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How Virtual Reality Is Making Healthcare More Accessible

Here's how virtual reality is making healthcare more accessible:

4/20/2021 2:02:00 AM

Here's how virtual reality is making healthcare more accessible:

Healthcare is an essential need, but a complicated factor for many people who live far from hospitals, medical experts, and other specialists.

Virtual reality gives people a hands-on experience of just about anything. When applying this technology to medicine, years of training are essential, for the safety of the practitioner and the patient. But once trained, the possibilities are endless. Maltais’ system provides another way for healthcare professionals to practice their skills, to have them ready in times of emergency.

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Making Specialized Procedures More Accessible Immertec serves as a new way for surgeons and medical professionals to observe, communicate, and collaborate in real-time through virtual reality. Through Immertec's specialized technology known as Medoptic, cameras are placed throughout an operating room and regardless of location, doctors can throw on a VR headset and watch a surgical procedure take place; it also allows them to speak with one another and zoom in closer to the surgical site if they so choose.

Maltais began the company because of its potential for decentralizing specialization. Through VR, the most innovative procedures and techniques are made more accessible. In turn, more physicians can be exposed to surgical innovations and therefore provide greater access to those medical advancements, without geographical limitations.

Immertec's network lag time runs at less than 500 milliseconds, giving itself an advantage due to its high speed because the company's competitors use simulations for training instead. Everything happens in real-time, which is essential in this kind of work — a lag could cause a significant communication barrier in a high-stakes environment. 

In 2019, Immertec launched a pilot program with one of the world’s top 3 medical device companies that gave 3,000 doctors access to its technology. They’re well on their way to transforming the industry.  People-Focused Tech Moves ForwardMaltais attributes his company’s success to the work ethic of the people behind the technology. They’re motivated by the staggering statistic that over 60% of Americans don’t have reasonable access to trauma level one and level two care. This is the driving force behind Immertech’s innovation because, at its core, the company exists to fulfill an essential need: a lack of specialized healthcare access.

Maltais believes that at the core of any technological advancement is a human need. People need to use the technology, it needs to meet a significant need in society, and people need to be able to support that technology for further growth and development.

Maltias’ creativity is showing people in the tech industry how programs and systems originally designed for entertainment or fun can be optimized as solutions for human-centered problems, even high-stakes ones like healthcare. Virtual reality began as a fun toy for gamers or tech junkies, but now innovators like Maltias are pushing it further into the medical sphere.

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Entrepreneurs can learn from this creativity when thinking about how their inventions can contribute to the greater good. Read more: Forbes »

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How Virtual Reality Is Making Healthcare More Accessible Healthcare is an essential need, but a complicated factor for many people who live far from hospitals, medical experts, and other specialists. 建议习近平总统取消为资本家干私活的政法委(统管公检法扰乱国法祸国殃民)。让公检法相互制衡,公开公平公正地执行国法,错案能正常纠正。

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