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House passes sweeping voting rights bill over GOP opposition

BREAKING: House Democrats have approved sweeping voting and ethics legislation, sending to the Senate what would be the largest overhaul of U.S. election law in at least a generation.

3/4/2021 7:14:00 AM

BREAKING: House Democrats have approved sweeping voting and ethics legislation, sending to the Senate what would be the largest overhaul of U.S. election law in at least a generation.

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats passed sweeping voting and ethics legislation Wednesday over unanimous Republican opposition, advancing to the Senate what would be the largest overhaul of the...

cast ballots after church.On Tuesday, the Supreme Court appeared ready to uphold voting restrictions in Arizona, which could make it harder to challenge state election laws in the future.When asked why proponents sought to uphold the Arizona laws, which limit who can turn in absentee ballots and enable ballots to be thrown out if they are cast in the wrong precinct, a lawyer for the state’s Republican Party was stunningly clear.

“Because it puts us at a competitive disadvantage relative to Democrats,” said attorney Michael Carvin. “Politics is a zero-sum game.”Battle lines are quickly being drawn by outside groups who plan to spend millions of dollars on advertising and outreach campaigns.

Republicans “are not even being coy about it. They are saying the ‘quiet parts’ out loud,” said Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United, a left-leaning group that aims to curtail the influence of corporate money in politics. Her organization has launched a $10 million effort supporting the bill. “For them, this isn’t about protecting our democracy or protecting our elections. This is about pure partisan political gain.”

Conservatives, meanwhile, are mobilizing a $5 million pressure campaign, urging moderate Senate Democrats to oppose rule changes needed to pass the measure.“H.R. 1 is not about making elections better,” said Ken Cuccinelli, a former Trump administration Homeland Security official who is leading the effort. “It’s about the opposite. It’s intended to dirty up elections.”

So what’s actually in the bill?H.R. 1 would require states to automatically register eligible voters, as well as offer same-day registration. It would limit states’ ability to purge registered voters from their rolls and restore former felons’ voting rights. Among dozens of other provisions, it would also require states to offer 15 days of early voting and allow no-excuse absentee balloting.

On the cusp of a once-in-a-decade redrawing of congressional district boundaries, typically a fiercely partisan affair, the bill would mandate that nonpartisan commissions handle the process instead of state legislatures.Many Republican opponents in Congress have focused on narrower aspects, like the creation of a public financing system for congressional campaigns that would be funded through fines and settlement proceeds raised from corporate bad actors.

They’ve also attacked an effort to revamp the federal government’s toothless elections cop. That agency, the Federal Election Commission, has been gripped by partisan deadlock for years, allowing campaign finance law violators to go mostly unchecked.Another section that’s been a focus of Republican ire would force the disclosure of donors to “dark money” political groups, which are a magnet for wealthy interests looking to influence the political process while remaining anonymous.

Still, the biggest obstacles lie ahead in the Senate, which is split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats.On some legislation, it takes only 51 votes to pass, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tiebreaker. On a deeply divisive bill like this one, they would need 60 votes under the Senate’s rules to overcome a Republican filibuster — a tally they are unlikely to reach.

Some Democrats have discussed options like lowering the threshold to break a filibuster, or creating a workaround that would allow priority legislation, including a separate John Lewis Voting Rights bill, to be exempt. Biden has been cool to filibuster reforms and Democratic congressional aides say the conversations are fluid but underway.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not committed to a timeframe but vowed “to figure out the best way to get big, bold action on a whole lot of fronts.”He said: “We’re not going to be the legislative graveyard. ... People are going to be forced to vote on them, yes or no, on a whole lot of very important and serious issues.”

——Associated Press writer Lisa Mascaro contributed. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Are they that afraid of the black and brown vote. You bet your a-- they are. Democrats and ethics never considered that would be used in the same sentence Uh huh. Now must shake hands with Corporate Overlords, and bribes are Malarkey unless you share ice cream afterwards. The elephant killed itself. Sweep all the imposters to the trash.

Best put the Sweep to GOP thank you. The elephant is dead. All the imposters need be done with. Yep. They just legalized decades of liberal voter fraud. This is the only way they will ever win another election. So sad they lied to win Georgia and now have power they shouldn't have. America has died unless we take Her back

I will see if it was a straight Pelosi clan line vote before I dig into this likely unconstitutional and partisan attempt to protect the Dem Party from 2022 and 2024 massive losses (they are afraid - their blizzard base is so divided that anything helping one group angers rest). Take that Republicans!!!

Excellent. Yes! Dead people have an eternal right to vote!! Nancy Pelosi does her job. She gets things done. Now if only Chuck could stop being a spineless hand-wringer we could move this country forward. I thought the Democrats said it was a fair election, no fraud? So why revamp the unbroken system? Mmm

Still looking for my first follower! We follow back. Politics, philosophy, and economics blogs posted! The end of our Constitutional republic! Republicans don’t like people voting and are trying to make it as difficult as possible. That’s why this needs to be passed to ensure people aren’t denied their right to vote.

Manchin to tank 😠 Voter ID is hardly a barrier. DISGRACEFUL. Maybe report facts of the bill instead of repeating Nancy’s talking points This is worse than ending slavery. KathleenFOX5 Cool now my cat can vote!! what does this mean, exactly? Finally. the Democrat propaganda machine. Not a single word about the fraud potential.

If Republicans passed a bill like that the Dems would loose their mind. Little sus dems. Little sus. Government has no right to dictate my values, or my morals, only the Holy Heavenly Father has that right. God Bless the U.S.A. Seriously? Wonderful Queen Nancy sold her sole years ago Never gonna pass the senate... Dead on arrival... Garbage bill

So what it means nothing....dems always want throw a bone and get people hyped thinking something good will happen for them. How bout this dont post shit until both sides have approved something !!!!! Anything to help them cheat. Okay, so where's the poison pill in this for the rest of us? They don't do this shit just to be nice.

ethics did they look up the definition? And the fraud continues So the people who have been illegally winning elections just made it easier to get away with fraud! How else are these lifelong politicians elected? Congratulations America voterFraud USA NYC 1A Trump Trending Patriots Congress Covid_19 Twitter NewYork CNN FoxNews

Why didn’t you do that a year ago? Slime balls Communism has taken hold. B Goodbye America Fools Republicans must prevent people from voting...because if people vote they lose What does that mean? They know that low information voters, young indoctrinated voters' who is percieved to be nicest person voters and finally 16 year olds mostly all vote Democrat

Anyone want to bet that Rand Paul finds SOME libertarian excuse to kill the bill? I've got $5 on it 😄‼️ This purely devistating. We will be voting like 3rd world countries. There will be no checks and balances to assure safe and fraud free elections. We are now to the point that Stalin opined to, 'it doesn't matter who votes, it only matters who counts the votes'.

Watch Joe Manchin show his ass. Money bet. 😅 Dems just want to cut down most of the rainforests so their Rat voters can vote by mail or collect the extras. They want to perpetuate the fraud. They will fail. About time! The USA finally practices the lie it has been transmitting allover the world, every vote matters! Yet, the crooked Republican Party, in 23 states, so far, has been illuminating Minority Voter’s! And getting away with it!

Did they include Voter ID in this. I really hope so. Where can we get a copy if this bill? I'd prefer to read it before I decide if it's good. This past Presidential Election was a disaster because many were prevented from voting in person! Computers can crash & be hacked. I've been using them for years. Voting in person is best!

GOP attempts to stifle American's ability to easily vote in elections especially minority voters. The GOP continues support fascist ideas. They are unpatriotic and enemies of our democracy. Fox News (FoxNews) צייץ: President realDonaldTrump coins minted in Israel in honor of his decision to move embassy to Jerusalem

Are we back to passing legislation knowing it’ll fail in the Senate, relying on the Congressional Record to be all the PR it needs to move a massive of voters? 🙄 We have a new POTUS; can we do something new? Smarter? Hint: kitchen table harrisonjaime DNC What a crock of sheet bill Now are we going to end the filibuster to pass it through the senate EndTheFilibuster

Great Well to me it's complete bullshit, they don't even demand an ID what's wrong with ID in yourself!? Are we filling those vacant judicial seats? God Bless Democracy. And it means nothing unless the Senate amends the filibuster to allow this and other bills to pass using a simple majority vote. I just feel like the Republicans have been taken over by a cult like like right now they’re saying that people in the house will probably linked up with the Q anon’s and they knew what was going to happen on the capital on the sixth Trust is hard.

Thank you!!!! I keep hearing privileged individuals keep talking about African Americans receiving handouts you really need to check your history . Our country was built on our backs give back what was stolen and stop trying to suppress democracy it makes you look weak. This was always going to happen- they will ensure they always weary in power. Congratulations to all morons who voted for them . Make sure you tell your grandchildren what YOU did

And the Republican senators better learn to vote with ETHICS IN THEIR HEART AND NOT MONEY AND BIGOTRY!!! Zero faith in this ever doing the right thing Let’s get this DoNE Good. They need to because the GOP is about to enact as much voter suppression as they can. The GOP learned that they can’t win a fair election

This bill introduces more corruption into the voting process. STATEHOOD FOR PUERTO RICO NOW About time Now get rid of the senate’s filibuster, pass it and also make Election Day a federal holiday. That way we guarantee that Trumplicans never return to power. SenSchumer The Democrats just want to have more voters who are not illegally able to vote be able to cast their votes. They want all these illegals and prisoners released from prison to over flood the ballot boxes like they did in the last election. That was in no way a fair election.

Important Protect our civil liberties Where’s the 2k? Great news for all Americans. Every vote counts! It's all a game, they should of already helped we the people and they keep feeding us bull crap to keep our minds busy and off of the help that Biden promised and has not delivered... But keep believing him people he is not taking us anywhere but to the street and hungry & homess

We the people means All the people. Should be a national holiday! We need to simplify those bills so that people will understand the content easily. This one has 800+ pages and the Covid bill has 500+pages. Why do we need so many pages? Efficiency is much needed. Some how a can't fathom voting and ethics having anything to do with the Dumocrates.

So, do the republicans get to veto it? You know they admitted in front of God and everybody that if elections are equal and fair a republican will never be elected again That’s why all this states are changing their election processes In other words you don't have to vote anymore because the democrats now control every single voice in America. Welcome to the new Communist America.

Awesome! Trump showed us all how to manipulate the system. The democrats are smart, and will prevent any future scammers from destroying our democracy... Setting up more future steals! It is more important to get HR 1 passed than covid stimulus because I can live without $1400 but I refuse to live in an autocracy

And not a moment too soon. Must pass this...the Repugnicans are tired of losing the popular vote so, change the laws to restrict certain folks from voting.....unbelievable....... Republicans don't want Americans to vote, because they are a minority party that will lose every time if people vote. I wonder if GOP believe in Santa, Easter Bunny and Bigfoot since they are also unproven myths like Massive Voter Fraud?

👍 So what if it passes the HOUSE. Let’s get it to pass the Senate! ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️♥️DDONE and DONE. BRILLIANT 🙏 Oh I’m sure republicans will love that. Maybe if you leave out the ethics part. Dead on arrival in the Senate. The Grand Obstructionist Party will filibuster the bill. They have no interest in doing what right for the people.

The Senate GOPhers have made it abundantly clear that the only legislation from the House or the WH they will even consider voting for is stuff radical tidy-rights would approve. Screw how it doesn't help most Americans.They'll stall & block for '22 & '24 elections. The Republicans in the Senate need to get the bleep out of the peples way.

Its rigged how is it not considered good practice to identify all who vote.Its government interfering with states rights. Republicans really don't like it when you make it harder for them to cheat..... Socialism has begun.. SethAbramson House Resolution 1? Democrats need to work on their branding and publicity. Why not something like... 'the Democratic Freedom Act' I mean... something.

My new logo Design. How is it? Looking for a logo. branding Corporate identity ? cannabis leaf ganja herbal illustration medical Marijuana vector weed if you need a trending and modern logo please contact me : Thank you for protecting the rights we died for If the election wasn’t riddled with fraud, why this Bill?

I'm pretty proud of ya honestly! You've Heald your ground pretty well Criminals! Thanks nansty Marie_lee1129 Every day the reason fo building a 12 foot fence with Barbwire around the state capital is making more and more sense. READ THE BILL PEOPLE! SierraClub R. Bb777777777777777777 m m Kk k 7 7 78 4 7777 M 7 77 7

More lawyers more BS, What US needs is a National Registry of Citizen Voters, git rid on State, County, local ,drivers license registrations- one National Registry, if you are on it , you get to vote - no loo[holes - if citizen 18 you get to vote - simple, no legal BS Go ahead and tell everyone what the Corp donation limit will be raised to. Dare ya.

WinstonJohansen Stop lobby bribes? We have been told for months that there is no evidence of any voter fraud, what are we fixing then All to be informed them they now want to force us to pay foenthese elections pure insanity this administration is radical as fuck is not behind all the people like he said he would be.

This is designed to kill third parties and restrict independent voices. It will never pass. People voting hurts the GOP JonLemire And republicans will use every means to block it. They don’t want people to vote because they lose. worldmhc 👏 “What can the Democratic Party do? has to aggressively pursue policies with definitive answers that address the existential fears that fuel Trumpism.” Essential read by Masha Gessen. Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema Wise up or we lose democracy.

Ok great But damn MITCH will kill the bill in the Senate So don't celebrate folks semperdiced shirleysand21 Where it will be shot down by not enough Republicans willing to support it, thus showing people what they stand for. More unconstitutional laws from the demokkkrats CateM5551 goes to the Senate to die.....this is cruel and unusual punishment

This all just a show if they don't remove filibuster. And very much needed! It dies on the GOP frat house lawn. Fantastic!! ForThePeopleAct GeorgeFloyd Great News House Democrats !!! Why are Republicans so adamant to prevent such measures? It’s as if preventing more from voting is easier than earning them. 😒

Now the Senate had to follow through and make elections fair and voting easier for Americans Eliminating voter ID is not ethics, it is legalizing voter fraud. If you can't beat, cheat em. The bell tolls for thee, Republicans. SethAbramson Let's see Manchin vote against this one. I know the President said he would leave the Senators Work up to them. I didn't Think That Meant, Abandoning Them Totally . Not Interseding In Times of Mishap. !! Watching them be Bullied by Trump Senators !! Didn't Know He Wouldn't Still Be Head and Lead and Advise !!!

Oh JoeJSaltarelli But no $2000 checks, no $15 minimum wage, no Medicare4All, no end to war crimes in the Middle East... just new legislation they believe will help them steal more elections Ok, this is great news. Now, let’s watch the Democrats screw this up. Democrats have either forgotten or don’t care that states are the authority for election rules. Unconstitutional

SenSchumer This is the time to get rid of filibuster. This is the most important legislation of our time. Good. More people being able to vote is good. Republicans shouldn't have to worry. Why Expecting Different Results !! Insanity !! Would be nice though !! I'm A Lifetime Democrat, 62 year old, Disabled , Veteran, Black Man. Who cannot even be approved for Veterans Disability Benefits. Mitch McConnell is The Klan, why would he help us ? Never Has, Never Will.

I still don't understand the opposition to requiring a form of identification to vote. They need to know that you are who you say you are. Voting rights for reformed felons is a good thing, though. Except child predators, they should never be allowed to participate in our society Any election reform that is a solo venture without support of all participants is not going to end up good for anyone. This is a path we shouldn't venture down without overwhelming support.

Recently my friend's baby was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia & needs a stem cell transplant. Jason & his wife are first-time parents caring for a sick baby & could use some help. If you are in a place to donate or share, it would be appreciated. O God Yes. We Need Our Rivhts. semperdiced and it's about time

End the filibuster and get these laws passed. GOP voter suppression and gerrymandering has to stop. If it does not pass in the Senate it will be due to republican chicanery. Ask your self why should American citizens get disenfranchised from the political process. What greater good does that represent, that the peoples voice is denied.

Of course, the GOPOOP or QOP opposes this bill. They want to do everything possible to repress the votes of Democrats. So the playing field has been leveled ...that's a good thing!! But why are all you Republicans upset i ask? I'll answer my own question. Times are changing and you don't want things to change thats why your upset! 😆 🤣 how does it feel?

And put rules in place making it even more difficult for a viable 3rd party to ever emerge, putting both parties even deeper into their big money donors' pockets. Turning a blind eye to the ugly corporate influence over every facet of our politics will only make it rot & fester. I thought the prior election was perfectly fine with no issues regarding integrity whatsoever?

now lets start on TERM LIMITS PUT A END TO BEING IN OFFICE TILL 90 Lovely use of large words so no one can read your article All good people are morons this seals the Doom with the Supreme Court being establishment not wanting to interfere this seals the Doom of the national Republican Party. I blame this on the liberal evil media Revenge will be sweet

Unfortunately it will die in the senate These people are nuts!!!! JonLemire This one, just like Supreme Court Justices, should be outside the filibuster rule. Surely the can find a way AndySzilagyi What about Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema? WIll they go for it..... i'm i only one who thinks this is communism and very true to democrats nature i mean you want to slience the Republicans, but you've silence 3 parties by banning them as well, can i vote for someone else that isn't a democrat. no? ok dictators

Like it will matter. Senate obstructionists will vote no and won’t give it the attention it needs Great. I’m sure this will help Americans (wait just Democrats) tRumps initial “victory” was the beginning of the end for the GOP and anyone with a clue saw that clearly. This is the nail in the coffin. Buh-bye!

Amazing how they can pass legislation when they want to. Fair and verifiable the key to any election process.🇺🇸❤🙏 Ending Republicans voter suppression buildup of laws that have spanned almost 40 yrs! Make America Free again! Our vote counts! End GQP voters suppression! Where Neanderthal Democrats will allow it to die because “traditions”. EndTheFilibuster

Yays. An end to the GOP's voter suppression. Fuck that, trying to lock in mail in votes so democrats can steal all elections. NO CHANCE. Just wait. You'll see. Lmao the fact that youre all on board but was against Trump making declaring mail in ballots unconstitutional says everything you need to know tbh

Who cares? Meaningless waste of time as long as the filibuster exists. Will never pass the senate. Nothing will get done. The most important piece of legislation in my lifetime. It may be the single most important reason to ditch the filibuster. The bill must NOT be let to die in the Senate. The great Country of Texas is looking better every day. I'm in....

how about you pass those checks out to people. where are the checks? None of this means shit, your vote still don't count. Thank God for TheDEmocrats! WhenWeAllVote change will happen onward ForThePeople IStandWithJohnLewis 👏👏👏 This article is such BS acting like republicans are the only ones who don’t care about your vote- democrats don’t care either

How can you write trump incited violence like it’s fact when it was voting on and he was not guilty ? Get rid of the filibuster When will the approve a balanced budget. SpeakerPelosi joins Congress in 2007. Deficit in 2007 $161 billion. Deficit in 2020 $3.7 trillion. Term limits and a balanced budget amendment are needed.

Good it’s needed. The government should simply issue an official Voter ID to every citizen. Make it part of the stimulus Bill. Of course they won’t, though. asmith83 On to the Senate... Moo BrianSlodysko Nice framing bud. Definitely can’t tell which side you support. Why are y’all so incapable of casting even a shadow-of-a-doubt on the legitimacy of the election? God knows there was no hesitation 4 years ago. The evidence & witnesses are there. Y’all don’t care.

They should include a bill that doesn't allow bribes in the sense of 2k stimmys that haven't gotten to us. The american people. lonjets Assuming this passes, this is republicans the instant they get majority again They are intentionally getting rid of any integrity in the franchise and making Chicago-style, 2020-style election rigging national, and the corporate media and courts have already gone along with this total destruction of democracy.

What you meant to say was Democrats have implemented laws that make it legal for them to steal elections Good luck getting pass a filibuster ReneHauser1 With that voting rights secured, the Democrats have cemented or make firm that Democracy in America can no longer be threaten by the rise of Republicanism, dictatorship, fascism, autocracy and totalitarianism in the greatest hegemony in modern history.

DontFuckThisUpChuck Will they be addressing the DNC process of picking the Democratic nominee in the primary? They don't follow their own charter to remain neutral in the primary. This bill is insanity Can't wait for all the hot takes (both left and right) from people who haven't read the bill! I mean, they can already ensure they win elections, why bother?

JonLemire But we all know that the Upper Chamber is useless in legislative capability...common denominator always Mitch... but now, moderate Democrats not willing to get things done either What a load of shit. This is not legislation. It is an attempt to allow communism to take over. These people must be stopped. GetReadyAmerica

I like this. YES! Get 👏 it 👏 done👏! HR1 JonLemire Pass this on. And pressure the GOP senators to get it thru. The New Georgia Project on Wednesday opened a campaign to pressure major companies based in Georgia, including Coca-Cola and Home Depot, to call on Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to veto the bill if it passes. I say we boycott Coke for 3 days and send them the message now!!!

Dems will do ANYTHING to remain in power. Truly the worst people on earth JonLemire At this point, the phrase 'over GOP opposition' is assumed and unnecessary. Thats great now where's my fucking stimulus? See this ? NewsM101 RekietaMedia Extraordinarily unhelpful article. 🤣 JonLemire To die in the Senate courtesy of 2 D Senators

♥️ I think it's a great idea to use tax payer money to match campaign contributions because that money doesn't need to be used for anything more important. Said no intelligent person ever. This is long overdue. Trying to rig elections is despicable and unacceptable! ReneHauser1 About time! They know the time is right for a 3rd party and this bill makes it impossible for that to happen

They are trying to kill any chance of a 3rd party that's hilarious, passing voting ethics? After what they did on this past election I find that ironic. Democrat I am a realist there is not '60 votes for HR1 in Senate. Democrats must pass simple bills to require all States to State their VoterID laws before Feb 1st of Each Year and Each State must provide a drop box & Polling Place open all week for Every Zip Code in Each State

Elections are gonna be super 'fortified ' now! So the only question now is if SenateDems will stick together. Because we know obstructionist republicans are won't vote for it. Because they can't win elections on good policy and leadership. It's crucial to our Democracy and must pass. Voting should probably be online

Here's hoping it can pass & survive the Supreme Court. With the COUP ATTEMPT by POTUS and a fringe of the Republican Party, due to election laws infringing the voting rights of people in many states, the USA has lost its moral authority to dictate democracy to other nations, combat corruption and talk about human rights

So dumb So now the Dems can justify cheating in elections. So where do we read it? Can someone do a thread? What’s funny is that they voted a day early, and the silly “March 4th” Qanon nuts just learned that congress won’t even be in session today. 😂😂 It doesn't include abolishing the electoral college or legally deal with losing president and senators inciting an insurrection.

Free the Biden regimes slaves! Schumer with VP Harris should wip up DEMS to remove filibuster before any legislation or will be just like last 4 decades, useless waste of time. Once filibuster removed, move DC, PR & US territories to statehood, THEN bring legislation. Don't let Manchin control OUR future

PaHouseDems The GOP doesn’t have the guts to pass this HR1 and allow voters to vote. 🇺🇸 They want only to restrict voters’ rights because the more people vote, the more Democrats win, and they know it. This will be challenged in the Supreme Court. Seems awfully politically motivated, but nothing surprises me with Pelosi anymore.

SethAbramson If the 'DeJoy debacle' & the subsequent 'GQP mass voter suppression' following Trump's loss doesn't get this Bill passed, than nothing will. Democrats cannot fold - EndTheFilibuster It's the GQP's tool when they loose an election & has it's roots in 'racism.' PaHouseDems Long overdue The protesters at the capital were afraid Democrats would change voting laws to stay in power. It took only a matter of weeks for House Democrats to prove them right. The Democratic Party and their allies in the media are the biggest threat to Democracy our country has faced.

newyorkermc Good luck getting it past RNC paid Manchin and Sienna. Also it makes it much harder for 3rd parties. Congratulations, ya played yourself voting for biden. the greatest con & fallacy in history of world is MSM: abc nbc cbs pbs fox cnn & press driven notion that there're just 2 side, dem & repubs in a nation of over 340m ppl w/ 340m different sides. Low Dems & Repubs no longer represent the original intent of GOV & Congress

When more people get to vote, Republicans can't ever win. They hate that Allowing dead people to vote legally? SethAbramson Everything the house passes has GQP opposition. The GQP is anti everything excepts lies, obstruction, hate and guns. Our democracy has been broken. And then you have the radical Republicans that just don’t want Americans to have shit and want to destroy our country and today Trump supporters will go in a frenzy again and try to kill and break down shit.

People are hurting. People are without jobs and have to determine whether they’re gonna put food on the table or pay that bill. Thank God Democrats actually care about the people because we know Republicans do not. Yay — Will it include free photo ID crooked democrats Has JoeManchinWV decided if black people get to keep voting or not?

Let's pray to God there are democrats in the senate that will stop this madness What happened to the $2,000 stimulus? Democrats have no backbone. We need new leadership Good. Hopefully it makes it impossible for Republicans to ever hold power ever again unless it abandons Real America(TM). Now if they’d only address term limits!

Trying to make cheating permanent I find it disgusting that we passed civil rights legislation in the 60s and because of conservatives instead of progress we are relitigating issues resolved decades ago. It's ridiculous If they don't EndTheFilibuster it will die on McConnell's desk like the est of the bills the house has passed since 2018.

As our interactive map reveals, while the Pacific north-west is a great place to move for those who’d like their voting rights respected, the deep south is particularly repressive. There are also a number of unexpected outliers. At the root of these disparities is a systemic legacy in the US of suppressing voters of color. The phenomenon has been on the rise since a 2013 supreme court ruling weakened the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the single most powerful legislation safeguarding Americans from discrimin

DOA on the Senate; Manchin and Sinema will join the Republicans and no budget-reconciliation when it comes to non-profit legislature. Stop with a b******* how good Democrats are Yes the House passed it, but it'll go nowhere in the Senate... nor should it as is. 3rd parties should have the right to compete in elections without it coming down to money... that's how elections are bought. This bill rigs elections to the highest bidders.

JaneMayerNYer No matter what! get it through the senate without changing it to make it useless ! As usual, the biggest impediment to a stronger democratic institution is the US Senate. Citizens want to pressure them to do their jobs, and their response is to obstruct. 🙄 Remind me... what do we pay these assholes for? They seem to be under the impression WE work for THEM.

SethAbramson Not before time this was sorted Great. Now pass term limits They want to CHEAT ! sfpelosi It’s past time to end the voter suppression, dark money and gerrymandering that’s the Republican go to power playlist. Every vote matters in a free and fair election, it’s important to pass this bill whatever it takes, please do it now. POTUS VP SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi

I wonder why REPUBLICANS are so very afraid of ETHICS? 😁 The cheaters are now making the rules. Banana republic Now to get it through Senate! It's sad when Republicans outright admit that they can't win unless they cheat. It's frightening that the Supreme Court may consider that a valid reason to uphold voter discrimination and oppression.

in typical SANFRANNAN fashion, we have to pass it before we have to know what's in it. PAY attention you liberals and neocons... Can we stop pretending that we still have a two party system in America? We have a whoever is in power system & Democrat's need to remove the filibuster & get to work for the American people. Institute a national minimum voting standard and the voters will do the rest! dnc gop

Here comes the one party dictatorship. SethAbramson That's Awesome let us know when it passes the senate. A symptom of a dying democracy is needing legislation to allow voting. The people will speak again 2022 🚫 Ya after the 2020 election when they stole my Trump vote! Thank you SpeakerPelosi and HouseDemocrats for passing this bill.🤍 Now we need SenSchumer and SenateDems to fight like hell to make this pass in the senate. Including you Sen_JoeManchin SenatorSinema the PA state GOP legislative branches are redistricting the maps,

THAT IS GREAT OF COURSE, IT HAS BEFUDDLED PARTISAN POLITICAL ACTIVISM NOT UNTIL CENSORSHIP OBLITERATE MENTAL UNCERTAINTY. Dems in Congress need to use their current advantage to fortify voting rights even more enthusiastically than the GOP tries to degrade them when they hold the whip. Where it will die at the hands of Mitch McConnell.

Voting is not fraud. Vote suppression is fraud. sfpelosi Let's do this! And as in the House no Republican in the Senate won't vote for it. They simply won't work with Biden! Demoncrats showing how anti American evil and communist they are..worse than Nazis. Say goodbye to your freedoms forever The elections are safe, to suggest they arent already perfect puts you in the same party as Republicans.

lol so democrats are trying to pass laws so they can cheat in more elections. They're still so scared of Trump. It's hilarious. Premature celebration like clockwork More like “House of demons” Want your kitchens to be designed They can do all that BUT CAN NOT GIVE US SURVIVAL MONEY? WTF? In what ways is the GOP trying to suppress votes?

Don't worry, the Republicans will find a way to fuck it up, because they can't get elected without stepping on half the population. We are slaves to a game we do not understand. POTUS VP SpeakerPelosi are in the process of enslaving a nation of people, before they milk them into extinction. That is the plan! Building back better does not include us! It only includes them.

GOOD! STOP THE A-HOLES CURRENTLY BEING HEARD BY SCOTUS FROM DISENFRANCHISING 100s OF 1000s OF VOTERS, BC THE REPUBLICAN'S LAWYER SAID 'THEY CANT WIN WITHOUT IT'. THEY DIDN'T EVEN *TRY* TO HIDE THEIR INTENT. MAKING NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS, CRIMINAL. BringBackVotingRightsAct Please and thank you. Bitch all i care about is have they banned the 2 party system yet and or make it necessary to sign off on youre votes

where's my $2000 check? Corrupt We're going to legalize fraud. 🖕the communist democrats The comments - 😅☠ I am pretty sure when the women’s right to vote was ratified in 1920, it didn’t say “ but you can’t vote early”, or “but you can’t vote by mail in an emergency”, soon Republicans will only let pretty people vote... or only people that make over $70,000 per year! WRONG!

If the House passed it, you know it stinks. The Swamp. Where's the damn $2,000 checks?! Anyone read the bill? So we cannot buy alcohol or get in a plane without a license.. But voting, na.. thats okay. Ohh and ballet harvesting where people collect votes from you and make sure you voted for the right person..err..I mean correctly before turning them in is okay?

They are ending the country. The country is finished. I wonder if they're going to like what they have created when they're done or are they just CRAZY? I will not allow my vote to be diluted by their insanity. They hate the American people and are replacing us.Will that work? At this point....we're fighting for the right to vote for trash ass people who don't do shit for us. We can celebrate having a clear path to vote.....but this is like celebrating a clear path to pick which spiked bat you're going to shove up your ass. 😔

I smell Nancy's alcoholic breath all over this The George Floyd bill narrowly passed. Don't think the Senate will let the voter reform bill through... Lets start here by bringing this evidence being suppressed by the FBI and too hot to touch by the politicians & media on both sides. America's national security has been compromised! Must watch by all Americans:

Abolish the filibuster or this country has no chance. And, even then, iffy Why... OH WHY... Would they want to fool with the voting process if they truly won fair and square? 😂 Does this require a majority vote or 2/3 to pass? Attempts to make voting more difficult in republican jurisdictions is disgusting. Might be why voting takes two minutes in Canada while Americans are standing in line all day.

Thank goodness. I hope the capital remains peaceful and any Nazis dealt with accordingly. Yes US NAZIS ! Praying. Republicans you cannot stop Americans from voting just because it isn’t for you! Finally, long overdue 'Some Democrats have discussed options like lowering the threshold to break a filibuster, or creating a workaround that would allow priority legislation, including a separate John Lewis Voting Rights bill, to be exempt...aides say the conversations are fluid but underway.'

Donald trump won maga I love when people charge “voter suppression “.. It’s actually just pure laziness! Just call it such! I look forward to them not doing anything constructive with their majority and letting this die in the senate. SethAbramson Nuke the filibuster If they don’t do it, republicans will and make it harder for minorities to vote. One party was bound to do this this year

The constitution hangs by a thread thanks to democrats. Joseph Smith prophesied this would happen 200 years ago Sweeeet! Corrupt Republicans will he stopped from voter suppression! Of course no republicans voted for it...look at all of the voter suppression lawsuits they're passing. If they don't cheat, they don't win.

Death by filibuster by the party that knows that voter suppression is the only way they win. Thanks, Schumer, Manchin and Sinema. Democrats getting shit done immediately! Trump law? Nance and her signature dictator hand-motions coupled with her desperate-for tyranny words. Awesome 👍😎 Waste of time, this 100% is not getting pass any republicans lmfao why even report on this?

SethAbramson And then we remembered Republicans exist. TheBullshitContinues dems....could you at least take me out to dinner before you “F me over” 💋the American tax payer SethAbramson Every story like this needs to lead with “of course it won’t pass because of the filibuster.” Honestly I’m not sure why it’s even a story.

SethAbramson Also Democrats... SethAbramson It's about time someone took the 15th as seriously as the GOP takes the 2nd. great job! do covid relief (direct payments to all citizens), student loan cancellation, and universal healthcare next! u got this! 👍🏽😁 TheDemocrats SenateDems justicedems SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer AOC

Only way GOP can win is if they suppress the vote. They have no ideas and are bending the knee to a big ass baby who lost and caused an insurrection... Good! If it's not DOA in arrival in the Senate, then there will never be anywhere near any type of honest election. Ever... Just a way to make voter fraud even easier.

Again.. 'voter suppression' is a flimsy liberal talking point. ID should be required in order to vote. Democrats don't give two shits about black people until election time and FYI.. when they're done bringing in all these illegals, they won't even need our votes anymore. I’m lazy yall. So did they end gerrymandering or not

Where it will promptly die in the Senate. Basically HouseDemocrats have voted to rig every election going forward. Why am I not surprised that the Democrats and their crime cartels all voted for this. Since Republicans are trying to suppress voting rights and win by cheating, let’s see what happens to the bill in the Senate.

And done in the dead of night. Thank you, HouseDemocrats !!! Time to act now and call your senators and tell them to pass the Voting rights act Bill! Good. Government should change with every generation. A month ago I was joking with a friend that Democrats are gonna pass legislation that basically allows immigrants with no citizenship to vote. And now here we.are.😂😂😂

cptnwtrpnts Too bad Republicans have to cheat to win. They'll never pass this Call your senators and tell them to Pass the voting rights Bill we need 7 Republicans to join in. Democratic senators & 7 Republican Senators must Pass the Voting right Bill yes. I really don’t care. Until we can prove we’ll get anything past the senate, I don’t CARE what the house passes I know thats bad, but there’s just been too many things I’ve gotten excited for, for it to get to the Senate & them be like “🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️” so w/e. Will be excited when it’s law

Boo 😒🥉💸💵💰 So fucking ridiculous that this is what they are focused on while everyone is starving. Trying to secure future elections when they arn't even using the congress they have now. Ahahah Transparency... yeahh! Of course like AP and BBC... pure Joke! The funniest thing is BBC will put same article ... almost usinf same words ...

Of course the GQP voted against it. Ethics are like kryptonite to Republicans. Republicans will deny it because they cannot win without voter suppression, they don’t believe in fair elections. One party wants ethical behavior, and the other doesn't. One party wants you to vote, and the other doesn't. Does that mean Republicans are unethical criminals?

TeckieGirl Can’t be soon enough and I cannot wait to see those who violate voter rights be held accountable.. that’s going to be the proof in the pudding. Those who violate laws snub their noses at authorities and those are the ones that need to be taken down. Right is right, laws matter! Wait till they realize the states have the power not the house or senate 💀😭🖐🏻

This HAS to pass! Has to. HouseDemocrats and SenateDems Senaneed to do whatever it takes! This bill will never pass the constitutional test. The US Constitution gives the sole responsibility of voting laws to the states. Ethics legislation Yasss! Never getting past the Senate and the Bill tramples all over states rights and Will never stand even if passed into law

We need this very badly!! Go Senate. Get it done!! Come on Senate pass this Meanwhile educational school convention shut down in Alexandria because they didn’t like their politics saying covid concerns Biden policy allowing record number of illegals into country with no testing which 100”s have been confirmed covid positive don’t have any restrictions 🤯

Imagine wanting it to be harder to vote...... Omg democrats are flaunting the fact they enjoy election tampering n fraud. After the debacle of 2016 which had over 1000 charged cases of election fraud n 200 affidavits of mass ballots dumps n other fraud democrats don’t want to fix mailing ballots to ppl who didn’t request 🤦‍♂️

And the senate won't pass it. FabSocialist Here's hoping the Senate kills it. Then, they can write a new bill that doesn't kill third parties and put more money into politics. Where is the stimulus package at Joe dnt you have the majority in the senate what is taking so long VP Elections matter!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 ❤️🇺🇸🌊

I’m guessing they didn’t include term limits in that piece of legislation? 'Sweeping' my ass. It's intended to codify the wacko last-minutes election changes that took place under the guise of Covid in 2020 that caused so much chaos and likely fraud. These House Democrats have lost their minds. Wake up America!!!!!!!

No. Stopping voter suppression. Love it! SuMoh7 Martin from Politicsrus4 is brilliant again Friday at 7pm EST, video will be released Follow Martin Politicsrus4 to not miss this or any of his amazing videos SaySomething Dems4USA DemVoice1 WtpBlue Fresh PassHR1 HR1 SaySomething Pass it on💥 What the hell? this is just awful.

Trump literally said it out loud. If every Democrat was able to cast a ballot...We would never see another Republican in office again. The GOP has done anything/everything possible to suppress voters but they are waking up and are determined to repair this VERY broken system! hugolowell Great Great. Good job But I am not voting for Democrats. Not after today on any level. Change has to start somewhere.

Congratulations on getting the work DONE in spite of GOP distractions... Democratic Party is enemy within, totally against Americans. They want to be a tyranny system. All of the Dems voted yes committed treason. It is time Americans wake up to shut these shit down. It is not about R vs D. It is about the foreign agents are taking down America.

Odd the Dems need to push this overhaul of voting laws through after having 'the most secure' and honest election in history... As perfect as the last election was, why is this needed? Going nowhere in Senate. If it passes, the candidate who pays out the most money to special interests will always win. Now, they'll have even more money to hand out

And the Senate won't pass it. When Republicans say election integrity they mean voter suppression. People need to be able to vote, it's how Democracy works. Cheating mfers brontyman This may be the ONLY WAY TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. JaneMayerNYer Can this be passed through reconciliation? Will not pass the Senate

and this is gonna destroy the country. JaneMayerNYer EndTheFilibuster EndTheFilibuster EndTheFilibuster ! Now they need to hold those, all of those who break the rule, accountable. Wow half the old folks FINALLY get the internet! The other half... GOP are WhiteSupremacists WTF century are we in GodFearingMen should start fearing BadHumans

JaneMayerNYer Election Integrity (R): only voters that we think our party and candidates can persuade should be able to vote. Not everyone’s vote should be counted and many people shouldn’t be voting. If any republicans object to this bill, then dems should simply tell them that they are giving repubs a way to bring their 'evidence' of voter fraud from 2020 into the public spotlight. Repubs can then explain exactly what needs fixing based on that evidence, right?

It will never pass need 10 republicans. More over that bill is pure Trash. JaneMayerNYer And the senate will surely try to kill it Better do something about that Supreme Court quick Much needed reform. The right thing to do right now. Dead on arrival in Senate. GOP knows they can’t afford honest elections. Voter suppression and gerrymandering are their last two Aces to play

Let's see what the treasonist do with the election law overhual in the Senate's hands. The senate will never pass it. They rely on voter suppression. POTUS needs to make it law. Will die in the senate bc republicans rely on cheating It’s always fun when they disguise power grabs as nice things. BREAKING: House Democrats just voted to pass HR 1 which makes YOU fund their re-election campaigns It also eliminates state voter ID laws, normalizes ballot harvesting, and enables the same voting irregularities that plagued 2020 to plague all elections going forward Dangerous

JoeBiden needs to take a nuclear warhead to the filibuster rule in the senate 🎯 it’s as easy as swiping your pen across an executive order, DONE. Senate please kill this! SierraClub All Republicans voted against it because if there's two things they hate, it's voting and ethics. This must pass. No niceties, gop is trying to stop all who oppose them by silencing a significant number of US voters.

can we get rid of the electoral college? Kind of ironic. How does this or will it affect what the Georgia legislation just passed today as well? Question from an Australian’s perspective, surely the federal government has the right to pass legislation in relation to federal elections? happydragondave So the Senate can vote it down but they still get the credit! Double win for the Dems.

Accessible voting is a hallmark of successful democracy. Suppression of this basic right is autocratic and dangerous. That’s great. The Senate won’t pass it. Everything just goes to the Senate to die. In other words changing the playing field to the Dems advantage. DISGRACEFUL!! The only way they can win is by cheating..

GOP wants to suppress black people from voting. They know if we come out they got no chance. 2021 03 04 13:20 the beginning of the legislative war. See, as I kept saying. Congress can enact legislation to strengthen voting rights. GOP may disagree with it by this legislation would supersede all state legislation to limit voting rights. Americans have a right to vote, period.

Nancy is corruptastheycome Coo! Cant wait for Republicans to kill it and dems to roll over and let it happen! adonsports So let’s get rid of that pesky filibuster, get Manchin in line and let’s do this! If Sen_JoeManchin votes against this or even votes against eliminating the filibuster to pass this bill, every single Democrat MUST vote against him! Yes, that will eliminate Democratic majority on the Senate but that’s fine! Or we may pickup another seat

Boom! 👍👍👍👍👍 PASS IT. 'voting rights' funny. How communist of them Phil_Lewis_ Thank you, House DemsNow, can all of the Dems hold an intervention with Sen_JoeManchin and SenatorSinema to find out why they don’t want this bill to pass? Because that’s what it means to preserve the filibuster. It means killing this bill.

Terrible news for anybody hoping to escape the two party system. We’re doomed Basically measures to steal the election . bring transparency to a murky campaign finance system that allows wealthy donors to anonymously bankroll political causes the democrats sure didn't care about this when Zuckerberg spent $300 million to get felons to vote

As long as the filibuster exists the senate will shoot it down END THE FILIBUSTER AND YOU BREAK GOP'S GRIP ON POWER IN THE SENATE! LET'S SEE IF EVERY DEMOCRAT IS ON BOARD! EVERY DEMOCRAT! Yep. Imagine that - Taking the 15th amendment as literally as the GOP takes the 2nd. Who was the 1 Democrat to vote against HR 1?

Except they know it won’t pass in the senate which makes the vote useless Only to die in the Senate. Cons hate Democracy. In coming weeks, Dems have a golden chance to flatten Trump's GOP by turning corner on COVID, igniting good-paying Green jobs, protecting the vote, exposing GOP's complicity in insurrection + looking under every rock for Trump-related criminality. SenatorSinema Sen_JoeManchin

Know one on here has seen it but all for it. DOA It's telling when one major political party is afraid of the people's voice at the ballot box and seeks to restrict it Power grab. Joe Biden is a zionist Let’s see how Manchin f*cks this up for us. Nice. Hope it passes in Senate. I hope it passes. Long overdue