How a Visually Impaired Paralympian Recognizes His Jordans by Feel

Lex Gillette has a sweet collection of kicks.

5/24/2020 1:04:00 AM

Lex Gillette can identify each pair of Nike Jordans in his collection just by the feel of them.

Lex Gillette has a sweet collection of kicks.

“There is so much more to these shoes, and that’s why I challenge people to look at them, and other things, from all angles,” he said. “It sheds a different light on things in your household. When you get the story from the designers and their creation, you realize it’s not just a transaction. It becomes more than a basketball shoe.”

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Plus, he loves how his fellow Jordan fans react to them when he’s out in public.“People comment on your Js everywhere—Aw man, sweet kicks,” Gillette said. “People get super excited about them, and it brings a smile to my face. That lets me know that they get it. They understand.”

Gillette has been tuning in for“The Last Dance”every week, and he’s excited to watch the last two episodes, airing on May 17. He grew up and attended college in North Carolina, like Jordan, so the basketball star has always been a big deal to Gillette. With this docu-series airing, he appreciate the shoes even more.

“I absolutely love to get this behind the scenes and insight,” Gillette said. “Michael Jordan is unparalleled. You see that his mentality is is different. Just the the drive and tenacity and his love for the game, it’s finally evident to people, and I love it.”

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