was a war criminal who pushed for endless wars in the middle east Lmao, MeghanMcCain you and (war monger daddy) family have hurt and killed a lot of Americans, was it worth it? NO. Meghan got owned, and you know it. :) MeghanMcCain Thank you Meghan for being America's voice today

Either of them could have said this to the other and it'd be true

MeghanMcCain Your father helped to create ISIS & gave up classified information when he was a POW so he could have an easier life. He also left his first wife after she was in a horrific accident and wasn’t pretty anymore. I’d say he hurt a lot of people too When you think of him, look down MeghanMcCain You should be more concerned about the fact that your Father was a TRAITOR and hurt a lot of people.

You handled the questioning so well. I really thought KG looked a little bit ashamed of how they're acting. I'm sure it wasn't easy sitting with them. Trump 2020! She doesn’t actually care about the people whose lives they are ruining. She’s just pissed off because they insulted her precious daddy. DonaldJTrumpJr He is messy boots

Ok all respect for her late father but goodness girl,you have a clear personal vendetta Trump2020 MeghanMcCain Well Meghan your dad (Rest In Peace & thank you for his svc) totally screwed up my health ins. I guess you really don’t understand or have any idea that your dad screwed millions and millions of Americans. Many Pay $27K/ yr. financially devastating!!

MeghanMcCain Good for you Meghan! MeghanMcCain Dear Mrs. McCain, thank you for asking the question. It was not answered and you deserve an answer, America deserves an answer.

MeghanMcCain Totally worth it. You political fucks ruined this country and things got so bad under Obama days MeghanMcCain Good for you Megan for keeping your composure and confronting him...bravo MeghanMcCain Donald Trump and family have not hurt a lot of people. This is your liberal Democrat, bigoted, and anti-Trump rhetoric and bias opinion that means nothing. Americans know the facts and they don't care what your biased opinion are.

Not a fan of trump but John McCain hurt a lot of people though his support of bombing brown people MeghanMcCain Meghan you and the view Co host did better than I would ... I would have caught a case that day giving that interview. MeghanMcCain I think your exchange and questions with Donald Trump Jr. were very professional and very civil as were his answers. Your father was a good passionate man and he deserves all honors for being a father as well as a public servant/soldier. TY 4 giving the civil citizens a voice

MeghanMcCain Loved how you handled yourself today with Trump Jr and his friend. You showed class, restraint and the fantastic upbringing you received from your Dad, Mom and Grandma. You Rock That show should be shut down... They make accusations and wont let him talk... they continue the same BS lies over and over and expect it to be true... I hate that show...

MeghanMcCain She showed him more respect than Cory Booker and that just gets me 🤢. Why did she be fiery and tough today?!?!? I heard today was a heated show. The was word of mouth,not the internet or news! Way to go gals!👍👍

He has yet to answer this instead he tried to turn the question into what his father has done good. It never ends, the self praise and lies. It runs in the family MeghanMcCain your father disgraced himself with his petty hateful attitude... cry us a river. He was a vindictive, grudge-holding angry man who stayed in the spotlight long past his time.

Wait until everybody finds out the truth about her father!😡 Meghan McCain and HER father hurt a hell of a lot more people. Was it worth what they've done? Seriously, what the McCains have done to this nation is a disgrace. MeghanMcCain I've got 29 years working with people with mental illness. This is Narcissistic Personality Disorder. You don't have to believe that, but when you KNOW it is, the behavior and the patterns make sense. You will NEVER have a rational conversation with someone with NPD. NEVER.

Why anyone would go on this show is beyond me. There is no sense trying to express views of difference because of hate.I can understand that you will never get over comments made about your father..remember he was, like all of us not without faults.Too bad the hate continues. . It always amazes me how people can lie on there and get away with it. Oh, by people I mean the hosts. Whoopi did ask for impeachment the day after and the queen B?

Awe. She’s still upset daddy was executed. He looked high AF.. the view ladies never pictured this going the way it did. they are so use to plowing over guests.

MeghanMcCain What about all the people Megan’s father hurt I totally agree with Don Jr & Kimberly all the way... MeghanMcCain You did great today Meghan, sorry for your loss💜 Pretty interesting how her Father's death was predicted to the day, 30 days in advance!! How is that possible 🤔🤔 MeghanMcCain Meghan, if he brings single payer better than Canada's, Term Limits, abolishes IRS...would it be worth it, then?

From the annals of, “you can dish it out, but you can’t take it.” The Trump family attacked, mercilessly, the Obamas for over 7 years. Trumps are getting the exact same respect they gave a President. Obama rose above, Trumps cry, whine, and blame. I think Jr is a lot like his dad he doesn’t have the ability of love and Christian compassion like your dad. So sad for our nation MeghanMcCain

MeghanMcCain This shows a joke At least the Trumps have employed 10’s of thousands of people. McCain just defied all his constituents by voting to keep Obamacare. Why didn’t you bust out crying?

Why was he even invited to this show 🤮 McCain sounds like an angry bitter woman. There are a lot of us who didn’t respect her dad for the things he did, like not kill Obamacare MeghanMcCain Lol u lost that debate so bad! MeghanMcCain The family of warmongers tells DonaldJTrumpJr about hurting a lot of people lmfaooooo you know the special type of scumbag you gotta be not to see the hypocrisy?

ananavarro needed to be there today. MeghanMcCain was there but didn’t show up the way she should have! theview hottopics Whoopi Joy Behar Love President Trump and the job he’s doing! The President deserves nothing but accolades. Megan you are loved💕 Your bias and left-leaning attitude is why I don't buy your flimsy magazine.

In other words, “We don’t care. You should feel sorry for my family.” P.O.S. megan, get over your father`s death ! we all have lost mother/father, your grief is not special too you ! stop the pity party ! How many people have the evil racist women of the View destroyed?

MeghanMcCain Megan, I love you- you’re the REAL deal! That's rich. Her father caused sailors to die while he was a pilot. I think DonaldJTrumpJr might be an even bigger scumbag than his father. I honestly didn't think that was possible. Odd that she showed more respect to Jr., than to CoryBooker last week. 🤔

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain I disagree with you in pretty much every way politically, but today I say BRAVO to you! You handled yourself with such grace & dignity infront of someone who has not afford your family the same. I applaud you for calling him on it! Well done!!! MeghanMcCain No, they haven't hurt anyone. When the View Hags lie, that hurts people. Ask Whoop why Ted Dawson in blackface was okay

The irony of a McCain saying this, is off the charts stupid 🤣🤣🤣🤣 DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dotdot of course it was !!! dotdot ; Do you really want to go THERE? RINOB!! MeghanMcCain I like you but enough about your dad. EVERYBODY has somebody who they loved tremendously and has died. There are literally millions of people who are going through the same thing. So I am begging you, enough already.

MeghanMcCain Hey Sweet Pea! Just wanted to let you know how AWESOME your composure was when interviewing Individual 1's son today on The View! WhenTheyGoLow MeghanMcCain And your husband associate seanmdav is abusing and harassing sunny. If Donald Trump Sr. is a counter puncher like Donald Trump Jr. said, what did the late John McCain say after he passed away to cause Donald Trump Sr. to verbally attack him after he left this earth? Meghan McCain is not qualified to be a effective interviewer.

MeghanMcCain Your dad betrayed many Republicans! It seems you can always find a sob story to fit your narrative! Now when you say faces do you mean respectfully keeps quiet doesn’t cut them off just all around be rude like she is with Dems that come on the show or just people who has a different Believes from Hers

Why do I feel like whenever I am watching TheView I’m watching a Jerry Springer episode. I don’t like what Trump said about MCCain or Jeb Bush even though I didn’t love neither of them but Don Jr is just defending his Dad just like anyone else would do for their parent. The ONLY one I give credit to from theview crew is MeghanMcCain today. I don’t agree with everything she said, but I give her credit for sitting there and facing someone she dislikes, in the name of her father. That’s bold & takes grit.

Hey Meggie baby, your father hurt all of America with his dishonesty.... ANY fricken remorse? MeghanMcCain you should have asked him if he has written the check to pay the $2 million fine for their illegitimate and illegal work through their so called foundation. MeghanMcCain Look at how many people your corrupt father hurt in his life let alone how petty he was not to vote for Barrycare repeal

She’s a drama queen and she never be a first daughter ( jealous ) Whoopi pooped all over herself today. She talks with zero facts. Her mistake She was a Fabulous Actress & now you couldn’t pay anyone in our family or friends to see this big mouth living in her delusional world. She claimed that Roman Polanski Rapes with kids were not RAPE RAPE

i actually cancelled my dvr recording today, i didn't want this BS stooge in my home. MeghanMcCain The hypocrisy of Meghan. Her after was no saint. He fucked over a lot of people, the entire Republican Party. MeghanMcCain stand up job today !!!! 👏👏👏 HER FAMILY HURT A LOT OF PEOPLE ALSO --- THUMB DOWN JOHN, WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE JOHN SONGBIRD!!!

MeghanMcCain Apple doesn't fall far from the tree! I know those loud mouths couldn’t shut up long enough to let him speak . he sat there being attacked over and over by these women. Stopped watching the view when they started bashing a sitting President and most certainly won’t watch them now. MeghanMcCain Actually your daddy hurt alot of people! Was it worth it? More and more we find out how he was no hero at all! Trump is the best President of our lifetime. You wouldn't know that though. Songbird was no lover of freedom!

Meghan YOU and YOUR father have HURT a LOT of people...Was it worth it Meghan? She is nothing but a spoiled nasty woman, just like her Dad. Your dad was a war criminal and tries to take Trump out. Your family is the problem. no mention of the thousands who died under legislature her dad made? awe fakenewsnetwork

What a joke this show is. TheView I never watch I know why. These hateful women DON'T LET ANYONE speak. Horrible horrible way, to conduct civil conversation. Meghan, your dad is responsible for the deaths of a 134 men on the USS Forrestal. Does that make you sad? Please, please, please, for all that is good in the world DO NOT INVITE THIS ASSHAT onto your show. Come to think of it, how about not inviting anyone with the last name 'Trump'? If you want to keep your viewers please heed.

Was anybody expecting anything different? Thank you Megan for what you do! You are true lily the shining light that the Republican Party needs right now and I am so very proud of the way you layer into trump jr with a professional demeanor! No I think the clintons have hurt/killed a lot of people There is no family that has taken more abuse than the Trumps From the media to Hollywood

WSJ NBA USATODAY ABCNetwork cnnbrk BetteMidler MsTerryMcMillan repjohnlewis CREWcrew Trump family don’t give a F on who they walk on or rip apart MeghanMcCain Says the direct descendant of a slaveholder Hey go to Teoc Mississippi and meet the colorful McCains Hey MeghanMcCain your father hurt millions of ppl when he betrayed his voters with his Obamacare vote. Your family should be extremely disappointed and disgusted, but you’re not. JudasMcCain

MeghanMcCain Well said you are so amazing and a wonderful role model I mean Bush did more The Trumps have helped a helluva lot more than they may have hurt. Get over it. Megan McCain needs to get over herself. Her dad was not a innocent man. Your father the traitor hurt a lot of people also. He was a hero at one point. Get over it.

This whole show was ridiculous, he was only brought on the show so that Whoopi & Joy the rest of them could just yell at him. They just wanted to embarrass him and his girlfriend when in fact they look like the idiots . I have never seen Meghan this quiet ever on the show.

MeghanMcCain admit you are a democrat and be done with hit!! your hatred shines like JoyVBehar and WhoopiGoldberg becomeajudge HouseJudiciary senatemajldr NRSC GOP donlemon VanJones68 JoyVBehar amjoyshow JoyAnnReid jimmykimmel StephenAtHome DianeSawyer DanRather Lots of innocent people were killed because of her traitor father

Jr was triggered And so did ur father .. who also supported the false Hilary Clinton paid for Russian dossier.. he helped kicked start this witch hunt.. MeghanMcCain Thank you Donald Trump Jr! The View is not an Opinion Show! It is a show of Hate and Disgust! Once again Fake News . When Whoopie called it a Opion show, I laughed my butt off!

🤣🤣🤣 Thought she was talking about her dad for a minute!! 🤷🏽‍♂️ MeghanMcCain She, walrus and Behar got pissed because he called out Behar's blackface incident and walruses the rape comments on Polanski. MeghanMcCain Meghan, You were classy and calm as you started down the Devil 👿 today on The View DonaldJTrumpJr Your Father would be so proud of you 💙 TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison

Everybody on The view got their ass handed to them

MeghanMcCain I am a Gold Star Family member, and YOU do not speak for me!!! Especially with how your dad treated the POW/MIA families during those hearings. She’s a spoiled whiny one 🙄 How can MeghanMcCain stand to be on a Radical Neoliberal Show? What a fraud. Im sick of her BS. She knows the other women are disgusting liars.

John McCain was an Establishment Neoconservative. Analyze that for the number of people hurt over the last 50 years. That was not black face. She’s such a wet blanket.. MeghanMcCain As did your dad, Meghan. Mean bitter man. John McCain. MeghanMcCain Don’t always agree with her but you go gurl! They looked like the fools they are today

What about all the people they’ve helped by giving a job to...

Joy is a racist white privileged woman who believes people should pay for what they did besides her. Years whites had made fun of us with black face and nothing she says can cover it. The Senator was not exactly a man of honor MeghanMcCain You were cowardly. MeghanMcCain Meghan, you were PERFECT today. Sometimes silence speaks volumes.

MeghanMcCain Regarding today’s show- I was incredibly impressed with & TOUCHED by U & the questions U asked DJT kept it very classy, pure &sincere- just truly emotive questions which I really appreciated.U set the tone 4 your segment & did a great job. MeghanMcCain Go Meghan!!!!! You and all on the view spoke for America!

MeghanMcCain Wasn't your father part of the Keating 5. Though he may have not been guilty, many people lost there savings. I wonder how many people her father hurt when he so vehemently spoke out against gay marriage. She may want to look inside her own family closets. Joy has to go MeghanMcCain

MeghanMcCain I hate the view. Super proud of MeghanMcCain today. You were measured and calm. This is good Meghan! theview Trump DonaldTrumpJr MeghanMccain It seems that John McCain hurt a lot of people with his chummy relationship with ISIS and Al Quaeda. Meg, how does it make you feel that your father's relationships with these murders led to thousands of deaths?!

How many people did the Keating five hurt? MeghanMcCain Why do you use your father's name to pursue your agenda? Why don't you find your own path and walk it..... I feel a tear coming..... oh wait no Meghan and her corrupt family can go to Hell. We know what your daddy did and soon the world will know and hopefully you will go hide in shame.

Get over it...geez. This is ridiculous. Kudos to Meghan for holding her composure through especially the early part of that interview. What a mess. He is as pompous and scummy as his father. Kudos to Abby as well for going after him right out of the gate. He was way out of his league! MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain Your dad hurt people too but mostly, he hurt himself. His soul is cast to the depth of the fire pit in damnation. He chose to do the devil's work and has been condemned accordingly.

MeghanMcCain He named his book right, he triggered everyone today, 🤣🤣🤣👍 MeghanMcCain You had so much composure, I commend you. We differ significantly on policy, but I love watching you on the view. BossBitch MeghanMcCain Obama as well as Bush as well as Carter received absolute hard core criticism from the general public and the press and yet did they stand up and call people, military etc names? FUCK NO!!!! Because why they were civil

Hmmm..where's all her hard in your face questions? MeghanMcCain Megan you faced him with dignity and respect ~ way to go sister 💜 MeghanMcCain Did he 'hurt, hurt' them? MeghanMcCain Your Dad was no saint! May he Rest In Peace hecwentbbelow The belt too. Unless Trump Jr. Did something to her family she should save her ire for President Trump. Why Hang the son with the sins of the father. MeghanMcCain

MeghanMcCain Is ABC covering for Epstein & all the other pedophiles worth letting over 3 years worth of kids continue to be abused & you’re sitting there keeping silent about Does that make you feel good? MeghanMcCain Do you ever not boo hoo over your father?Who by the way, screwed all Americans on Obamacare?

MeghanMcCain So low she went . No respect for her at all. MeghanMcCain The ends never justify the means with these people. They just do shiz cause they can. Disgusting people who only care about themselves. MeghanMcCain Amongst everything that went on today, this encounter was a very surreal moment for me. This moment was spun horribly by DonaldJTrumpJr. He was asked a very sincere question and showed no remorse.

MeghanMcCain lol MeghanMcCain You handled your questioning of Don Jr with dignity and class. Good on you! MeghanMcCain I'm not a fan of Meghan McCain usually, but she was cold, calculated, and brutal in her questioning. She gave not one millimeter. Like watching a knife go in one pixel at a time. No way I could've done it. WHOLE new attitude toward her. Mad kudos, Meghan! MeghaChutzpah

MeghanMcCain Your father peddled the “dossier” into Trumps family knowing there was nothing there Oh stop already! MeghanMcCain Meghan, why don’t you answer that same question? Your father is the ONLY one who kept us strapped to Obamacare, which has been total crap care - ruining healthcare. Your father peddled the fake dossier, and I bet he knew it was fake. Have u enriched yourself through Daddy?

MeghanMcCain MeghanMcCain your father hurt a lot of people too. Was it worth it? Do you think your father cared about hurting Donald Trump? HELL NO! Come on, this is politics. You can’t keep singing the same old song.

I couldn’t even finish listening to him. All I was hearing was blah, blah, blah. MeghanMcCain Time for Meghan to pick a new career! Pot meet kettle MeghanMcCain Tell them they have potty mouths please. His dad thinks there is a secret chord and yeah he struck mine! It was not such a pleasing experience when the racists started picking on my family, but at least we know who they are now. They live right in the Anthem.

MeghanMcCain Meghan, I think the more telling part of the conversation is about ABC killing a story on Epstein. MeghanMcCain Pretty hypocritical considering Meghan McCain‘s father‘s despicable behavior. Quit trying to paint John McCain as a saint he was a bastard. MeghanMcCain What about her dad holding a grudge against Trump?

MeghanMcCain JohnMcCain was a mass murderer. His daughter knows this. May he burn for eternity. MeghanMcCain What a mess of a show. Hurry.....turn to the Hallmark Channel. Opinions are like a$$holes. Every body has one.

MeghanMcCain Pompous ass MeghanMcCain Was there actual civil discourse before or after the show between TheView cast and DonaldJTrumpJr ? MeghanMcCain Mic Drop..Thanks.. politics not same..but on this one..we can agree one hundred fifty percent.. She is forcing the people to say bad things about her father to play the victim, but we ain't falling for that trap..

Put him in jail😈 Her father hurt me and she hurts me every time I see her face She went WAY to easy on him That’s funny!! How about her family? Lol

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