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House Leaders Rush to Get Quorum for Vote on $2 Trillion Rescue Package

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie suggested that he might object to allowing the coronavirus stimulus package to pass by voice vote. A voice vote doesn't require all House members to be present.

3/27/2020 6:00:00 AM

Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie suggested that he might object to allowing the coronavirus stimulus package to pass by voice vote. A voice vote doesn't require all House members to be present.

House leaders were scrambling to bring back enough legislators to form a quorum to pass a $2 trillion economic rescue package after a Republican lawmaker suggested he might object to holding the vote using a procedure that avoids putting members on the record.

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don't expect a global pandemic to make RepThomasMassie suddenly smart Now where all those Trump Republicans that were furious earlier in the week with Dems over holding this up. Twice Republicans have held up the bill now & once was because they were mad poor people were getting too much money. In all fairness, I understand the concern. However, if it were a war with an alliance of powerful nations, I doubt he would hesitate a second to raise the deficit. What he needs to realize is this IS a war. If he looked at this situation as such, I'm sure he would do different

I suggest the voters let him explore new business opportunities when he comes up for re-election. Oh, paywall 😐 All those higher-risk people flying and not social distancing seems like such a horrible idea 🥴 Could they maybe set up some sort of remote voting system, for next time? What an awful thing to do to hurt so many

It also doesn’t put them on the record. Accountability in November matters. Kentucky is the new Florida. She is getting to old to speak anymore and make sense! now COVID-19 in the US has the highest number of confirmed cases in the world, proving that americans are the sick man of America and the sick man of the world.isn't it?

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Coronavirus live updates: White House, Senate leaders agree on $2 trillion stimulus; US deaths top 800Amid another swell in U.S. deaths, White House and Senate leaders reached a $2 trillion stimulus deal to ease financial pain across the country. 3 bulgarians' mom at Lisa's. As long as the bill is not stuff with abortion law, gun confiscation and open borders life is good!

Senate Leaders Reach Deal on $2 Trillion Coronavirus BillSenate leaders and the White House have reached a deal on a $2 trillion stimulus package, which includes a large increase in unemployment insurance and hundreds of billions of dollars to aid compan… Hope u didn’t report 75K+ in 2018. U get a goose egg. I’d rather not see McConnell’s face on every story about the Senate leadership. Could we see SenSchumer occasionally?

White House, Senate Agree To $2 Trillion Coronavirus Rescue PackageThe Trump administration and Senate Majority Leader McConnell confirmed that the White House and Senate reached a deal for an unprecedented $2 trillion aid package aimed at propping up individuals, businesses and health care amid the coronavirus pandemic. It leaves millions of people without help. So, did they leave the billions in 'Grants' for the airlines and Boeing intact? Because those grants are wholly undeserved. They should not see a single penny for free after the way they wantonly spent their money on buybacks at all-time highs. Were they able to get that funding for PBS, flying velociraptor stagecoaches, or banana cottage cheese research? I know there were a lot of big priorities left out of the original GOP version before SpeakerPelosi swooped in and rescued this thing. 🚑🤡

White House, Senate reach historic $2-trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fearsWhite House and Senate leaders struck a major deal early Wednesday morning over a $2-trillion package to provide a jolt to an economy struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, capping days of marathon negotiations that produced one of the most expensive and far-reaching measures in the history of Congress. Details...

White House Reaches Deal With Lawmakers on $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus BillLawmakers and the Trump administration reached a preliminary agreement on an estimated $2 trillion stimulus package aimed at shielding the U.S. economy from the worst consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. Americans will not spend the checks wisely You know the traitors. Now kick them out. Nancy Pelosi impeached Trump for withholding funds from Ukraine. Let's impeach HER for withholding funds from Americans