Abc, Democratic Debate, Univision

Abc, Democratic Debate

How To Watch The Third Democratic Debate On TV And Online

How To Watch The Third Democratic Debate On TV And Online


How To Watch The Third Democratic Debate On TV And Online

The third Democratic debate of the 2020 presidential election cycle will air live nationwide Thursday beginning at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. The debate hosted by ABC News in partnership with Univision is th…

anchor/managing editor David Muir, ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos will moderate the event, which will be broadcast exclusively on ABC and Univision (the latter with Spanish translation).

Each will deliver an opening statement and have 1 minute and 15 seconds for direct responses to questions, and 45 seconds for responses and rebuttals. There will be no closing statements.

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What to watch for in ABC News' Democratic presidential debateThe third Democratic debate, hosted by ABC News and Univision , on Thursday will feature a single night of debate between the top 10 highest polling candidates. Drink every time Biden makes a gaffe. Biden has had decades to fix the govenment, ewarren has many plans and ideas to fix everything! Someone has a plan, and it happens to be a very smart woman! Time has come for change America! Big changes!!

The September Democratic debate: Everything you need to knowTop-polling Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris and Buttigieg will share one stage in Houston after a number of candidates failed to qualify. Here's what you need to know. Nobody will be watching it besides the people who are going to critique it. The democratic debate and the multiplicity of the orientation and the leaders working on the launch to authorize and implement the terms of enabling and multiplying systems require the presidential statement to establish the quality of the Council.

Democratic Debate: Hollywood Will Watch For A Turning Point That Defines 2020 RaceWhen 10 Democratic candidates meet in Houston on Thursday for the next Democratic debate, Hollywood’s base of influential donors and activists will be looking for a turning point —- those breakout …

Why it matters that the next presidential debate is at historically black universityThat tomorrow night's DemDebate will be held at Texas Southern University—a public, historically black university—is historically significant, school officials and students say. Trump has donated to black colleges more than any other president

Factbox: Will sparks fly? Five things to watch at the third Democratic debateLeading Democratic White House contenders Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren will sh... Benghazi Sparks are unlikely to fly if they have all of 3.8 seconds to answer or respond. Nobody will be watching. They all want to take tax everyone 100% to cover 140 Trillion pet projects to destroy the Nation.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders slam Trump over data showing fewer Americans have health insuranceHealth care likely will be a crucial topic in Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate in Houston. More than 70 million have health insurance but they can't afford to use them. So they really do not have health insurance. By 'Americans', i'm sure they mean illegal immigrants Some people, especially young, healthy people, choose not to have insurance at that point in their lives. After the Obamacare mandate was removed, many decided to stop paying for health insurance because there was no penalty for not having it.

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